AG42b Ljungman Run and Gun

The Swedish AG42b self loading rifles are simple, robust, and damn fun to shoot. These tilt-locking, direct impingement long guns served the Swedes from the early 40s until the 1960s when they were ditched in favor of the AK4 rifle (a G3 clone). So how will it fare on the run and gun course?

AG42 Field Strip:

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Transcript …

– [Voiceover] Hey guys. It’s Alex C. with TFB TV, and for today’s run and gun, we’re going to be using a Swedish AG-42B self-loading rifle.

We’ve looked at the AG-42B in various videos in the past, but we haven’t shot one on camera yet, so we thought, “Well, better late than never”, and we’re gonna go ahead and head to the run and gun course with this one.

These are chambered in 6.5 by 55, also known as, “6.5 Swede”, a very wonderful caliber.

Very capable of taking any game in North America, and presumably Sweden as well.

Anyways, the AG-42B’s are direct impingement in it’s purest form; that’s gas just basically slams into the carriers, send the bolt home, and it is a tilt-locking rifle.

They’re very simply to operate, too.

However, these Swedes have nicknamed these, “Thumbcrushers”, because they are very capable of crushing the hell out of your thumb if you’re not careful during the reload.

The sights are pretty decent, with a simple notch and post, but we’re basically going to fire 30 shots on this course with two different reloads, which is a little tricky with this gun because it is a magazine-fed rifle, but it’s not detachable mags; stripper clips only.

Alright guys, here we go with the AG-42B.

You’ll notice this is the only time I’ve done one of these wearing gloves, and that’s just because I’m very conscious of what can happen, so let’s give it a try.

(gun loads) (gun fires) (gun fires) (gun fires) (gun clicks) (gun loads) (gun fires) (gun fires) (gun fires) (gun clicks) (gun loads) (gun fires) (gun fires) (gun fires) Alright guys, that felt pretty good.

I really like these rifles. Let’s go check it out.

You know, the Swedish AG-42B’s just shoot great.

They’re fantastic rifles chambered in a great caliber.

Great auto-loaders. Very simple.

I noticed on this one, the bolt wasn’t holding open on the last shot. That’s why I was clicking, and obviously there was no bang.

Still, the run went very, very well.

I’ll put the total hits versus misses right here.

What I can say about these is they’re just fantastically, well-made rifles. They shoot great.

There’s a reason that the Egyptians licensed them.

Yeah. I think maybe a full review will be in order for this gun coming soon, but in the mean time, let’s finish this one up.

– [Voiceover] OK, so to be honest, I did not expect that run to go as well as it did.

29 out of 30 hits is actually pretty darn impressive, and this is a great self-loading rifle.

If you’d like to learn about how it operates, check out our disassembly video on it, but the reloads are a little tricky.

You actually don’t put the stripper clip where you normally would. You kind of align the center section with the slot cutout on the gun.

Still, even with that, it wasn’t that hard.

I got the hang of it on the second reload, and this was the first time I’ve ever tried to reload one of these with any haste.

So, I’m actually pretty impressed with that.

It’s a very well-made, well-thought out rifle.

Very accurate. Very damn good shooting gun.

So, big thanks to Ventura Munitions for helping us out with the cost of ammunition in our videos, and a big thanks to you guys for tuning in every week and checking them out.

We really appreciate you all.

(gun fires)

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Will Cooper

    Good stuff Alex, stumbled upon this after seeing a badass gif of you on reddit.

    -William C

  • Darrell

    The Ljungman was something of a grail gun for me. I love mine. 😀

  • Spencerhut

    When reloading the first stripper clip needs to be manually removed, the second will fly out on it’s own when the bolt is released. The top of the bolt hits the bottom of the stripper clip and sends it flying. You can mimick this action on loading the first stripper clip by driving the rounds down with your thumb and then sweeping your hand rearwards catching the top of the empty stripper clip. I’ve done a couple of 3-Gun matches with mine, pure fun.
    As long as you are operating it properly, and it’s in good working order, the glove is not necessary. I’ve had a few of these guns and none have bit me.

    • The_Champ

      Likewise when first inserting the stripper clips I believe they go horizontal(bullets pointing up) and then tilt into position. Either way looks like they fed very smoothly into the magazine for Alex, unlike many other stripper fed designs.

  • Swarf

    Where can I get one?0

  • The_Champ

    Definitely well made and solid rifles. In my books its certainly comparable or better than it’s contemporaries. It is a bit of a long beast though, they probably could have gotten away with shaving a few inches off the barrel to compensate for that lengthy action.

  • Don Ward

    Alex, I really wish you had done this Run-and-Gun dressed as the Swedish Chef.

    “Gersh gurndy morn-dee burn-dee, burn-dee”

    *Fires rifle*

    “Bork! Bork! Bork! Bork! Bork!”

    *Reloads with clip*


    *Bolt smashes thumb*

    ” Shern de shern de herf! Shern de shern de HERF!!!”

    • randomswede

      I suspect the Swedish chef might be a fraud.

      I think he’s actually Danish, I don’t know why he would be ashamed of his heritage but I can hardly understand him and it sounds like he’s speaking with a mouthful: that’s usually means Danish.

      • gusto

        unfortunatly he is Swedish, nice guy thou, briefly worked for him (:
        He is called Kuprik, the swedish chef thing came about when he was a very nervous guest at an american morning show way back when.

        he still has restaurants in Rättvik

    • gusto

      such a tired old stereotype.
      It might have been true back when swedes emigrated to america

      Swedes are straight up killing it in Hollywood nowadays, ffs we get such iconic roles like Robocop.

      Heck if we judge the american level of language skills based on such atrocius accents/dialects like the Boston one, deep southern or ghettotalk us Swedes talk way better english/american than you do. 😛

  • Vitor Roma

    From the Ljungman to the G3 wasn’t much of an update. considering that the G3 has a much harsher recoil, the real advantage of the G3 was being mag fed.

    • randomswede

      Early in the selection process an evolutionary version of the AG42 was built, it sort of looks like a “Swedish-K” Kpist-45 (grip and stock) and an AG-42 with a removable 20 round magazine. It was designated FM1957.
      It didn’t make it very far into the trials.

  • The stripper is held with bullet tips pointed straight up and is then inserted into the block and rotated down so the points point to the chamber. This works much better and is faster than the method you were using.

  • gusto

    yes the inspiration for that character came from an actual Swede (:
    called Kuprik

    • randomswede