This photo was posted in a SCAR Owners Group. It is short barreled MK17 caliber converted to shoot 5.56×45. The weapon is used by US Army Rangers and was seen at a Rangers Open House.




The selector switch looks quite different to the MK17 and MK16 that i saw at the FN America Factory tour. If you notice below, the selector switch is different than the one above. Like on my semi auto SCAR17S, semi auto fire is only 45 degrees from safe. And on the MK17 and MK16 below, full auto is at the 12 O’clock position.

DSC_0104 DSC_0107


  • Devil_Doc

    What am I looking at here? 7.62 upper on a 5.56 lower?

    • Nicholas C

      Sort of. The SCAR weapon system was designed to caliber convert. However this feature was not implemented into the Civilian line. I do not know why.

      • Rick5555

        Probably the Federal Govt told FN not to offer the caliber conversion kit to the civilian market. Why you might ask? To make things more difficult for civilian users. Yeah Obama and his Administration are as*holes enough, to make things difficult for the commercial market. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Obama Administration gave FN a mandate,e to not offer caliber conversion kits.

        • Devil_Doc

          If that was the case, i’m sure we would have heard of it. The actual reason is probably a lot more banal…

        • Michael Valera

          Lookl out! Obama is hiding under your bed!

        • Justin

          Or FN just wants to make more money by having you buy both rifles. But OMG that’s not nearly as exciting as your conspiracy theory.

        • MadMonkey

          That darn Obama, making people buy two rifles instead of one.

        • The Brigadier

          More reason to vote for the Republican in a few months.

  • Kyle

    What the hell? Why would you even do that?

  • Meatloaf

    Um, for a 7.62×45 or similar? Perhaps 7.62×39 so ammo availability wouldn’t be an issue in most areas Rangers go without potential decent resupply.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      When you’re dealing with NATO countries “7.62” means 7.62×51 (AKA, .308).

      • Meatloaf

        I’m well aware of that Christian but Rangers operate in areas where resupplying with NATO supplies isn’t always so reliable. It’s better to use the enemies’ ammo than their gun.

        • Anonymoose

          That doesn’t really happen as much as video games and movies would have you believe (and certainly not for Rangers, who aren’t exactly super-secret BLACKOPS OPERATORZ), but Handl Defense and Hi-Desert Dog make 7.62×39 conversion kits for the SCAR, and the Handl conversion uses AK mags. The standard Mk17/SCAR17 is always in 7.62x51mm NATO, though.

          • Meatloaf

            So do you have any other suggestions on why you would do that? I hear people trying to shoot my reasoning down but not give any suggestions.

          • Anonymoose

            Not really. Troops are just generally not authorized to use battlefield pickups, but Handl does claim that SOCOM ordered some of their 7.62×39 kits.

          • gusto

            couldn’t that be to operate with deniability?

            is the distinct AK sound the rifle or the round?

            If a bunch of dead bodies show up with 7,62×39 holes it points the finger to infighting not america…

  • Lest you guys forget, the original SCAR program goals was to have 80% interchangeability between the 5.56 and 7.62 weapons. I think this is an earlier variant, Look at the front of the trigger guard area and you will see the lower is also different than current guns. Also notice the selector is a 180 degree throw and not the lesser 90 degree one that is currently in use.

    • There is a current program for conversion kits for the Mk. 17 to convert them to 5.56mm. I would be surprised if this was not related to that.

      • Patrick M.

        There are a bunch of photos of Rangers using (what I believe) MK17s converted to 5.56


    • Rob

      The 180 degree throw is the most current. The military requested the change from the shorter 90 degree throw due to familiarity from the m4. The change did not occur on the civilian 17s for one reason or other.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    It’s not a terrible idea for people that own the SCAR 17 and want to go back and forth between 7.62 and 5.56.

    Just ship a new barrel, bolt, and lower. Should cost less than the $OMG price of a full new SCAR.

    • Nicholas C

      Yes but for some reason caliber converting is not possible with the civilian SCAR17S. Not sure why.

      • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

        “Not possible” ? Or the parts just aren’t being made available?

        There’s a difference 🙂

        • Nicholas C

          To be honest I do not know. I dont know if the 5.56 lower is special to fit the Mk17 upper. I have tried putting a SCAR16S lower on my SCAR17S upper and the pin just doesnt line up.

          • Colin s

            The mk17 556 lower would need to be longer than a mk16 lower, to compensate for the difference in length of the rounds/magazines. Reference the additional moulding between the mag well and the front of the trigger guard in the photo…

            On the civilian commercial market I can see FN not releasing the mk17 556 lower just so you have to buy both rifles.

          • Anonymoose

            Handl Defense and Hi-Desert Dog have been making 5.56 conversions (among others) for quite a while now.

  • Stephen Hubert

    While these pictures are new (and more detailed) the gun is not. This prototype has been around for like 2-3 years in random shots of Ranger training. The trigger guard was the giveaway in distant photos.

    World Armies over on Flickr has a number of shots of this gun over the last couple years. Unfortunately, FN still hasn’t released the parts commercially…

  • Joshua

    These kits have been around for a while now. No one uses them outside of qualification.

    There’s actually a set of photos from 2014 showing them being used during qual.

    • Ken Gross

      I can confirm that they are used directly in battle situations. I took the pic and worked with the ranger.

      • CommonSense23

        When was this.

  • Vitor Roma

    A Scar heavy converted to 6.5CM would be dope.

    • Anonymoose

      With a 20″ HBAR! 😀

  • lowell houser

    Uh, wasn’t this the whole point of the SCAR in the first place? A rifle that could convert between 7.62×51 and 5.56?

  • Al

    Must be an old photo from looking at the EOTech 553.Conversion kits are no longer issued nor are they manufactured anymore.