Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 Preview

When I started getting into suppressors, I sold off all my AK rifles and gear to fund quieter hosts. That decision to purge anything and everything AK-based might have been a bit rash. Dead Air Armament just pushed out a sneak-peak of the Wolverine PBS-1; a silencer optimized for the AK Platform. Nathan S. covered the initial announcement a few weeks ago and now Dead Air is releasing a few more details.


The Wolverine PBS-1 will be a direct-thread suppressor and as it stands now, Dead Air plans on the following thread pitches: 14L, 14R, 24R, 26L, 15mm, 16mm, 1/2×28, 5/8×24, and 9/16L. Each of these will be available as swappable adapters so that the Wolverine can be used on multiple combloc rifles.


We are extremely pleased with the first Wolverine prototype. In fact, we could launch it as it is, it’s that awesome. But we want to push the boundaries even further for the AK and Combloc gun lovers, who always seem to be overlooked by silencer companies. With a few more modifications and tests, we’ll be satisfied for production. – Mike Pappas, Dead Air.


To date, the Wolverine PBS-1 has been tested on numerous MOD Outfitters AK variants, WASR-10 in 7.62×39, RPK in 7.62×39, Rasheed 7.62×39, and AK-47 in .308.

Rumors are floating around that the Wolverine will be also be available as a package deal with an AK variant. Maybe Dead Air will release more information in the coming months. Since I’ve sold all my AKs, I personally hope the Wolverine/rifle package becomes a reality.

Further updates will be released on Dead Air’s Instagram and Facebook pages.


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  • BattleshipGrey

    Wolverine approves.

  • bgav

    Too bad about the sell-off ;). Wolverines!

    • Pete M


  • iksnilol

    You sold them all off due to an issue that could be solved with a set screw?

    Research, dood.

    On topic: Specs? How much length does it add? How much does it weigh? How much does it reduce the noise?

    • Pete M

      I didn’t realize optimizing the AK platform for a suppressor was as simple as adding a set screw. I’ve only built a couple AKs from kits. How does your AK setup sound suppressed? Any pics of the set screw?

      No further specs from Dead Air.

      • iksnilol

        I don’t have one due to legal reasons, tried one a comrade made from an M70 AK.

        What you do is you make an adjustable gas block. Plenty of guides for this online. The reason AKs are bad for noise suppression is simply that they’re overgassed. Sure, a semi auto can never be as quiet as a bolt action, but adjusting the gas down is a big help for most people. For me, it’s really all the same due to sensitive ears, I only shoot without ear pro if it is subsonic ammo and a suppressor.

        • mig1nc

          I’ve only shot suppressed AKs that didn’t have adjustable gas blocks, but oh my gosh the gas was bad. They leaked gas from everywhere and was really not an enjoyable shooting experience.

          I imagine even with an adjustable gas block they’d still be louder than an adjustable gas DI gun just due to the piston pop and all the leakage.

          • iksnilol

            Possibly, but still, try an adjustable gas block. Not expensive to make.

            I sorta want to try to get a gas tube and gas block without vent holes and make a regulator for that.

  • uisconfruzed

    What’s the chunky section for it it’s a DT can?
    It’s as attractive as the stamped sheet metal AK.

    • Giolli Joker

      It is designed to replicate the look of an original soviet design.

      • uisconfruzed

        Roger that, thx

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I wasn’t all that interested at first, but I like it more and more. I especially love the idea of getting to put a PBS copy on my upcoming 68 Izhmash build.

  • santi

    Man, that is a good lookin suppressor.

  • De Facto

    I can haz sks compatibility? Pretty please?

  • Matt Jurko

    For those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to live in a quieter downer state, can we buy them as a barrel shroud if they don’t possess baffles, etc. ?

    • Pete M

      Not sure if they are making a faux version.

  • jerry young

    I only have one question, why did you sell your guns? I have sold a few guns in the past and I regret it now, I decided many years ago I would not sell another gun, I don’t care if I find I don’t like it after buying it because when I bought it I did, while I’m by no means wealthy and only have a meager collection I refuse to sell one gun just to start buying another type, this is just my opinion I look at guns like I look at my kids just cause I’m not happy with them I’m not getting rid of them, as for the silencer eventually someone will make on to fit if not and you want one learn to make them or get help from someone that does, there might just be a market for it, but if you make your own please comply with the law, no sense in going to prison or losing all your guns over stupidity

    • Pete M

      I only have a few guns that I will never sell. The rest I have no emotional attachment to. My rule is that if it sits in the safe for a year, it goes. If cash flow wasn’t an issue, I’d buy/keep them all. 🙂

      But I see your point.

      Also, we are putting together a ‘Build Your Own Suppressor’ series here at TFB. We’ll spend some time on legalities, etc.

  • Anonymoose

    I NEED IT.