14.5mm Suppressed Rifle In Eastern Ukraine

This video was posted on Live Leak showing a 14.5mm sniper rifle. The rifle is based off of the Open Joint Stock Company’s 2×35 Inserted unified self-loading gun. Or in Cyrillic: Вкладная унифицированная самозарядная пушка «2Х35»

Click here to watch the video.

According to Open Joint Stock Company’s website it seems as though it is a caliber conversion for a 125mm gun.

It is designed for carrying out exercising and training fire without basic ammunition expense equipped with the main systems with caliber of 125mm. The inserted gun is located in the loading breech and breech ring of the main system.

Firing is analogous to firing with the main system. Electric trigger of the inserted gun is supplied from on-board main of the fighting vehicle directly or from the block of loading simulator.

This very cartridge provides the full coincidence of the bullet trajectory with the main shot trajectory, that helps to fulfil the training tasks more economic and effectively.


It is interesting they have a suppressor on such a large weapon. I am curious as to what they would use this for? Anti-Material?


Here are the specs.

Technical Characteristics
Calibre, mm 14.5
Initial speed of a bullet, m/s 980
Capacity of a clip, pieces 6
Tension in the electric trigger circuit, V 22-29
Resource, shot 6000
Overall dimensions, mm 1660×175×350
Mass, kg, not more than 29
Rate of fire, shot/min, not more than 10

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  • Blake

    “OJSC” in Russian/Ukranian is just a company structure, roughly equivalent to the western “LLP”…

  • Giolli Joker


  • Ambassador Vader

    That’s awesome. So they took a caliber conversion, converted it to a rifle, then suppressed it?

    • SF

      basically, it sounds like a subcal device, and looks like one in the picture, then they attached what roughly looks like a m240 receiver(I know it isn’t one) and suppressed it. you can see the ring that most likely seats in the chamber of the larger 125mm gun.

    • CavScout

      Sounds liek they’re getting advice from Arfcom, except they didn’t SBR it yet.

  • Richard

    I’m pretty sure they are worried about deathclaws.

    • Austin

      No it’s for the covenant invasion

      • Richard

        Or both

        • Austin

          Though the Denel NTW line would be better suited for both

    • DW

      And mechanist automatrons

    • wetcorps

      Considering it’s Ukraine, maybe pseudogiants.

  • iksnilol

    How expensive is 125mm ammo that 14.5mm is the “economical” alternative?

    • Julio

      I don’t imagine 125mm tank shells come cheap.

      • CountryBoy

        I’ve always had to buy them in bulk.

    • Jay

      When you ount the price of the ammo and main gun barrel wear, i bet the 14.5mm ammo comes chep.

    • Austin

      I would guess about 10x more based on the added raw materials

      • Vindice

        There would also be the cost of filler for chemical rounds, and KE rounds would be firing much more expensive metals. Even concrete rounds are expensive, I have seen ones before which were more expensive then the HE versions, and there use was based on safety considerations and ease of employment for training, not economical reasons.

      • Bjørn Vermo

        Try 1000x. In the 70’s the scrap value of just a fired 105mm ATDS penetrator was around 300 USD.
        I thought the indoor tank firing range the US troops had when I visited Berlin in 1970 was cool. They used an insert with .22 LR tracers to shoot at moving miniature silhouettes with the M60 gun.

    • Tritro29

      It’s about barrel wear, not ammo cost per se..

    • Leveller

      Largest Suppressed Gun Caliber To Date, is the Rheinmetall GmbH P2000 155mm Howitzer…

  • Austin

    I presume that it’s in 14.5x114mm not another 14.5mm.

    • Vindice

      It is not a calibre conversion like the article claims, but a subcal device. It is designed to mimic the trajectory of a 125mm round, so it could be firing anything. Even if it is a 14.5x114mm it would likely have a custom loading to get the right characteristics, and would not necessarily be able to fire standard rounds depending on it design.

      • Jonathan Ferguson

        Yeah, calibre converting a tank main gun to 14.5mm would be like fitting a Honda Civic engine in a Mustang 🙂

        • Nigel Tolley

          Yep, & then carrying the Mustang around on your shoulder…

  • Iggy

    I’d assume the suppressor is there more to protect a modicum of hearing/ reduce concussion rather than any attempt at concealment.

  • Just Sayin’

    The suppressor? It’s for the coming Zombie Apocalypse, loud noises attract their attention.

  • GhostTrain81

    That’s what I call a 1/2 MOA rifle… half-MOA per shot.

  • Nigel Tolley

    Yes, I’d like a go. No, I’d not want to move it or clean it!