GlockStore’s $40 Kydex Holster

Guns are an expensive hobby, from ammo and gear to range fees and the cost of the guns themselves it really adds up. So if you can save a little cash without skimping on quality that’s always a plus. Here’s one piece of gear that you can save a bit on, the $40 Dollar Holster from the GlockStore. I always thought Kydex holsters were a bit on the pricey side, and it seems like everyone is starting their own Kydex holster company these days, just check out how many there are on Instagram. The popular Glock accessory retailer from sunny San Diego, California brought us gear like the G43 magazine extensions and the Concealment Pillow from the SHOT Show a few years back.

Well now they have an affordable holster option for the shooter on a budget. Their $40 Dollar Holster is a pretty basic holster, it’s made from durable Kydex and has Molle strap belt loops to help keep it tight to your body. You can also attach it to anything with Molle loops. They’re available in either black or coyote tan for both left handed and right handed shooters.

They’re available for the Glock 17/22/31, 19/23/31, 20/20SF/21/21SF, 26/27/33, 29/29SF/30/30SF, 30S, 34/35, 36, 37, 41 as well as for the 42 and 43. They’re available over at

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  • Wanderlust

    Wonder if they will make an IWB version.

  • BattleshipGrey

    I’ve found an even cheaper option by making my own. I think last time I bought 12 1’x1′ sheets of kydex for about $15 (+/-) from amazon and eyelets and chicago screws as well for about $15 for both (100 pcs each). Ever since my main holster went down, I’ve carried my EDCs in my own kydex holsters.

    Seems like you can spend a fortune on holsters that may or may not work for you. Even if you make a holster that doesn’t quite work, you can recycle it and make something that does or use it as scraps for smaller pieces. Depending on clothing styles, some people may carry with different holsters for the same gun. Being able to make them for $5 or less is a great option if you’ve got a little extra time.

    • itsmefool

      Perhaps the most useful comment on the site I’ve seen today!

  • Bill

    Technically, I believe that those are MALICE clips, or some variant thereof. I like flexible, and I hope interchangeable belt loops on Kydex, assuming that they do pull the rig in tight.

    40 smackers is about as much as I want to pay for plastic. I just can’t be convinced that the same level of craftsmanship goes into Kydex that would equal a well made leather holster.

  • All the Raindrops

    Malice straps on a belt are VERY loose compared to hard injection-molded or metal clips.

    • Bill

      That’s been my experience, but I’ve also had issues with hard loops being difficult to use with a really stiff belt if the holster has a lot of curve in it.

  • manBear

    KT Mech … or nah

  • ironked

    I have a nice IWB kydex/leather holster from another small producer for my G23. Really comfortable. It was $40. I like throwing business to these quality oriented small businesses. For OWB I use the little plastic $15 Glock sport holster. Actually retains and works very well. I’m going to look into Battleship’s suggestion about DIY kydex holsters. Didn’t know it could be that cheap.