Alien Gear OWB “Cloak Mod” Paddle Holster

Alien Gear, well known for their versatile IWB holsters, has introduced an OWB holster that has some interesting features. Similar to their IWB versions, the “Cloak Mod” paddle holster is very diverse with what kind of polymer covering is affixed to the holster, being able to choose from a wide variety of handgun designs. However, this is only half the retention, the other half being a thin strip of metal that acts as a spring, underneath the actual firearm and towards the body. This is separated from the firearm by a similarly shaped piece of plastic. The two together, allow the spring to press the gun into the correctly shaped outer molder. All these pieces together allow the gun to lock into place while in the holster. The holster itself has a paddle type belt retention backing, that can be switched out with a much more traditional loop style backing that a belt is ran through. Both of these backings are included in the package. The entire holster system is available for $47.88 on their website.

Feel secure with the all-new Cloak Mod OWB Holster, a product that’s as innovative and durable as your favorite firearm. You will finally feel true, undeniable strength when you slip this state-of-the-art OWB paddle holster into your beltline for the first time. This is the next evolution of outside the waistband gun holsters. After spending over a year in development, our OWB paddle holster is ready to be carried by those looking to protect themselves on a daily basis. The Cloak Mod’s exceptional strength begins at its core with a spring-steel flex plate. This layer provides strength and support. Our engineers have also added a thermo elastomer retention membrane, a durable material that rests between your gun and the steel flex plate. When holstering your firearm, this thick layer of thermo elastomer snaps your gun into place and retains it once it’s there. You’ll also find that with its open-mouthed design, the muzzle of your gun will find a perfect access point to the rest of the gun holster. The curved holster paddle has been built to withstand a wide array of daily hardships. We have added a retainment lip to the inside of the paddle, which protects carriers from attackers looking to unhook their paddle holster. Rest assured, safety will always stay at your side with our state-of-the-art retention system. We at Alien Gear Holsters pride ourselves in the integration of customizations into the Cloak Mod OWB holster. Our Five-Point Customization System provides each open carrier with a variety of carry options. As a carrier, you will be able to adjust the cant/angle and level of retention. This can be achieved by following our comprehensive set of instructions provided with your order. To set us apart even further from other outside the waistband holsters, the Cloak Mod has the ability to become a belt slide holster, which can then be attached to your belt. If you prefer wearing the outside the waistband holster through your belt loop as opposed to wearing the paddle backer, just swap out the paddle component and replace it with the belt slide that came with the order. Lastly, the Cloak Mod’s holster shells are fully swappable. This allows you to easily switch out your holster shell to match the firearm you wish to carry. It’s that simple. Alien Gear Holsters promises a superior quality product, and we back this claim with our Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee. If any part of your Cloak Mod OWB holster breaks for any reason, we’ll repair or replace it for free. We also provide customers with free holster shell trades for life and a 30-day test drive. Invest in the future of OWB holsters for just $47.88, and have the ability to customize your carry like never before. If you already own an Alien Gear Holster shell that you’d like to use on your paddle holster, purchase the Cloak Mod OWB holster without a shell for only $42.88..

Although I really like the use of a large metal springlike contraption to provide tension, I’m curious as to why Alien Gear has gone with an OWB holster that would print significantly more than other OWB holsters in competition. Considering they have their name for IWB holsters that do exceptionally well, and at an excellent price.



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  • Michigunner

    I thought the spring steel insert was a novel idea, then I saw the alien head shaped paddle. I’ll pass, thanks.

  • ozzallos .

    Alien head stamp goes well with my ‘GRIPZONE’ marked pistol.

    • USMC03Vet

      grip zone > grip tape


    I own two CLOAK TUCK 3 holsters and four shells, from Alien Gear. They are great holsters (IWB) as well as their belts, which are probably bullet proof, stiff as needed, holds the holster right where it should be (have the belt too!) However, myself, and several others, who to be honest, ain’t “svelte” like all the persons shown in their advertising, are towards the overweight side. Can still get business taken care of, would Love to Lose and are working on losing that extra on the middle, but are being eaten alive by the grips of the firearms, myself to the point of blood on a long day, even with a t-Shirt! (duct tape helps, but shouldn’t have to resort to that) as well as it gets HOT in much of the country, have nearly begged for another few inches of rubber and the remaining material to shield the grip of our EDC from our mid section! That would take a non inexpensive, but great start of a holster and make it comfortable! Personally, I have bought my last ALIENGEAR anything because we have basically ben told it’s not going to change! I guess in otherwords, “suck it up and bleed!” I believe mine are going up for sale, which I hate because it would take a small change to make them great, I Love the Design and concept, have tried it a while, and I’m not going to keep being this uncomfortable! I have found another make of holster that covers all, including grip, and can wear it COMFORTABLY all day! Costs more, no interchangeability, new holster for each firearm, but COMFORTABLE! No raw sides! I know for a fact I’m not even close to the only one to have brought this to ALIENGEAR’S attention, would Love to stay, but done!! At least I can use the belt! Shame the customer ain’t right! I’m sure the skinny folks wouldn’t mind the change either! All folks are not built the same! At least I gave it a good try, and would prefer, even pay more to have that extra .75 cents worth of cover added! Hope one day they listen! My educated opinion is if you are not thin, you have some spare in the belly, I’d seriously look for another holster that covers the grip! They are out there, I have them! Just buy the belt! That works!!

    • bobthenest

      I had the same issue with Crossbreed. Had it all set, I thought, to cut the back leather larger so it would protect my skin from the grip. Got message from them saying they misspoke as all leathers are precut and can’t be done differently. So much for meeting customers’ needs. Their way or no way. No Crossbreed in my browser anymore.

      Who did you find that meets the need???!!!!

    • BobinMI

      Good luck getting a full firing grip on the firearm if they stretch that leather or rubber up higher. If your willing to forego the full firing grip when you reach for it look into N82 holsters. Hands down the most comfortable that I’ve ever worn. Literally could take a nap with my G17 RTF. Brought it to IDPA one time and after the first stage I borrowed a fobus from a buddy for the rest of the shoot. Draw times were terrible because you cannot get a full grip on the gun.

      • OUT OF GAUZE

        Not looking for upward stretch, looking for an extension of the notch from where the receiver is, and it cuts downward, leaving the grip to rub against your side, like N82 extended theirs. And that’s where I went, N82. I don’t have a 50 Lb flap of blubber hanging over, covering the weapon, I just ain’t thin….anywhere! I’m a big person. As far as getting full grip, I have a grip that can make an oyster whince, and am able to get proper grip. I’ve been carrying for over 35 years, professionally, in fact an instructor, and don’t like blowing my own horn, but can get to my weapon, full size frame from revolver (SS Colt Python, to a Beretta 96G and now an FNS 40) I do prefer a DA/SA however. I shoot on PPC Course 99-100%, or hit whatever I need to in my profession. I have a lot of lead down range, and understand it takes time, lots of practice, a large amount of that drawing and re-drawing until you are confident with what you’re doing! My life depends on it! Yes, IWB is more difficult than outside, but I carry both and do good with them. And comfort is important, it can be a problem! I’m sure there are people that buy a gun, buy a holster, put it on and away they go, never even firing the weapon! They’re nuts!! Get hurt or worse that way! If I’m uncomfortable and I can’t get to my weapon as you state, I’m finding something that I can! Like most I have holsters, no longer used but in good shape, everywhere you look. Didn’t work out. That’s what makes me nuts about ALIENGEAR….So Close!! .75 cents of material, and I know machinery setup I’m sure, and you’d have to wrestle that thing from me! It’s RIGHT THERE! Well now it’s “RIGHT THERE” on the pile! Can’t and won’t do it anymore! N82 got it, just wish they had the wide double mount of the ALIENGEAR! Funny thing is, this started out as an article on an outside the belt holster! I always get the setup where I want it, don’t know that I own a bone stock handgun at all. Fix it where I’m comfortable with it! I appreciate the heads up on the N82, but was already there, and I agree, could sleep with it like a teddy bear! Just hate it when the teddy bear goes off!!

        • ddhartma

          I have a N82 for my CZ P-09 but could not get it with the Kydex shell. This resulted in me having to undo my pants every time I needed to holster my weapon. I ended up getting the Aliengear Cloak Tuck 3.0 and yes, I have to wear a sleeveless undershirt to prevent irritation from the grip, but with that it is quite comfortable and I can now reholster even around the ladies. BTW: I won’t pussy-foot around it, I am fat (but the advantage is that I can carry a full-size handgun without anyone being the wiser).

  • Looks like it was designed by Fobus. Smacks more of a Novelty item to me. I don’t need complications in my holsters. Pass.

  • Hangun Pro

    Are they trying to beat Fobus for “Most Easily ripped off the belt”?


    Bit long for ya, huh? Sorry, get going sometimes! Thank you for your service, and above all….your profession of your Love of our LORD, GOD and SAVIOR!


  • CavScout

    Alien Gear is proof you can do well simply with good marketing, even with sub par products.

  • Glock Guy

    Great product with interchangeability! It’s a win-win for me. I like the paddle too. We can’t all take our guns to work with us, so I like the ability to take my holster off right before leaving my vehicle. The only thing I would like is the ability to add tactical light to the holster, as an option.