Sabre Defence Assets Being Auctioned Off

I am posting the press release for the Sabre Defence equipment auction without comment, simply because I think it is of interest to our industry readers (this is not an advertisement).

Perfection Industrial Sales will host an online auction offering over 500 lots available due to Sabre Defence Industries’ facility closure in Spindale, NC.

Spindale, NC; April 26, 2016: Perfection Industrial Sales, a unit of Perfection Global, LLC, has announced an online auction following the closure of Sabre Defence Industries’ pristine firearms manufacturing facility in Spindale, North Carolina. The plant previously manufactured a variety of popular weapons and weapon spares, including M-16 rifles, M-4 carbines and Stellite™-lined M-2 50 caliber barrels. Lincoln, Nebraska-based New Empire Industries, the company that had recently purchased all assets belonging to Sabre Defense Industries, and its subsequent owner Manroy USA, has made the strategic decision to scale back operations to focus on a core business of barrel manufacturing.

Interested buyers may schedule inspections on Monday, May 2nd between 8:00AM EDT and 4:00PM EDT at the Sabre Defence facility at 159 Yelton Street in Spindale, North Carolina. Lots for the online auction will begin closing at 11:00AM EDT on Tuesday, May 3rd. Additional information including a full lot catalog can be viewed at

The assets up for auction include vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, conventional machine tools, coordinate measuring machines, tool holders, perishable tooling, forklifts, factory support equipment and much more.

Sabre Defense was shut down after its owner was arrested for international arms trafficking among other things.

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  • Heretical Politik

    Back when I was purchasing my first (and only-I like variety) AR, I was seriously considering Saber Defense. Glad I went with the LMT.

    • Jeff the Griz

      Way to go, by choosing another brand you denied them the profit they required to keep the doors open for another 15 minutes. Congratulations you may have single handedly put them out of business. (Sarcasm)

      • randomswede

        The internet really does require the “Sarcastises”:

    • toms

      Saber defense made great product, they went out of business for borderline ITAR violations involving sending AR parts to england/Iraq for contractors without paperwork.

  • FWIW: There were a few more steps along the way between Guy Savage’s arrest and the current bankruptcy. Around March 2011, a group of investors including the British firm Manroy PLC bought out Sabre Defence, resulting in the creation of Manroy USA. Three years later, Manroy USA was sold to a new group of investors calling themselves Sabre Defence Industries, Inc.

  • Shame, because Sabre Defense was making some really good stuff. Sad times… Just like Vector Arms in Utah – Fantastic AK’s and other guns.

    • Anonymoose

      Vector is out of business?! Aww, man…

  • This would be a great auction if you were looking to start a gun company and had access to a friendly bank.

    • Matt Shermer

      Which friendly banks are left that will give a small business loan for a gun shop? Didn’t Chase bank drop a couple of accounts recently?

      • randomswede

        I’m not sure we are talking “small business” money for these machines, but I hear ya’.

  • itsmefool

    “Core business of barrel manufacturing…” ‘Cause Lord knows there ain’t enough barrel makers out there!

  • disqus_pnswyOTmcV

    The saddest part of all of this is the hundreds of employees that lost their jobs, and homes because of the wrongs of a handful. My husband was proud to make these guns, but there was so much shady stuff going on at all levels at this company. Employees were stealing gun parts and assembling AR 15’s which were sold illegally on the streets for $1500+. Then you have the illegal shipping of guns (labeled as bike parts) to the UK and the falsifying of documents in accounting to cover every scam up. In the end, all lost their jobs and nobody other than Guy has been prosecuted. One of the men involved in the scam lives up the street from me and has never been prosecuted. Having Sabre on your resume has a negative impact on your job search because all of the manufacturing companies around Nashville know of the corruption that took place there. Beautiful guns, but a terrible company.