What would you buy, if there were no restrictions whatsoever?

Jon Stokes has written about Smart Guns technology for the tech blog TechCrunch (warning: his article is a political, this blog post is not). He brings up an excellent point: to what extent are guns designed around laws, rather than the what the market or gun designers would prefer. Jon writes …

As long as we live in a world where a millimeter of barrel length separates a highly restricted “short-barreled rifle” from a regular rifle, and where a plastic gun handle is willfully misidentified as a dangerous aid for mass killers — in other words, where people who know zero about firearms nonetheless continue to design them through legislation — smart gun technology will be a bona fide existential threat to non-smart-guns, and people who don’t want to buy smart guns will do everything they can to strangle the technology in the cradle.

If you asked the average gun enthusiast (myself included) what guns they would own if there were no laws preventing or restricting ownership of certains guns, most likely they would tell you machine guns, short barreled rifles, suppressors, short barreled shotguns, Russian Dragunov SVD rifle etc. In other words: everything!

The question is, what would we actually be buying if all restrictions were dropped tomorrow without fear of them coming back, and more specifically, what would gun designers be designing if they had no legal restrictions.

Would Glock start designing fully automatic machine pistols? Would people start buying machine pistols for self-defense rather than just for fun at the range?

Would the Russian Dragunov SVD rifles become popular? Or would the novelty wear off quickly.

Would 14″ become the new 16″ for rifle barrels?

Would MAC-10 machine guns sales continue, or would they plummet in value and people start buying fully automatic MP5s instead?

What would home defense shotguns look like? 12″ barrels, drum magazines and fully automatic? Or would pump action 18″ barrels still reign supreme?

Let us know in the comments would you think would be the most popular gun products in a future where everything is legal.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Xenosthename

    Phased plasma rifle in 40 watt range duh.

    • me

      I’d get…
      AS Val
      Ak 104 sbr full auto
      Grand power K 105 full auto and some of those black tip AP rounds mmmm…
      AN 94
      Military grade thermal optics

      • Mark

        Rheinmetall MG-3

        • Kivaari

          At least it isn’t an HK21. Those self destruct in a few hundred rounds. It takes two Navy SEALs to work the charging handle.

      • noob

        I’m late to this party but I’d like to have a ppsh 41 parts kit to play with. I’ve got an idea or two for making a bullpup stock for it.

        Remember the trigger was never fantastic on the PPsh-41, that wasn’t the point of it.

        In bullpup form, even with the mushiest trigger and horrible ergos it might be an interesting arm – doing about 80% of what the P90 does but so cheaply you can outfit an entire 3rd world army with it and keep them in ammo and parts for years on a modest budget.

        • jcitizen

          I always loved the sound of a drum fed PPsh going off!

      • Paul Joly

        You forgot to mention a platinum mastercard.

        • Kivaari

          A Platinum card I already own. I need one that doesn’t have a balance at the end of the billing cycle.

    • oldman

      A bren gun
      There are more but I have limited space
      I would also add mill grade thermal optics, suppressors and there are a few armored vehicles but I don’t have any where to park them.

    • Tom

      Hey, just what you see, pal!

      • Bigbigpoopi

        Ooozi Nine millimituh

        • I M Simpleton

          Forty fife long slide wit laser sighting…

          • erictank

            You know your guns pal. Any one of these is ideal for home defense.

      • st4

        Twelve gauge auto-loadah….

    • avconsumer2

      Armat M41A Pulse Rifle – 10mm w/over & under 30mm pump action grenade launcher.

    • Kivaari

      It would probably have proprietary batteries that cost too much. Maybe a plug in model.

      • jcitizen

        I’d forgo the electronics and take a China Lake pump action 40mm with a truck load of ammo. Yee HAWW!!

  • Paul White

    suppressors on all the things

    • spenserjb

      I kinda already do that lol

      • Paul Epstein

        A lot more of us would if the all-in cost was $100 to $400 per can. Regulation adds a lot of cost to suppressors in addition to the actual tax. Without any real regulation and a mass market for them, I think you could easily get the cost of a .22 or pistol suppressor to or below $100, admittedly there are genuine parts and labor costs for stuff like plasma welding and inconel baffles after that that which are always going to increase the price.

        • bull

          it would be worth making cheap cans. a .22 can doesnt need plasma welding or inconel baffels.

        • Sianmink

          Absent regulation, rimfire cans could be made to be disposable. $40-50, and you toss it when it gets too much lead buildup.

          • iksnilol

            Then you’d guys realize it is worth paying 100-200 dollars for a rimfire suppressor since it will suppress better and of course last longer. If a 100 dollar suppressor lasts as long as 2 50 dollar suppressor it is still the better investment.

          • Kivaari

            Ny dealer is recommending people buy .30 caliber cans. They work well on 5.56mm and .22 LR-Mag and pretty much everything between .22 and .30. If my health improves I think I will take his advice.

          • HSR47

            Using .30 cans on guns chambered for .223/5.56 is generally good advice, especially when it comes to SBRs.

            Using sealed rifle cans for .22LR is hugely bad advice.

            .22LR is massively dirty, and tends to release a mix of very fine fouling mixed with vaporized lead when fired. Inside a suppressor, this mix tends to condense and harden on the interior, which means that being able to disassemble and clean the can is critical.

            .30 cal cans tend to work well on 5.56 guns, mostly because the tubes tend to be longer and fatter than 5.56-specific cans, which allows .30 cal cans to meter almost as well. That being said, audio meters are not an entirely accurate metric for how comfortable a particular can will be to use; For a variety of reasons, .30 cal cans tend to have better tone (to my ears anyway) on 5.56 hosts than 5.56 cans on those same hosts. Further, on gas guns (like the AR15), .30 cal cans tend to result in noticably less gas to face when shooting, which makes a HUGE difference for shooter comfort. When it comes to guns like my 11.5″ 5.56 SBR, some ammo is shootable through either caliber can, and some results in so much acrid gas to face that I can’t really shoot it with anything but the 7.62 can.

          • Kivaari

            Good advice. Pretty much my favorite dealer suggests. He has used pretty much every contemporary can. Some of the .22 LR (mag and 17 caliber rim fires) do come apart for cleaning. Those that are sealed have very small diameters, length and weigh. Simply amazing. I suspect that owners of sealed cans buy a good quality sonic cleaner.

    • mazkact

      Lots of mufflers

  • Alexander Unterberg

    I’d get an FB MSBS in 5.56 full auto, a nice classic AK74 with wood furniture, and an MG3 🙂 Oh man that would be so great.

  • HKmaster

    A CZ 75 Machine Pistol sure would be nice!

  • Paul White

    oh, and I’d love love love a lever action rifle with a 14″ barrel in 357, 44 and 41 magnum too.

    Oh, and a short (like 12-16″) 12 gauge pump

  • Kyle Miller

    AS VAL, 100%. Or VSS, Vikhr, whatever other 9×39 stuff is out there.

    • Major Tom

      AK-9. Basically a VAL in traditional AK form. (Or rather a lot like an AKS-74U only modernized.)

      • iksnilol

        Is also kinda heavy compared to the VAL.

        • randomswede

          Also, I checked the numbers and the AK-9 is only 15-20% as cool as the AS-Val.

    • Reef Blastbody

      Threadcutter for me. I like the Vintorez’ old school charm.

  • Raptor

    Full-auto FAL, full-auto MP5s in 9 and 10mm, full-auto M16A1, full-auto (are you sensing a pattern here?) Thompson M1A1, full-auto AKS-74, and I’m sure I’ll think of plenty more later.

  • Raptor

    Oh, and suppressors. Suppressors for everything.

    • Tom

      Come to NZ, we put suppressors on everything!

      • iksnilol

        And y’all got them Dragunovs as well.

    • Baruck Obama

      Ok, so no restrictions……..
      No restrictions on type of weapon
      No restrictions on cost
      No restrictions of any kind.
      Like a genie granting one wish?

      Ok I want the USS John Warner.
      The latest Viginia Class attack submarine. With full armament and a minimum crew.
      Cost: 3 billion
      Range: unlimited (only restricted by food supplies)
      Speed: Classified
      Depth: Classified
      Capabilities: Classified. But safe to say it can eliminate a few of the cities of your choosing (Preferably vacated) from point Nemo.
      In my opinion the ultimate weapon.
      If I could have two wishes my second would be:
      The USS Gerald R. Ford super carrier. (I would change the name to “The Minnow”) with minimum crew and double the food supply.
      Cost: a mere 13 billion (not including planes)
      Length: 1,106 feet
      Speed: Classified (exceeds 30 knots)
      Weight: 100,000 tons !!!!! Which I think is either 2 or 20 billion pounds!
      Anything that big moving that fast must be a awesome sight but who do they call when they are in trouble? See choice 1.
      That’s it. Just leave them both under the Christmas tree.

      • Evan

        How is a Virginia class submarine the ultimate weapon? Especially when you’re discussing the ability to destroy cities. It’s designed to be smaller and cheaper than the Seawolf class, but not necessarily better (this is according to a submariner friend from college), and I know that it doesn’t carry ballistic missiles, that’s the Ohio class (and a proposed replacement for the Ohio class that’s still on the drawing board).

  • Kevin P.

    Carl Gustav M45 Swedish K

    • Anonymoose

      Why not a Carl Gustav M3? 😀

    • mazkact

      Swedish K indeed

    • Kivaari

      Both versions. The big ugly suppressor and a clean one.

  • Slvrwrx

    Full Auto AR, and P90. I’d melt the plastic on the credit card with all the swiping 😀

  • Bill

    Suppressors. And 14 inch shotguns. FA is fun, but doesn’t have any practical applications outside of the military. I might got to a 14 inch patrol rifle, but after adding a can I’m not certain that it would make much difference.

    I’d wager that people would go berserk buying up all kinds of weirdness for a couple years, then things would level out, after everyone was full of previously forbidden fruit.

    • FXDWG69

      My thoughts exactly.

    • YS

      Sounds like a great way to boost the economy

      • William Litten

        It would probably be the death of the American firearms industry.

        • Bill

          I don’t know how the number of AR manufacturers there are nowadays manage to support themselves. Someday when I’m really bored I’ll add them all up and compare them to the number of car manufacturers there are, and they have a vastly larger market.

        • john huscio

          Your saying American companies couldn’t churn out suppressors and full auto SBRs? I’d wager the American firearms industry would explode with all kinds of startups producing suppressors and related items…..it would be similar to the craft beer explosion we’ve been seeing for the past decade or so.

          • Bill

            That’s the problem: there are already a slew of new, or at least newish, manufacturers trying to penetrate the market. I’d foresee a period where companies would be shooting, so to speak, for the low end of the market, and we’d be faced with a flood of poorly designed and built junk. Like we don’t have enough of that now.

        • BrandonAKsALot

          It would be the death of legacy companies who refuse to innovate or do anything. Good riddance. Free market is like natural selection.

        • Reef Blastbody

          Or a boom (pardon the pun) as they acquire or partner up with the myriad of smaller niche product companies like Shrike or Silencerco, etc, etc, as they ramp up to meet demand for new product.

          I’d think companies like Silencerco and the others would be terrified if Ruger suddenly started churning out durable, if pedestrian looking silencers for $199.99 and integrally suppressed 10/22s, 45/22s and Mark IIIs for a fraction of the cost that the “custom” shops charge today.

          I do agree, the NFA and all it’s subsequent spawn have stifled innovation to a huge degree.

          • Bill

            A factory integrally suppressed 10/22 and some variation of the Standard Pistol could rule the world. Depending on price point, they might take a significant bite out of sales of the regular models.

            I don’t know how much the NFA stifled innovation – the current market shows many new companies with advanced products, none of which we had two decades ago when AAC was literally the only player in the market.

          • Reef Blastbody

            And AAC was mainly catering to LE, the military and the well heeled and (usually) well connected private citizen who had money to burn to add a suppressor to the collection.

            It’s taken the tectonic shift in public opinion and state laws liberalizing (in the dictionary sense of the word) laws regarding ownership and legal usage of suppressors (as the snowball of states making suppressed hunting legal) and firearms in general, more and more people are hopping onto the suppressor bandwagon. Much to the chagrin of many in the current administration, and the frustration of those waiting on a stamp for their new can (or SBR/SBS/whatever).

            Were it not for that legal albatross, I think suppressed guns would be as common, if not more so than the unmuffled variety. In places like New Zealand, a British commonwealth territory where guns are still in reach to the moderately determined subject, once you get one, most cities/townships *require* you to suppress if you’re shooting outdoors, and suppressors are completely unregulated. England too, though the bar to gun ownership is several orders of magnitude higher than in NZ.

          • Kivaari

            AAC suppressors and uppers are available in local retail stores. I was in a s.tore this last Saturday and he had AAC suppressors and complete uppers in .300 BLK

          • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            Any market where the buyer has to get permission from the FedGov to purchase its products – then have to wait for many MONTHS to actually take possession of the product – is absolutely ‘stifled.’

          • Bill

            …and suppressor companies and SBR/NFA manufacturers are sprouting up weekly and can’t keep up with demand…part of the time lag on paperwork is due to the record number of applications being received by the BATFE. Figure out how many of them are being denied…

    • Kivaari

      The 14″ shotguns are great. I had two Remington M870s that due to neck injuries could no longer shoot. I sold them to a local PD. An M4 (14.5″) or M4 “Commando” with an 11.5″ tube would be great. The semi-auto versions would do, but having FA is a nice feature.

      • Bill

        I’m always amazed by how much handier a 14 inch gun is over an 18 inch gun, and it gives up essentially nothing in performance. After pushing my way through too many tight single-wide mobile homes and ancient cramped tenement non-code apartment buildings, houses, attics and basements I really appreciate the difference a measly 4 inches makes.

        There are so much more useful, so therefore we don’t have them.

        • Kivaari

          I have a Command lightweight. The newer SOCOM barrel is heavier and would make sense for actual warriors. It is very handy.
          The 16″ lightweight “pencil barrels” handle well. The 11.5″ needs a blast diverter.

          • Bill

            Details please? A quick search for “Command Lightweight” turned up those adhesive strips.

          • Kivaari

            That was supposed to be “Commando” LW. The pencil barrel. The Government profile is the M16A2 style where it is small under the handguards and large at the sight tower forward. The SOCOMs heavy the whole length. I had a SOCOM weight Bushmaster upper on my carbine. I swapped it out for a BCM LW. I prefer the LW barrels. Although, I wish I had kept my Bushmaster HBAR as it shot very well. I was able to get a few sub-moa groups with it. It became heavy, real heavy following 3 failed surgeries last year and my body is no longer repairing itself.

          • Bill

            Gotcha – pencil barrel I understand. I have one of my original Colt HBARs that doesn’t handle quite as quickly as it did maybe 30 years ago.

    • Kivaari

      Get the M4 wirh a 11.5 or 12.5″ barrel and then add a can. That way they are not too long. If you go “direct on” it uses the 1/2×28 thread. They are shorter than the QD types, and hundreds less pricey. If you get one get it in 7.62mm as it will work on everything from .17 to .30. If you do that and use a QD mount you can swap it around without hassle.

  • Martin M

    In a word, EVERYTHING!

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    As a CA native, I’d be happy to just have some drop-free 30-rounders….

    • Anonymoose

      Good luck having any mags by the end of this year. :

      • gunsandrockets

        No kidding.

      • USMC03Vet

        Or ammo.

      • Rick5555

        Unfortunaltely, your prediction is going to occur. I’ve been stocking up since the fall of 2015. Getting mags, for my AR’s and certain pistols, as well as, spare parts too. If Hilary is subsequently elected, we’re going to see 2008/2012 all over again. I believe it will be worse and last longer too. Can never have enough mags for your primary SHTF rifle and pistol. And plenty of ammo too. I recently purchase two AR’s (base models)…due to the prices. Though I have a lot of AR’s in different configurations…3 are SBR’s and waiting an approval letter for a SBR AK and CZ EVO to come back. The future doesn’t look too bright.

        • Anonymoose

          Don’t worry about Hillary getting elected. Superdelegates don’t count in the general election. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/98b3708ec8af695089a04b64f00385957baf25d8f7f8d721a76f9c97d26b1bc9.jpg

          • sean

            only thing that doesn’t matter in general election is popular vote

          • Kivaari

            NOT SO. The Electoral College for each state determine how a state goes. They have and can give their states votes to whom ever they like. Popular vote has not decided election nationwide.

          • sean

            isnt that what i was basically saying? That the popular vote doesn’t determine whom the President will be

          • Kivaari

            Yup, I read it as if you thought we voters mattered. We don’t. This Novembers election is going to give us HiLiary or Trump. Neither one has a strong pro-gun record. We will be screwed over no matter who is elected.

  • Anyone else want a BFG 9000?

    • kyleNo4Mk2


  • spenserjb

    I want an FN M240B, an HK MP7, and a 40mm M320 please. And happy switches for everything I currently own.

  • stgw57

  • Chris Cosby

    I already have suppressors and sbrs although I’d have a few more if I could buy or build them quick. Also have a machine gun.

    I think mostly I’d buy some full auto stuff. I’d replace pretty much all of my semi auto ar’s with machinegun versions, get a p90, a full auto sig mpx, and a mp5 for starters.

    I would also like some things we can’t get. A g36k comes to mind. I think I’d have at least 1 full auto belt fed gun as well.

  • Full Auto AK, and maybe a SMG. Problem is, which one, of thousands, do I pick? SO MANY OPTIONS

    EDIT: Also, a sawn-off. Can’t believe I almost forgot it.

  • JP Andrews

    I’d get a P-90 and a Thompson (just for fun), and a silencer for my 9mm which would only be a quality of life thing. Honestly I don’t have any need, or even much desire for quite most of the stuff covered in the ’68 law.

  • Rusty S.

    I’d start with some 20mm and 40mm oerlikons and then a Carl Gustav. A GAU-19B would also be nice. As far as light weaponry, a reasonably priced ultimax and a jatimatic. Glock 18 to round things out.

  • Suppressed

    Surprised that nobody has mentioned AP/explosive/incendiary ammunition yet…

  • Michael Rice

    MG3, M14, M1928A1, Jagdpanzer 38 (and another MG3 to mount on that).

  • Chuck Robey

    A-10 Warthog, M2 .50 Cal, RPG, Claymore’s, M19 40mm grenade launcher just to name a few

    • TheSmellofNapalm


  • TechnoTriticale

    One or two things that have yet to be designed due to there being insufficient market for them today.

  • Roper1911

    14 inch riot gun, and 12 inch SBR in .300 blackout.
    And suppressors.
    All the suppressors.

    • Tom

      You want an Armsel striker, you just didn’t know it 😉

      • Roper1911

        The crye precision six12 is the revolving shotgun I’d get.
        No offense, but the striker is ugly as sin.

  • Big Daddy


  • Thamuze Ulfrsson

    A Lewis Gun.

  • ToddsMonster

    Hog hunting with claymores could be fun. Bait them in and blow them out.

  • Beamish

    De Lisle Carbine

    • Tom

      Ah yes, impeccable taste

    • Audie Bakerson

      Unique firearms that take ammo that’s still common are definitely a good pick.

      • Kivaari

        The DeLisle takes .45 ACP. Pretty common.

        • Audie Bakerson

          I was saying it’s a good pick for that reason.

    • Reef Blastbody

      I’d like a Marlin Camp carbine tribute to the DeLisle for semi-auto goodness.

      • Kivaari

        The Marlins are getting expensive. A store in Cd’A Idaho has a .45 just behind the display of silencers.

  • Mike

    Honestly… since I’m in California, I’d just want to experience Fun Mode for a change, to have suppressed weapons so I didn’t need to worry as much about hearing protection, and larger caliber weapons like .50 Cal rifles.

    And then I’d create a “Try it out” range and school… for people unsure and uneducated on what guns are actually all about, who want to experience the plethora of available platforms out there without having to necessarily throw down big money for it at first.

    …I wish things were different. But instead, we have legislation in a terribly misguided state that aims to choke the industry and maybe even create the first “gun free state”. Anyway… that’s what I’d want to do.

    Oh yeah, and I’d want a classic B.A.R

  • Porty1119

    M240L, a bunch of M72s or AT4s for things that go tank in the night, and a subcaliber trainer for proficiency. Oh, and a Serbu Super Shorty. Those look like too much fun.

    • randomswede

      Sounds like you want a Carl Gustav 84mm recoilless rifle!
      Don’t waste money on single use AT-4s when you could have this multi munition marvel that since its introduction in 1948 has only become lighter and more popular!
      Choose between HE, HEDP, HEAT, fragmentation, smoke, illumination and many other practical and fun rounds! With a practical rate of fire of 6 rounds per minute, be sure to stock up!

      If you place your order now we’ll include the 9mm training round as well as the tracers to go with it!

      I honestly think I could shift a few if they’d let me, but perhaps not with that speil. ; )

      • Bjørn Vermo

        After carrying an 84mm ammo suitcase in each hand, I swear my arms got longer 🙁

        • randomswede

          Included with the sale of every two rounds is a custom carrying case!
          Can’t quite reach the top shelf in the kitchen? Get four rounds and take them when you go camping!

  • Anonymoose

    Tanks, jets, and warships.

    • Major Tom

      Don’t forget attack helis and IFV’s.

      • oldman

        You can buy many of those things now. Well maybe not the attack helis but come to think of it i did see a russian hind on sale on line somewhere.

        • Anonymoose

          Colonel, what’s a Russian gunship doing here?!

          • Don’t worry about it, that’s just the Monster Hunter International helicopter.

    • smartacus

      i’d LOVE to get an F-16 for myself.
      heck, i only need a type rating for that plane on top of my pilot’s license.

      -i’d keep it hangared all the time though because i can’t afford (much less find)
      7,000 lb of JP-4.
      Oh well, i guess i can always sit with a bunch of gas cans and kerosene cans to measure out the right mixture.

      • Reef Blastbody

        I’d be happy with a well maintained OV-10 Bronco updated with more modern flight instrumentation.

        • Kivaari

          Nice plane. We had one go down near us. In the fog the witnesses heard the scream of engines, as if at full throttle, and then a loud crash. The 4-man crew died. It went straight into the ground. The fog must have overwhelmed the pilots, into not believing their instruments. In 1970 we almost shot one down with our 5″-54.

        • Cynic

          Supertuc would be nice

    • Audie Bakerson

      Even with economy of scale I doubt those will be cheap for those who aren’t super rich.

      Maybe the Mosquito would be duplicated cheap enough for the average buyer.

    • jeff

      technically you can get those now as long as they are registered as destructive devices

      • Kivaari

        Many states do not allow DDs. Idaho has a .70 caliber limit, except for shotguns. Washington state outlaws everything. If it wasn’t registered before 1994 nothing new can be had. Friends have SBRs that cannot be sold in state. Nor can they be transferred to heirs. Now Washington requires background checks on private sales. I helped a WA friend just sell 40 guns in Idaho.

  • Jeff

    All of my rifles would be full-auto. 95% of my shooting would be semi-auto, but in a world without stupid laws, why not? My go-to would be a full-auto Steyr AUG with an integral suppressor that equals out to about 14″ of barrel. My pistols would remain unchanged.

  • lowell houser

    Oddly enough? Nothing I am not already planning to buy, unless there’s a company out there that wants to produce a repro Thompson 1928 Navy that is actually affordable. I resent the hell out of the NFA, but frankly there’s no post-86 machine guns that I want. I expect that new lack of regulations on silencers would drastically lower the price to the point where manufacturers would be offering them as a bundle. And I can’t afford to shoot .50BMG, so I definitely can’t afford anything bigger.

    • lowell houser

      An AK chambered in 7.62×25 that takes PPSH drums. M855A1 in bulk.

  • aka_mythos

    If it weren’t for the laws I’d build a “machine gun” I’ve designed on paper in my spare time.

    As far as “buy”… AR and MP5.

  • Swarf

    Just what you see, pal.

  • Justin Roney

    In addition to some of the things already mentioned, an M224 60mm mortar, and the aircraft versions of the M2 for re-installing in a P-51 for some target practice.

  • AJ

    As someone from Canada, a 30 round PMag.

  • Kelly Jackson

    I’d be happy with this

    • MarkVShaney

      *looks lover at my gun table” I have one exactly like that only without the vertical frontspenis. Only difference is my flip sights are FDE.

  • Anon

    Full auto P90 with a suppressor, M16A1, full auto FAL, full auto Scorpion Evo with a suppressor (Direct Blowback is by far the system that has the least amount of things that can go wrong because it’s the simplest as they come), AA12 or USAS 12.
    Machine pistols are kind of worthless when you can have a SMG that has: a longer barrel, less muzzle blast, less recoil, and finally, a decent stock.

  • Dave Parks


  • Thomas Bennett

    Full Auto options and suppressors for:


    .22 LR Handgun in FA, Suppressed

    .22 LR Rifle FA, SD


    Glock 43, 19, 17, 34, all with FA conversions, and suppressors

    KRISS Vector 9mm FA, SD


    IWI X95 FA SD

    FN FNC

    Beretta AR70

    REAL Sig Sauer 551

    FN Mk46 (249) FA. SD



    FN Mk48 (308win 249) FA, SD

    Dillon Mini Gun, Car Battery


    Browning BAR (WWII type)


    AA-12, FA, Supressed

    50 BMG

    Browning M2

  • blehtastic

    Full auto probably wouldn’t be too popular, but burst mode would be nice. I’d much rather pick up a suppressed SMG when I hear a knock in the middle of the night than a pistol, rifle, or shotgun.

  • Mr. C

    All the classic SMGs and LMGs. Mg42, Lewis gun, Mp40, BAR, etc.

  • Fix Bayonets

    All I want are classic WW1 machine guns.

    Most of which are damn near antique anyway.

    Lewis, and French Heavy Hotchkiss. (None of those silly portatives). We can go from there.

    And modern Gyrojet. Because.

  • GeorgeWilliamHerbert

    A 10″ .300 BLK FA carbine with a minimal suppressor for home defense.

    MP5K-PDW for carry.

    A P-90 for giggles.

    I’d like a 120mm L55 cannon and Tank to mount it on, but shells are thousands of dollars each.

    A full auto .22 MP-5SD lookalike for affordable tin can zapping.

  • GeorgeWilliamHerbert

    Oh, and Everyone needs a classic Uzi.

  • allannon

    I’d make suppressors for mine.

    Maybe an MP7, though that’s entirely because I think they look cool, not any anticipation of ever doing anything useful with it.

  • Don Ward

    Shoulder stocks on handguns such as the Buntline Special, C96 and Luger.

    • Harrison Jones

      This is one I forgot on my list. Having shoulder stocks for handguns would be awesome!

      • Kivaari

        They are useless, but lots of fun. I’ve used them, and if you use the original sights they are very crude. I can shoot a Luger freehand better than shouldered. Same with the BHP with a tangent sight.

        • Harrison Jones

          I don’t care much about stocks for semi autos but I’d love one for a 1873 Colt or and Early Colt conversion replica. I’ve watched for a few dollars more a few to many times!

          • Kivaari

            you might find an Italian clone. About 40 years ago one of the importers sold 16″ with shoulder stocks like the ones on 1860 Army.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    Realistically: I want something I can feed. An MG42 with 20 rounds/second was nice for one 100 round burst, but having such fun for every week on the range would ruin my budget.

    So, a 9 mm Luger SMG would be optimal for my bank account. And a sawed off shotgun just for cheap and loud blasting. And a supressed Ruger Mk2 of course.

  • Marcus D.

    I could skip all the FA, and I suspect that after an initial surge of buying, the general public (other than the very wealthy who already own FAs) would quickly tire of feeding such devices. Then again, I always did lust after the MP5. I have a long list of guns that I can still buy, even with California’s restrictive roster, most of them old, and that would cost a fortune I don’t have nor expect to obtain to satisfy my curiosity.

    But since we are talking about the NFA, not California’s overbearing restrictions, not much else would change for us if only the Federal law changed, given that 50 BMGs (“they can shoot down jet planes!!!”) are banned by state law, as are FA, 10+ round mags, SBRs and silencers. If the roster did disappear suddenly (as unlikely as that seems today), there are a large number of modern handguns I would wish to acquire.

    • Cymond

      I wouldn’t shoot full auto very often, but would definitely have a selector on a lot of my guns.

  • Blastattack

    Suppressor would be up there, as would converting a 10/22 to be select fire. Being able to have 12.6 Prohibited pistols would be a cool thing to have as well. I’d love an un-neutered Luger or Browning M1910/1922 or something. Can’t have short barreled handguns in Canada unfortunately. Regular capacity magazines would be nice, but I’d like to see cheaper ammo first.

  • Renegade

    M1895 Colt-Browning in .30-06
    M1918A2 or Colt Monitor
    M1919A4 in .30-06
    Convert an open bolt VZ61 to FA
    Carl Gustav M/45
    M2 Carbine
    SBS single shots and SxS’ in 10, 12, 20, and .410
    Sten Mk II and V, suppressed and non-suppressed, all FA
    DPM or RP46

    I have odd taste.

  • Tassiebush

    Great topic! It’s clear that a lot of what we own is heavily shaped by the legal framework. My restrictions are more extensive than many here would have. I’d have:
    a marbles game getter with 12″ barrels with a .22mag barrel and .410 barrel.
    A pistol along the lines of a welrod.
    A suppressed semi-auto .22lr pistol.
    A rifle along the lines of a DeLisle or perhaps just an integrally suppressed .300blackout.
    A gun like the American 180 or the Yugo derivative. This would be customized to make it point like a shotgun and have a suppressor.
    A select fire AR15.
    A good semi-auto Shotgun.
    A plain Jane glock 19 with Gabe Suarez red dot modified slide and full capacity mags.
    I think that if there were no restrictions then possibly a new area for growth would be extra high capacity lightweight Rimfires SMGs that would really span the small game rifle, larger animal and self defence areas.

    • Tassiebush

      I reckon a concept like the hyperburst and possibly more development of cheap forms of ammo to be used in that context.

  • KyleNo4Mk2

    I agree the novelty would wear off. However i think non-“CCW” pistols would lose sales as the inherant practicality of short barreled carbines (auto or not) became common knowledge.

    Now that i’ve said all that i want a GUSTAV!

  • Austin

    Coincidentally the SxS in the image above could fall into the “firearm” category if the barrels are 14″.

    • Johnson

      Wrong, the gun has to be over 26″ long for that, barrel length doesn’t matter. It just happens that PGO shotguns with a specific grip and a 14″ barrel are 26″ long. Break action shotguns on the other hand would need an 18″-19″ barrel to hit 26″ long and be legal due to losing a few inches of length from the action.

  • I would edc a glock 18c

    • deserada

      That’s an interesting thought. If I could openly carry in a vertical shoulder holster without discrimination that would make me a happy camper.

  • smartacus

    EVERYBODY would be offering and inventing calibers larger than .50
    .700 Nitro Express Special
    Polymer/Titanium Taurus 28 Gauge Supreme Court Justice

    small calibers would be juiced a bit like
    .22 Eargesplittenloudenboomer
    AP .380 for your select-fire P3AT

  • The_Real_David_Garrett

    child porn

    • Tom

      Low blow smearing DG, are you on the meth mate?

  • iksnilol

    I’d build this monstrosity if I didn’t have any laws in the way. Nato caliber SVU with 18 inch barrel and overbarrel suppressor. Select fire for obvious reasons. OOoh, a quad barrel shottie with 8-10 inch barrels would be nice as well.

    I should get a Dragunov, I mean, they’re kinda legal here in Norway. Oh, and an VSS or something if ammo suppply wasn’t an issue. Or, it isn’t, I mean x39 cases are easy to get and 9.3mm bullets aren’t rare in Europe.

    • Reef Blastbody

      Soo, a suppressed Kel-Tec RFB?

      • iksnilol

        Without a finicky gas system, basically.

  • gusto

    Just more of the stuff I already have because I live in a country with limits on the numbers of rifles you can have
    Don’t think I would really care for a FA but I would have a AR-15 just for plinking

    And suppresors on everything

    If I’d start collecting I would collect John M Browning designs

  • Ivan

    A personal army of heavy weaponized ninja turtles.
    In addition – P90 with a can, a sack of hand grenades and some landmines.

  • A lot of people are not taking cost into consideration. For example, a belt fed M240 is about 13k for a single unit, M2HBs are 9-10k, feeding HE grenades into an M203 is ludicrous, etc.

    • jng1226

      Several people have already mentioned economies of scale, so that if everything was available to the civilian market the volumes would go way up and cost would come down. Also, competition in the marketplace would further drive costs down as manufacturers would innovate/adapt to fulfill the needs/wants of the market, of which cost is always a consideration.

      • The problem is that they wouldn’t fall. Unit cost on these firearm to the military (who buys more than 100 times the amount of civilians would in total) is still very high. 240s are still 7-8k, and M2s are 14k (not to mention feeding one), M60s are 7k, and so on.
        If US Ordnance can’t get below 7k for a new M60 when selling thousands of units at a time to various militaries, how would the price get lower some civilians order one? The cost is a larger barrier of entry that would prevent the masses from significantly altering production of these firearms.

        • Jeremy Star

          Semi-auto M240-Slr is currently $13K+
          I’m not sure making the full-auto variant legal would cause these things to be any cheaper. Maybe in a decade or two when competitors start making clones for a lot less and the OEM is forced to lower prices to compete. I think in the short run the price would jump way up due to demand spiking over supply.

          • Uhh, the 240 is a clone.

          • Jeremy Star

            The semi-auto one, yeah. What I meant was if they were suddenly legal in full auto and everyone and his brother started making parts and receivers (i.e. the AR-15 clone saturation we have today). Obviously the 240-SLR is expensive because it’s a rich kid’s toy right now. OOW has no reason to price it otherwise.

          • No, I mean MAG derivatives are made in the UK, Belgium, the USA by multiple outfits, Sweden, etc.
            The 240 itself is a clone/copy.

        • jng1226

          Fair point, Alex, and I see that in the prices of SCAR rifles available to civilians. However, would there be something (patent, government procurement contract) that prevents competitors from selling the same/similar producto an M60? That’s where the free market could benefit here and provide innovative products to fill the consumer desire in terms of feature/price.

    • deserada

      You mean it would be cheaper than most registered select-fire firearms? I’m in!

      Cost doesn’t matter, we’re just talking about widening the scope of the market.

      The contingent that wants to buy a semi-auto M249 can now buy the FA one (for cheaper).

      Oh, and I’ll be reloading my 40mm grenades.

      • iksnilol

        You don’t think 40mm HE projectiles are expensive?

        • deserada

          Not if you roll your own. It’s the regulation that makes them expensive.

          Until then we can play with BP all we want. 😉

    • Harold

      You don’t understand, my dad owns a company and I have a degree in Anthropology.

    • USMC03Vet

      A lot of people not taking taking into account the price would lower, because it wouldn’t be a niche market exclusively for LE and Gov where prices aren’t very competitive.

      • Even when people could buy fully automatic belt feds, they did not sell well. They were expensive as hell, and still are today.
        If they were legal today, even if 5,000 civilans ordered one (unlikely), that is nothing compared to a military contract and the price would likely be unaffected.

        • randomswede

          It will be interesting to see how the M249S sells. I can only assume it’s a “might as well” kind of product, just diverting one in 10-20 to become a semiauto version.

        • USMC03Vet

          Decades ago. Now people spend $3k for an AR15 and other boutique stuff. The market is there now. Gone are the days in the firearms world where people actually were being good consumers.

  • Dave

    AA 12 shotgun. Would be fun when the sky is black with starlings.

  • wetcorps

    Everyone is rushing at the things that seem appealing because they can’t have them, but once the novelty wears off I think we’d get back to the “regular” stuff.
    Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying everything shouldn’t be unbanned, it should and that’s not the point. Just trying to do a little analysis.

    Let’s face it : you only wan’t that AS VAL because it’s an exotic unicorn. Wait a generation, and for your kids it will just be “that heavy, clunky, unergonomic soviet gun with the uncheekweldable wire stock” and they will get back to shoot their ARs.
    The AR15 is just too well installed. It’s cheap, customizable, easy to maintain because everyone knows how to do it and spare parts are everywhere. For practicality alone there is no reason to get anything else, and budget minded individuals will continue to do so.
    Of course you see them everywhere so you get bored and lust for QBZs and Famases, but those are guns you would get as part of your hobby, not for practical use.

    And will all ARs have 14″ barrels? Once you’ve eaten the forbidden fruit, it’s nothing but two mere inches of metal and people would use whatever lenght suits their current needs the best. 20″ barrels certainly wouldn’t disappear.
    A short barrel would be nice to have for your suppressed home defense rig, but you’ll probably keep some uppers with longer barrels for longer range shooting.

    Will everything be full auto? Once the excitement wears off, semi auto guns do everything just as good and for less monney. Very few people have occasions to do suppressive fire or high octane room clearing, so full auto would mostly be used for expensive range fun.
    Full auto for self defense seems like a very bad idea, using a gun defensively is already a high enough risk of accidents.
    There might be a market for very cheap open bolt full auto only SMGs, but they would still be range toys for burning through piles of ammo not everyone can afford.

    Will everything be suppressed? It’s a big fantasy of the American shooters and I can see why, but let me tell you this : here in France suppressors are not more regulated than the firearms they go with, so I can just go out and get a 30€ suppressor for my 22. Yet, does everyone shoot suppressed at the range? Nope.
    Cost is a factor. Suppressors might be comparatively cheap, but ear plugs are cheaper. Subsonic ammo is also more expensive than regular ammo.
    Proecting your earing with a suppressor might be good if you’re alone plinking in the desert, but at the range you won’t protect much when everyone else is blasting away with Mosin Nagants, Mausers and K31s, rifles that are typically not suppressed.
    Lastly, it’s mainly a matter of practicality. Cleaning a suppressor is a chore so people don’t use them unless they really need to.
    Even for hunting, people won’t want to lug a huge 12 gauge suppressor in the brush and just go around ruining their hearing as they always did.

    To summarize : once you have eaten the forbidden fruits and scratched the itches, guns are just guns and you would revert back to buying things you need, things that are practical for you, things you can afford to shoot and things you just want because you like them.
    And I’m sure anything rare or impossible to get will always have more appeal than stuff everyone has. That’s the way we are wired.

    • deserada

      You’re too focused on cost, it’s not that big of a deal. I’d like to remind you that most semi-auto firearms are a sear away from being full auto (disregarding any minor machining due to ATF regulations). There isn’t an appreciable difference, and there’s no disadvantage to having select fire.

      These generalizations are making my head spin. Are we buying practical firearms, or are we buying unicorns?

      There’s a lot to pick at in your response, but it’s all besides the point. Removing these restrictions will simply increase the scope of the market/industry.

      Personally, I don’t find that the opinions of others influence my purchases. If a firearm design I like a whole lot happens to be a unicorn, so be it. There is no “dying off” of excitement. If I want to buy a firearm and I put the effort into getting it, that’s that; I’ll have it and cherish it. I don’t understand what all that talk about getting bored is; sounds like a motivational problem having nothing to do with the discussion.

      Oh, and if firearms were deregulated you’d never see me at a public range again. 😉

      For context, what country are you from?

      • Bill

        I think that his point is supported by the cyclic panic-buying we’ve seen in the States of ARs. If people already had “practical” needs for them, they would have already purchased them; the buyers were afraid the rifles would become unicorns.

        • Kivaari

          We don’t need to be practical. Since I am a non-hunter the only real practical gun for me is a S&W M642. Having an AR15 just in case the crunch comes is certainly not a practical thing to have, since I’d be useless until they assign 2 medics and have someone dig a foxhole for me.

          • Bill

            Then why have one? I know, I know…. My point is people automatically want what they can’t have, or think they wont be able to get. It’s essentially the adult male version of the Christmas Toy Rush: whatever hip and trendy toy that’s popular one year gets pillaged and looted and hoarded and people stab each other in the head for it so they can *have* it. That wouldn’t happen if the manufacturer(s) flooded the market. I know, I know there is a Constitutional amendment protecting the right to keep and bear toys, but this topic is about market forces in light of LESS regulation…I don’t hunt either, and economically it would make a lot of sense for me to sell everything and hang onto a Model 10, which should serve my needs just fine, not being worried about the Gay Nazi Biker Zombies storming my redoubt.

          • Kivaari

            I don’t have a practical need for ore than one pocket gun. That sure doesn’t stop me from having more gear. I love the gear. It seems that the friends I made 30 to 50 years ago have the same thinking. Those guys have the best gun collection I ever owned.

          • Bill

            Absolutely – I have an embarrassing number of guns that haven’t been to the range in forever, that I have no intention of getting rid of.

      • Kivaari

        It is much more than a sear and minor machining. Pretty much all the small parts ad bolt carriers need changing. In the AR15 the bolt carrier is easily had. I use them to get the added weight. But is requires a handful of parts and usually replacing metal that has been eliminated so FA parts wont fit.
        Seriously, the FA feature is for fun. There really isn’t a lot of utility in having it. That said, I’d like to have it even if I never used it. Getting rid of NFA paperwork for SBRs, SBSs and silencers would be a great first step in restoring our rights. It is silly to have to pay a $200 FET for cutting a barrel down to 14.5 inches. The 14.5″ isn’t more dangerous to bad guys than a 16″.

        • deserada

          FA rated BCGs are standard in retail ARs; the truly lightweight ones may require a different buffer spring and may damage the rifle if installed improperly, but should be squared away regardless of whether the rifle in question is select-fire. (Ideally the mass of the BCG should only determine the cyclic rate.)

          Preparing an AR platform for sustainable rapid fire is only as difficult as you want to make it. The only immediate mechanical difference for FA or burst is that a sear is automatically tripping without one pulling the trigger for each shot. We can talk about heat and wear, but it’s not exclusive to the use of an auto sear.

          As for utility, it’s good leverage in defense of the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. 😉

          • Kivaari

            Not all commercial rifles come with the FA BCG. Bushmasters I’ve owned all came with SA BCGs. Turning an AR15 into an M16 isn’t just buying the parts and installing them. No one should want a burst fire system that adds even more parts. Owning the FA parts except for the bolt carrier is a no-no unless you have an existing NFA registered rifle. We can’t simply go shopping for machinegun parts without putting yourself in conflict with laws. Since no new machineguns can be made for civilian sales (May of ’86) it just is not worth doing. I certainly would not feel under-gunned with a semiauto M4. I instructed the use of M16s and MP5s. One drill is to fire the entire course while the gun is set to FA, but the student was not to fire more than one shot per pull. It’s easier with the MP5 since they have such heavy triggers.

    • Cymond

      Eh, I think we’d see a ton of SBRs. There’s no reason for a 16″ barrel on a pistol caliber or 22lr. Longer barrels used to mean better accuracy because of sight radius, but many shooters use optics now.

      And of course, there is a small but growing segment of American shooters who never shoot unsuppressed anymore.

      And as deserada said, it would be easy to add an auto sear, and cost virtually nothing to include. What’s the downside? I probably wouldn’t use it much, but I’d definitely pay an extra $100 or whatever to have one.

    • iksnilol

      But the AS VAL even with the big suppressor is still lighter than your run of the mill AR.

      Granted, the ammo is heavy af.

  • Just the facts

    M-3 grease gun would be my full auto choice, both as the nostalgia for the days of my 8 year old self playing army (where a caulk gun from the garage was a great substitute) and the historical value to an old paratrooper (grew up to “play army” for real).
    Suppressed Ruger MkII and a suppressed bolt action rifle to hunt with.

    They only shotgun I would consider would be an Ithaca Auto-Burglar in 20ga if they were ever reintroduced but just for the historical/cool factor.

  • Kyle Blaylock

    I’ve always wanted a Mac-10 with suppressor like in Escape from New York.

    • Kivaari

      I saw a Powder Springs M11 last Saturday at my favorite gun shop. It has an original Sionics suppressor, nomex cover and 2 magazines. $5800. Another 20 magazines are available at $100 each – being originals and not the junk being sold today.

      • Kyle Blaylock


        • Kivaari

          Just that one. He has 28 machineguns, but they are personal pre-’86 guns (two M1A1 TSMG) a BAR and more. A few are sample guns. I suspect he’d like to sell the Kriss he got as a sample. He hates the thing. It works but is uncontrollable in FA.

  • William Litten

    DeLisle Carbine.
    But here is the problem. No restrictions would also mean no import restrictions.
    This would be the kiss of death for the American firearms industry, being exposed to the ravages of globalization.
    This would eliminate thousands of great middle class jobs. The kind people can actually support a family on and are hard to find.
    I guarantee you that if Remington could move production to Mexico or Malaysia, they would.

    • Anonymoose

      I dunno, man. Winchesters and Weatherbys are still pretty highly regarded, and fancy German and British guns would still be horrendously expensive, so it might actually be more damaging to the European gun industry than ours.

      • William Litten

        Neither of those are made in America but right now they have a percentage of American made parts in them due to import restrictions.

        • Anonymoose

          Weatherby Mark Vs and Winchester Model 70s are all American-made, though. Other guns in their lineup like the SXP, most lever guns, and Vanguard are entirely foreign (other than the stock on the Vanguard). As long as it meets ATF “sporting purposes” you don’t have to change any foreign parts for American ones.

          • William Litten

            See, I’ve always been a bit fuzzy on the requirements.

          • marathag

            Don’t feel bad, the ATF is also fuzzy on the requirements, too.

          • 2hotel9

            The difference being the alphabetsoup nazis WANT requirements to be “fuzzy” and difficult to decipher. Serves their purposes quite nicely.

          • marathag

            “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible to live without breaking laws.”
            – Ayn Rand

          • SpareMeTheBS

            Ann is wrong. Innocent men are ruled by the fear of being declared no longer innocent. People with the backbone to resist are the hard ones to rule. Much easier to herd sheep than wolves. The majority are content to be sheep.

    • Kivaari

      There are DeLisle being made by Valkyrie Arms. They are nicer than the originals.

  • vwVwwVwv

    i think, not much would change, you wuld get selectfire on most automatics,
    you would see some shorter barrels and thats it.
    i don’t see big differences
    in such cases.

  • Steven Ling

    Suppressed MP7

  • steveindajeep

    a swedish girl…wait thats not what were talking about is it?

  • Jose

    I don’t know what weapon I’m gonna buy, but, something have to happen with the current gun laws in the United States. Let’s assume that the NFA of 1934 is amended, but not abolished. Short Barreled Rifles and Shotguns will be owned, bought and sold without restrictions; machine guns, however, that’s another case. These weapons, WITHOUT TRAINING AND UNDERSTANDING ON HOW TO USE THEM, could be dangerous, so it’s a no-no; they can still be bought and owned, but it will be required to have a special, and RESTRICTED license. The closest thing that could be allowed for full auto is the sale of gadgets, like the bumpfire stocks, or installing the two shots simulators on the receivers of weapons intended to fire semi-auto. Even three shot burst could be allowed, but only for conversion. And the importation ban, if repealed, could bring the entry of foreign made SBRs into the market. The possibilities are endless; assuming that this could happen if the currrent NFA act and the GCA are eliminated, or reformed. And yeah, no $200.00 stamp tax on AOWs; SBRs; SB Shotguns; and Full Auto Weapons.

    • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

      Existing Any Other Weapons (AOWs) only carry a $5 Transfer Tax — building your own on a preapproved ATF Form 1 requires a prepaid $200 Registration Tax.

  • Edeco

    Not much else. Some kind of 9mm pistol with giggle-switch for gratata-ing.

    If the restrictions were gone, my work as a firearms enthusiast would basically be done. I’d remain interested because it’s fun, but probably end up selling more stuff than I’d buy. I’d have put off being an enthusiast until I retire or never gotten into it if people hadn’t tried to preempt us. But due to the AWB and various brow-beating sessions since and me being a recalcitrant horse’s butt (aka a real Liberty-fueled American, rawr), I have to own lots of scurry military-capacity-assault-clips.

  • Limonata

    I am sure there are plenty of people who would want full auto or select fire, but I believe that anything suppressed would fly off the shelves. The irony is, in many communities with gun ranges, there is a constant battle over the noise. Most will not allow shooting before 10am or certain days of the week. If they allowed suppressed weapons to be more easily purchased, this problem would go away.
    For me, I like the full auto stuff, but I would not care to own any. Just let me buy whatever I want in semi-auto, with adjustable furniture, allow it to be suppressed with a magazine that holding 1 to 30 rounds and I am pretty happy and that point. Let us not pretend that the laws do anything to stop crime or violence by focusing on cosmetics or function of a tool.

  • VanAllenFiction.com

    Gatlin guns from Predator 1 and Terminator 2.
    Mike Gun – Microwave gun from V. Allen’s Hive Incident.
    Ghost busting guns.
    Mark 19s – nuff sed!!!! Should get the various ammo free for a year when you buy two.
    Tweet me @GrProject43X

  • deserada

    I’ll be in my garage with portraits of JMB and John Garand building and experimenting to my heart’s content.

  • kregano

    X95 SBR in .300 Blackout and a bunch of suppressors.

    Integrally suppressed .300 Blackout upper for my AR-15.

    The AK-15/MK-10_ with the recoil control system.

    Some foreign milsurp guns.

    Maybe an AA-12 for fun.

  • Wyatt Earp

    Full auto-Glock 18 with extended magazines. Full auto Styr Aug. Full Auto AKM-74. M134 mini-gun. M1A2 Abrahms main battle tank. B3 Spirit Bomber–armed with WMD. M249; M240; and M1914A4.

    Then I would re-treat further into the woods.

  • I’d get explosive weapons, such as the LAW rocket, RPG-7, Javelin missile, Milkor MGL, and so on and so forth, along with the guns described on saynotodemocide1.blogspot. com/2016/05/weapons-custom-firearm-build-ideas.html.

  • Amit Nachman

    Well obviously I can’t buy anything in any case, but assuming all restrictions here are lifted, and after I bought a pistol…The only thing I would buy because it’s useful and not as a toy (when it comes to toys the sky and my wallet are the limit. I would love to have a water cooled machine gun, but it’s not useful to me, they are just cool):
    Any decent AR platform, full-auto, with a short barrel. In 5.56.

  • Harrison Jones

    I think you’d see more Integrally suppressor firearms. Threaded barrels would become the default.

    Lots of cheap full auto 22LRs. Mac sales would increase due to cost.
    9mm sub guns of all sorts would sell like crazy.
    Cool guns like the SVD would get bought up gut due to cost would be more for collectors.
    There’d be at list one guy in every circle of friends who owns a Glock 18 type gun but I think the novelty would wear off for most after shooting one.

    The items you’d see in the average small gun collection would be a Full Auto AR, Full auto 22LR, Sub $700 9mm subgun. Not to forget 10/12 inch AR15s, AKs etc… I think 50% of the modern sporting rifle market would be taken over by the by what we now call SBRs. The FN SCAR, ACR, AK47s, AR15s, MCX would come standard with a 10 or 12 inch barrel. 16inch barrels would become rare and 14.5 would become the standard carbine length barrel.

    For me I’d absolutely buy a drop in sear for every one of my ARs.
    Also guns that I want to buy but are at the bottom of the list would move to the top.
    Ares Belt Fed Upper
    10 inch Ruger 10/22 Full Auto with a Suppressor.
    FN P90(full auto makes it justifiable)
    Kriss Vector(full auto makes it justifiable)
    UZI(full auto makes it justifiable)

  • 2hotel9

    Ah, wishlisting! A STEN, Thompson M1A1, M3 Grease Gun, BREN, Johnson LMG 41. I’m a simply creature with simple tastes and desires. Just don’t get me started on artillery!

  • Jeremy Star

    Well, I own a PS90 and I would love to own a P90. I’ve fired one several times and it is a lot of fun, not to mention probably the most controllable full auto I’ve ever shot.
    I’d probably convert my existing rifles to select fire just because why not.
    And….yeah. Love to own an M240B, but I doubt I would ever be able to justify the cost. Ditto for a Dillon mini-gun.

  • Felipe

    SBR’s, SBS’s, maybe even a shorty bullpup rifle. Everything would be threaded so I could suppress it. I would probably have a few fully automatic weapons strictly for fun at the range. I would NOT use anything fully automatic in a self defense role.

  • srhymer

    A nice 9mm SBR like the CZ Scorpion Evo. ‘though, a 10mm SBr using Glock mags so you could swap with the G20 would be just about perfect…

  • lawbob


  • ben80220

    I have everything I want except a suppressor. Would love to shoot without the earmuffs. Full automatic has little value, even in the military except for the machine guns. Most rifles are select fire with three round bursts. I am actually selling a couple of pistols now as surplus. Otherwise, I buy for a specific purpose but am not a collector.

  • Ryfyle

    What would Keltec or any other of the goofy arms developers do with this freedom?

  • Audie Bakerson

    “No restrictions” needs some qualifying.

    Does that include patents/trademark/trade dress violation? The negatives of losing patent laws and trademark protections (tradedress has been wildly abused though) are pretty economics 1.

    Does this just apply to the US, or is now every nation on Earth suddenly a freedom zone? The loss of nationalist protection from import restrictions would have a pretty big effect on the US market, which may not be all that negative. The US tire market went through it and came out fine by focusing on quality when they couldn’t beat the Chinese on price. There’s plenty of good foreign guns I’d grab like the 89式 (with the original selector switch. Unfortunately you can’t shout like Rambo when firing because ア is short for アンゼン here, not アアアアアアアアア), or any guns by Nippon’s surprisingly talented but fettered weapons designers.

    Does it just apply to the object itself, or the laws surrounding it? Can you suddenly buy guns as gifts for minors?

    These questions aside, if the NFA and GCA were declared unconstitutional tomorrow, practically I’d start small because money. First I’d make my AR a truer M4 (length, fun switch.), get a cheap suppressed .45 SMG (Suppressors: the only use for .45 ACP). Maybe get a third world RPK and cheap ammo just for mag dumping.

    An interesting related question is “what would be the first to the civilian market at not-bad quality in such a situation”. Full auto lowers, more suppressors and cheap SMGs seem the first ones, but I have no idea what would come after that.

  • ironked

    I dunno. Full auto might be fun, but only for a revolution or invasion. Practically, SBRs, short shotguns, foreign milsurps, repats and ammo we can’t get now, suppressors without the damn tax, and pistol stocks.

  • Audie Bakerson

    I’d buy a .410 SMG, but nobody makes them.

  • Johnson

    Suppressors as since I’ve gotten really into shooting I’ve always wanted to be able to do it without earpro again like I did when I was young and stupid and SBRs mainly in the pistol caliber variety for ease of feeding and working well with shorter barrels because as time has gone on I’ve also noticed my collection trending toward smaller/lighter rifles and a couple “pistols”. Also maybe a subgun or two and a 12 gauge or 20 gauge pistol too.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    In addition to my regular non NFA guns:

    MP5 10mm full auto
    .300blk AR15 10″ barrel still semi auto
    and a bunch of SBSs

    Im not too hard to please.

  • iowaclass

    Although they are not subject to the transfer tax, law enforcement agencies are subject to the NFRTR, and to the stigma that attaches to NFA firearms in the public imagination.

    I wonder if the recent demonstrated shortcomings in police use of firearms might be abated by better weapons, more suited to actual use in “peace officer” work. The large-caliber semi-auto handgun is not, as far as I can see, usually the best tool for the job in a truly critical situation. It is convenient to carry on a belt, and it has ubiquity on its side, but is it the best we can do?

    Example: instead of a semi-auto .40 Glock pistol, how about a full-sized pistol in a smaller caliber (.380?) with a 3-round-burst in a high cyclic rate (1,200 rpm). Instead of blasting away in semi-auto until the magazine is empty, like police have been doing under stressful conditions — sometimes endangering innocent bystanders — training could focus on squeezing off one or two bursts, assessing, and firing again only if necessary. The tri-burst would have impressive stopping power but less risk of over-penetration.

    If a larger type of ammunition is necessary for a given situation, instead of relying on a big handgun caliber in a pistol, or switching to a full-sized NFA-exempt AR rifle or shotgun, stowed in a trunk or on a rack, a PDW in, say, 5.7mm, that can be folded and stored in a door compartment might be preferable.

    Or maybe not. Point is, NFA paperwork and stigma may be having a deleterious effect on law enforcement’s selection of duty weapons. It certainly is limiting the options of civilians in unfortunate ways.

    • Cymond

      Good job thinking outside the box a bit, and considering the long-term social impact.

    • iksnilol

      Something like a full size CZ 83 (in .32) with some burst feature might be just what you’re thinking.

  • john huscio

    Suppressors…. Suppressors as far as the eye can see………….oh and stinger MANPADS

  • Hudson

    Large capacity drum magazine for my TC Contender 😉

  • fjkhoury01

    Gepard Lynx with a suppressor and red dot for home defense

  • Steve Truffer

    SVD. Love me some 54r. 10 rounds per not-ridiculous length(vepr),and no load or accuracy gimps (psl) Also a PKM, Vityaz, Sig 552 and FNC.
    You can see I have a thing for AK’s and piston guns.
    And I do think 14″ would become a very common length. At the NRA meuseaum, I saw a 14″ winchester “trapper”. First thought “That looks too fun and handy to not be SBR”. Many SBR’s and SBS’s are around 14″ because many designs seem to do quite well with it in terms of handling, weight, size, and reliability.

  • MrEllis

    The same thing I have now.

  • PaulG

    In no order:
    – An original Cadillac Gage Stoner 63A
    – An HK 416/417
    – An M60E6
    – A Carl Gustav M45
    – A Sterling L34A1
    – An HK G3A3
    – A Galil ARM
    – A Beretta 93R
    – A Steyr AUGA3
    – AN FN FAL 50.62

    I didn’t include most handguns because (with a few exceptions like the 93R) most are generally available to the public. Most military grade ‘sniper’ or anti-materiel rifles are likewise available and most crew served weapons are just too damn heavy.

  • Jean Luc Picard

    I would like to say anything that can defeat a group of terrorists.

  • tb556

    I would buy a bunch of Swiss Arms stuff an MPx and a surplus MG3 and then be broke for the next 5 years.

  • El Duderino

    American 180 (suppressed)
    20″ AR w/ full auto
    Saiga 12g 14″ barrel
    Full auto .25ACP double stack pocket pistol (just for S&Gs)

    • Amanofdragons

      I was surprised there wasn’t more American 180s suggested. They are a sweet lil gun.

  • Tassiebush

    Combination guns using metal storm technology

  • DanGoodShot

    Initially it would be a buying frenzy of all things previously unobtainable. Afterwards the market will level out and you would still see most people buying semi automatic Glocks, normal hunting rifles and having a wide variety of firearms. I do see the prices on machine guns dropping considerably as well as suppressors or any other previously over priced NFA item. Also, Let’s be honest. While machine guns are fun and yes, more people would own them. I don’t see the usage becoming widespread due to the cost of feeding them.

    • Cymond

      I bet almost every AR-15 on the market would be select fire. The cost in maxin machining and material to add an auto sear is negligible.
      We’d also see shorter barrels on pistol calibers and Rimfire, as well as detachable pistol stocks and cheap suppressors. Seriously, if rimfire suppressors were under $100 without any NFA tax, then they’d be everywhere. And we’d see a plethora of homemade oil can and soda bottle suppressors, too.

  • gunsandrockets

    Cheap, highly restricted, yet high desirability? What would be the new normal? The biggest change from the status quo?

    I’d say small explosive/incendiary ordnance. Whether that is hand-grenades, rifle-grenades, rockets or mortar rounds.

  • Tim U

    I think FA would stay as a range toy and novelty role. I think there’d be a push for more integrally suppressed firearms. Shotguns would probably stay pump or semi but be cut down in length for home defense.

  • vatofpiss

    M32 MGL and use it like a shotgun at close ranges

    • Amanofdragons

      40mm fletchette rounds. I feel sorry for whomever decides to break into your house.

  • Dracon1201

    AN 94
    AS VAL

  • Nicholas McCrite

    I think the market would go heavily toward PDW style guns. 9mm, short barreled, suppressed w/folding stocks. MP5’s, Scorpions that type of thing. They are handy and practical and with no NFA bullshit why wouldn’t everybody own one.

  • Jeep Cherokee

    What about all the cheap European pistols banned since ’68? Would we see a resurgence of .32 ACP?

  • Bacon Chaser

    No restrictions? Not a hard choice.

    -M60 (throwback to my Navy days)
    -M14 (also a throwback to my Navy days)
    -Glock 18
    -SCAR Mk17
    -SCAR Mk16

    Pretty much everything I own now, just in F/A form.

  • Anomanom

    Scorpion Evo A3 for my bag.
    An AK47 FA
    An F2000 w/40mm for me
    A Steyr AUG for my wife (her favorite)
    Short barrel for my Nova

  • Jon H

    If it were legal, yes I’d want my canned 300 blackout sbr; auto sear for my AR15s; auto sear for my Glock 17; a PKM and MP40

  • Rooftop Voter

    All I want for Christmas. Already have a 50, need to change gears with this 20 MM.

  • Andrew Dubya

    MP40, VSS Vintorez and an auto sear for one of the ARs. I`m a simple man with simple tastes.

  • Eric Atkinson

    Full Auto Ruger 10-22
    H&K M417

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Fully automatic Desert Tech MDR with a suppressor. Ideally chambered in 6.5 Grendel.

  • Jim_Macklin

    Not just the criminal laws, but the economic laws matter. A $200 tax on a full auto weapon pales when you consider $90,000 and hour to shoot an M134 Mimigun.
    I I had unlimited funds, an M134, an A10 aircraft, fully armed, A 12 inch barreled AR with a 6 to 8 inch can 5.56×45, and an AR pattern 7.62×51 with a 15″rel and 6 inch can.
    I’d also like a real light saber with magic power sitrce.

  • Kivaari

    IF prices were normal, not post ’86 prices, I’d take an original size Uzi, MP5A2, M16A1 and M4A1. Even though the full-auto feature is pretty useless on anything without a QC barrel, these are the guns I like. Even normal priced short barreled rifles as I had in the past, but are now insanely priced.

  • It’d be impossible to find any common cartridges on the shelves for months if machine guns were deregulated.

  • Scofflaw

    Ppsh 41 and M79

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    H&R Handi Rifle in .30 Carbine and a Sea Wiz. Just Kidding.

  • Sn SM

    “I do see the prices on machine guns dropping considerably as well as

    suppressors or any other previously over priced NFA item.”

    The reason this tread is already 187 comments is simple…the gun market
    is ARTIFICIALLY RIGGED… You have well heeled types paying thousands
    of dollars….for a Sen MkII or MAC-9…how much do these cost to make
    again? I have to be constantly worried about how long my AR barrel is and
    a simple thing like putting a butt stock on a M92 is this bureaucratic hassle.
    Folks bought mountains of SB15 “braces” for good reason” …that the badge
    lickers and ATF suck-ups couldn’t wrap their heads around. Many of us

    also like not having to buy a Romanian AK that has been internally

    tinkered with so its “legal” or only able to buy a Bren Gun in torch cut
    bits and pieces ( I’m a history buff and stuff like that makes my blood

    • Kivaari

      DEWATs are just expensive pieces of scrap iron. Having the “correct” M4A1, even if you didn’t use the FA much, would be nice to have. SBRs fill the void, but there should not be a $200 NFA-FET and extra paperwork.
      I would like to have my money back on 7 NFA cancelled stamps. I no longer have the guns (huge mistake). Do stamp collectors like such things and what are they worth?

  • tropicalspeed

    i don’t know about buying, but I’d like to cut a few more inches off the end of my 1300 Defender.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Every Russian gun ever. All things from the KS-23 to PKP, Vityaz in 9×18, AK-107, AS Val, and most especially the AEK-971. That’s number 1 on my list.

  • Imports.

    Not many NFA items I want, just wacky euro firearms. I guess 922R is what grinds my gears.

  • PXN

    With no restrictions I would buy C4…. Lots and lots of C4…. I like to blow stuff up….

  • SpareMeTheBS

    Even though they’re heavy I’d buy the M1928A1 Thompson. Might just be because my Dad was a WWII infantryman. Who knows? I just know I want one.

  • Salty

    10/22 shorty suppressed integral, select fire of course…
    Cz75 select fire
    Skorpion 32 auto select fire

    Etc. Mainly czs, but for my HK selection would be select fire ptr32, the 76239 one, chugs away real cool like with a sear.

    Fun question, let’s get some lobbyists on the case!!!

  • mechamaster

    Maybe some recoilles rifle like Carl Gustav, or RPG-7

    • mechamaster


      • Kivaari

        The British Marines shot an Argentine ship with one. It landed short in the water, but continued on to hit below the waterline.

        • mechamaster

          Wow, I need to read the article for study purpose.

          • Kivaari

            Max Hastings covered I his book on the Faulkland war.

          • mechamaster

            Wow, Thank’s for the reference ! ^_^

    • Bjørn Vermo

      The RPG is a smoothbore muzzleloader, so it should not be an NFA item?

      • mechamaster

        Maybe it’s destructive-device class, and AOW, But yeah, there are loop in that definition. ^^ ( just kidding )

  • Edeco

    Endangered species pelts and feathers! And shells 😀

  • LarryEArnold

    I’d like to have a snake/rat gun:
    .44 SPL revolver with a 3″ barrel, like my Charter Arms Bulldog, only with a smoothbore barrel that wouldn’t scatter shot the way rifling does.
    Guess I’m easy.

  • Great_Baldung

    Get a double-barreled shotgun. Cut the barrels just short of the front guard and saw off most of the stock.

  • M-29 Davy Crockett.

  • Russ

    An Iowa class battleship for deer hunting.

  • Greg Smith

    I would go with an AR 15 with a 3 shot burst .Very accurate and do not wasteammo

  • Reef Blastbody

    Integrally silenced *.*, because it’s only polite to the neighbors and helps protect your hearing.

    Also, full auto, balanced recoil systems, ala the Stoner 63, only not so finicky.

    Caseless options would be nice, too.

  • Jim Drickamer

    It’s not the laws that prevent me from buying every gun I want. It’s the cost.

  • jas

    I would get an MGV 176. Fullauto for less…..

  • Scott P

    I would have my intermediate caliber semi-auto’s converted to full-auto. Then from there stack up on more:

    Assault rifles
    Machine pistols
    Stingers and other MANPADS
    RPG’s and other anti-tank firing devices
    Maybe a tank or two.

    Got to have all of my bases covered.

  • Bill

    REAL men go after them with dogs, knives and spears.

    I knew a guy who was an official Federal Feral Hog Control Agent, Department of Interior. He got paid for going hog hunting every day.

    • john huscio

      Hell of a job to wake up to every morning.

  • Cattoo

    Well a short shotty similar to the top pic would be on the short list. Also I wouldn’t mind a fully auto Government model 1911 type of pistol. After those I’d wait and see what comes out. The automatic buzz saw of a .22lr rifle that reminds me of an old Lewis machine gun. I’m drawing a blank on the nomenclature at the moment. I really would like one of those and a few drums and a lifetime supply of ammo and spare barrels a parts.

  • Cattoo

    What the….heck is that Tubb looking tube that guy in bright green is holding?

    • Jon


      • Cattoo

        Thanks. I’d want one of those also.

    • iksnilol

      Shoulder fired automatic grenade launcher.

      • Cattoo

        Thanks. I’d want one of those as well.

      • Cattoo

        I’d also like to have one of those long range rifles made by a guy named Tubb. They like like a tube in a way hence my reference(in case you were unaware of those sweet rifles.)

  • Cattoo

    Oh and a Gepard GM6 LYNX

  • Kiwacka47

    G36K, Full auto Scorpion Evo3, Stoner 63.

  • Rock or Something

    A tank that can fire Nuclear bombs, because that’s what anti-2a individuals claim will happen if all restrictions on firearms are rescinded.

    • Doom

      Hell yes, nukes. Id put them right next to my cats litterbox right after I win the lottery…

  • Lemdarel

    I’m Canadian, so an AR-15 that I don’t have to take to a government approved range, loaded with 30 round magazines would be a nice start.

  • Brocus

    FN P90

  • USMC03Vet

    Belt fed machineguns.

  • nick

    …Rounds for the Royal Ord. L 23 gun on our CVRT Scorpion , so instead of the “Clank, Clunk noise of the breech as it is now…it would be “Clank, Clunk – BOOM”

  • Captain obvious

    With the proliferation of AR pistols I would argue that SBRs on the AR platform would be very popular.

  • nova3930

    I’d mostly just have MORE SBRs, SBS and suppressors. Fact is my lathe would work OT turning out suppressors. There’s a couple FA I’d have, but realistically ammo costs make FA prohibitive for the most part.

  • JoshCalle

    Stocked Glock 18, shortest saiga 12 I could find, and a M16. All suppressed of course.

  • lardmonkey1

    What i would get if there were no restrictions pkm, m2, flak 36

  • Cal S.

    That’s easy. A suppressed 9mm sub gun with a folding stock. Select fire, of course.

    Oh! And a magazine-fed SBS with a folding stock.

    Oh! And a suppressed AR pistol.

    Oh! And a suppressed AK pistol with folding stock!

    Oh! Oh, wait, I ran out of money on #2…

  • Erik Davis

    m1919 Browning on an M25 mount on a Ford GPW…

  • CupAJoe

    I’d buy a mill and stock in ammo manufacturing… Then I’d make some stens so I could afford the ammo on my new artillery collection…

  • mosinman

    everything i own would be full auto. even my Mosin Nagant

  • Pod

    You’d see every firearm company out there worth a damn cranking out integrally suppressed products. Legislation has hindered the development on that front. Only Silencerco is doing much of anything with integral suppressors at the moment. You’d sell guns by the container-load if people knew that there wasn’t an ear-splitting “bang” anymore.

    “Oh, I can shoot a gun and not be startled each time I fire? Wonderful!”

  • JW

    The MA Duce..the one and only

  • Drunk Possum

    AN-94 all day baby. Maybe an M4. And a select fire Tavor. Possibly a P90. And I’d be making suppressors wholesale.

  • fmike15

    sbr’s sbs’s aow’s and supressors! Had enough full auto and my wallet isn’t that heavy to afford all that ammo.

  • Geoffry K

    B.A.R. (Do i even need the periods?)
    P.S. Google thinks it is a liquor selling establishment.

  • dagray

    Probably everything that is restricted now, more gun owners would own. SBR’s, SBS’s, Suppressors, rifles and pistols with giggle switches. No more state compliant 10 round magazines, overly heavy triggers, or missing features. For California no more bullet buttons etc.

  • Ryan

    A select fire Kriss with a suppressor in 9mm and a few 33rd mags plus a couple 9mm Beta C Glock magazines, topped with an Aimpoint T2 and Flip mounted NV scope. I’d keep my G19 and add a long range solution in the way of a .308 Bolt Action with a rock solid scope like the SWFA HD 5-20×50 illuminated, coupled with a clip-on NV scope. I’d probably also pick up a set of Level 4 DMX Dyneema 2.9lb floating armor plates and high quality carrier. Just trying cover all my bases. ?

  • Andrew Foss

    What would I own in my ideal world? An M320, an M4A1, an M3A3 Bradley CFV with retrofitted M231 FPWs, A GAU-8/A, an M224 60mm mortar, an M109A6 Paladin, a few crates of AT-4 (CS variant or otherwise, and subcal trainers.) and a couple-twelve M240B machine guns. Oh and a STEN to go with each.

    Would the industry sell such to everyone? Depends. HundK won’t, probably, because “you suck and we hate you.”(TM). And I doubt Saab-Bofors will either. Sig and FN would happily be making weapons for the masses that are currently verboten. Glock would probably be like HundK. I don’t know enough about the dealer to dealer NFA stuff to tell if GD or ATK-Orbital would sell, but I suspect they would after someone else does and starts making a killing on consumer sales.

    Could I afford any of the above if the NFA et al were to go away? Probably not the vehicles, maybe not the ammunition to feed some of those. (Some of those rounds for the Paladin (Coperhead, ICM, etc.) are pretty spendy, so are the AT-4s.) The price of the weapons might come down from “left kidney, right testicle, both feet, half of your liver, oh, and one of your children: Whichever one you like least.” But I couldn’t justify it to myself to spend as much as it’d cost for what I want.

    What will I settle for? Just the restriction going away will be enough: I’ll be happy with Uncle Sam realizing that “shall not be infringed” means exactly that, and leaving me the *option* to buy fun stuff if I wanted to.

  • Kirk Lawson

    Always wanted an M3 “Grease Gun.” The simplistic design and stamped construction should make it cost about $100 to produce.

  • longnkrnch

    I would most certainly have short barreled rifles and shotguns. In the 12″ range. Next thing would be claymors

  • BDUB

    A sub gun. And if I could find one, a VSS Vintorez.

  • Jim

    SBRs would be my choice. I love their handiness, but hate having to bring the ATF into owning one legally.

  • William

    Existing? M134D for sure. Hell, one of everything if I can afford it. What would really be fun is an old Fox armored scout vehicle with either the old 30mm or one of the new 40mm telescoped ammo guns in it. Why? Because I want one for all legal purposes…come on, who doesn’t want to drive an armed “Tank” to work once in a while?
    The simplest answer to all this is “Whatever I think I need followed by whatever I want and can afford”.
    After all, these laws only restrict the law abiding.

    • William

      Also, just for the sake of argument, I see PDWs with suppressors being more popular for home defense…something like a cross between a Silencer Co Maxim integrally suppressed pistol and a B&T MP9 or H&K MP7.

  • sean


  • desertcelt

    2.5 cm PAK 40, MG 34, MG 42, Solothurn anti tank gun

  • Robert V Martin

    I have wanted a”Roadwarrior” 12 Gauge Shotgun forever. No, I don’t imagine that they are very versatile weapons—I just want one. Also, a Czech Skorpion in .32 ACP and a MAC 11—the original .380. I don’t really approve of PRAGMATIC Arguments against “Gun Control” because I believe that there are MORAL Arguments against “Gun Control” that should trump any Pragmatic Issues but…
    Anyone can physically alter a Shotgun in 20-30 minutes—if that. The SBR laws makes Law Abiding folks miserable but doesn’t deprive a single criminal from having one…

  • Robert V Martin

    O, I almost forgot—A Soviet 9A91 in 9×39

  • MonoChango

    Does anyone make a silenced 22 cal machinegun? I figure that would be fun and cheaper to feed. 🙂 But if I also win the lottery while we are dreaming then I might as well get an GAU-8 installed on a roof mounted gimbal mount.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    And for the better. With restrictions gone and the Second Amendment interpreted as truly intended, we might actually have a revolution in small arms design with the thought police put out to pasture.

  • HollowTs

    Mp5 sd
    Rail gun
    Select fire MDR

  • Nils

    Fallschirmjägergewehr 🙂

  • Crizzyeyes

    It would probably take me a while to put together this collection. But…
    Maschinenpistole 40
    FN FAL

  • Aaron E

    MP-5 with Navy trigger group – 9mm, full auto, not too expensive to run, and just plain fun to shoot!

    AR-15 SBR, full-auto

    Glock 18, or maybe a Beretta 93R

    Suppressors for just about everything

    Oh, and a Dillon Aero M134 mini-gun.

  • Wes Bielinski

    M1A2 Abrams, AC-130, AH-64 Longbow, he said anything, why think small? 🙂

  • Lee C

    Really glad somebody else brought up “fantasy guns” like those from TV or the movies. My fantasy gun would be the U.N.C.L.E. Special, complete with barrel extension, collapsible stock , ‘scope and extended magazine.As an old U.N.C.L.E. agent, I have wanted this pearl in my collection… other than the wood and plastic model I built in the ’70’s.

  • CanineCo

    I live in the Peoples’ Republik of Colorado. I’d get another few dozen Glock 17 high caps and pearl grips for my Para 14…

  • Rocketman

    M-61 20mm Vulcan cannon attached to an F-15E Strike Eagle that is loaded with Sidewinder missiles. You did say anything right?

  • jcitizen

    I’d go buy my old M110 SP 8″ Howitzer from the VFW, where it ended up, when my old unit was disbanded. The rounds? Well that is where machining skill come to mind.

  • jcitizen

    I’ve never trusted New Jersey politicians – especially Christie!!

    • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

      New Jersey is replacing ‘THE GARDEN STATE’ logo on their license plates.

      Their new license plate logo:


      That beat out:


      That version was too long to fit on the plates. 🙂

  • me me

    Trump would have a pair of Sea Whiz installed at each door for residential defense purposes. If elected President expect that addition anyways to White House. Might not favor more liberal gun policy for general populace but pretty sure a bill allowing special dispensation for the filthy rich would get signed.

  • me me

    Nobody wanted to play RoboCop with Beretta 92R?

  • Zebra Dun

    I’d own a shotgun with a less than 18″ barrel say around 10″ with a stock, no pistol grip in a double barrel.
    Useful as a car/Truck or canoe gun

  • Torrorojo

    An affordable American made short barreled pistol caliber carbine

  • Kivaari

    It would look good on a period rifle. They did not perform all that well and plugged up. The gear made today is far superior

    • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

      When the Colt Model 609, 610, 619 & 620 (aka XM177E1) and Model 629, 630, 639 & 640 (aka XM177E2) rifles ended up in private ownership, they were registered as “Machine Gun.”

      Later, ATF made a separate ruling that the Moderator was a “silencer” (despite the “moderation” being <1dB) and went back to the owners of these NFA-registered TRUE “assault rifles”, demanding that they register and pay the $200 NFA Registration and Transfer Tax – or forfeit the “silencer” to the ATF.

      Some owners submitted to the blackmail and registered their Moderators, while some forfeited theirs.

      • Cynic

        Wasn’t the idea to make it sound like a full length m16 not a shorty to make people think it would be more than a small sf team

  • John Wirts

    I would like a Ruger 10/22 in 22 WRM with 30 round magazines, A Ruger convertible 22 lr/22 wrm 9 shot revolver, An M-59 308 cal select fire rifle( Italian converted m-1) A Martini falling Block rifle

  • Bear Artorius

    I have to say that while many new arms would become hot products, you would see an absolute explosion in cheap SMGs particularly in 9mm and .22LR.
    There would be certain laws specifically that I would think getting rid of would help in firearm liberty.
    *No distinction between long arms and short.(no SBRs or SBSs)
    *No limitations on style or capacity. (moar SMGs!)
    *No bore size limit. (seriously…why cant we have .60 caliber handguns?)
    *No limits on ammunition types.
    *Open bolts for all. (even though I personally dont like them)
    *Automatics allowed.
    *No FFLs. Anybody can start a company and make and sell guns. (ultimate decentralization.)
    **Instead of gun laws, make firearms training mandatory once a year for any citizen over 12 years old until 60 years old. And make state run militias mandatory with a minimum enlisted of 0.01% of the population. (paid minimum $10.00hr tax free for 20 hours per week of training, policing and community service. Community service helps the community AND trains the enlistees in selfless service to others and new skills. Every college student would join. Especially if for every hour you worked and got paid the $10/hr you also get a voucher for $10/hr to pay for tuition.) And have a militia center in every county. Set militias to compete against each other in airsoft events that have bleachers and are promoted like football. And actual shooting competitions promoted the same way. Making it a national sport would mean better equipment and training and constant public eye. Shooting would be so normal that our whole society would find it commonplace and sports weekends would be watching teams of shooters and teams of airsofters all competing. Encourage family events in shooting.
    Now you haven’t only changed the laws. You change the whole society.

  • bluesea

    Guess I’m boring. I’d like a nice 18″ long side-by-side double barrel 12 gauge with exposed hammers but with $500 a month for chemo, I can’t afford it.

  • Billca

    If all restrictions went by the wayside, we’d certainly see a boom in sales of Class III full-auto arms and short-barreled arms. As fun as those are, however, the fun starts to wear off when you see how fast your hard-earned cash turns into noise. (The offset to this might be a sufficient surge in ammo demand to justify increased investment in new production facilities and vastly more ammo production capacity).

    I’d like a short-barreled shotgun, likely a 20-gauge, for home defense. Think of a 4-shot semiauto 20 gauge with a barrel about 12-13″ long with a folding foregrip and muzzle brake. We’d hopefully see some innovation in ammo designs too. A small bore (28 ga?) shotgun shell designed for semi-auto shotguns that could be easily magazine fed without the case-rim issues.

    A 14″ barreled lever rifle in most handgun calibers would make a handy item for road trips, camping, and farmers and ranchers. Likewise there would be a market for a select-fire magazine-fed PDW with a 10-14″ barrel in various calibers (.221 Fireball anyone?). I’d think something like HK’s MP7 layout combined with a full power 10mm cartridge and a 2-3 round burst mode would be awesome.

  • John Wirts

    That’s it beautiful rifle, I do not seethe selector mechanism on that rifle.

  • MP5K-PDW as a ccw arm. I’d be cool with that in semi-auto, actually. I’d just like to have the option of a stock.