New Gear from Advantage Tactical Sights

Diamond Sights

Advantage Tactical Sights (ATS) introduced a pair of handgun products for 2016. These new items are the Glock Dark Diamond Sight and the Firefly Generation II.

Glock Dark Diamond Sight

The Dark Diamond Sight system is a combination of a photoluminescent front sight with a notched rear. The front sight is something akin to a diamond shaped mushroom while the rear notch is angled to form the bottom half of a diamond. The idea is when you align the front sight into the rear notch forming a complete diamond, the gun is on target.

According to the company, “the Dark Diamond Sight you can reach out to distances of 15, 20, 25 yards and beyond in total darkness.” Even if these sights work as advertised, I have to think that needing to make that shot – up to 25 yards in complete darkness – is a pretty unlikely event. Although I like the idea of large, bright front sights on a defensive handgun, I’m not sure this set up is the way to go.

These sights will fit all Glock models including the thinner G42 and G43 pistols. Sight sets start at $98.49.

Firefly Generation II


The Firefly sights are the photoluminescent front sights used by ATS. The sights absorb light energy – either ambient or from a flashlight – and slowly emit it over time. Since they are relatively large, they can offer an advantage over typical tritium sights by giving the shooter something big to superimpose over the threat.

Two colors are available: coral and lime. When “charged,” the coral will emit useable light for about six hours while the lime will glow for about eight. MSRP is $42. These work best with the company’s original sight sets.

Richard Johnson

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  • Colin

    So when these sights are to be used you will not see them because they have not been charged up cos of your gun sitting in a dark/covered holsters and not in the sunlight ??

  • landosaurusrex

    Jesus! Those sights are friggin’ huge and hideous

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    The sight picture itself looks interesting and useful.

    But dear lord the physical design of them is absolutely hideous. Could they really have not hired a UX designer, even on contract?

  • sean

    Is Harley Quinn designing gun sights now?

  • thewalkingfred

    Why the hell are they so tall?

  • iksnilol

    I like that the front sight is an arrow. It’s like “you are shooting this thingy right here *points arrow”

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    I have a pair of the first gen on my Sig 320. They are great, but unfortunately, don’t fit properly and the front dove tail sight slides left and right from recoil and the slightest pushes. I never did get around to contacting their support about it, but I love the sight picture (when it works) so much I might have to try again.