MAC Tests the IWI X95’s Accuracy, Confirms Dispersion Problem

The question – raised by poster AJBello – of whether the X95 has an issue with wider-than-expected dispersion from a rest with match ammo, has hit the next note. Tim of the Military Arms Channel, a long time Tavor and new X95 owner, put the X95 to the test at the 100 yard line with few different brands of ammunition:

His results were slightly better than AJBello’s, but still concerning. The X95 does not seem to be able to consistently group under 3 MOA, regardless of the ammunition used. Now, some groups that Tim fired were as small as an inch, but consider the methodology used: 15 rounds per caliber were fired without rest at three different but identical targets, in 5 shot groups. So then, you could consider that similar to shooting one 15 shot group, if all three targets are overlayed on one another. To illustrate this, let’s take a look at the first set of groups Tim shot, all with 77gr IMI OTM ammunition:


Now, with a little Photoshop magic, we can combine all three groups into one:


What’s most interesting about doing this is that we see that, combined, all the shots exhibit serious horizontal stringing. The vertical dispersion is almost reasonable, but the horizontal dispersion appears to be 3.5″ or more (given a 3″ Shoot-N-C Bullseye target)!

I leave it to my readers to try this with the other groups shot in the MAC X95 video above, but regardless of how you analyze it, it seems the X95 may indeed suffer from a minor but still concerning accuracy defect.






Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • PK

    Disappointing. I doubt it’s a fundamental design flaw, and hopefully it can be quickly addressed and implemented on existing arms and new production going forward. I like the concept of the X95, and I had to really struggle not to buy one as soon as they became available.

    In retrospect, I made the right choice. New designs have teething problems sometimes, it happens. Knowing IWI, I bet this gets hammered out quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction.

  • hking

    I just cant imagine paying $2,000 or more for any rifle that cant hold 1.5 to 1 MOA @ 100.

    • GhostTrain81

      The prices I’ve observed seemed to average about 1800… but your point is valid :D.

      I think with bullpups the premium you are paying above an AR / AK pattern rifle is not based on accuracy but on mainly 2 other factors:

      – The novelty and coolness.
      – Short overall length without going the SBR route.

      • kregano

        Don’t forget that for foreign bullpups, you’ve got extra overhead tacked on because they need to make certain parts in America for 922R compliance.

        If IWI could just import X95Ls (which appear to be semi-auto only) with a longer buttpad, they could probably shave a few hundred dollars off the price.

        • The Civilian Semi-only version does come with a longer butt pad. It’s a lot more rounded and bulbous than the slim Full-auto version, but it gets the firearm to the correct length.

          • Anon

            In my opinion, they should have kept the shorter butt-pad in favor of having a slightly longer barrel. And no, I’m not saying that this would help with accuracy.

          • kregano

            You didn’t understand what I was saying. Right now, IWI has receivers (IIRC) and some parts made in America, which requires new tooling & a facility to house it, which in turn adds costs to the guns.

            If IWI in Israel could use its existing X95L production line, and make the longer buttpad, the price would probably be lower, because they incur less manufacturing & housekeeping costs.

      • Emfourty Gasmask

        Actually, my AUG A3 groups under 1.8″ with a hot barrel with M855 ammo at 100 yards. Best I’ve got is 1.2″ on a cold barrel. I’ll take that for a Bullpup. The Tavor is just poorly manufactured, but people don’t want to admit that.

        • HollowTs

          Mine too! Somehow people want to lump the two together because the Tavor is the bullpup equivalent to Elvis in the US market. “Surely if the IWI is bad all bullpupus suck!” AUG not the same gun fellas.

  • Nicks87

    A Kel-tec RDB might be in my safe in the near future. Sorry IWI “fool me twice”.

    • Vitor Roma

      As a lefty I would go RDB all the way, but also it is a dream to supress and has a a long mellow recoil while the Tavor seens much more snappy with the very short stocky piston.

      • JK

        Have one and it’s great!!

      • Nicks87

        I’m a lefty too. I thought the Tavor just felt kind of big and unwieldy. I was holding out for the X95 but now this? I wasnt impressed with the Galil Ace either.

    • kregano

      If I could get one, I would. The horrific availability puts them out of reach for a long time.

      Even longer if you want a bullpup in .300 Blackout, since KelTec’s going to 6.5 Grendel next.

    • A Fascist Corgi

      I’m holding out for the Desert Tech MDR. I just hope that it’s reliable. I’m extremely skeptical of the overly complex ejection port that it has.

  • santi

    Can’t wait to see IWI’s rebuttal.

  • Darkpr0

    As big a deal as people are making of this, I am curious as to how many will ever shoot to factory accuracy. It would be interesting to see how much accuracy changes from 0.5 to 4 MOA would actually affect someone’s day-to-day shooting.

    • cwp

      Maybe I’m unduly cynical, but I think the majority of shooters would probably not notice much difference. I suspect that most people’s rifles are capable of substantially better accuracy than their owners are — me included.

      • Cymond

        What about tolerance stacking?

        If a shooter’s aim & hold vary by 4″, and the gun varies by 4″, then some rounds will be off target by 8″.

  • vwVwwVwv

    How about asking IWI-America?
    The Israeli version is Different, i shot them,
    its strange, may be i got my hands on a good one?

    • Twilight sparkle

      Perhaps they changed something to retain overall length requirement in the us. Maybe it’s just too much barrel whip from the extra barrel length, either way this really isn’t as bad as people seem to be making it.

      • vwVwwVwv

        i had oce a strange expereance with two desert eagels one from IMI and one from Magnum Reserche, two “different” guns.
        i dont know, lets wait 2-3 month
        and see if ther is a reaktion. i think IWI will react, usa is THE marcet for guns.

      • Dracon1201

        Well, it depends on your point of view. Remember, 3″ groups are about what you expect with all the time in the world, and a nightforce optic. Any realistic shooting is going to be worse than that. Consider it for a second. That’s a huge group, especially with the obvious horizontal stringing. In a 2k rifle trying to compete in the modern firearms market, it is unacceptable that it will handily have it’s ass handed to it by any rack grade AR where 2moa is an “okay” standard- On $500-800 ARs even. No, it’s ridiculous. This isn’t the Cold War, standards have changed.

        • Twilight sparkle

          Very true, for some reason I was thinking that was with iron sights.

      • Kyle

        If they were six hundred bucks it would not be all that big a deal. They cost around two grand however and for that kinda cash pretty much everyone expects roughly one MoA or better.

  • Tyler Shaw

    This is interesting. I have the Tavor SAR-16 and have not seen this issue. I wonder if there is an issue in the new design/features.

  • Twilight sparkle

    This really doesn’t seem to be as big of an issue as people are making it. This kind of a rifle isn’t made for precision, people are complaining when they try to use a sword as a scalpel and they’re failing to realize that it still works well as a sword

    • Dracon1201

      That’s bullshit. It should be able to hold AR accuracy for that price. I can group a WASR better. IDGAF whether it’s a sword or scalpel, there is a certain level of precision you should expect from a 2k gun.

      • Twilight sparkle

        I’d like to see if there’s just a barrel whip issue, the guns barrel has been significantly lengthened to make it legal here so maybe that’s causing part of these problems.

        • kregano

          I dunno if that can be the problem, since the IDF has a version with the same barrel and short buttpad as a DMR gun.

        • Dracon1201

          Agreed. I hope the short kit comes out with the original barrel. I hope it resolves the issue, because as it stands, this was not the X95 I was hoping for.

      • Vitor Roma

        The thing is, the Army requirement for the AR accuracy is something like “its good enough below 5moa”. 3-2moa for a service rifle is quite acceptable, but yeah, it can be certainly improved.

        • iksnilol

          I thought at least for American army that 4 MOA was the limit or something?

          Can somebody chime in?

          • Andy Kay

            3 MOA for the current M16M4 with M855 ammo IIRC

      • The Truth

        What do you care? Do you own one? If not why get so upset about this?

        • Dracon1201

          I wanted one since the X95 was announced internationally. I’m pretty pissed because I was hoping it would be worth the money. I want to see these amazing products succeed, it’s just frustrating that with all my anticipation to be roadblocked by mediocre accuracy.

  • Tyler McCommon

    Everyone buying these new guns and I’ve got an M1 Carbine next to my bed….

    • ostiariusalpha

      No rule says you can’t have both.

      • The Truth

        The guy is using a 3′ gun and he thinks that’s an appropriate close quarters firearms. Some people are beyond help. There really should be an intelligence test required to purchase firearms because wow there are some idiot gun owners out there.

        • Weaver

          I couldn’t pass this up. Really because he wants to use an m1 carbine? Come on everyone has their own prefence. If it works for him it works for him. If a mk18 clone works for you great. No reason to try to insult him especially when he’s a follow gun owner.

        • iksnilol

          Worked just fine before, probably works fine today.

    • The Truth

      Pretty poor choice for a home defense firearms there bud. 36″? LMAO. I’m assuming you have never actually practiced turning around in a hallway with that gun have you? People always pick such terrible guns for home defense. The x95 would be a much better choice than your M1 carbine. The x95 is specifically designed for ease of movement in tight quarters. I’ve got a 25″ OAL SBR I use as my bedside gun. 36″ gun for home defense. LMFAO Why not just use a Barrett 82A1?

      • Weaver

        Lmao I carried an m16a2 and can do room clearing with it if I had to.

      • iksnilol

        90 cm is almost the ideal length of firearm for most people.

      • HollowTs

        Could be a paratrooper model… Just saying

      • Booter Wilson

        I can move around pretty well in my house with my 14.5″ AR. 16 incher, keeps catching the doors as I open them.

      • Booter Wilson

        Changing shoulders for rounding corners can be iffy on most of bullpups if you actually have to fire a shot.

  • John

    What about the regular Tavor?? Would love to see how it stacks up against the X95. I really like mine after the Geissele improvements but tempted if they make a SBR or pistol X95…

    • Boggsy Pockets

      Not sure how they’d make a bullpup into a pistol.

      Haha now I’m just imagining a Tavor/X95 with a Sig brace slapped on the buttplate.

      Thought: Wrap a belt around the stock behind the mag well and put your arm through it- extend arm; voila, PistolPup.

      • You need to file a Patent on that.

        • Boggsy Pockets

          Contacting a clerk. BATF suit and MAC “legality-review” video, here we come.

      • Austin

        If only the calicos were reliable….

        • Boggsy Pockets

          Damn 80’s space guns. When you build it as a laser-blaster, it’s gonna have a tough time being retro-fitted for black-powder.

      • iksnilol

        Bullpup pistol has been done before. Ak pistol bullpup kit.

        • Boggsy Pockets

          Yeah, the precedent is there for that… Even actual handguns that are bullpups- funny as those are. The weirdness in this case I think comes from taking something that is pretty much, by design, integra… nvm. I’m not gonna give expand on the irony -unlikely as it is that they would take notice of anything I say- the BATF grey-areas are known to become precarious when collective head-scratching over their odd, contradictory decrees becomes too audible.

  • Alex D.

    Horizontal stringing smells like shooter error.

  • Porty1119

    Looks like combat accuracy to me.

    • iksnilol

      I dunno, I expect to see combat accuracy whilst firing off hand quickly, not whilst firing from a rest with a good scope.

  • OJS

    לא, רובה בסדר
    (No, rifle is fine)

  • Brocus

    Tavor is now the Israeli G36

    • vwVwwVwv

      the g 36 is a good rifle, nobody knows wha happend in the
      ministry of generalfeldmarshal von der Lyen.

  • But, but, but, Tim is on IWI’s payroll……..

  • Zach Robinson

    Without commenting on the rest of the test (I have yet to watch the entire video as I’m at work,) IWI ammo isn’t the most accurate on the block either. My experiences with their M193 and M855 variants have been deplorable, shooting 4 MOA or worse in what has been for me a 1 MOA gun. The IWI powder charge could simply be too hot to shoot the 77 gr accurately. Now as a round that can be expected to fragment violently and rapidly, a hot charge isn’t such a bad thing.

  • Rick5555

    With the X95 acting up and the three hole pin on the Galil. Might be IWI is rushing to get their new products to the civilian market. No oversight is being conducted. Maybe the button broach wears down, causing bad or inferior barrel rifling. Again, could be IWI is rushing products to the market. For the money, the X95 should have better accuracy. This is why I never purchase a new firearm when it comes out. Let others buy the product and see if there’s any kinks that needs to be worked out. Once it’s ascertain there’s no kinks or kinks are subsequently worked out. Then, I make my purchase.

    • The Truth

      The x95 has been in use by the IDF since 2003. They aren’t rushing anything LOL.

      • Joseph Goins

        This isn’t the LE/MIL version. This is a civilian version that is still different in more ways than just semi-automatic firing mode. It also is a combat weapon designed for CQB, not benchrests. (Literally, it’s hard to use this gun on a benchrest.) Besides, at CQB distances, you are going to be using holdovers for precise shots under 50 yards.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    I sense a big opportunity for the Desert Tech MDR here if this continues.

    • TangledThorns

      Though I want one it depends on whenever the MDR is released and how well it performs.

  • Austin

    As mentioned it’s rack grade accuracy, it just needs to be accurate enough to hit someone in the given engagement range which is urban combat mostly for Israel. IIRC IWI has a marksman version of the full size tavor with a 24″ barrel for longer range engagements.

  • I knew an old guy who had a rear suspension rubber bushing on the end of his Remington 700 and swore by it.

  • Gidge

    Disappointing but not uncommon with the first batch of anything to come down a new production line. IWI are a reputable company with good customer service so there will probably be a stop sale and/or recall soon to sort this out.

    The lesson: Never buy a gun from the first batch made unless you’re looking to stick it in the safe as a collectors item that rarely/never gets shot.

  • The Truth

    That woman is ugly. Not the one having what appears to be a stroke the one with way too much makeup on and terrible fake eyelashes.

    • vwVwwVwv

      thats way they want two acurate pink x95 for free, or something. 😉

    • rayward

      A little too much makeup, but certainly not ugly. TrigglyPuff is ugly.

  • politicsbyothermeans

    Only accurate guns are interesting.

    • Cymond

      That’s a shooter’s perspective.

      I can find a gun interesting for its design, operation, or history. The success of channels like Forgotten Weapons proves that I’m not alone.

      • politicsbyothermeans

        It is mostly tongue in cheek. Interesting is wholly subjective. I find plenty of firearms that are barely minute-of-barn interesting. That said, I find accurate firearms with other interesting characteristics even MORE interesting.

        • pbla4024

          One of the changes in manufacture of Bren was done to make it less accurate, right? 🙂


    Say what you want about the SCAR 16 or 17. I have both and both are sub moa with match ammo. And 1.5 to 2.5 moa with various brand of cheap steel case ammo.

  • vwVwwVwv

    this all is rooted in love for a gun, if you have time listen to experts,
    test shoot one. falling in love on first sight can be disapointing.

  • Raoul

    From a rest, I just shot five – 5 round groups from 50 yards with 55gr Prvi. All were between 2 and 3.5″. Unacceptable for any rifle made in the past 30 years.