Is the IWI X95 Having Accuracy Issues?

The X95 has just hit the US market after a firestorm of buzz surrounding the rifle’s launch in January at the 2016 SHOT Show. However, reports from indicate that the initial batch of rifles may be experiencing some accuracy-related issues. User AJBello on the popular gun forum posted pictures of groups his new rifle shot with a variety of ammunition, including many match-grade brands, compared with groups shot with the same ammunition from his SBR’ed Bravo Company Machine AR-15. The groups showed a great deal of variation in the groups, from over 2.5″ minimum extreme spread to almost 5″ with IWI M855:


Image source: AJBello,


A second string of fire with better support showed almost no change:


Image source: AJBello,



Image source: AJBello,

We have been covering the Tavor and the X95 rifles closely for many years here at TFB, and we were one of the first outlets to post a review of the X95, with Edward O giving his impressions of an X95 demoed at the Kentucky Bullpup Convention in December of 2014, more than a year before the rifle was announced for the US civilian market.

The X95 improves on the Tavor in ergonomics, handling, and – outside of the US – size. If the problems with the rifle, such as they exist, shake out, it will prove to be a very strong bullpup offering.


Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • iDreamOfWeenie

    Who cares? What I really want to know is will it still work after you throw it against AR500 steel!

    • ItalianAmerican

      NEVER throw it against steel if you HAVEN’t dipped it first into muddy water! It’s written right there in the ‘tough online tester manual’. Please.

      • Austin

        It’s standard MAC testing protocol. Puddle, mud then steel.

        • ItalianAmerican

          THAT. That is TEH protocol. Protocool.

  • Gorilla Biscuit

    Again, the reasoning to never buy the first run of almost anything .

    • Mark

      IWI is shameless with its shoddy products. Boycott ’em.


    First the machine gun hole in the ACE receivers and now this….

    • Wanderlust

      First thing I thought also. I was one of the people who got an ACE early then waited for several weeks after I sent it back in to get my money back. I was seriously considering a X95 soon as I keep hearing great things about IWI but I think my FS2000 will have to suffice. Its too bad too, they have HQ in my state so I would like to give them business but it needs to be good quality before I do that.

      • HollowTs

        The AUG is still the benchmark of quality for bullpups. We shall see what happens when the MDR is released.

  • Rick5555

    I hope Manicore Arms makes a Handguard for the X95. I think IWI didn’t put much critical thinking into the design. Once you use a rail (bottom or sides). You’re going to have a pretty uncomfortable handguard for your support hand. It’s like going back to a quad rail that cuts your hand up. IWI, should’ve designed a more rounded style guard with either M-Lok or Key Mode attachment points. Would make things easier, probably lighter and more comfortable for the end user. Just my opinion. If I just spent $1750 and this was the accuracy results…I wouldn’t be too happy. I agree with what Gorilla Biscuit stated below. Don’t purchase a first run, due to possible/potential kinks, that need to be worked out. Sometimes when a new item comes to market, it’s hard to resist in buying it. However, let others discover any potential issues. When a new item hits the market, I’m interested in. I usually wait at least 6-8 months, to be assured there’s no issues with the firearm. You waited long enough, so what’s another 6 months?

    • Sven

      We have a forend already in development for the X95. Sven at Manticore Arms

  • Nicholas C

    Interesting. I am not one for accuracy. As long as I can hit steel at 200 and 300 yards I am happy. I will have to take out the T&E X95 I have and do my own independent testing.

    • David

      Not one for accuracy????? Wow, just wow

      • Nicholas C

        Different priorities and expectations. Also skill set. I do not care about tiny groups at 100 yards. Obviously if a gun is so bad that it can’t hit a person consistently at 100-200 yards then that is a problem. But worrying about 1-2moa is a waste of time. I am sure it is something I am doing. Benching a gun and testing for tight groups is the equivalent of strapping a car down for a dyno test. And trying to achieve consistent HP numbers. This does not mean much in terms of how the car handles or how well a driver drives it on a course. Same with guns. At least it is for me.

        • To say “I don’t care about accuracy” in response to a manufacturer’s rifle having accuracy issues is a non-sequitur, no matter how un-cool printing nice neat groups may be these days. Any modern offering should be reasonably capable of a consistent 3 MOA or better, the fact that at least one example of a near-$2K gun cannot do that is worrying indeed.

          • Nicholas C

            Until this is a trend of many rifles then I may be concerned. But so far I have not heard of others having these issues.

          • Joel

            I would propose that the groups provided indicate that this rifle (and perhaps others, and perhaps IWI’s QC system) may have some issue. Whether or not this rifle meets your criteria is a wholly separate concern.

        • 1911a145acp

          Average the bottom target works out to 2.91 inches. 3 MOA is acceptable for an iron sighted legacy military rifle. Disappointing for an $1800 bullpup with premium ammo and optics from the bench. More worrisome is the tendency for vertical AND horizontal stringing and unexplained flyers in the same shooting session. One wonders if there is a trunnion/receiver issue. For $1800 I can build TWO 1.5 MOA ARs with good triggers. Ah well, at least it LOOKS really kool…….

          • Nicholas C

            Don’t forget this is one person’s experience with one gun. If this happens to most of them then I would be concerned.

          • You’re saying your not concerned that it’s been maybe a month since this gun came out and already we’ve got folks reporting it’s shooting 5 MOA? Note that there is more than one person in that thread with lackluster groups.

        • Tim U

          I understand what you’re trying to say, because I prefer practical shooting to bench rest shooting. But I still expect my rifles to be capable of small groups so the only issue is me.

    • Big Daddy

      I’d like to know my rifle has a certain minimum of accuracy if I need it. What that is depends on the rifle and ammo. Since the 5.56mm round is capable of much better accuracy from a standard type battle rifle this is not good. All my AR15s with mil-spec type barrels and BCG have much better accuracy potential. Using a scope like that the MOA should be under 3 even 2 with a 5.56mm gun. I have used IWI razor core ammo and it is not that accurate compared to similar makes like Black hill for the OTM and SMK 77 grain. Even their 55 garin M193 does not match other makers especially .223 55 grain.

    • Nicks87

      So you believe in the myth of “combat accuracy”?

  • Bill

    I must have missed any reference to a “batch.” A sample of one? Can the guy shoot to begin with? Has somebody else shot the rifle to see if they got the same results?

    I don’t have one, and am only vaguely interested in them, but in all fairness to the company, is it time to panic and monger fear?

    • 1911a145acp

      True. I would certainly like to see another shooter with known credentials test this piece. I wonder if the scope is being hammered by the muzzle blast and contributing to odd shaped groups?

      • Dracon1201

        Military Arms Channel has a video about the accuracy.

    • If you read the thread, you’ll see he compares the X95 to an AR-15 SBR using the same ammo. Also, another poster chimes in with less than impressive groups.

      • Bill

        Ok, but this is how interweb panics start. The snowballing horrible gun meme.

        • Dracon1201

          That started a while ago when MAC and others started showing accuracy issues. This isn’t the only evidence. Don’t worry, people will still buy it like they buy mini-14s. Not anyone that follows the 1 moa for 1 grand rule, but somebody.

        • I feel that’s in the eye of the beholder. If this is an issue with the guns, it’s probably a small issue that can be fixed with a minor manufacturing change. It’s my job to report news like this, so I do, but in cases like this I make sure to present a very reserved picture of the situation, and I try to avoid a firestorm. The firestorm always comes anyway; there is nothing I can do to prevent it while still doing my job.

          I think the ARFCOM thread presents some very serious concerns, but right now that’s all they are – concerns. It doesn’t mean the X95 is a terrible gun (it isn’t) and it doesn’t mean IWI is the worst (they’re not, although the Uzi Pro is pretty bad). But some people will think that. I can’t change their minds.

    • AJBello

      The top target pictured above was a sample size of one group each, which I noted in my post on arfcom and advised to take it for what it was worth. The bottom targets however have four five shot groups for three different types of match ammo. You can certainly begin to draw some conclusions with that…

      RE “Can the guy shoot to begin with?”:
      Yes, I can shoot. I pulled the scope after shooting the X95 groups and shot 1.2″ and 1.3″ groups with my 11.5″ BCM (lightweight / fluted barrel no less).
      Not that I really care to get into it but since my shooting is being called into question… I am a US Army combat vet (Infantry – OIF II), a police officer with ten years on the job, firearms instructor (NRA certified), the last elk I took was at 560 yards (one shot)… I know how to shoot.

      I will note that I do not think it is time to “panic and monger fear” either, but people should be informed before they put down $1700-$1800 for one. In the end it is *generally* a 2 to 4 MOA gun, which is realistically fine for what its purpose is. Some people will be okay with that and some will not be. I was most bothered by the wild inconsistency of it. To each his own…

  • kregano

    I’m not too into pinpoint accuracy, but it would be nice to figure what’s going on. That said, there’s so many variables to consider with a gun like this, from the bolt lockup to the potential weight on the barrel due to the non-freefloated handguard. It could be a bunch of little things that only really affect accuracy when you’re using the gun on a rest.

    • Greg Kelemen

      if you can’t aim small then what can you do, area suppression, shield fire is good enough? lol

      • iksnilol

        Not really.

        A 3 MOA rifle is enough to hit a man at 300-400 meters in the chest if you do your job.

        I like precision rifles. They’re economical (since you shoot so few rounds) and they are also environmentaly friendly due to the tight groups meaning you can shoot more groups on each paper. But I doubt you’d carry the Sauer over the SAR simply because it is more precise.

  • I’ll stick with my Galil.

    • Devil_Doc

      Pfft.. Luddite. lol..

    • mechamaster

      and Valmet.

    • HollowTs

      My Galil and my AUG.

  • Markbo

    Anyone tried any 55gr loads???

    • Devil_Doc

      The SAR is a 1/7 twist, and while it does fine with 55gr ball, mine seems to prefer 77gr.

  • M

    IIRC this is not any different from the accuracy of the Tavor SAR. They are ~3 MOA guns

    • Devil_Doc

      I haven’t had that experience with mine…

  • Chad W.

    Nice picture of the X95 in Oregon, I recognize that range

  • Devil_Doc

    This is odd. I have an SAR, and while I would never call it a precision rifle, it’s far from inaccurate. With my handload 77gr Nosler HPBTs, it’s pretty consistently a 1-2 inch gun. I would attribute this more to the trigger than anything else. But to be fair, it’s not a DMR, and was never designed as such. I’d really like to see a larger statistical pool than 1…

    • Paul O.

      Roger that. My Tavor typically shoots 1 1/2 inch groups with good ammo.

  • Micky Shoham

    that is the smallest problem the Tavor has (both the X95 and the longer version), as an IDF officer i have regretfully switched to it 3 years ago, much like any Bullpup it has only one advantage – it has a long barrel on a short weapon.
    disadvantages? too many to count:
    1. the gas is thrown in your face which means that in combat, if you shoot it for long from with in a room or window – you will tear up if you’re not wearing goggles.
    2. if the weapon blows up (and rifles sometimes do that due to bad ammo or dirt) – it blows in your face instead of far from it.
    3. the magazine switch is not logical, most soldiers lower their look from the target as the mag is in the back
    4. operating jams is not logical as you can’t see what happens round the bolt
    5. the mag in the back throws all the weapon out of balance and most of the times results are you aim too high.
    6. the trigger mechanism is too complex, too many parts, that means more jams.

    there is a perfectly good reason to why all of the IDF special units and the Israeli police SWAT teams had not switched to it and keep using the M4 – it’s 20 times better, and it’s the same in each and every special unit in the western world, most of them use versions of the M4 – there is no better platform

    • Kent Fjelldal

      3. It took me around 10hours of operating a bullpup to get used to the magazine placement, the Tavor is pretty easy to load and you don’t need many hours to get the muscle memory in check.

      5. False, the Tavor is pretty near perfect balanced with the magazine inserted.

      • Amit Nachman

        When you have spent an entire adult life time using an AR platform, and can do it blind folded…Like Miky and I and 300,000 IDF reservists plus probably 50% of the current IDF officers and NCOs…Getting used to an entirely new manual of arms is a pain. Now, if the Tavor was that much better of a rifle that would make sense to suffer through the change. But it is not, the AR is a fine fine weapon.
        Also one of the reasons that all of the IDF special units do not switch is that the AR is far easier to shoot from your off hand, and all of their clearing and CQB drills are dependent on the AR manipulation. It would be a royal pain in the ass to change all their drills which are fine tuned just to get a bit shorter of an overall package.

        • Kent Fjelldal

          I won’t argue that the Tavor is better than a AR but what bullpups is concerned i think IWI pretty much have set the standard for future bullpups.

          • Amit Nachman

            I am not even saying if it’s good or not, I am trying to explain the AR was completely sufficient and from a military standpoint is better. Especially if you already have them. As a civilian I would definitely buy one if I could.

          • Kent Fjelldal

            The AR platform is indeed the wiser choice, even our military adopted the HK 416 some years ago ^^
            But i also like bullpups as i find them fun to use.

          • Bland Samurai

            “Fun”? He’s talking about manual of arms for people who use firearms as an instrument of liberty. Would-be slaves do it for “fun”. Do you need a permission slip to own a firearm?

          • Kent Fjelldal

            ??? God forbid having practical shootingrecreational shooting as a hobby.

          • Micky Shoham

            if you have spare money and want something that looks good and might be fun to use, by all means, buy yourself one, for me, when the bullets start flying, i wouldn’t touch it with a stick, and neither does any of the many Israeli special units both in the police and the IDF, all of them stick to the AR/M4.

          • Joe Schmoe

            Nonsense, many of the SF units have switched over. Nearly every major palsar switched.

          • Micky Shoham

            not really, Just Golani, Nahal and Givati who switched anyways, not one serious special unit (Matkal, Shayetet, Yahalom, Oketz, Lotar, Yamam, Duvdevan, Magkan or Shaldag) are willing to touch it, all of them said they’ll be caught dead before having one

          • HollowTs

            Wait for the MDR. Your mind will be changed. Desert Tech has made their name making precision bullpup platforms.

    • Amit Nachman

      אבל אחי, רשום על זה made in Israel
      אז זה בטוח יותר טוב!
      But it says Made In Israel on it so it must be better !

      • Micky Shoham

        only it’s made in the US….

  • Scott P

    I honestly blame our gun control laws specifically 922r for this. If we could buy these directly from the factory in Israel instead of having to redesign the gun to be semi-auto only and shoehorn inferior domestic parts for compliance then we wouldn’t have these issues at all. Also they would be cheaper too!!

    • John

      >shoehorn inferior domestic parts for compliance then we wouldn’t have these issues at all.

      On the other hand, look how many U.S. subsidiaries, factories and branches have single-handedly kept certain international gun companies alive. Yes, the U.S. makes a game out of gun law, but there are rewards to be had if you’re willing to play it.

      IWI U.S. ought to learn from Heckler and Koch and address this issue now.

  • Pete M

    Wow. This should be a sub-2MOA rifle. Something’s not right.

  • Dracon1201

    Uh, yeah, it kinda does have serious issues with accuracy. This has been reflected in every forum and sight I’ve visited, and every current Youtube vid. That’s why IWI isn’t holding my tax return; an inaccurate gun is an uninteresting gun in my book, especially when I can outshoot this with a Century WASR and crap Tula…

  • vwVwwVwv

    i have used IDF versions lately, in israel, and the rifle is acurate, no question.

    • Twilight sparkle

      There could be an issue over here with barrels or bolts if they’re U.S. made in order to meet 922r

      • vwVwwVwv

        i am not in the us, just wait 2-3 month, it will be clear, no panic you have no war over there, have you? 😀

        • Greg Kelemen

          Not an argument, there is a war in the heart of every man. lol

          • vwVwwVwv

            guns are tools, like a hammer.
            confuseing love for a gun with love to
            a land, a state or a people can hurt in the end.

            wait and see, do it like sun tz, let them first shout and than…. 😉

  • Geoffry K

    Try a different scope.
    I had one that even minor recoil shifted the reticle.

    • AJBello

      I pulled the scope and put it on my 11.5″ BCM right after shooting the X95 groups. It shot 1.2″ and 1.3″ groups with the IMI 77 grain stuff (see my post on arfcom for pics). The scope is not the problem…

  • Hans Huliguns

    Accuracy is quite common issue for both long (sar21) and short (micro or X95) tavors. From my personal experience main reason is tension applied to the batter by “propeller” in micro and horseshoe on long one (see arrows on photo). Luckily on micro “propeller” can be easily removed without affecting the function of the gun, which leads to great accuracy improvement – see mine suppressed gun some time ago 🙂
    Long version is almost impossible to fix, because charging handle and foregrip is in constant contact with barrel by design. Hopefully in US civilian X95 version owner still able free-float the barrel as we did.

    • Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense, actually. Another weapon with an issue like that is the Ruger 10/22. The groups mine shot shrunk by 30% when I took the barrel band off.

  • NDS

    Comparing a bullpup to a BCM, lol good luck

  • the guy isnt even using a proper bench rest. and he is claiming accuracy issues

  • BSpsychMD

    Got my X95 3 weeks ago. placed a Mepro MOR “amber dot” scope on it (a great combo BTW). I have not noticed any accuracy issues, actually noted that it shoots better than most of my ARs. won’t bore you with the grouping figures, but hit 16 inch gong at 300 yards with the above mentioned dot scope (with bipod) 27/30 times, and i’m no marksman.

  • Micky Shoham

    that’s the 9mm one not the 5.56, and look at the front and rear, that’s not a Tavor.
    again, with out elaborating too much, i know the souls involved, i have something to do with the process, no one in the special units likes it, and it will not last in the IDF for long, just like the Galil