Selling Pipebombs and Suicide Vests at a Gun Show in Houston

A vendor at Texas Machine Gun & Ordnance’s gunshow in Houston had an unfinished pipebomb, claymore-esque explosive device and a suicide vest on display at his booth. Only the pipebomb was for sale, at $150 and requiring a BATFE Form 1 to complete.


This was all a marketing stunt to drive traffic to the booth. The claymore was a tupperware container filled with ball bearings and a fake explosives, the pipebomb was a threaded pipe and the suicide vest was a tactical vest stuffed with nails.


The local Houston Police Department at the BATFE were not impressed, but had to concede that selling these items was in fact legal. RockHard13F at Arfcom wrote

So no shit, I just spent 90 minutes here at the gunshow with an ATF Special Agent and 3 members of the Houston Police Department’s bomb squad; explaining to them that despite their certainly that pipebombs are always illegal, they are indeed legal if registered under the NFA. Of course none of my supposed noble comrades Tom, Simon, or Matthw bothered to take a picture, thanks a lot you blue falcons.

Aside from one HPD guy who got all worked up, and told me I’m going to jail, and said he’s going to get a warrant to search my house and business premises; everyone else gave me the dick-on-forehead look, but was pretty chill.

After an hour of calling everyone they could, apparently they got a hold of the HMFIC at NFA branch on the weekend and he told them that yes, you can legally register a pipebomb as a Destructive Device. After they all took pictures of my pipebombs and claymore, we all laughed that it was pretty funny, shook hands, and went our separate ways.

Texas Machine Gun & Ordnance’s first gunshow to ever be at, and we get all kinds of attention from the po-po.”

Many gun folks apparently think this is great fun and a good way to get one over the ATF. Personally I despair when I read about stunts like this. It only serves to feed the Mainstream media narrative that gun shows are evil and that destructive devices should be made illegal.

Update: To all the haters: I get to have an opinion. This is not Twitter where deviation from groupthink is banned. If you don’t like my opinion, you can go and  fill out a form 1, apply for a FEL, and legally buy yourself a suicide vest and a pipe bomb if you so choose.

I never even said explosives (or anything for that matter) should be banned so put away your pitchforks. In fact TFB looked at buying some grenades recently but insurance to actually use them was far too expensive.

Thanks to Andrew for the tip.

Phil Note: As always when we write any article and the company or individual disagrees with TFB or just wants to respond we encourage it. The response is always verbatim with no editing whatsoever. Yesterday things were getting rather heated. While this was happening we had an open conversation with Sean owner of TXMGO. Sean was invited to respond and his response is just below (UPDATE: It is here). I have to say Sean made a very thoughtful and well written response. I for one thank him for taking the time to write this response.

UPDATE: Sean’s response has been moved to a separate post here.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Florida Man

    I like that the pipe bomb is called a clock. I mean, who /hasn’t/ built a clock in high school?

  • Konflict7993

    Is the pipe bomb for $150 or $150 plus $200 for the middle man?

    • MR

      It’s a pipe bomb “receiver”, 80% I’d guess. So completing it would require a $200 payment to beloved Uncle.

    • RazorbackReaper81

      Need to pay tax stamp $200 and only after you get it, can actually fill and uae, most will keep as conversation piece

    • Well… home depot is the supplier so I guess there are two middle men?

  • Mike

    You personally despair hearing of stuff like this? Except your willing to publicize stunts that you know can give bad press by giving them press so they are widely known.

    • RazorbackReaper81

      Exactly he is a hypocrite. And the guy is legal and has his FFL SOT and FEL

      • I said it was legal. Did you even read the article?

        • RazorbackReaper81

          I read it. Its the headline thats misleading. Thats undestandable, draw readers in, i get it, just dont care for it.
          Whats worse you claim that his selling a legal product will feed mainstream media hysteria, yet you dont waste time getting your bit out of it and doing exactly what you claim you do not want to see happen, Feeding the hysteria. If not for your article, it may have never made it to the mainstream. You all but assured it will.
          See the hypocrisy yet?

  • Tritro29

    I like this guy, has done his legal homework, stands firmly his ground. 10/10. Yes these are also your rights…so I don’t see why y’all got worked up. The best way, to no hear tricks like this is to not publicize them. But great story anyway. ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’…

    • I was hardly “worked up”.

      • Tritro29

        Well, granted, my choice of words was poor. Yet, from his comments he (and I) felt like people are seriously selective about “rights”. My bad for expressing my opinion to the wrong side.
        Carry on and my apologies.

      • Mystick

        On the other hand, we now have several law enforcement officers that are more educated on the actual law and not a knee-jerk emotional policy.

    • Bill

      Black Lives Matter.

      • ALL lives matter

        • Benjamin

          But only black lives get killed for stupid reasons by the cops, Only muslim lives get judged for mistakes that they didn’t make. Only the hispanic lives don’t deserve to live in countries without drug related violence

        • Rbt Evans

          Not to the BLM crowd.

  • James

    You should proofread your articles before publishing them.

  • RazorbackReaper81

    Knowing your rights and breaking no law is not getting one over on the atf! STFU You are rhe kind of gun guy I hate. Ready to jump against a legal item that you dont agree with!!

    • I thinks selling suicide vests is distasteful. so sue me.

      • BillC

        Well, you are a blogger, someone might.

      • Kano

        When and where was he selling a suicide vest? The one at the gun show clearly says not for sale!

    • Blue Centurion

      And you, Sir, are a wart-necked, flap-mouthed, popinjay! Common Sense….you’re not born with it…….

  • RazorbackReaper81

    BS lie headline, most say not for sale!

    • Selling pipebombs (and suicide vests) at a gun show

      • Irock350

        Take it from someone who was at the show firsthand (or can read the tags in the pictures you posted) the suicide vest wasn’t for show, it was a marketing piece.

  • Alex Pierce

    Why do they let anti freedom loonies write for this page?

    • Oh you mean me?

      • Alex Pierce


        • Blue Centurion

          Anti Freedom…….? Dude move to Somalia if you want explosives. I seriously doubt the founders also wanted pipe bombs and suicide vests in a well regulated militia. Your freedom is restricted?

          • john huscio

            ” I seriously doubt the founders also wanted pipe bombs and suicide vests in a well regulated militia. Your freedom is restricted?”

            “I seriously doubt the founders wanted high powered assault rifles and high capacity semiautomatic pistols in a well regulated militia. Your freedom is restricted?”

            Slippery slope……

            Either is a very “fudd” thing to say…….

          • marathag


            compare 1777 grenade to pipe bomb.

            I’d trust the modern greenfuze far more that saltpeter soaked rope

      • Tassiebush
  • Budogunner

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I call this marketing stunt the poorest of tastes and hope he gets boycotted into closing his business. Note, I say boycott because free market choices, not liberal laws, should dictate the fate of his company.

  • To all the haters: I get to have an opinion. This is not Twitter where deviation from groupthink is banned. If you don’t like my opinion, you can go and fill out a form 1, apply for a FEL, and legally buy yourself a suicide vest and a pipe bomb if you so choose.

    I never even said explosives should be banned so put away your pitchforks. In fact TFB looked at buying some recently but insurance was far too expensive.

    • Tassiebush

      “So unfortunately you won’t be seeing a grenade episode on TFBTV anytime soon” Thankyou for considering it!

      • using RPGs cost less than hand grenades to insure, but still way to expensive. I forget the exact requirements for insurance but we needed an explosives range with high berms and all sorts of stuff, which costs even more money.

        • Tassiebush

          That’s interesting. In a few ways an RPG is harder to manage the risk with I would have thought. They don’t have a safety arming distance and they obviously go a long way potentially. Either way not many people could say they’ve looked into the insurance implications of that!

          • You can’t fumble and drop a primed RPG round into your lap 😉

          • Tassiebush

            Oh gosh it’s too easy to imagine. The two RPG scenarios I imagine are either as stumble and accidentally plunging it nose down or it being fired and deflecting to who knows where. Neither are that likely.

          • disqus_PDmXLtTxJj

            Ever seen the videos on live leak of RPGs exploding in the launcher?!? Ouch. one less guy yelling about his favorite snackbar though.

          • claymore

            AH dude they have to travel a distance before they arm.

          • ostiariusalpha

            The set-back arming safety on that surplus stuff isn’t always as reliable as you’d hope. They can and do go off from rough impacts, just not most of the time.

          • iksnilol

            Do you buy your RPGs from the black market equivalent of Cheaper than dirt?

          • Tassiebush

            I read somewhere that they don’t. I know a lot of shells and 40mm do have a safe arming distance.

          • Tassiebush

            I worked out where I heard they don’t have a safe arming distance. 4.30min into this presentation on forgotten weapons. But like I said before I recognize from your writings that you have actual experience with this sort of thing.

          • Greg Kelemen

            Firing it without the boost stick attached is also not recommended..

          • Madcap_Magician

            TAKE grenade. DROP grenade. THROW pin.

          • Tom Currie

            No but you CAN fire an RPG out the window from a small room (the results are interesting.)
            Perhaps someone is building cheaper RPG rounds than the ones I was familiar with, but last I recall, the fuze is setback armed. So yes, there is no minimum arming distance; but the rounds are drop safe unless you managed to first drop the round nose up, then pick it back up and drop it nose down (and I believe both drops would need to be more than typical carrying height)

          • Anon. E Maus

            I’ve heard a story of an irregular combatant in Iraq or Afghanistan who ran, tripped, and the warhead (with it’s safety cap off), hit nose first onto the curb and exploded (along with the other warheads he was carrying)

          • Anon. E Maus

            Actually, you kind of can, once you take the plastic safety cap off the tip of the warhead, there isn’t anything that really prevents it from going off, a solid enough thwack onto the nose and it’s kablooey

          • iksnilol

            I know that RPG-7 rockets have an arming distance. Y’know, in case you hit Jamal in the face when he is right next to you.

            They also have self destruct after a kilometer or something.

          • DIR911911 .

            they also have fiery jet propulsion that will melt your face and body if that rocket doesn’t get far enough away 🙂

          • iksnilol

            You mean if the powder charge intended to launch the rocket is bad?

            I swear to goodness, sometimes it’s like you’re trying to buy the worst condition RPGs. Do you buy milsurp AR uppers with shot/rusted out barrels and then complain about how bad ARs are?

            Seriously, don’t buy the cheapest explosives you find. Spend some money if buying explosives.

          • Tassiebush

            I know they have that self destruct distance which stops users shelling themselves. The arming distance feature is claimed to not be present in this video about 4.30minutes in.

          • iksnilol

            To be fair though, there’s plenty of different warheads for them in plenty of different conditions. + explosives there’s little info on. Just look at bounding mines. The bounding mine I “grew up with” has a mechanism that when stepped on nothing happens, only after you remove your foot does it jump up into the air and detonate. I’ve yet to find mention of a fuze or mechanism like that online in regards to mines.

          • Tassiebush

            I think you’re probably spot on. It’s exactly the sort of item that’d be made in great variety plus there’d be faulty and non faulty batches. Those mines sound formidable.
            Worst I ever dealt with stepping on was dog $hit and the occasional nail.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, I hate landmines with a passion. It’s a Bosnian thing I guess. Some of the best mineclearers are from there. Lot’sa practice you see.

            Yeah, those mines are genious booby traps. Heard of people getting hit by them from 100-200 meters away. I just am annoyed I can’t find “official” info on them, they’re real but no info on them online. I remember one was a plot point in the film “No Mans Land”, great dark comedy by the way.

          • Tassiebush

            They really are a hellish yet clever class of weapons. The sort of thing that saves lives today and steals them tomorrow. I don’t know how people manage the stress of their children growing up in areas where they’ve been used. The thought fills me with dread. Yet if I had some type of hostile group attacking my community I’d want them in vast numbers. Was that the splinters/fragments of the mines hitting at that range? Soun possible. That jumping mine sounds like something I heard of too.
            I shall keep an eye out for that film.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, the fact that they blow up at about head height means that shrapnel gets launched far away.

            We didn’t use mines much if at all. Mines are an offensive area denial weapon as far as I understand. Plant them at your flanks to prevent your opponent from flanking you.

            For me landmines are inexcusable, simply because they get buried, and then left for years to come. Then you have low/no metal landmines that are intended to kill EOD tech.

          • Tassiebush

            Yeah in the chaos of war it’s pretty much guaranteed they’ll not be recovered. I guess the moral question is how can we justify using a weapon that more or less guarantees innocent people die or get maimed long after the conflict is over?

          • iksnilol

            I’d say you can’t. But then again, I am a “bleeding heart liberal hippie”.

            Maybe if you had some tracking technology on them that lasts about 20-30 years in rough conditions. Even then, I bet that would be compromised and then removed.

          • Tassiebush

            I think if they don’t get pulled up a week later they probably won’t be easily located. One needs only think of how rarely underground infrastructure is where it is supposed to be. Many a phone line has fallen to my mighty spade due to poor information. Actually that’s not true. I didn’t check and it was only one line but I was a kid that really liked digging holes.
            Back to mines though it seems that command detonated types are really the only ones without a significant chance of killing innocents.

          • Mr Evilwrench

            I called the underground plant people when I was building a deck, just like you’re supposed to. He found 4 of the 3 things that were there (there’s no gas in the neighborhood, wtf?) ran the power line most of the way across the yard (deck’s over here, man) and marked the other two so carefully I hit both of them. Undocumented locations of non-metallic objects would have a very low find rate.

        • BryanS

          I would think that the USMC has a range already setup, all you need is some good PR

          • n0truscotsman

            I was just going to say…

            Or you could probably speak to someone in your local national guard unit.

          • Lt_Scrounge

            Get hold of the guys at Mythbusters. They did an episode on the Gun vs RPG scene in the movie “RED”. They probably have a range available.

          • Phillip Cooper

            You realize that show’s over, right?

          • Lt_Scrounge

            Not really. I haven’t had cable TV in years. I only watched it when I was staying in a hotel for a business trip. Same goes for Pawn Stars, Duck Dynasty and a number of other shows. I haven’t really watched regular TV since 2009.

        • J.T.

          You could put someone on a plane and send them to one of those places in Cambodia that lets you do that stuff.

        • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          I’d chip in a little. Take up a collection and do it.

    • CaptainCrunt

      Fly to another country to do the episode with grenades. YouTube is full of videos of tourists in Asian countries at grenade ranges.

    • Irock350

      What a tick, you get all worked up over a guy selling a pipe bomb, but you express regret about not being able to get a grenade or an rpg? You realize that with out guys like TXMGO you wouldn’t be able to get thise kind of items right? You write an entire article dismissing the idea, even though you actually wanted to buy the exact services the subject of your story is selling. You reakize that makes you a hypocrite right?

      • Twilight sparkle

        I think I read this a bit different that you. It seemed to me like mr Johnson wasn’t opposed to them making or selling pipe bombs and other improvised inspired explosives, he seem more upset with the fact that the company made a publicity stunt out of it.

        • Irock350

          Made a publicity stunt out of it by going to the gun show and openly displaying his products which are 100% legal and then posting about the ATF’s and the HPD’s complete ineptitude? He didn’t call the media or post on Arfcom about his adventures, everything was done by outside individuals. I was at the show, the guys couldn’t have been more low key about it, they didn’t even have a sign up at their booth.

          • Just because you can doesn’t mean you should—-

          • Cian Smith

            “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should?” Really? Like owning a suppressor or machine gun? Or evil green tip “ap rounds”? Or scarey black rifles? Hell, while we’re in the business of not doing things that are legal but make lefties hate us, give up meat, salt, butter, leather, trucks, suvs, motorcycles that don’t run on electricity, pocket knives, women, and peeing standing up.

          • iksnilol

            Or a vest intended for suicide bombing?

          • irock350

            I guess your reading skills aren’t up to par, the vest while on display, was not for sale and was clearly marked not for sale. It’s even in the picture.

          • iksnilol

            I know it wasn’t for sale, but still, why advertise it?

            What good does putting a suicide vest on your stand do?

          • irock350

            Obviously it draws in the attention. It’s advertising. It shows off that the owner has the licensing and the ability to make one. I would say it worked, wouldn’t you? Now more people than were able to make it out the show know about TXMGO.

          • iksnilol

            Still, it seems tactless to me. What if I advertised my construction company with “jet fuel won’t melt out beams” and then play 9/11 footage at my booth.

          • MarkVShaney

            I would accuse you of making a straw man argument.

          • Rbt Evans

            No,actually you’re wrong.
            No one here knows anything about TXMGO ,if that’s the name of the vendor involved,because of the show,they know it because you keep posting it in everything you spout.
            So,question is,how much you willing to pay THIS SITE for the advertising you’re doing on their behalf?
            Seems like you know about as much about the vendor as any other employee would.

          • irock350

            Wait, so even though I was at the show, NO ONE here knows anything about. Seems like a legitimate assumption.

          • Rbt Evans

            Can you complete that first sentence so that it means something?
            As it is,it’s gibberish and your post means nothing.

          • Did I say anything about the items you mentioned-no I didn’t.

          • Cian Smith

            Nice to see your sense of humor is as weak as your convictions.

          • Bill

            Name one legitimate use for a pipe bomb or suicide vest.

          • Joshua Morris

            Pipe bombs are very useful on removeing unwanted dams made by beavers, alzo stumps. The vest wasn’t for sale…

          • Bill

            As I explained to one rocket surgeon already, a pipe bomb is a home-made fragmentation grenade. No one uses fragmentation grenades on beaver dams or stumps, they use dynamite. Or something really radical, like a trackhoe.

            I’ve removed a number of stumps and beaver dams; never with a pipe bomb. I’ve seen pipe bombs recovered from crime scenes, there were zero beavers or stumps involved.

          • jay


          • Nate Stewart

            Peeing standing up is probably the worst part of being a dude!

            Or maybe that thing called Jenner misses that the most….

          • You aren’t talking about the same items so it’s a bit irrelevant.

          • Irock350

            I guess by that logic no one needs 30 round magazines or .50 caliber rifles and the folks that sell them are just as distasteful. I mean just because you can sell “assault weapons” doesn’t mean you should? Right? How about you email the owner at TXMGO or have someone like Kat email him and figure out just exactly what he was selling. As someone who saw the items first hand, I can tell you the pipe bombs were empty pipes with lazer engraving on them, some of which had fuses and holes drilled into them, most of which did not. The ones with fuses had to be transferred on a form 4 and required ATF approval, the ones without the holes and fuses had to be transferred on a Form 4473. So tell me, what is so evil about selling empty pieces of pipe which require background checks? Which is more evil, the empty pipe or the fully functional firearm?

          • Bill

            Name one legitimate use for a pipe bomb or suicide vest

          • Irock350

            Hog hunting. Tree stump removal. Gopher removal…you know the same uses that people have had for these items for sbout 100 years.

          • Bill

            Do you know what makes a pipe bomb a pipe bomb? The pipe. which shatters and fragments, sending projectiles everywhere, at high speed. When you decide to remove gophers, pigs or a stump with a homemade fragmentation grenade, be sure to get video, it’ll be good proof for your Darwin Award candidacy.

            I can’t wait for your justification for a suicide vest…

          • Irock350

            The was going to be auctioned off a at a machine gun shoot for wounded veterans. You know but that’s not the kind of thing I guess you would approve of as a good reason. Veterans raising money for other veterans. As to using a pipe pomo to get rid of goohers or tree stump, Iam going to giess you dont have any real experice doing that sort of thing, seeing as the pipe would be burried in the ground or placed into a hole in the stump. When the pipe fragments, the peices are contained, I bet you didn’t know that in the 50’s explosive licenses were sold in the back of magazines. This kind of thing has been done in rural America for well over a century.

          • Bill

            Blowing stumps with dynamite has been done for far longer than a century, which just demonstrates how little you know. Blowing stumps with fragmentation grenades: no.

          • Irock350

            Since you’re not a veteran your opinion really doesn’t matter. And since the oener of TXMGO is active duty and was in fact selling raffles for the chance to set off the IED, your view of the tasefulness of the event holds as much weight as your opinion.

            And yes, farmers have been using dynamite for over 100 years, they have also been using det cord and pipe bombs. If you can’t get ahold of det cord or dynamite, then the next best thing is a pipe bomb. If you search through some old ag dept. And forestry department oamphlets they will teach you how to fell trees and clear land woth dybamote, and in one pamphlet, they show you how to remove a stump with a pipe bomb. Are you seriously saying that a fragmentation bomb inside of a tree stump is more harmful than dynamite in a tree stump? Why? Becuase the flying peices of tree stump are less harmful? I’m willing to bet you have forst habd knowledge and you are only baising your opinions on your emotions.

          • Bill

            “Since you’re not a veteran your opinion really doesn’t matter.”

            Go ahead and ask a vet whose had his genitals blown off by an IED what his opinion is of it, if my opinion doesn’t matter.

            I’m not sure what “forst had knowledge” is, but I’ve had a couple hundred hours of training in:

            IED Awareness and Mitigation
            Explosive Precursors and Lab Recognition
            Post-Blast Analysis
            Patterns of Bombings and the Behavioral Analysis of Bombers
            Criminal/Terrorist Use of Diverted Commercial Explosives

            – from such agencies as the FBI, the BATFE, DHS, the Colorado School of Mines and the New Mexico Tech EMTRC.

            There’s were my knowledge comes from, how about yours? Dropping M80s down mole holes? And what Branch, MOS, when and where did you serve? It doesn’t sound like you spent any time crawling along the shoulder of a road in Iraq looking for disturbed earth or teasing apart chemical containers with a rope and carbon fiber pole in meth labs.

            I had a cousin injured in the Murrah bombing, so I think my opinion counts as much as anybody’s when it comes to IEDs, if blood is the only measure. I’d say as a 30-year cop my opinion matters a whole let, seeing as how I’m the one who has to come in and figure out what caused the mess, and the medics and medical examiners have scraped all the human tissue they could off the floor, walls and ceiling.

          • bobby allen

            I’m a veteran and I’m all for what these guys are doing, grow up seriously Bill

          • Bill

            Still have all your limbs?

          • irock350

            So your thirty years of experience should tell you exactly that a pipe bomb made of galvanized steel that has been placed into a tree stump would cause exactly no more damage than a stick of placed into the same stump. Your 30 years on the police force should also tell you that criminals in crack houses don’t register their bombs. If you’re the best your police force has to offer, I would bet that a lawyer could make a lot of money combing through your cases and getting a lot of innocent people out of jail. I bet you’re the kind of cop that likes to arrest people based on the color of their skin and then finds a reason to arrest them later.

          • Bill

            You need a better drug dealer, whatever you’re on is seriously messed up. Or, if you’re huffing gasoline, definitely stay away from explosives.

            My 30 years of experience has taught me not to negotiate with terrorists, nor try to convince stupid people of anything not stupid. Good luck, enjoy the burn unit.

          • irock350

            Reading through this thread it seems like even you don’t take your own advice. You have done nothing but try to convince people whom you believe to be less smart than yourself that your opinion holds weight. Your opinions are no more informed than anyone else’s. If cops like you are are on the bomb squad, it is no wonder that Mr. Lindley spent 2 hours trying to explain to your brothers in blue how to do their own jobs.

            You may not like that Pipe bombs are legal, and you may not agree that setting one off for one’s own personal enjoyment is a valid enough reason to own, but your opinion doesn’t change the fact that it is legal and you have to respect that those of us who enjoy playing with DD’s can do what we want and can laugh in your face while we do it. Getting you riled up seems like the only good reason anyone needs to own one of the clocks.

          • Bill

            Dude, I listed some of my training background in the explosives field – what are your qualifications? I’m guessing that I’m light-years ahead of you when it comes to bombs and explosives. Unfortunately, when you spout off on the interweb, you risk running into someone who actually knows what they are talking about. Too bad for you. Dazzle us with a demonstration of your credibility.

            I’ve met a number of guys who “enjoy playing with DDs.” Many of them are missing parts. But go ahead, the gene pool always needs cleaning.

          • Irock350

            What credits do I need besides the most basic education in chemistry and first hand knowledge. You’ll excuse me if I dont think someone whose profession won a supreme court case in which they defended hiring only the bottom of the intellectual barrel is at the height of intellectual superiority. Your sugesting a pipe bomb would be usless for killing hogs or gophers with becuase the case fragments, which is odd becuase framentation is exactly the characteristic thatbis most useful when you’re looking to kill an entire sounder of hogs. You claim using a pipe bomb wouldn’t be useful in removing a treestump even though a pressure vessle like a pipe is exactly what is needed to to make a pipe bomb composed of commonly avaible explosive materials into a suitable replacement for the harder to get det cord or dynamite.

            Your not using your experice to argue agianst the usefulness of the device, but your using it to give your weak and emotionally charged opions some authority. Sorry if I’m not buying it. You don’t like the idea of common people owning pipe bombs becuase you don’t like that common folks without 30 years of experience in stripping peoples rights away are just as qualified to own a “dangerous” empty pipe as you are.

          • Bill

            So you’ve filled federal paperwork for every pipe bomb you’ve used to kill hogs or blow up stumps? You haven’t done any of the three.

            Back to the basement, kid.

          • Irock30

            Two stamps on a Form1 and a farm license for the det cord. But that’s becuase I like to do things the legal way. But being a 30 year bomb squad veteran of chair force alpha I am sure you have never had to deal with that kind of paper work when you were cleaning up the messes of the numerous bomb explosions you have investiagted. So our experience levels are about equal, although I’ve never sent someone to prison becuase I didn’t like their skin color or their idea of freedom. You have more experience in that area, I’ll grant you that.

            If the best you can do toargue agianst the legality and effectiveness of these items is to question the paperwork then you really have no argument the items themselves. Obviously they are useful in modern combat and are useful in any potential militia, the items can be carried and are man portable ao they are just as protected under the Second Amendment as a machine gun, silencer or a pump action shotgun. Arguing need as a prerequisite for ownership of a item cover by a civil right is like questioning the need for am individual to own thier own printing press. Just admit that you dont like the item and therfore you dont think anyone should have them.

          • Bill

            Now I know why the youngsters say “whatever.” Best of luck Spunky, without any training you’ll need it. Maybe some day we’ll meet, or probably not, you’ll be in the helicopter on your way to the trauma unit while I’m toeing through the grass looking for the chunks of yourself you lost, knowing full well that the kind of avulsive injuries caused by explosives really don’t lend themselves to reattaching anything to anything. Hope you don’t have to establish a high-level relationship with a new Golden Retriever or learn to pee by straddling the toilet with your legs after you enucleate yourself. Modern trauma care is amazing, and there is far more knowledge about treating blast injuries nowadays, thanks to IEDs, but even the best trauma doc can’t fix stupid.

          • Chris Blow,

            Do not know how anyone could “enucleate yourself” using any type of explosives, and even then has nothing to do with peeing (Except – seeing the toilet ) To enucleate is to surgically remove the eye without damaging the muscles and other orbital contents !

          • Bill

            Ok, “traumatically enucleate by avulsing all the soft tissue from the face.” Of course then a person would being fed through a port and have a permanent trach, so peeing is probably the least of their concerns, if they still have the brain function to have concerns. I was thinking best-case scenario, but it got the other guy to shut up And seeing the toilet is an integral part of peeing, unless they have to wear adult diapers or an indwelling catheter.

          • Those who can’t make a valid point resort to personal insults towards those they don’t even know.

          • irock350

            I guess I will have to resort to writing a blog post about people I don’t know and asserting that they are what is wrong with the firearms world…oh wait, that would be exactly the same thing wouldn’t it.

      • Y-man

        TFB would NOT be going to a Gun Show with a display of grenades etc.

        I look forward to seeing the number of people who are against this post – make sure they dress their kids as homegrown right-wing terrorsists with pipe bombs and suicide vests for Halloween this year!

    • DIR911911 .

      we have the RUSSIAN for that

    • Steve, i see things from your perspective on this one.

      Everyone is free to avail themselves of the liberties afforded to us under the law, but this guy’s actions were in poor taste and very tone deaf in the wider context of the 2nd Amendment debate currently on the political landscape.

      Much like the 1st Amendment allows someone to shout profanity at a pre-school T-Ball game if they’re in the audience… that doesn’t mean it’s a nice thing to do or that it will be of great benefit to anyone around there.

      Kudos for this fellow knowing the law and not getting jammed up by the Feds… but seriously, he comes across like every other teenage douche on YouTube who instigates nonsense with an officer and then gets all uppity and irate, making civil libertarians look bad.

      I think it would totally be fair for this sales booth to not be invited back to future shows (i presume the gun show was a private enterprise and the organizers have that power) because of the bad press that this generates.

      • n0truscotsman

        I wouldn’t invite them back, thats for sure.

    • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I see it from both vantage points. The anti gum press will overhyped and leave out facts as they always do. And it was great sport using the law and knowing it to punk the HPD and the ATF.
      I read an article a week or so before about ATF seizing air sift guns saying they could be easily converted to real guns. WTF? It just shows how most ATF agents are social promotion hires and know nothing about firearms. Only in a movie or cartoon can an air soft weapon be converted into a safe functional firearm.

      Insurance for blowing up grenades? Damn, who knew? I guess if you are willing to pay, you can get insurance for anything.


      It’s the way TFB has always been, back when it was you at the top with your FAL.

  • gunsandrockets

    Always consider the context. Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean you should go and do it. Have a modicum of discretion and self-restraint.

    This was a needlessly provocative stunt. Particularly this election year.

    Seriously, this is the best they could manage to drive booth traffic? I wonder if the main traffic they attracted with this vulgar display was from LE.

    • Andrew

      This guy gets it.

    • Irock350

      From what I saw while I was at the High Caliber Show at the GRB, they were doing more business that 90% of the tables their. They filled out several NFA transfers and sold 1 flamethrower kit while I was talking to the owners. They also sold several AK’s and AR’s as well. It turned off a few people, but it drove a lot of people to their table.

      • marathag

        Flamethrowers aren’t NFA items.

        Only Federal Regs is needing the bottles hydrochecked every few years

  • Anonymoose

    Absolutely halal!

    • gunsandrockets

      Dirka Dirka!

  • junyo

    “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.”

  • Devil_Doc

    Wow. This is like arguing with open carriers…

    • junyo

      Gonna bet the Venn diagram of the two groups looks a lot like a circle.

      • Bill

        I’m stealing that. You win Interweb Statistician Nerd of the Day.

      • n0truscotsman


  • Bill

    To quote a cartoon wiser than me: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

    Many legit businesses attract traffic through well-designed “advertising” and a solid business model. This is slightly worse than the WKRP Turkey Drop.

    • Hugo Dewitt

      I thought turkeys could fly. Next time we’ll drop frozen turkeys.

      • Bill

        Bat Day!

  • Matt

    Thanks for adding to the problem by publicizing this. Thanks for creating even more material for gun grabbers. Why not just enjoy the show and STFU? Nothing illegal was done. The article should’ve focused on the ignorance of HPD if this article really had to be written.

  • SP mclaughlin


    • Cian Smith


  • Geoff

    How to smooth a situation like this over with the ATF and the media:
    1) Be brown skinned
    2) Be Muslim
    3) Declare that your threaded pipe and whatnot are a “science fair project”
    4) await invitation to White House and sympathetic TV interviews

    • hellofromillinois

      Way to stay classy Geoff.

    • iksnilol

      To be fair, that clock didn’t look like a bomb.

      • Greg Kelemen

        That race-baiting kid made every attempt to make it look like a time bomb right down to the slick looking aluminum case he stored the dissected alarm clock, look up a non-mainstream media source to this story, there’s much more to it.

        • iksnilol

          I saw it, didn’t look like a bomb to me.

          • Cian Smith

            Yes it did.

          • iksnilol

            Looks like a mess, not a bomb IMO.

            I mean, if that’s a bomb in your eyes, please don’t visit any electronics classes in Norway. All the wires, buttons and lights would give you a heart attack.

          • HH

            You DO understand that the kid PURPOSELY made it to look like a bomb so he could then act all offended and whatnot after the school got nervous and handled the situation in the appropriate and rational manner?????

            In other words… IT WAS A CALCULATED FRAUD whose sole purpose was to race-bait.

            You get that right? If not then you really really need to do some basic research on what happened instead of blindly believing how the liberal international news “reported” this.

          • iksnilol

            I don’t know, how can you purposely make something look like a bomb by making something that doesn’t resemble a bomb?

          • Bill

            Got any facts to back up that claim? I’m really interested. I’ve seen bombs. I’ve spent money on inert training bombs so that trainees could see what they look like.

            Did he say he made it to look like a bomb, or are you just guessing?

          • Tassiebush

            I was a fence sitter on this. I just looked it up as I hadn’t seen it before. I don’t think it looked like a bomb.

          • Y-man

            And you KNOW this because…?
            You are Psychic: you DEFINITELY KNOW this is what the kid DELIBERATELY meant to do.

            [Sips Lemon Tea and walks away…]

  • BillC

    Ban Home Depot !

    • Rock or Something

      Nah, Ace is the place to be for all your BAFTA form 1 needs.

      • Jwedel1231

        Kind of clunky, but I would still support this ad campaign.

    • disqus_PDmXLtTxJj

      The Home Depot is selling pipe bombs without background checks.

      • Jwedel1231

        “Ghost pipe bombs”

      • Rbt Evans

        It’s the Home Improvement Loophole!

  • PeterL

    That’s honestly pretty hilarious.

  • Blue Centurion

    There was some forum that I conversed with this AC. It is this BS that brings more attention (Negative Attention) to the NFA …..period. No humor noted in this guy’s decision making.

  • AlmightySatan

    The guy selling these sounds like one of your typical gun show vendors with grossly enlarged ego and obnoxiously loud voice.

    • Emfourty Gasmask

      Thankfully the Internet is killing gun shows. Nothing at those shows are really worth buying anymore.

      • Dan

        The last gun show i was at was full of old poorly maintained guns, coin and stamp collectors, knife dealers and people who still try to sell fur. And the one guy trying to sell repro Nazi stuff.

        R.I.P. gun show

        • nova3930

          Last one I attended had exactly one table worth looking at. Guy had a fantastic collection of milsurp rifles for sale, including some rare Garand variants. That’s one table out of like 100. Used to be shows were 5/15, $5 to get in, 15 minutes to walk through, now they’re like 10/5s….

        • Bill

          No jerky?

          • Dan

            Sadly no, that would have been the highlight of my visit.

      • n0truscotsman

        I agree. overpriced items, loudmouth vendors, and too many people.

      • Cymond

        Eh, I like seeing & holding things myself before buying. Occasionally, I’ve found some deals on non-firearms, especially small items. Sure, there’s a mark up at gunshows, but sometimes it’s better than online S&H.
        I’ve bought flashlights, t-shirts, hand warmers, various memorabilia, and a nice target stand (for only $20).
        I’ve also bought a Mosin-Nagant M38 and an RG23, each for less than it would cost for S&H + FFL fees alone.

        • Tassiebush

          That’s some cool outcomes. I met a bunch of awesome local collectors by going to our local one. It’s well worth it to meet people.

        • Rbt Evans

          Problem is,markup isn’t the only ridiculous addon.Parking and admission around here,Tampa,run almost $20 before you get in the door.
          People tend to forget to add that in.
          I’ve never been charged to park at a LGS.

    • Bill

      If I want to see the Decline of Civilization I can go to Walmart with no admission charge.

  • Jason

    Sad to see that the gun community is full of you idiots supporting the group at the show. If you can’t see the harm in selling a pipe bomb, or the reason for it to be published in this blog, then there is no hope for you to be a sane human being. Principles are important, standing behind them should be done with a sense of integrity. This was a blatant display of the mindless dribble that persists in our society. Thank you for writing this article and sharing your opinion, which I very much agree with. The founders still believed in laws for those of you who seem to forget.

    • TheMaskedMan

      It appears (at least as far as this comment section goes) that most people in the gun community DON’T support this stunt, as it feeds into the stereotype of gun owners and draws negative attention to NFA items.

      That being said, I’m not worried if someone buys a destructive device (even as crude as a pipe bomb) by going through the Form 1 process. If they’re the type of person that uses pipe bombs for criminal purposes, they won’t bother with government paperwork. I can’t recall even one instance in which a legal explosive was used in a terrorist attack.

    • Irock350

      “The founders still believed in laws for those of you who seem to forget.”

      And TXMGO is selling 100% legal items. They are following every law and when the officers from HPD and the ATF showed up, they walked away unable to charge the owner with any infractions. The founders believed in laws, they also believed in being able to supply their militia with dangerous weapons. The founders codified an amendment to the constitution that allowed individuals to own cannons, howitzers, mortars and grenades. I honestly don’t think they would have cared about an individual selling an empty pipe with a hole in it for a fuse when they owned barrels of gunpowder and cannon fuses.

      • marathag

        Folks forget that to get one of those Compressional issued Letters of Marque, you had to prove you had a armed ship.

        A Privately owned ship, armed with Privately owned cannons.

        It wasn’t GSE, ‘Government Supplied Equipment’

  • Anomanom

    What an idiot. Sure he “got away with it” this time, but I’d pretty well guarantee he’s now on the terrorism watch lists of every federal agency and shortly the no-fly list as well. Just because it is legal, does not make it smart to troll the HPD and the feds.

    As Chris Rock once said “You can drive a car with you feet if you want to, that don’t make it a good [censored] idea!”

    • Greg Kelemen

      Even though his satirical trolling fell within legal limits he will now suffer unwarranted punitive retaliation from multiple government agencies?
      So whats the REAL issue here..

      • Raven

        Issue is still the guy who was stupid enough to think fake explosives were a good thing to bring to a gun show. Dumbass deserves to be on every list he’s on.

        • Mystick

          If he was selling it under Form 1, “being fake” is not a requirement. Fully functional would be the expectation.

    • CliffK

      TXMGO has been working with ATF from the beginning, with correspondence, clarifications, and interviews with them to be sure everyone was on the same legal page before anything was ever done. ATF gave TXMGO the green light to make everything you saw on the table, so if there was a problem it would’ve been addressed long before anything progressed to this point.

  • Ambassador Vader

    Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. That being said, that guy has ball the size of watermelons and I applaud him for the stunt in a time when most of the firearms community wants to knit sweaters instead of rock the boat.

  • Jimmy Rustler

    right to bear arms means, the right to ALL ARMS. not just guns.

    • iksnilol

      Still, pipe bombs and suicide vests don’t bring to mind good people.

      How are you going to use a suicide vest to hunt, defend yourself or rise up against tyranny?

      • Irock350

        Did you honestly ask how suicide vests could be used to fight tyranny? Have you not paid attention at all to what goes on in the middle east?

        • iksnilol


          • Irock350

            As an asymmetric tactic for fighting against a larger and more technologically advanced force, you can’t much more effective than suicide vests. Look at house a few individuals brought down France and Belgium. They took their fight directly to the public and effectively made a show of force that is fairly unequaled. Is it ethical? No. But it is it any more ethical than using a Drone to bomb a wedding or a hospital? Nope. You cannot deny the effectiveness of the tool in pushing an agenda.

          • Bill

            Suicide bombers don’t generally hit the wrong target. They don’t have wrong targets. Comparing a suicide bomber to a targeting error is nauseating.

          • Irock350

            I have to imagine anyone living in the situation would fail to see your point. Does it really matter that the drone strike that killed your family in the name of American values was a mistake? If your feeling is that they are invaders in your homeland any bombing is seen as a terrorist act. We can excuse the error by clamming collateral damage, and saying that a few dead children is just the cost of doing business, the fallacy is denying the other side the same argument. If blowing up concerts and soft targets and bringing the war cost to someone else and that cost makes the enemy rethink their tactics, then price is seen as worth it to those individuals. If the US was at war with an invader on US soil and that invader mistakenly blew up a wedding or a church, would that act not be seen as an act of terror in the eyes of many? It’s all about perspective.

          • Bill

            To a point, I essentially agree, but there’s the larger context of what’s taking place in the Middle East and with Muslim extremists. NO ONE likes or supports ISIS except ISIS, and outside of their own group no one contends that they are on the side of right. To paraphrase someone whose name I’ve forgotten, war is bad, but it’s not the worst. A targeting error is bad, but it’s war, and, not to make light of it, but feces happens. Raise the firebombing of Dresden if you want to argue about the morality of offense and it’s impact on a civilian populace, or the nuking of Japan.

            I’m also little tired of the demonization of drones. They aren’t “sky-roaming death robots,” just aircraft with a crew that sits somewhere else. They are great tools with a lot of advantages over conventional aircraft, one being that the crew sits somewhere else and isn’t likely to wind up dead or captured if bad things happen. It isn’t like SkyNet has become self-aware.

          • Irock350

            Here’s the thing, if you switch your view point 180° you can use the exact same argument for using suicide vests and IEDs in combat.
            For example:
            Suicide vests are great tools with a lot of advantages over conventional attacks, one being that you only have to send one person into the fight who winds up dead and isn’t likely to get captured if bad things happen. They are like roaming death squads, it’s just one man with a bomb while the rest of the insurgency is somewhere else.

            I am not contending that ISIS is on the right side of their fight, I am simply saying that their tactics have been effective and saying that they are mostly certainly used to fight perceived tyranny.

          • Bill

            They are indeed very effective. I’d like to see the West adopt the Israeli response to a suicide bomber/terrorist attack: clean up the scene as fast as possible and move on. And killing whomever is left and responsible.

            ISIS excels at controlling message and perceptions. I’m confident that their leadership is too smart to believe their own BS.

          • iksnilol

            I agree with you on principle, especially considering that most of the tactical doctrine of my homeland was built on assymetrical warfare. I still support ethics and don’t condone suicide vests. If you want explosive mayhem a car/truck loaded with explosives is more effective. Or a rifle at distance for that matter.

        • Bill

          ISIS and their ilk are the epitome of tyranny.

          • Cymond

            Yes, but tyrants often view themselves as oppressed underdogs.

            Hitler is an easy example. He thought he was saving Germany.

          • Bill

            Hitler’s thought processes, and those of most psychopaths, are hardly well-ordered or realistic. Sure he thought he was oppressed, but was he actually?

          • Cymond

            I’m not arguing that he was, just that most tyrants (like “ISIS and their ilk”) perceive themselves as oppressed.

  • Josh

    A very unprofessional unbecoming article, you should be quite ashamed to write such a horrible piece. Perhaps you should write anti gun articles for Hillary…


  • Brocus

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  • DIR911911 .

    “but insurance to actually use them was far too expensive” . . . words only spoken by those with money to lose. ship’em to me , I got lots of broke friends 🙂

  • Oonue

    The entire display is in poor taste, and will probably be used in the next 20 or so awb proposals.

  • Sulaco

    Jeez is this another april fools thing?

  • aka_mythos

    I think there are a few things to consider… This “stunt” was by a company that does make and deals in NFA items and in the past they have registered a number of atypical NFA devices. Enough people still assume all suppressors, machineguns, and short barrel rifles are illegal, and throw a fit or “warn” you at the range, but that’s out of ignorance of the law. They’ve gone out of their way to show how silly the NFA regimen can be. The display of these obvious fake items was satirical.

  • Joshua Morris

    Starting to dislike you TFB… You are what is wrong with gun owners, calling this a stunt. If you stand for guns you should stand for all guns, and since the NFA covers explosives, and guns you should be all for if the company wants to sell pipebombs.

    • Bill

      What legitimate use is their for a pipe bomb?

  • Avery

    I’m a little surprised the HPD didn’t drag the guy off for the “pighunting” comment on the Tupperware Claymore. It’s might be a double entendre, but law enforcement tends to frown on jokes about cop killing.

    • irock350

      Pretty sure he was serious about actually using the claymore to go pig hunting with it. He seriously intends to kill wild hogs with these.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    I can’t believe how many idiots here piss themselves over not only fake stuff, but the fact we can legally obtain and own these things (with a lot off bullshit red tape).
    You either believe “shall not be infringed” or you don’t. That’s the way I see it. You CANNOT have your cake and eat it, too. Give them an inch and they (government) will take a mile.
    All infringements on arms should be repealed until the people legally amend the Constitution with an amendment repealing the Second Amendment, just like the Prohibition had to be repealed by yet another amendment. No currently infringing laws are actually, Constitutionally, legal unless the Second is repealed first. But, some motherf*****s just don’t see what the purpose of the Second was. The people are to be all powerful, not the government.
    Hell, even state and local laws restricting arms are unconstitutional because we have a damn amendment saying “shall not be infringed”. ITS CLEAR. We’ve just had too many people not care and gladly give things up to feel safe.

    • Bill

      How about exercising your First Amendment rights by dressing up like Hitler and strolling around a synagogue?

      • CliffK

        That sounds fantastic, actually.
        Thanks for the idea!

        • Bill

          Get back to us on how that works out, and how many people you inspired to go into investigative journalism or advance their education in rhetoric and persuasion.

    • Rbt Evans

      So,if I don’t agree with everything you say,I’m an idiot an a motherf****r.
      And you think it’s your right,and that it’s right,to say that?

  • n0truscotsman

    This is obviously provocative trolling to poke the ATF and authorities with a stick. Perfectly legal ‘sales’ though.

    And utterly stupid. The ‘logic’ of some people who want to draw unneeded attention to themselves is really puzzling.

  • Ruffneck617

    Steve, why don’t you take sean up on his request to speak with you? I’m sure it’ll be a great interview and give you the opportunity to fact check your opinion…

  • LMAO @ “HMFIC at NFA”

  • Roy G Bunting

    The Texas Machine Gun & Ordinance company has a right to say and display these things. and when you display a supposed “Martyr creation device” suicide vest (real or not, for sale or not) you are saying something.

    We, as members of a shared community with TxMGO, *also* have a right to criticize their speech. We do not have a right to preempt their speech.

    Statements like the ones made here by TxMGO fuel our opponents arguments against us and characterize us in a distasteful light. Statements like these directly lead to more restrictive laws against the right to keep and bear arms and turn public opinion against us.

    For the “Shall not be infringed” crowd, this *hurts* your cause. Firearms and explosives are inherently dangerous. That’s why we want them. Dangerous things are best handled by serious people. People who respect (or seem to respect) the danger they wield. Displaying “Pig hunting claymores” and selling pipebomb kits as a marketing stunt, makes all gun owners and *especially* the Shall not be infringed speakers seem like people who don’t respect the danger of our guns and that we’d use explosives to hunt pigs and possibly terrorize people we don’t agree with.

    For the “Well if you don’t think they should do this, you must not support silencers, green tip etc” crowd. The big difference is that we are trying to make reasonable, logical arguments for Modern Sporting Rifles, 50BMGs, suppressors, SS109 etc. we can point to ergonomics and equivalency for MSRs, hearing protection and noise pollution for suppressors, the lack of truly improved penetration of SS109, and long range shooting sports for 50BMGs. There is no such argument for pipe bombs and suicide vests. Displaying them without some sort of context, reasoning and especially with “funny” tags like “Martyr Creation Device”, undermines *all* of our other arguments. “Because I can” is the mantra of a *Bully*. It goes with “Who’s going to stop me?” Is that how you want the country to see us?

    You have to understand, anti-gun people are afraid of us, and they try to spread that fear. They overestimate the power of the devices we own. giving them a reason to fear us is bad for us. if you want to sacrifice our right to bear arms on the pedestal of “It’s just a joke,” I hope you enjoy Nerf guns, because at this rate, they want to even take away airsoft. Stoking their fear will burn up your rights. Think before you speak.

  • I might be hunky-dory with the whole thing if it wasn’t just a dumbass troll. I don’t give a damn about pipe bombs or suicide vests. Go nuts, who cares. But what I do give a damn about is asshats going about being disruptive for no other reason that to stir the pot for their own amusement. Whether it’s pipe bombs or tangerines, people who feel the need to poke at others for no good reason just make the world a worse place in general for everyone.

    This jackassery says more about TxMGO than it does anyone else. You’re an idiot dude.

  • Zapp Brannigan

    There are actual people who don’t see this as a really bad thing which puts gun owners in a bad light? Defending pipe bombs and suicide vests? If that isn’t over the line in stupidity, then what is?

    Some of the best anti-gun messages come from the pro-gun idiots.

    • Ebby123

      Free. Country.

      Those words mean something – and it isn’t “Free to do all things that Zapp (or anyone else) agrees is a good idea.”

      The true test of freedom is being free to do something almost no one agrees with. Anything short of that is just a lighter shade of socialism – you can have permission to do that if society likes the idea.

      • Bill

        What are the first three words in the Constitution? Hint: it’s “We the People.” Not “It’s all about me.”

        • Irock350

          The right of the people to keep and bear arms seems pretty straightforward, or are you going to argue that pioe bombs aren’t arms or that youneed to be in the militia to keep and bear a firearm.

          • Bill

            Pipe bombs are criminal tools. Im positive more humans, than beavers, or stumps, or gophers, or any of your other inane ideas, have been harmed by them.

          • Irock350

            The may be used for criminal purposes, but thier lawful construction doesn’t automatically make them criminal tools. Acording to the ATF they are lawful arms and as such the people have a right to own them. But since you seem to be of the opinion that owning an object regardless of intent makes you a criminal, I’m guessing your not a fan of freedom or civil rights.

          • Bill

            Um, most of us with more than 3 functional brain cells figured out that adult males constitute the unorganized militia.

            You’re 17, aren’t you?

          • irock350

            So you are saying that a 100% legal, registered NFA item is automatically a criminal tool regardless of intent? How do you feel about machine guns or silencers? Or are they also criminal tools with no lawful purpose?

  • Dangerous bob

    No they didn’t

  • Angel Benitez

    Way to go idiot!!!
    This gives ammo to the left wingers in shutting down gun shows !!!!!!

    I hope you shut down your business as people like you should not have an FFL !

  • Darrryl

    Whether this stunt was stupid or not is up for debate. That a citizen knows what is and is not legal better than the people who are in charge of enforcing the laws is just plain annoying.

  • Tom Currie

    That idiot is right up there with the Open Carry Activists as the greatest real threats to the right to keep and bear arms. It is stunts like those that give the anti’s valid arguments to convince reasonable people that we really are Gun Nuts. (Although I must admit that selling under $5 worth of plumbing supplies for $150 would be a stroke of genius if you found someone stupid enough to buy a 12″ length of pipe and two end caps for $150.)

    • bobby allen

      I honestly hate people like you

  • Benjamin Goldstein

    I dont see the issue, i know guys who collect explosive ordnance… And theres a few companies who specialize in selling 1-1 replicas of everything from Claymores , Suicide vests, rigged Artillery shells, Electric dets, non electric dets, blocks of Semtex, C4 etc.. Mostly used by EoD guys for training, but still highly collectable…

  • Geoffry K

    I already knew that grenades could be registered as a DD, but with the Tax Stamp and the cost of each grenade, a rather expensive way to blow SH…, er, Stuff up.
    I guess registering a pipe bomb would be a bit cheaper, as most DIY store have the material. Still, blowing up a $200 Tax Stamp…..
    Tannerite. Cheaper.

  • Bert OConnor

    Pranks at a gun show, smiles all around, handshakes, nods, winks. Much fun and frivolity was had. Just what you’d want at a gun show. What’s next? Yell “fire!” in a crowded theater where there is no fire, just to see what the fire department does?

  • Blake
    • Rbt Evans

      Wow,thanks for that addition.
      To the nonsense.

  • Rodney Steward

    Well Texas is slowly being over run by muslims, might as well sell there favorite weapons! I’ve about decieded the BATFE is being run by muslims too!

  • Rodney Steward

    If Obama had a son ………

    • SP mclaughlin

      he’d look like Twayvon!

  • Mc Cain


  • Robert Martin

    I’m superstitious. I believe that having fingers blown off or an eye or two put out is Very Bad Luck.
    Circumstances would have to be very dire indeed for me to use explosives. Quire frankly: they scare me! To all those who groove on explosives—you can have all of yours and mine too. I’ll say a prayer for your safety.

  • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Chalk is now a destructive device? Only in the mines of the anti gunners and ATF. Wow. Would a round composed of sand glued together be a destructive device too?

  • Ixlr8

    I guess no one noticed the girl walking around with a flame thrower backpack, and another one for sale.
    True story.

  • lurpy

    A lot of people seem really confused on the difference between “can” and “should.”

  • Everyone —Sean of TXMGO wrote a response to the article which I just added to the bottom of the article. You might want to read it prior to commenting.

    • Bill

      Read it: Anyone who thinks that today’s firearms scene is boring and needs to be shaken up hasn’t been in the field very long. Couple that with some seriously serial-sex-offender-level rationalization…

      • Personally I’m not bored with SHOT show for example. Pretty cool stuff. Gun shows not so much. They generally aren’t what they used to be.

        • Bill

          Exactly: local gun shows blow, but the changes in the firearms field in general have been in hyperdrive for the last decade. Of course that comes with plenty of gimmicks, but in spite of that, the tech has become far more advanced and varied than in the past.

          • irock350

            So gun shows are boring, but no one should attempt to shake them up by introducing a new type of firearm to market. Seems like a logical argument, seems like the logic one might use to to justify pulling someone over for driving while black or the kind of logic one might use to justify sexual assault.

          • Irock350

            Local gunshows blow, but attempting to shake them up by offering new productsthat no one else makes is frowned upon? That sounds very much like the lind of lofic one uses to justify sexual assault.

          • Bill

            That doesn’t even remotely make any kind of sense, and just lowered the collective IQ of the conversation by at least 20 points. Go make a DVD rewinder, it would be just as stupid.

          • Irock350

            You’re right, framing dissenting opions as agreeing with sexual assualt is stupid. Why would anyone with a logical point even make that equivocation.

  • Scott B

    My dear old dad used to say “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!!”

  • ATF is always at gun shows—nothing new about that.

    • Mike Lashewitz

      Yep! Secretly filming us all . . . .

      • Lt_Scrounge

        There is a reason why I used to take a wheeled tool box to gun shows to carry my purchases around in. Hard to record what you’re buying when it disappears into a tool box seconds after the money changes hands.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    One might consider “Shall not be infringed” would include anything commensurate with what can be used against you. Seeing as I have been where land mines and IEDs and suicide vests were used against me I really do not see a problem here.
    If you choose to be a “Daffy Duck” and do that trick that can only be done ONE TIME then that is your choice.
    If you believe you will gain 40 virgins by doing do it then perhaps you deserve to die for being innately st’oo’pid. Darwin was right you know.
    You do realize the statistics for the “Transgendered” show their death rate is higher than any other twisted minority, while lesbians corner the market on spouse abuse.
    Why is the theme from M.A.S.H. running through my head? What was the name of that song?

    • Anon. E Maus

      Suicide Is Painless?

      • Mike Lashewitz

        Yep YOU got it!!!!

  • Bill

    Wow. Do you make your own license plates? I suppose the FAA can’t manage airspace over Kansas?

    I’d pay money to watch you explain this to a federal agent. You’ll get a lesson on Article VI, Paragraph 2. It’s in this thing called “The Constitution.”

  • Mr. C

    You do realize this is for show, right?

  • Cobranut

    I admit it, I did laugh a little at the Martyr Creation Device. 😉

  • SeanRobinson

    You have a cargo cult understanding of the constitution and its development. Your teachers should be ashamed.