Found this photo on social media. The watermark looks to be from Zahal, an Israeli website for tactical gear and accessories. The top two X95s are just your ordinary Micro Tavors. They have 13″ barrels and come in FDE or Black. The third X95 down is the integrally suppressed 9mm. I would love to play with that version. I am curious if the suppressor is like that of a MP5SD and vents 115gr and 124gr Nato to subsonic levels? The last X95 is the most intriguing. It looks similar to the US released X95s with the longer barrel and longer handguard. However there is a subtle difference. This X95 has an FDE rail under the handguard sections. If you look at the US released X95s, like the one Tim Harmsen of MAC has, the US FDE version have black rails with FDE covers. I wonder if the FDE rails are exclusive to IDF or was it just cheaper to mold them all in black and only color mold the handguards and receivers for the US X95s?


  • SF

    could the SD one be 9mm? I doubt they would slow the 556 down to subsonic with porting, itd be kinda stupid. if anything it is full power 556 or 9mm

    • lardmonkey1

      the hole is the suppressor looks small to be 9mm though it is hard to tell.

    • Nicholas C

      The suppressed one is a 9mm. If you look at the IWI online under X95S it is 9mm.{61CC036A-C72E-4646-9D2A-358535EB0751}

  • Ed

    Bless our friends in Israel. Way were going they may need there own arsenal for defense.

  • Anonymoose

    I thought the Israelis were sort of notable for their use of 158gr 9mm in their suppressed Uzis?

    also, dat Infidel mag-wrap.

  • TangledThorns

    Avoid Zahal at all costs otherwise it costs you.

    • James

      What do mean avoid Zahal? Do they have quality control issues?

      • TangledThorns

        They’re shady. Never received a pistol grip from them and didn’t see a refund. They’re in Israel and difficult to reach by phone and didn’t respond to my emails too. Best to order from Mako instead.

    • Lee

      I have a 50% sucess rate with zahal. They have cool stuff, but you’re lucky if you ever get it.

    • Jon Hammett

      I have ordered from them four times and never had any problems either with ordering or getting the wrong stuff from them. I decked out a vz58 with the fab stuff since it is cheaper to order a lot of it through Zahal (especially the aluminum quad rail).

  • Evan

    The one on the top right has a traditional trigger guard and not the standard Tavor handguard thing. What model is that?

  • A Fascist Corgi

    The handguard is hideous. I also don’t know why anyone would buy a Tavor when the Desert Tech MDR will probably be released within a year.

    • Jon Hammett

      Know the track record of the MDR? Yeah, me neither. The Tavor/X95 is a stable weapon that already has all of the bugs worked out, they’re plentiful, and all for a similar price to the MDR (I think, I could be wrong). I don’t own an X95 or Tavor, but wish I did.