Tannerite Leg shall forever be remembered and referenced for future firearm enthusiasts. Now you can commemorate the importance of heeding the instructions with this humorous morale patch by Battle Patches. Apparently it glows in the dark as well.

I Blew My F’ing Leg Off (Lawnmower + Tannerite) Blackout PVC Morale Patch G.I.T.D.

The patches retail for $13.99.

The image was originally created by Tacsoup. I think Battle Patches should have donated a percentage of the proceeds to some wounded veteran charity. So that some good comes out of this debacle.


  • Swarf

    Dude f’ed up big time for sure, but I don’t think it’s particularly funny to pour salt in the… leg-shaped air space under his knee.

    Maybe they should donate some of the proceeds to getting him a prosthetic.

    Wait. He did survive, right?

    • KestrelBike

      My sympathy for that guy is non-existant due to the bad press that he gave EBRs/gunners with his stupid stunt.

      • Swarf

        Meh. Fair enough. Here’s hoping none of us ever screw up bad enough to earn the internet’s ire and snearing derision. It don’t take much.

      • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        It’s like publicizing a self inflicted gun shot wound. Too stupid

        • Tassiebush
          • Mikial

            Okay, that made me laugh out loud and watch it multiple times. Of course, the rum might have influenced that, but it was still funny. Have you seen the subsequent video where he explains how he sprung into action to employ his emergency response training . . . and called his parents?

          • Tassiebush

            Yeah it’s a good chuckle. I actually originally saw it when someone linked it on a forum here.
            I think I saw his one year later video. Poor fellow was trying to share from his recovery experience so we could learn from his misfortune….

          • Wanderlust

            So Funny!!! 😀 😀 :DD

      • Edeco

        It’s not worth anyone getting hurt, but in and of itself I like the bad press. It shows we can’t be reasoned with or brow-beaten; long run this could demoralize the opposition. Mower guy is like a modern day Muscius Scaevola.

        In that sense maybe this badge is a good thing, but still the humor seems forced to me.

        • Mikial

          I get your analogy, but can’t quite give mower guy the same level of admiration.

  • me


  • Todd

    I’d say it was in bad taste, but compared to my normal actions, this is highbrow.

    • Mikial

      Amen, Brother!

  • OJS

    Too soon!

  • Edeco

    Meh, not funny, imho. Just kind of forcing it.

  • tony

    Making fun of someone else’s injury is no fun.

  • Bill

    It’s too soon, borderline cruel and absolutely inappropriate. I’ll take two.

    (But that price is WAY out of line)

  • wetcorps

    I’m ok with making fun of his injury, but I’m a bit more dubious about making monney off it. But that must be my anticapitalism speaking.

  • Mikial

    Utterly classless . . . and totally funny.

    Gotta find one of those to add to my collection.

  • SineNomine

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this.

  • ExMachina1


  • jess

    Tannerlite leg could be shortened to just Tannerleg… easier off the tongue.

  • Richard

    I’m not sure if I’m going to laugh at this because of the bad press that his stunt caused. I kind of feel bad for him but he shouldn’t have put tannerite under a lawnmower, let alone shoot at it from such a short distance.

  • Drake

    If really need see how dangers Tannerite is go watch show Myth Busters. Watch how far away stay from some thing there going blow up using Tannerite. In that show twice used enough Tannerite blow up two cement trucks that where full cement complete disintegrate with amount Tannerite they used. If your gone act stupid firearms and video tap your self do so on Youtube please do not give Brady bunch who want take all firearms away more ammo to do so buy doing that,

    • Kirk Newsted

      They didn’t use tannerite on the cement trucks.

      • Drake

        Still point is guy who did use Tannerita was idiot who made video on Youtube. Who just gave explosive ammo ant firearms people who want take away all of are firearms who think ever one else own firearms reasonable idiots like him. He did shine good light on all of gun owner dumb action.

  • Kirk Newsted

    Not a cement truck. Its a garbage truck. And didn’t use tannerite.

    • Drake

      It still good reason why should play with thing blow up.

  • Gorilla Biscuit

    Found it!

  • Mystick

    “Say ‘who’ again….”

  • He did survive! if anyone knows how to contact him, we would like to send him one!

  • I sent you an email a little while ago—-