BCM Gunfighter 1911 Now in 9MM

Bravo Company USA debuted their Gunfighter 1911 line around this time last year, well they’ve just recently announced that their Gunfighter 1911 is now available in the more budget friendly 9mm caliber. The Bravo Company gunfighter 1911 is actually made by Wilson Combat who are known for making some of the best 1911s around. The new 9mm BCM Gunfighter 1911 and has lots of the features of their .45acp 1911s such as the X-TAC pattern front strap and Bullet Proof one piece X-TAC magwell and G10 X-TAC grips. The Bravo Company Gunfighter 1911 also features a crisp 3 1/2 to 3 1/4 pound trigger pull, 5″ carbon steel slide as well as a hand fit 5″ stainless match grade barrel and bushing. They also include a tactical light rail for a weapons light. They’ll be available with either a single safety or with an ambidextrous safety.

These pistols have the 1911 70 series safeties so they’re not available to those in CA, MD or MA unfortunately.┬áThe Bravo Company Gunfighter 1911s are extremely limited with only 100 made in each configuration and will come with a serial number from BCM.┬áThe new Bravo Company Gunfighter 9mm 1911s start out at just $3290 for the single safety version and $3375 for the ambidextrous safety version. Check them out at bravocompanymfg.com.

Ray I.

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  • Bacon Chaser

    “Gunfighter 1911 is now available in the more budget friendly 9mm caliber.”

    “The new Bravo Company Gunfighter 9mm 1911s start out at just $3290 for the single safety version and $3375 for the ambidextrous safety version.”


    $3,000+ pistol and “budget friendly” ammo?

    • Budogunner

      Wilson Combat math at work….

      • Spencerhut

        “Wilson Combat math” I’m using that.

    • politicsbyothermeans

      Do they ship with $2,000 rolled up in the barrel?

    • Richard

      Budget friendly my ass

    • Anonymoose

      Check out the 5.45 and 7.62×39 conversions for the SCAR. This makes about as much sense as those, considering you could just buy 2 high grade AKs for less than one of those.

      • Bacon Chaser

        Actually, the various SCAR conversion kits make a lot of sense. With a single registered upper receiver as a SBR (assuming its a 17S and not a 16S); I can have a 5.56x45mm SBR, 7.62x51mm SBR, 7.62x39mm SBR, 5.45x39mm SBR, 7.62x35mm SBR, etc., etc.

        Same concept as the AR platform, but with a bit more potential variety since the serialized component is the upper receiver instead of the lower receiver (although at the same time the conversions are a wee bit more difficult since you have to swap barrels and the barrels require a very specific torque value of 62 in/lbs to be locked in properly).

        And with AKs…well…what you get is what you get. Once a 7.62x39mm, always a 7.62x39mm. Once a 5.45x39mm, always a 5.45x39mm. Once a 5.56x45mm, always a 5.56x45mm.

        • Anonymoose

          But are you really willing to pay 2 grand per conversion kit?

          • Bacon Chaser

            Depends on the upcoming political climate. If Democrats take the House and Senate and keep the White House, those $2000 conversion kits may be your only option in the near future.

          • Anonymoose

            If Democrats take the White House, there’s a good chance we could have a have a second civil war by this time next year.

          • Bacon Chaser

            Democrats are a lot of things – stupid isn’t one of them. And don’t mistake their talking points for stupidity – that is just pandering to the uneducated masses.

            Due to the large amount of gun owners who are willing to go along with their ideas because they don’t impact THEIR guns (the Fudds), they will do this like cooking a frog.

            And by the time the Fudds realize they’re next, then it’ll be too late.

          • DrewN

            I’d argue it’s already too late. Scalia’s dead, and Trump is a clown. Welcome to California.

    • cs

      I don’t think ammo cost is the issue here. This 1911 is for those 9mm fans who dislike .45 and like the 1911 format. The other advantage here is increased capacity over the traditional 45acp round and the BCM website does fail to mention how many it holds.

      • Bacon Chaser

        If ammo cost wasn’t the issue, why even mention “more budget friendly 9mm caliber?”

        And going by Wilson Combat’s webpage, it appears to have a 10-round capacity in 9mm. Hardly anything to write home about. And for comparison, the 45 ACP has an 8-round capacity magazine.

        As far as handgun calibers go for me – I’m an equal opportunity shooter. 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP in my collection. And a 454 Casull revolver.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    a new custom tactical M1911??? YAWN!!!

  • Reef Blastbody

    $3290 for a single stack 9MM 1911? And here I winced at my STI 2011 Tactical 4.0 9MM secondhand from Cabelas @ just over $1K. But at least I have 21 rounds with the mid size magazines.

    Like that new Springfield EMP 9MM. I think it’s neat, but WAY overpriced for a single stack gun. Not interested in a gilded lily.

    • Harrison Jones

      You got a hell of a deal on the 2011!

      • KestrelBike

        yeah seriously, how’d he manage that at cabelas?

        • Reef Blastbody

          Just to be clear, it was used, not new. Still, a screaming deal. This is at the Cabelas in Allen, TX.

          They have some screaming deals in the used case quite frequently:
          Mint S&W M&P CORE 9MM w/Trijicon RM05 mounted for $800, box, paperwork, but only 1 magazine.
          The aforementioned STI 2011 w/box, paperwork, 3 140MM magazines for $11XX
          STI Duty One .45 for $850.
          Gen 4 G21 with ZEV trigger bar and some other bits for $400ish.
          SIG 716 Magpul for $1100
          Benelli M4 @ 1500
          and so on and so on.
          I average 1 to 2 finds a month there, and I’ve been in the DFW area only since the 3rd quarter of 2015.

          Their new guns, they’re REAL damn proud of though.

    • Nicks87

      Trust me, the STI is a far better choice anyway. I don’t know what BCM is thinking, I mean, really, who buys these things at over $3k?

      • Jesse Foust

        Given the success of Wilson combat over the years, enough people do.

        • Nicks87

          In the 25 years Ive been shooting I think I’ve seen maybe two people that owned Wilson products shooting them at the range. Apparently, everybody else leaves their overpriced, safe queens at home.

          • Jesse Foust

            They’re still in business nearly 40 years later. I’d say that speaks for itself. I’ve said this before, “Overpriced” is internet slang for “I can’t afford this, and even though I can’t find anything bad to say about it, I want to say something bad about it”

      • Lee Attiny

        If I could afford a 1911 from Wilson Combat I’d buy one in a heart beat. They’re like modern marvels of machining/gunsmithing.

  • ChierDuChien

    That’s a lot of money to spend for a gun that will have to live at an “Approved Target Shooting Club” come next summer or fall.

    • Nicks87

      Sieg Hillary 2016! Glad I work for the fed govt. Maybe they will let me keep my guns since I have a justification for them.

  • Gregory

    Send a message about these insane prices “TOO F-ING HIGH”. What, are the pistols built by beautiful virgins that deliver them in-person?

    • Spencerhut

      Nice Used Cars reference.

  • El Duderino

    I’ve been shooting for 25 years and still have not heard a convincing argument for a full size single stack 9mm 1911, at any price. IME those who can’t handle the recoil of .45ACP can’t hold a 40oz+ pistol at the level for any period of time.

  • Kristoff

    A 1911 chambered for 9mm? Blasphemy!

  • RickH

    These prices are fricking insane…….

  • Jesse Foust

    But with the Wilson you are much more likely to have a fully functional, reliable firearm. If your armscore doesn’t work, you may end up stuck with a lemon, or sending it back a few times to get it working. Who’s the fool then?

    ETA: I don’t own a Wilson, and probably never will.

    • Billy Jack

      Agreed. All 1911’s are not created equal. All the money you save on that $500 1911 you will spend on monogram hankys for your tears.

    • Doom

      I have only heard good things about the Armscor 1911’s, and unless you need a carry gun TODAY id take the 500 dollar 1911 over the 3300 dollar 1911 every time unless I was a literal millionaire. Hell, I could buy 4 Armscor 1911’s and thousands of rounds of 9mm to give them all a test run for the price of the BCM pistol alone with no ammo.

      • Jesse Foust

        I agree, though I’d go with a Springfield for about $1000 and be much more comfortable. That doesn’t mean the Wilson/BCM is bad. You said yourself you’d buy one if you had more money. That doesn’t make the pistol underpriced, it means you’re underfunded. A problem I can empathize with, as I am similarly afflicted.

        • Doom

          Underfunded is an Understatement, I am straight up broke lol. If I remember right some of the Springfield 1911’s are made in Brazil.

  • Lee Attiny

    no, i’d just shoot them. isn’t that why I bought the damn gun?