Meopta MeoRed Reflex Sight


Meopta announced a new compact reflex sight called the MeoRed. This new sight reduces the overall profile of the optic as compared to the existing MeoSight III. The lower profile is said to improve the ability to co-witness iron sights.

The new MeoRed is a 1x (non magnifying) optic that uses a 3 MOA red dot for aiming. Meopta states the sight is good for rifles and shotguns. The company further states that the optic is very light – one ounce – and performs exceptionally well on handguns. Tactical use is obvious, but the sight should do well for competition and some forms of hunting as well.

As it ships, the MeoDot comes with a Picatinny mount and a Docter mount interface plate for handguns.


A single CR 2032 battery powers this unit for up to 300 hours of continuous run time. It has an auto shut off feature that turns off the unit at three hours. The battery can be replace while the sight is still attached to the gun. Meopta uses a pair of screws to ensure the battery stays in place during high recoil.

According to the company, the sight is completely waterproof and shockproof. They back that up with a lifetime warranty that is transferable. The suggested retail price of this unit is $517.49.

Meopta also introduced the ZD 6-24×56 RD scope this year. Last year, Timothy Yan did a review of the company’s R2 1-6×24 RD scope and found it to be very good.

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  • Nicholas C

    I have a MeoRed on hand. They no longer come with picatinny mounts according to my contact at Meopta.

    • infantryjj


  • Harrison Jones

    I wonder how wide these will be?

    I’d like the industry to product a quality product that’ll work with my Glock 43!

  • steveday72

    That’s a high MSRP for a low run time red-dot. 300hrs is old technology.

    • Paul Joly

      And it shuts itself off every 3 hours, wow fantastic feature (French humor).

  • USMC03Vet

    Needs more Meo.

  • Twilight sparkle

    People aren’t going to buy anything that cost more that $100 that doesn’t compete with aimpoint for run time

    • Paul Joly

      $300 yes

      • Twilight sparkle

        It would have to be really solid at $300 or fill a neat roll like the Burris fast fire on handguns

        • Paul Joly

          Keep in mind the Meopta reflex is “waterproof and shockproof” with a “transferable lifetime warranty”.

          • Twilight sparkle

            That’s not a big deal, they really need to compete with aimpoint for battery life if they want to sell at this price. Primary arms has their micro dot at less than half this price and practically equal to the t1 in run time. I realize primary arms is made in China and this is made in the Czech Republic but these are the numbers Meopta has to compete with if they want any amount of substantial sales over here.

    • andrey kireev

      For $500 i could have bought a trijicon RDS on sale over this thing.