Random photo found online. Looks like a Glock magazine that was in a fire or out of battery detonation? Considering the amount of swelling of the full metal liner, I think the rounds were cooked off in a fire and pushed their way out of the magazine body. Not sure what that lone round is doing wedged between the gap of the metal liner.


  • Joshua

    I would say fire that detonated the rounds in the magazine.

  • PeterK

    Mattv something something on youtubez. Put a red hot muzzle brake on top. Result above.

  • hking

    MatV2099 Put a red hot muzzle brake ontop of a loaded glock magazine, that photo is the result.

    • droog

      which is more dangerous, a OOBD or MattV2099?
      He taught everything I know about Operationally Tacticalizing ,and I’m off to the Sand Pit on contract next week, wish me luck.

      • Drunk Possum


      • politicsbyothermeans

        Stay safe.

  • Tom E

    Glock does have a history with kB!s, mostly .40 cal models. But yeah, that looks like a loaded mag cooked off…

  • Sianmink

    Definitely a fire. I think the wedged round is just for demonstration.

  • Jwedel1231

    Google MattV2099 (Food & Guns) and watch his newer videos. He put a red hot muzzle brake (RHMB) on a fully loaded Glock mag. Apparently, Glockazines won’t operate in a red hot environment.

    • Jack Morris

      They just don’t make Assault Glockazine Clips like they used too.

  • It’s from Mattv2099’s latest RHMB.

  • John

    What, you mean Glock mags don’t look like that from the factory?

  • Gorilla Biscuit

    Funny this came up. This happened at a local shooting facility recently. Due to hand load ERROR. This is a PPQ .45. The mag looks good tho hahaa

    • Jack Morris

      Jesus, what kind of error did he make?! Double charge or squib? I love my PPQ and this picture hurts to look at.

      • Gorilla Biscuit

        It wasn’t a squib. And the error in charge was enough to do this.

  • Bradley Jones

    if this was due to a fire the remaining round would show signs of heat, id say possible reload with a primer not fully seated and it discharged the round which in turn discharged other rounds in the m

  • Edeco

    The video is genius. “It’s in this cardboard box full of kindling. What a great place for an RHMB to go.”

  • Iblis

    It is a copy of the Red Hot Nickle Ball video series, only with gun related stuff.
    Nothing better to do than burn/melt/blow up stuff and video it? Have fun and be safe.

  • Noishkel

    Big reason why I’ve never really favored polymer frames. When the screw up they REALLY screw up.

    But as a counter point I once had this Frankenstein Argentinian Hi-Power I picked up on GB for a song. Once I made the mistake of using some ammo I didn’t know the source of. Turns out I had a round that was just WAY overloaded. So over loaded that it didn’t just budge the shell casing, it blew a perfect whole in the case in that one space where the shell isn’t fully supported on Hi-Power’s barrel. Crazy thing is that the gun was ultimately fine after I had it checked out. I imagine if I had had that type of malfunction I’d have ended up with a gun that looked like of like that.

  • stephen

    In the video mattv2099 says “glock assault clip…”


    • J.T.

      It’s a joke.

      • thewalkingfred

        An ongoing joke. I’m surprised he didn’t say full auto high capacity assault glock clipazine.

    • Matt Frikin Bennett

      Holy moly, if you didn’t realize the entire video was satirical, it might be too late for you.

  • Will

    Obviously caused by a fire.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Seems to me like a waste.

  • Secundius

    Where was the Magazine, in Relationship to the Pistol? Inside the Handle or Loose?