New Kel Tec Updates with Military Arms Channel

Not content to have their current products always out of stock, Kel Tec is pushing to release new products this year that will likewise almost always be out of stock. Sitting down with Tim from Military Arms Channel, Kel Tec front-man Chad breaks down some of the upcoming offerings from the company.

The primary path for expansion includes new models for the RDB or “Rifle, Downward Ejecting, Bullpup.” With rifles now in full production, Kel Tec is looking to expand its offerings including chamberings for the 6.5 Grendel. For velocity lovers, those barrel lengths should be 20″ and 24″.

For those in “restricted states” a “conventional” rifle stock version of the RBD called the “RDB-C” will soon be available. By removing the pistol grip and muzzle device, the rifle becomes fifty-state legal and allows the shooter to maintain an easily removable magazine. (If I may say, its actually quite handsome for its capabilities).

Chad also let it slip that the RDB will eventually get a .308 bigger brother stating that the RFB (Rifle, Forward Ejecting, Bullpup) was slowly becoming obsolete, especially with its choice of magazine (FAL) which at the time was plentiful and inexpensive. With the rise of the SR-25 pattern magazine, the RFB is getting old in the tooth and with the completely ambidextrous RDB technology gaining steam, it makes sense that a bigger brother will be available soon.

No word on how they are going to solve the greatly increased length-of-pull by moving to the downward ejecting .308.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • “Oooh weee! Tune in to new KelTec products in like… a year and a half!”
    (Those who know, know.)

    • Ambassador Vader

      This comment is under appreciated.

      • I’m glad you caught it. Shows not everyone here is an OFWG ♡

        • Ambassador Vader

          I never would have thought that an animated show would be by far the smartest thing on tv

    • Bill

      A year an a half? Aren’t you the eternal optimist.

    • KestrelBike

      oh shi. perfect. hahaha

  • John

    Kel Tec all,s make unique firearms. Only one issue with them in past has been poor quality control of there firearms. I know a lot gun shop from my neck woods refuse sell Kel Tec firearms because people bought there cheap handguns would break before they fire more full box ammo through them from first time shooting them. One gun shop owner told me so sick of sending broken Kel Tec pistol back to them he never sell them again in his gun shop.

  • Giolli Joker

    “For those in “restricted states” a “conventional” rifle stock version of
    the RBD called the “RDB-C” … (If I may say, its actually quite handsome for its capabilities).”

    I’d say that they could not make the shape any better looking.
    If they were going to make a version with wood furniture and blued metal they would have an oddly sexy sleek gun.

    • DW

      Even better, make that bakelite furniture for RDB-C.

    • Bill

      I agree, that’s some of the best industrial design I’ve seen lately, belongs in MOMA.

    • Evil_Bonsai

      They WERE supposed to make an RDB blued and wooded (see M43.) However they changed plans and now that is ‘limited’ item that no normal person will ever see. Bastards. Pretty damn nice looking gun, too.

  • Paul O.

    Stop with the Keltec cliches’. If you want a Keltec just go on Gunbroker and buy one. That’s how I got the three I own. They all run fine BTW.

    • kregano

      Not the RDB. You’ll be LUCKY to find it on Gunbroker and even luckier to get it. And that’s not even factoring in the obligatory scalping because KelTec isn’t making enough guns to keep the price down to the MSRP (~$1300).

    • BattleshipGrey

      I rarely go to gunbroker due to higher prices in general. Perhaps it’s leveled out more in recent years (?), but it was that way for quite some time.

      • Slim934

        “I rarely go to gunbroker due to higher prices in general.”

        Are you referring to Keltec prices being higher in general on gunbroker or higher prices for everything?

        And if you do mean for everything, where are you buying things cheaper than gunbroker? I have yet to much better prices for the stuff I’ve bought than when I got them from gunbroker.

        • BattleshipGrey

          Everything. Like I said, I’m rarely there enough to know anymore, but years ago everything seemed overpriced compared to online dealer sales.

          I never did buy anything off of gunbroker, but I liked to stay in-the-know on lots of different prices. It got to the point that when friends would ask about various prices of firearms, I wouldn’t even use gunbroker as a reference.

          • Evan

            During the big AR shortage a few years ago, I found a Stag Model 8 on gunbroker for $1000, which is a perfectly reasonable price, especially for the time. My friend bought a Colt 6920 or whatever the model number is for like $2500 during that period.

        • Gunbroker’s lowest NIB prices after shipping and Transfer are typically 10% cheaper than my Gallery of Guns prices. If it is $20+ over, I stick with GOG.

    • Arandor Thinnorion

      Please direct me to an RDB currently available on Gun Broker. And one that is at most MSRP.

  • Don Ward

    Rifle Downward Ejecting Bullpup?

    More like Rifle Don Ward Is Rejecting. Bull****


    Amirite guys?

    High Five!

    • Giolli Joker

      Really, Don-Ward is Ejecting Bull****

  • Roy

    They should make a 7.62×39 one that takes AK mags.

  • Bill

    The RFB is obsolete? I’ve never actually seen one in the wild yet.

    • DW

      I don’t think RFB will be obsolete in the near future though, LOP of a 308 RDB will likely be unacceptable.

      • Tom

        Since you will never get to see one in the wild I doubt it’s that big a deal :).

    • J.J

      I saw one jam in such a crazy way that it immediately turned me off of the rifle. It’s hard to describe the jam. It took two pairs of pliers and a whole lot of elbow grease to fix.

      • Evan

        That’s Kel-Tec for you.

    • Harold

      I got one sitting in a safe. As soon as I can figure out the dial-up gas system I may shoot it. I highly doubt it will work.

  • Edeco

    Interesting to hear they’ll do a new 308. The RFB has been my first choice of a 308 to own, but not in the budget/that high in the priority list. That’ll now be 100% back-burnered for me instead if 95%.

  • Daniel M. Ramos

    It is too bad that Keltec doesn’t license their designs. Could you imagine that?

    • M.M.D.C.

      It’s what I think every time I see one of their designs. They have plenty of cool ideas but low production numbers and that cheap looking furniture that looks like something Nerf would make ruin what could be a successful gun.

      Seriously, Ruger should be making this stuff.

      • iksnilol

        Ruger and lightweight don’t go together due to them casting every part they can cast.

        They’d make a boat anchor out of a PLR-16.

        • M.M.D.C.

          Or a hammer: “That .38 – you go out and hammer nails with it all day, come back and it will cut dead center on target every time.”

    • Do they patent their designs either? 😛
      (Skyy, Ruger, etcccc)

    • nadnerbus

      Been saying the same thing for years. Instead of moving on to a new design every couple years and never producing enough of the old designs, farm them out to other manufacturers who can then fine tune the designs and bring them to market in quantity. That C model bullpup, made by Ruger or even *shudder* Remington, with furniture that doesn’t bolt on with exposed screws, would be awesome.

  • Joe

    I hate to say it, but I think I prefer the sleek profile of the -C, though the optic in the pic negates this. Other than FN’s bullpups there doesn’t seem to be much effort put into reducing snag points on rifles, which is a shame.

  • notalima

    “Not content to have their current products always out of stock,”

    HAHAHA. Thanks, that really made my day 😀

  • Arandor Thinnorion

    Show me where to buy an RDB right now, and I’ll be impressed. The last time I saw one available, it was $1,895. No thank you. I’ll go with a Tavor. I lost patience with Kel-Tec a long time ago. The company has serious problems they show no signs of fixing.

  • David Harmon

    Say what you want about Kel-Tec, that they are always out of stock only shows how popular that tiny little company actually is.

    • Sep

      And how small their production runs are.

      • David Harmon

        Nothing wrong with that.

    • Arandor Thinnorion

      And how a company can have production and supply problems for years and either not care or not know how to fix it. What would people say if this were Ruger or Smith & Wesson. It’s unacceptable. If they want to play with the big boys, they need to start acting like a big boy. Until then, they are a mom and pop shop that happens to do national advertising.

      • Military Arms Channel

        Most people don’t know that Kel-Tec manufacturers some 120,000 firearms a year. They are in the top 10 U.S. gun producers by volume. They employ some 200 people. They’re not a small company nor do they trickle out firearms. The demand for their guns is astronomical.

        • Arandor Thinnorion

          I appreciate and respect your opinion. As I stated before, if a company is fortunate enough to have that type of a problem, then they also have the means to fix it. Create whatever infrastructure is necessary to produce more firearms. Other companies are meeting dramatic demand so it is not an impossible task.

          Two hundred employees is not necessarily a small business, but if they are playing in the same league with companies like Ruger, then 2,000 employees is a norm. That’s the problem. People see Kel-Tec as an equal to Smith & Wesson, Ruger, etc. From a production stand point, they aren’t.

          It is frustrating because they create good products and have a large demand. But they won’t make the investment to move to the next level and meet demand.

          So when they announce a new firearm, most people don’t get too excited. We know we probably won’t see one at an affordable price for many years. I keep going back to examples to help people understand that we are classifying Kel-Tec differently from other manufacturers. We have lower expectations from them. We need higher expectations.

          If any major firearms manufacturer announced a new firearm going into production this year, and we knew it would be, in your words, a “unicorn”, no one would say, “Well Glock is doing their best. They just can’t produce enough.” People would say, “Why can’t Glock produce enough and what are they going to do to fix the problem?” That’s what successful companies do.

          • Harold

            Perhaps they don’t want to produce to meet demand? One guy runs the show and he probably is content. Not everyone wants to be Ruger.

          • Arandor Thinnorion

            Exactly. I have no doubt their problems of production of supply come straight from the top. They like to pretend they are a major firearms manufacturer but they don’t want to act like one. They are more like a custom shop. If you advertise your firearms in magazines and on the Web, then make sure they are available for purchase.

            Can you imagine what would happen if Apple, Sony, or Ford advertised a product as available and then almost no one could find them in stock anywhere? And when they could find the rare unicorn, it was 25% over MSRP?

            They have an awesome problem to have–high demand for their product. It appears they have no intention on meeting it. Given this fact and reports of customer service problems, they do not come across as being the most customer oriented business. So I choose to do business elsewhere.

      • David Harmon

        It’s their choice, if you don’t like it, don’t buy from them. It’s that easy.

        • Arandor Thinnorion

          Exactly. I refuse to purchase firearms from them that they are able to keep in stock. I want them to be a good company and be successful. But right now, making sure their customers can buy their products is not their highest priority. Over a year ago they made a big deal about getting ISO certification. This was going to change everything. More than a year later and we still can’t buy many of their older designs. MAC called the sub-2k a “unicorn”.

          I don’t dislike Kel-Tec. If I didn’t like them them, I wouldn’t put so much energy into this. Companies won’t fix their problems if everyone tells them they are doing just fine. Right now, they are not doing just fine.

  • John Yossarian

    Not sure how much magazine availability has to do with obsoleting the RFB: Both Thermold’s and DS Arms 20-rnd magazines sell for the same price as Magpul’s SR-25s and work just as well. That is, I’ve never had a specific problem with any of those three manufacturer’s .308 magazines nor have I heard of anyone who has.

    The only obsoleting might be “D” vs “F”, since the RFB’s ejection ramp is annoying in the fact that: 1. Brass doesn’t immediately eject and 2. It’s made of thin aluminum and could potentially bend while removed from the rifle while cleaning.

    The LOP of a .308 RDB wouldn’t be too much of a problem, since it’s apparently 13″ with the 5.56. I’m not currently in a position to measure, but I believe the difference in magwell length between an SR-25 and AR-15 to be just a little more than half an inch. An approximate 13.5″ LOP should work very well for most people, so let’s have a .308 RDB!

    • Zack

      The ejection ramp isn’t removed as part of field stripping the RFB. It stays mounted between the picatinny rail and the barrel assembly.

      • John Yossarian

        Then I’d be afraid of damaging the ramp while it’s still attached. IMO, better to remove and place it somewhere safe.

        Either way, the part is bendable enough that it was causing rounds not to eject on some new rifles, until the owners bent it back into spec or obtained a replacement.

        The RDB’s solution to ejection – forgoing the ramp – is simply superior. I believe it’s also preferable to the ejection scheme on Desert Tech’s MDR, and thereby look forward to a .308 RDB over all comers.

  • Devil_Doc

    The RDB is obsolete? I’ve never even seen one in person..

  • De Facto

    “I only have 2 guys, I only have 2!”


  • im looking forward to the pistol grip less version over here in the peoples republic of california

  • El Duderino

    The Lifecycle of Kel-Tec Models:

    Year -2: Product announced
    Year -1: Thousands of preorders
    Year 0: A few units made. Street price is x2 MSRP.
    Year 1: A few more made. Street price is x1.5 MSRP.
    Year 2: Major revision of flawed first model. Original model is unsellable, new one is x1.5 MSRP.
    Year 3: You actually see one in your local gun store. It’s MSRP too. But, given the recent issues, you pass.
    Year 4: Ruger copies the basics of the design, makes 100,000 of them, and you trip over them in every store you go into.

    • bee O bee

      I’ve been wanting a PMR-30 pistol for several years and as you say the MSRP is around $350.00 but they’re selling for $600.00 and up. I finally was able to buy a PLR-16 a few years ago from a gun store in Pennsylvania at a reasonable price and I really like to shoot it. The brass is always within 5 ft. and in a 24 inch circle.

      • The Raven

        I have a SU-16C that you just can’t kill.

    • Jim

      I actually saw a Sub 2000 in the LGS and they only wanted MSRP for it!

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Yet another example of the ambidextrous trend ruining firearms. This downward ejecting mechanism is going to turn combat into a comedy trope with operators slipping on spent shells as if they were banana peels.

  • RealitiCzech

    When I shot the RDB from prone, it melted the flesh on my forearm. The brass bag sounds like a good idea.

  • politicsbyothermeans

    Looks like I’ll be saving my shekels for the RDB-C. That’s hot. It will be so much better going to the range where AR-15 owners all basically have short guy syndrome and spend as much time making excuses for their neutered Evil Black Guns as they do shooting.

  • kregano

    I don’t begrudge them have a business strategy aimed at long term sustainability. I just think that if you’re not going to hit your full production rate until WAY into the year, you should have a decent stockpile of your new, highly demanded product when you start selling them.

    Also, given the near constant price gouging issues, being able to buy/preorder direct from the factory would be nice, even if it meant everyone in Florida would have to pay sales tax. At least then you’d have a chance to get the gun at MSRP.

  • DaveK

    Chad shouldn’t have left out the # to Kel-Tec’s HR department ‘cuz the best way to actually buy a Kel Tec product is to become an employee.

  • Kwoath

    Oh what piece of crap have they bolted together now? Doesnt matter, you can’t buy it even if you are stupid enough to want one because they aren’t available. Keltecs are for mall ninja wanna-be ‘operators’ that have no concept of how rugged a weapon needs to be in combat. F keltec and all of their bolted together junk plastic guns. Yes plastic, not fiber reinforced polymer, PLASTIC>

    • lookinoutforu

      The next thing out of your pie hole will be that you’re some kind of special ops guy. Stick with something you know, dood. Like “pocket pool”. LOL!

  • Billy

    Keltec: “Check out this cool new gun. You can buy one in like five years or whatever. I dunno. Also, remember this cool old gun? I guess we’re updating it or something?”

    Ruger: “Check out this cool new gun. We made sure your local indoor range has one for rental. Also, would you like to buy one? WE MADE ENOUGH FOR EVERYBODY.”

  • 2012Viking

    I am glad KelTec has all these haters. That way when the guns are available more people will leave them alone and I can purchase without the price gouging 🙂

    I have 3 KelTec’s including the elusive ‘unicorn’ PMR30 and Sub2K as well as my CCW gun the PF9. I got all 3, at different times, from a major chain store in PA. They had several PMR’s and Sub2K’s in stock and under MSRP. I have had no issues with any of my KelTecs and plan to continue my support of an American firearms manufacturer!

    So please, everyone, keep hating, it makes it easier for those of us that like and support them to get them.

    And thanks to The Military Arms Channel for the great reviews, thanks MAC.

  • Tommy Thompson

    I stopped considering newer KelTec products when they continually failed to ramp up production so that their products were reasonably available.

    • Evaris

      You mean that KelTec fails to have more money on hand to build more factories out-of-pocket since they refuse to take out loans given the political climate and other factors?

  • stfram1

    Meanwhile, since March 2013 IWI has shipped 50,000 Tavors. Obviously IWI laughs at the whole “organic growth without incurring substantial debt”…all the way to the bank.