I thought this was rather funny. The guy taking the photo is holding a box of blank 5.56 ammo.

She has ZERO idea on why she can’t hit the target!!!


I would do this to my friends. haha. Have you played any safe pranks on friends at the range?


  • Blastattack

    Best one I have experienced was with my two buddies at the range. Buddy One just bought a brand new lightweight rifle in .300 WM and was having a hell of a time hitting the target. Buddy Two suspects Buddy One is flinching. So Buddy Two takes a shot and hits the target, he then cycles the action and chambers a new round and tells Buddy One the gun is ready to go. Buddy One pulls the trigger and nearly falls off the bench. Buddy Two is laughing hysterically because there was no round in the chamber, and Buddy One had one hell of a flinch! It was a good lesson.

    • Drunk Possum


    • AD

      That’s really interesting, I’ll have to remember that trick.

    • uisconfruzed

      When I’m teaching someone to shoot, I walk them through the steps of being smooth & steady. I always give them an empty chamber so they clearly see how much they flinch/jerk the trigger. They usually hit the 50 yard 10″ target on their first round, with a pistol.

  • WPM

    I took a Russians friend of mine to the range and he wanted to shoot my 460 sw. So I went ahead and loaded the first 4 chambers with 45 Colt cowboy loads and the last with the 460 sw and let him try it out the look on his face after the last round was hilarious.

    • Nashvone

      I’ll slip a 500 grain round in with the 300 grain rounds when I let someone shoot my S&W 500.

  • Garmanarnar

    What is this misogynistic trash?

    • Bob

      What? Would it be more appropriate if the prank was on a guy and we made sure to never pull pranks on women?

      • John Yossarian

        Seeing as how women have such poor senses of humor anyways, I’d say that’s a great idea!

        • Bob

          See, now that is sexist. Playing a prank on someone who happens to have interior plumbing (there is no indication that gender has anything to do with it) is not.

  • Evan

    As blanks won’t actually cycle an AR without a BFA, I’m guessing this is staged.

    • Bob

      Could have one on the end and the shooter didn’t know what it was for or was told it was just a funky muzzle brake.

      • law-abiding-citizen

        So it would be wise to misinform someone as to what the components on a firearm are? I’m sure that’ll end well . . .

      • FalconMoose

        It covers the muzzle I think. So, no.

        • Jwedel1231

          If I didn’t know what a blank looked like, why would I pretend to know what the thing on the muzzle does?

          • FalconMoose

            No need for the thin skin here.

      • John1943

        “It’s a shoulder thing that goes up.”

      • wclardy

        That could go seriously wrong if they loaded the wrong rounds — as my cousin Murphy loves to point out.

    • USMC03Vet

      It’s the internet. EVERYTHING is fake.

      • BrandonAKsALot

        I thought everything you read on the internet was true? !

        • Twilight sparkle

          It is, you aren’t allowed to lie on the Internet. I read that in the Internet so it has to be true.

          • Rbt Evans

            That’s true.My new girlfriend’s brother told me.
            And he’s a model.
            And French.

          • Jwedel1231


          • Gizmo

            Why can’t the girlfriend’s bother be a be a french model? LOL

          • CountryBoy

            And his name is Joe Isuzu, right?

          • itsmefool

            Awww, I miss that guy!

          • CountryBoy

            Yeah, me too. A good ad campaign, nothing “dirty” about it.

            We even bought an Isuzu Rodeo – despite Joe Isuzu!

          • BrandonAKsALot

            That’s perfectly valid logic.

        • Eric X Ericx

          That is true… Abraham Lincoln said that back in 1746! πŸ˜‰

      • Jenny Everywhere

        “All Cretans are liars”?

        • Hugo Dewitt

          Bring me a small lyre.

          Sire, we have defeated the Cretans at Sparta……… Uhum, the Spartans at Crete.

  • Ed Ward

    I’m at work over lunch and had a gander at this hysterical pic–then much to my dismay I had a coworker say to me it’s sexists…talk about raining on my parade…I need to earn some more cash, hope that our currency doesn’t become toilet-paper and then move to Montana or Wyoming as they’re two of a very few traditional States left in the Union (been to Texas lately?). God Bless.

    • Bob

      It is sexist because it was done to a woman and obviously Mr. PC is thinking women are ignorant of firearms. Thusly you are sexist and he is a brave White Knight correcting your evil ways.

      • Evan

        But wait – the idea of a White Knight male rescuer of women is also SEXIST.

        • Alex D.

          Everything you say or do is sexist and racist. Just like everything you eat gives you cancer. Might as well not worry about it and carry on as usual.

          • Evan

            But do RACISM and SEXISM give you cancer?

          • Norm Glitz

            If you have to ask . . .

          • wclardy

            According to that highly respected medical authority, Michael Douglas, oral sex does…

        • aka_mythos

          There is a distinction between saying a thing because it needs to be said and saying a thing because you believe it needs to be said just because of some female shortcoming. Only someone who is sexist will fail to see the distinction because they’re mindset thinks less of her and places a woman on a lower pedestal.

          • Bob

            And in this case, I would say that the SJWs here are apparently being sexist, because until they said anything, the gender of the shooter wasn’t even remarked on, almost as though nobody was being sexist…

      • ToddsMonster

        Well she IS wearing flip-flops.

        • Two Guns

          She is wearing flip flops so you can see her foot tattoo. Duh!

        • Nate Stewart

          Gross! Look at that abnormally long toe! Whadda freak πŸ˜‰

        • Edeco

          Nothing wrong with flopping out, imho. Wearing flops while operating; floperating, if you will.

          • rick0857

            When FIRING WEAPONS???

          • Edeco

            Sure, I’m like Gordon Liddy, don’t flinch when burned.

          • ToddsMonster

            I like flip-flops, I just don’t find them particularly appropriate range-wear.

    • Rob

      Maybe it’s sexist cause it may represent a transgender shooting blanks

    • itsmefool

      You should move to Montana anyway, but don’t think there aren’t any libs there like we have here in Texas (live near Helena from ’06-’10)! Ever heard of Missoula?

      • Ed Ward

        You bet Sir–While I attended The University of Missouri at Columbia my Sister attended The University of Montana which I attribute my love of some of the most beautiful land in the World much less Country to… You make a disturbing but very true point about the Left which can be found in droves at both of those aforementioned Universities…God Bless.

  • Bob

    I have some .22 nail gun blanks. I haven’t looked at them to confirm it would be safe, but if so I have been thinking of taking one of my coworkers out to shoot and giving him my old Model 25 bolt action to shoot, loaded with blanks. Heheh.

    • David Silverstein

      Not safe. Not safe at all.

  • Supreme Overlord Kalashnikov

    I loaded a 3 1/2 magnum as the last round in my 535 before letting my buddy shoot it without telling him. It put him on his butt.

  • iksnilol

    Oh look! A prank involving firearms that isn’t actually reckless and dangerous.

    • itsmefool

      Again, we agree!

      • iksnilol

        Man, I think we’re going to be great albeit boring friends.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    One time we were having beers by the campfire and I ran by with a spent shotgun shell up in the air and yelled “SHOTGUN SHELL!!” and threw it in the fire.Just as everyone dropped their beer and tried to scramble to their feet my buddy behind the truck fired his 12 ga into the air and they screamed like little girls thinking they were about to have an a-s load of buckshot.
    Good times.

  • FriendOfJohnnyM

    Ha haaa! been there, done that! Another reason to love being a reloader.

  • RadicalizedModerate

    NO – no pranks at the range.

    • aka_mythos

      Agreed. I don’t know why this reminds me of this besides just being one of those things you just don’t do. This reminds me of a local police officer who was fired last year when he took his partners service weapon and disabled it so it couldn’t fire, before returning it to his partner without telling him. The “prank” was retaliation for being “irresponsible” at the range.

    • Jenny Everywhere

      I agree. It’s not quite as evil as the “here, fire this gun that’s 10X more powerful than you’re used to so it throws you on the ground and might bust your nose or your skull” prank, but it’s up there. The only time I’d even countenance a prank is if it’s a teaching tool — leaving an empty chamber to show someone the degree of a flinch or something similar — as the range, while fun, should also be serious.

      It’s no joke to handle a tool of deadly propensity. It should always be handled with utmost respect. Anything else isn’t just a dirty trick, it can be dangerous.

      • David

        Giving people guns they can’t handle isn’t a prank in my eyes, it’s dangerous and incredibly irresponsible. It also reflects poorly on the responsible gun owners, for example all those “HILARIOUS GUN FAILS!!!!1!” videos on YouTube. Stuff like that makes people less likely to want to try the sport if they are nervous about recoil.
        That said, I don’t see using an empty chamber or an inert round to show flinching or simulate malfunction as a prank. I see that is good, useful training.

    • 6.5x55Swedish

      I have to dissagree with this one. Letting someone shoot a rifle with no round in it with them thinking there is is the best way of showing them what they are doing wrong. It’s not so much a prank as it is a lesson.

      • RadicalizedModerate

        My FAVORITE rifle is my 6.5X55 Ruger M77 MKII

  • Bradley Jones

    one would think she would know something is up because a blank will not cycle the action on an AR and you will have to manually cycle another round after each shot

    • Norm Glitz

      Possibly they are only loading one round at a time. Not a bad practice for a brand new shooter.

  • Hinermad

    In high school a friend of mine told me about a prank he played on a hunting buddy. His father loaded a couple 12 gauge shells with chicken feathers instead of slugs, and my friend slipped them into his hunting buddy’s shell pouch. They hunted several times that deer season and the next and every shot the buddy took was a legit round. My friend had forgotten all about the doctored shells until the next season, when his buddy finally fired one off. Needless to say the deer was unimpressed, and my friend was so surprised he started laughing his head off, revealing who was responsible for the smoldering cloud of fluff drifting in the air.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Had a buddy who kept firecrackers in his range bag. When we were a hundred yards downrange setting targets he’d light them off to watch our responses.

    • rick0857

      Your “buddy” was a CLASS A REAL AZZHOLE!!!

  • Cymond

    I haven’t done it, but there’s all kinds of exoteric shotgun ammo. It would be funny to slip some confetti rounds into some normal ammo.

  • ePoch 270

    I used to fire errant rounds at the target next to me during qualifications. The old timer couldn’t figure out why he threw 2-3 each time he shot. Then he got smart and changed guns and realized someone was putting the wrong caliber holes in his target. He’s still mad at me.

    • Mike Lashewitz

      In boot camp I scored 135 out of 100 because the fools on both sides of me could not figure out their own targets. Immediate Small Arms Marksmanship medal… Maintained that for 22 years, LOL!

    • rick0857

      I would be too AMMO IS EXPENSIVE DUMMY!

      • ePoch 270

        It’s not like it cost extra $$. I knew I was going to qualify, so I just threw 2-3 of my rounds outside the black on his target just to aggrevate him and make him think he missed. Christ lighten up. Even if I had to pay, what is it, $1.10? Plus this was fifteen years ago so maybe. 55Β’It was only 3 rounds.

        • rick0857

          And completely & TOTALLY UNSAFE. The Rifle/Pistol range is NO PLACE for fun and games.
          Such antics only give the anti gun crowd more reason to demand that we lose our rights.

          • ePoch 270

            Despite your HYPERBOLE and CONDESCENSION, there is nothing unsafe about what I did. You should lighten up before you have a stroke.

          • wclardy

            Sorry, but I don’t see any way that putting rounds through any properly positioned target on a range could be a safety hazard. So lighten up.

    • Ken

      I was on the receiving end of that same prank. Didn’t realize it until the two guys doing that to me fessed up. I never caught on because my close shots were all in one large ragged hole making it hard to count the actual number of hits. Hardy har har.

  • JudithVictorious

    This reminds me of the first time I fired a gun — couple of giggling boy scouts handing me a shotgun and telling me to shoot the clay pigeon, then shrieking with laughter at me for being a GIRL who can’t hit ANYTHING.

    One of them lives in Florida now… not the state I’d choose if I were in the habit of handing guns to women and then pissing them off.

  • Adam

    Haven’t done it yet, but one day when I run across someone with one of those oversized tactical bolt knobs I’m going to replace it with soda can spray painted black.

  • Rbt Evans

    Next time give her live rounds and tell her they’re blanks.Then mid mag go down to check the target.
    That’ll be a hoot for the rest of us.

  • Full Name

    “Pranking” women at the range isn’t funny. It shows you to be an a$$#0le.

  • nick

    I’m perplexed. So, she’s shooting, which is great to have more folks out doing that, but , AR platforms, as been noted, have need of a BFA to maintain gas pressure to cycle the action.
    So, we have a shooter, who does not know that….
    = safety issues.
    I don’t know the range they are at, or the rules, or the level of firearms competence, but it seems to me that if this is actually happening, this is a bad accident waiting to happen.
    if a live round was ever accidentally introduced in this scenario, regardless of how, it would have a potentially disastrous outcome for her, him and anyone beside them.
    As a long time RSO, I have witnessed one to many bad outcomes on ranges. Military ones were tightly controlled, but, those had their share, civilian ones….I’ve seen everything from ramrods left in black powder rifles, to scope sighting tools left in (that was particularly bad) to the classic 20ga / 12 ga. ammo mistake….
    and I get stuck with a) the first aid until the medics show up, and b ) the friggen paperwork….

  • nicholsda

    The only time this sort of thing is appropriate is when doing firearms training and teaching how to handle failure to extract/squib load safety.

  • OldGringo

    Not exactly the same but a funny story from two of my best hunting buddies. When they were young,they wre the only people with permission to hunt an 80 acre farm. It was opening day and each of them nearly had their limit of 12 doves when up walked a guy, illegally hunting there. When they told him they were the only ones with permission to hunt the farm, he told them to f off and proceeded to shoot several birds from in front of their chosen stands. So they left, and as they walked by they tossed their birds all in the back of his truck. Then they called the game warden and reported they saw a guy with way over his limit and gave specific directions. And waited down the road, and as luck would have it, the warden got there before the jerk left and was counting birds with the jerk as my 2 buddies drove by…….every time they tell the story then nearly bust a gut and they are both 70 years old….

  • Wyatt Earp

    Blanks? How would the action cycle? Did they convince her that he had to pull the charging handle after each round?

  • william stell

    Hey, I like humor as much as the next guy… pretty much stayed in trouble in school from being the class clown… At work joking is my #1 ‘love language’…

    But I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea to start beginning shooters off by spoofing them…


    a slug mixed into a tube full of birdshot when shooting clays is always a good time….LOL

  • mxprivateer

    That middle toe, though…