Eagle Arms and the Eagle-15


If you were not aware, Armalite has a division of its company dedicated to building affordable AR rifles: Eagle Arms. Eagle Arms manufactures its products in the same factory as other Armalite firearms are made. The focus of the division is to “…provide responsible American citizens an economically viable way to exercise their rights, and lower the barrier to entry of Modern Sporting Rifle ownership.”

Armalite lists one basic rifle in the Eagle Arms inventory: the Eagle-15. The Eagle-15 looks similar to many other AR style rifles that are on the market with a flattop receiver, M4 style stock and A2 front sight and pistol grip.

It is chambered in 5.56 NATO and comes with a single 30 round Magpul magazine. I have seen versions offered with a 223 Wylde chamber also. The barrel is 16″ long with a 1:8″ twist. It has a birdcage style muzzle device. There is no mention of chrome plating, so I would assume there is none.

The gun weighs in a 6.5 pounds with an unloaded magazine. The six position stock allows for 3.25″ of adjustment to the length of pull.

Armalite does not list a MSRP on its site for the basic rifle. Perusing some of the online gun shops, it would seem that in basic trim these guns sell for about $550-$600. However, I have seen them as low as $488.

If you have any experience with the Eagle-15, share your thoughts below. Do you feel these are a good bargain, or would a casual shooter be better off saving his or her money for something a bit more expensive?

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • xebat

    WOW… $500ish complete AR-15. We have come a long way.

    • Arandor Thinnorion

      There are a few budget ARs in the $475 to $500 range. On the whole, budget ARs are now cheaper than budget AKs.

  • Anonymoose

    I didn’t know they still had this division around. Eagle Arms was the company that bought back the Armalite brand about 20 years ago from Elisco.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    So wait, Eagle Arms which was founded by ex-Armalite employees who then eventually bought the rights to the Armalite name and changed company names to Armalite now makes guns, again, under the Eagle Arms banner?

    I’m confused.

    • K-Gunner

      This IS confusing! I have a Coal Valley, IL marked Eagle Arms EA-15 that I bought used from a guy back in about 1995. I was also under the impression that Eagle Arms became/went back to Armalite. What’s old is new, then old, then new again? The Eagle rises again like a phoenix?

      • Andrew

        Eagle Arms bought the Armalite name in 1996. They used the Armalite name for all their rifles since it was more famous and gave the impression this was the original company that created the AR. The company was sold in 2013 to Strategic Armory Corps. I guess the new owners decided to revive the Eagle Arms name for these low priced guns to prevent the Armalite name from being viewed as a budget brand.

  • Jacob

    I bought my BCA AR15 in 223 wylde 2 years ago for $560, and its been great so far.

  • anonymous

    I thought the DEF-15 and DEF-15F were Armalite’s budget-priced rifles. Am I missing something?

    • Fred Johnson

      I thought the same. I’m not sure if this means the DEF label is going away for a clear division of an economy line from standard ArmaLite offerings?

  • Lance

    Good value though local gun shop has Anderson ARs for sale at $450

  • Peak AR. Buy aa couple for election season.

    Heck get a dozen ready for valentine’s day.

  • Treyh007

    Not a bad deal, but you can get the new S&W Sport II for $539 right now at a few different online dealers. I’m happy to see budget MSR’s, I bought a Core-15 LW M4 for $559 last year and it’s been a great rifle, it also has a “No BS LT warranty”. Ruger also has a nice Budget AR that is getting very good reviews. It makes you wonder how or if this will effect the higher end manufactures like DD, LWRC, BCM, WC, Sig, etc.