The Stupid Simple Sling

One important piece of gear for any rifle is a good sling and there’s a ton of good ones out there on the market. A few popular slings out there are the Vicker’s Sling made by Blue Force Gear that retails for $64 and Magpul’s MS slings like the MS1. Those retail for a more reasonable $34.95. Just like I mentioned in my GlockStore’s $40 Kydex Holster post just the other day shooting is an expensive hobby and sometimes you want to save a few bucks without sacrificing quality.

Enter the The Stupid Simple Sling from the folks over at Little Creek Trading. Their sling retails at just $14.99. While it’s low priced it’s not low quality. Their slings use all metal hardware and HK style hooks. It uses 1″ wide US made Nylon with a 79″ in total length for maximum adjustment. The sling has no stitching to blow out and weights in at just 4.1 ounces. Like many of the tactical slings out there it can change from a two point to a single point configuration. They’re available in black, OD green and coyote tan. Check them out at

If you want something even cheaper they have their Stupid Cheap Sling for a few bucks less.

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  • ozzallos .

    Metal hardware is the deal breaker for me. You can get dozens of slings made in China on ebay and I’m sure the nylon is going to hold up just as well as anything else, but it’s those metal adjustment buckles you’re not going to get. The China ones will get you to and from the range, but I doubt you want to be kicking down doors in Fallujah with one.

    • Jwedel1231

      If you are kicking doors down in Fallujah, your rifle isn’t something you can afford to go cheap on, not to mention you probably have Uncle Sam bankrolling your firearms purchases (read: someone else bought it). This is for a normal American looking to get decent gear on the cheap side of things.

    • DIR911911 .

      so is metal a deal breaker or what you actually want? it seems a bit cloudy.

      • ozzallos .

        Sorry. Metal is ideal. Though I admittedly have a plastic one because A) Not kicking doors down, B) Cost $4 with bungee shock absorber

    • USMC03Vet

      Welcome to 99% of firearms stuff ever purchased.

  • Tr Graham

    I use SKS slings. Simple, effective, noiseless, and super cheap.

  • Rock or Something

    Bah. I used to see Soldiers make use of five-fifty cord as a sling for their M16. Now that’s a stupid simple sling.

    • Juice

      That’s nothing, back in basic I made a sling using nothing more than my left hand and my right hand.

      Oh supply problems, can’t imagine life without you.

  • PeterK

    Nice. I was going to make my next gun sling similar to this, but once again the “you can’t build it cheaper than you can buy it” principle may have just kicked in.

  • iksnilol

    Can you wrap it around your arm?

  • Captain obvious

    Or you could buy a traditional military loop web sling with hardware for $12-15. Then you could actually use it as a loop or hasty sling.

  • mk18

    For what the Vickers sling offers, I can’t see a reason not to get one. The Vickers quick adjust system works great. If you get it with QD swivels and you set your guns with QD attachment points, you only need one sling for all your guns if cost is a concern.

  • Cmex

    I like 2 point best. 1 point guarantees you a couple grand in Physical Therapy if you ever have to take your hands off the weapon. 3 point is overly restrictive and complicated; if your sling requires an instruction book just to rig up, it’s too damn complicated. Adjustable 2 point is best; as tight or as loose as you want. You can suspend the rifle on your chest or back. You can even put it down. You can change styles of carry for comfort. It’s really amazing.

  • Badgerman

    I got sick of paying the 30 to 50 dollars per sling, and decided to give it a crack myself. I bought whatever color milspec webbing, sliders, and paracord off eBay. Then I just copied the pattern of the sling I liked, and boom made an awesome sling for 3/4 the price.

  • Basil Sever Moulds

    Ok who makes that switchgaurd for that surefire??

    • J.K.

      Unity Tactical EXO.

      It’s the cat’s meow.

  • Andrew Dubya

    What exactly is wrong with a GI sling? The 48-inch strap with 2 buckles? Even more simple than this, and can be had from name brand companies. Mine`s a BLACKHAWK! (I hate typing that, it`s so onoxious) and was $8.

  • sapper

    A 100ft roll of od,cyote, black webing is 8$. Milspec monkey has all of the hardware. This sling would cost about 5 bucks to make and it would take about 5min. I made my own Vickers sling for 7bucks.

  • Glad to check them out and pass it along—–

  • El Duderino

    Ordered one. Have a cheap single point I got off eBay, this mostly made in the U.S. sling is just a couple $ more. If it sucks I’m out less than a Jackson…err…a Tubman.

  • schizuki

    Surplus canvas utility strap with clips on both ends. I think I bought a dozen for fifteen bucks.

  • plumber576

    You should do more on inexpensive but useful gear. Between this and the holster you guys are onto something…