Hill People Gear Kit Bags Review

Born on the slopes of Western Colorado, a place my father affectionately refers to as ‘The Center of the Universe’, the kit bags from Hill People Gear are the most useful and comfortable chest packs on the market. Available in multiple sizes and attachment options, each Kit Bag is 100% made in the U.S.A and are designed by professional outdoorsmen. Each Kit Bag holds an impressive amount of gear for their size and makes the perfect companion to a full-size backcountry pack.


Credit: Hill People Gear

Each Kit Bag sports two compartments: one specifically designed to carry a compact handgun and a separate one for small items that need to be easily accessible.


Hill People Gear’s ‘Medicine Skull’ logo.

From Hill People Gear’s Website:

At Hill People Gear, our focus is timeless designs that solve unsolved problems using the best advantages of modern materials. We think in terms of what will work for someone living close to the land day in and day out over a period of time. Some of our products will appeal to hunters, some of them will appeal to soldiers, and some of them will appeal to folks who are looking for simple, functional, and reliable gear. Most of all, we’d like to think that our gear would be the first choice of our “Hill People” forebearers if they were around today.


My fully loaded Kit Bag.


A Glock 19 and a 6″ suppressor snugly in the pistol compartment. A Raven Concealment Vanguard 2 holster is the perfect addition to the kit.


When I’m not using it on hikes, kayaking or other outings, I keep my Kit Bag fully loaded as a mini Bug-Out-Bag in case of emergencies. Here’s my equipment list:

Handgun compartment:

  1. Glock 19 (suppressor mostly optional).
  2. Raven Concealment Vanguard minimalist holster and lanyard.

Front compartment:

  1. Spot personal GPS tracker.
  2. Adventure Medical Kits – Quik Clot.
  3. Israeli bandage.
  4. Oral IV.
  5. Bandaids, Neosporin, Advil, Aspirin and sunscreen.
  6. Clif Bars.
  7. SpyderCo Rescue Knife.

Hill People Gear Kit Bags

MSRP: $85 – $115


The original Kit Bag includes the following features:

  • 500d construction
  • quick access concealed pistol compartment
  • comfortable mesh backed H-harness allows you to wear the Kit Bag by itself or underneath of a pack
  • elastic keepers for the H-harness straps
  • Velcro loop and dummy cord loop in pistol compartment allow for various retention options
  • tabs with grimlocs at the top for hanging on another pack, or for use with Lifter Straps (included) for docking to a host pack
  • tabs on the bottom for attaching to another pack, or for use with the Stabilizer Kit (optional) for running with
  • Front zippered access flat pocket with two interior slot pockets with dummy cord loops above them
  • large 1″ deep main compartment with dual interior slot pockets with dummy cord loops above them


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  • Bill

    These are the heat. Eventually I’ll have at least one of every model. The benefits of a chest rig with additional storage and a lower profile: drop a camera or binos over it and people have no clue. I’m not their prime market target, but if they could do a streamlined version in bright colors for bicyclists, and figure out decent ventilation, it would solve a huge problem, for me at least, road cyclists and mountain bikers.

    Bill Endorsed.

    • Pete M

      Awesome. Thanks Bill.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      This is really a great idea. Maxpedition has been adding more and more brightly colored versions of their standard gear over the past couple years for people who are less military or firearms enthused and just want good gear for their outdoor activities.

      No need to change the design, just use some additional Nylon fabric colors instead of Black, OD, or Foliage 🙂

  • kipy

    Seems to be a lot of innovation in the “pouch” market lately. I have an explainable desire for some Magpul Daka pouches, and these look pretty neat too.

  • RadicalizedModerate

    These THE VERY BEST concealed carry method for backpackers (period). I own the smallest version. My Glock 19 fits perfectly (plus a multi-tool, compass and mirror, sunscreen and chapstick, small flashlight, and an extra energy bar). On the trail, I appear to have nothing more than a geeky extra pack strapped across my chest. Access is instant and intuitive. The comfort is great.


    • Swarf

      Ribz gives them a run for my money.

  • Rock or Something

    I’ve had a similar tan model that has Molle attachments on the front. I use it more often than not to hold items (as well as a firearm) when I am running. Once you cinch it down, it doesn’t move at all. It looks better and rides better than a typical fanny pack. Fully recommend it for any active outside use.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Hill people gear makes some pretty sweet gear. Every item they put out looks very well thought out. I could easily spend well over $1000 on their site, but alas I’m a college student and don’t have budgets for that. A kit bag could certainly be in my future though.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Or you could just not care if you offend anti-gun people by openly carrying your firearms while you hike. It’s not against the law and shoving your guns in peoples’ faces forces them to get used to it. I enjoy giving a symbolic middle finger to people that want to take my civil rights away.