Syvat sent this in to us. He asked the guy, that he got it from, what it was from. The anonymous guy said it is a a secret. Syvat thinks it is perhaps a customized AR lower. Anyone know Cyrilic? What do the markings say?



  • Houston

    Looks to me like it’s a custom engraved 80% lower.Hence the lack of a safety hole

    • Otm Shooter

      Keyhole forging mark. Probably a custom job. Correct on the 80%

  • MAF

    “CANLA” like thing is Saiga in Cyrillic.

    • You mean САЙГА?
      Palatal approximants to English:
      С= S sound
      А= A sound
      Й= I sound
      Г= G sound
      In English it’s pronounced “Psy-Guh”

      Looks like my Cyrillic keyboard came in handy for once….

      • iksnilol

        TFW you finally get to use your Cyrillic keyboard:

        I use a cyrillic keyboard on my phone to mess with comrades.

  • Saferight

    Looks like the same markings from a Saiga rifle along with the russian symbols for the selector. Has to be custom…

  • Bill Walsh

    САЙГА on the magazine well is “SAIGA,” and the О/ОД/АВ are the selector switch settings (safe, semi-auto, full auto). The fact it’s got a 12 above the magazine well makes me wonder if it’s actually in 12-gauge.


      12 is for the year.

      • Bill Walsh

        Ah! Thanks. Suggestion withdrawn! (Looked the wrong shape, but what do I know…)

        • BLK RFL DIV

          Not a problem, it’s my lower so I should know 😉

          • Bill Walsh

            Ha! I do, however, know Russian, and the actual word for safety is predokhranitel’, so a П might be appropriate, as might a་ В for “vklyuchen,” or “engaged.” Though, truth be told, I’ve never seen the equivalent of “SAFE” on a Russian gun.

          • BLK RFL DIV

            Ah, wish I had done П

            Where were you before Bill, I had asked around and you are correct, had a hard time tracking down a symbol for safe.

          • ostiariusalpha

            The AK-12 uses ПР for safe on its selector switch.

          • BLK RFL DIV

            Thank you!

          • ostiariusalpha

            The AEK-971 does the same; seems the most legit option.

          • Rokurota

            “Fire” in Russian is ПЮ ПЮ

          • Marty Ewer

            You’re not Bill Walsh from DLI in San Antonio, I can’t imagine. Litvin Litvin?

  • PXN

    If it was a actual thing, it would be the only AR I would own. Rugged AR anyone?


    This was an 80% lower that I recently had laser engraved with the same markings as my Saiga variant with the year that I started my small company. Additionally, this is for a 300BLK pistol build I’m currently working on. Seeing as I live in CA and deal with BS laws, the only way for me to create another AR pistol is by making it myself… well, until that becomes illegal too because of the infamous ‘ghost guns’ yah yah baloney.

    The selector markings are for a select fire FCG, but Russians do not have a symbol that denotes ‘safe’, so I went with a simple ‘0’. As we all know, finger is safety in Mother Russia.

    It is a unique project, one that I’ve wanted to do for years, and I’m potentially planning on doing a limited run of these 80s with Meridian Defense Corp.

    • Squirreltakular

      I love it. Nice work.

      • BLK RFL DIV

        Thank you. It’s currently getting anodized and I look forward to putting it all together…. because who doesn’t love building guns.

        • Squirreltakular

          What are your plans for furniture and the upper?

          • BLK RFL DIV

            Already have my Ballistic Arms 300BLK barrel, using a BCM blem upper, was thinking about getting it laser cut too with just the IZHMASH arsenal triangle mark, but hmmm not sure about that, a Thordsen Enhanced cheek rest on the receiver extension, a Geiselle MKIII 9.5″ rail, and a SIlencerCo ASR RH.

            FCG will not be select fire…. I wish, but using an ALG QMS trigger, nothing fancy, just something to shoot with daily. I love waiting for parts to arrive….

          • BLK RFL DIV

            Already have my Ballistic Advantage 300BLK barrel, using a BCM blem upper, was thinking about getting it laser cut too with just the IZHMASH arsenal triangle mark, but hmmm not sure about that, a Thordsen Enhanced cheek rest on the receiver extension, a Geiselle MKIII 9.5″ rail, and a SIlencerCo ASR RH.

            FCG will not be select fire…. I wish, but using an ALG QMS trigger, nothing fancy, just something to shoot with daily. I love waiting for parts to arrive….

          • ostiariusalpha

            It would look pretty cute with Bakelite furniture. Ha ha ha!

          • BLK RFL DIV

            Wow, that’s sexy but not going that route.

          • Core

            Id go with wood distressed layered like an AK furniture.

          • Nate Stewart

            Get the TacCon 3MR. It lets you switch the FCG all the way backwards and is pretty fun!

    • Nicholas C

      Please share pics when you are done!

      • BLK RFL DIV

        Will do.

    • myndbender

      & Please keep TFB informed if & when you start your limited run of these one of a kind 80% lowers with Meridian!

      • BLK RFL DIV

        Will do, but now my concern lies with selling for commercial purposes and trademark infringement.

    • Green Hell

      I think “Safe” would be “П” (Передохранитель).

    • Kitsuneki

      you could use “ПР” like “предохранитель” for safe

    • Luiz

      Have you checked the laws on firearms markings? The ATF has very specific laws on markings and I wonder what the legality is on marking an 80% with the name of an actual manufacturer…

      • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

        At this point it is not a “firearm” under federal law – it is merely a chunk of aluminum with a few machine cuts performed on it. There is no provision for a hammer/trigger/selector Fire Control Group.

      • BLK RFL DIV

        Furthermore, when one takes an 80 and does mill it out, it has to be with the intent for the sole use for the individual, never for future sale, thus it doesn’t have to be marked at all. However, if that individual does decide to sell it down the line, then at that point it does need be marked. The laws that surround commercial manufacturers and very different from the laws about individuals building their own firearms.

        On a totally different subject, you argue that this is one of the reasons why gun laws are a fallacy, the government can never and will never be able to control firearms, because criminals could always make their own. Examples, Brazil and Mexico.

    • Ted Roberts

      Hi there, would you shoot us an email at,we are extremely interested in purchasing a few of these 80% lowers from you,thanks!

    • M.Mitchell Marmel

      Exquisite work! 😀

      • BLK RFL DIV

        Thank you.

  • iksnilol

    The markings are standard Russian markings: “OD” for single shot (“Odin”) and “AV” for “Avtomat” (or something else, bottom line it means something with “automatic”).

    The other side is hilariously marked with “Saiga”.

    • It’s “odinochnyi [ogon’]'” (adj. separate, semi-auto [fire]) and “avtomaticheskiy [ogon’]” (adj. full-auto [fire]). ОДиночный and АВтоматический.

    • Lt_Scrounge

      It’s pronounced odeen. That’s the Russian word for one.

      • iksnilol

        I know, but it is written odin.


    Right now it is 100% legal. Until they obviously make it 100% illegal because CA is ripe with tyranny and fearmongering, not to mention outright lies that look to only criminalize law abiding citizens like myself and the many other gun owners.

    • SoCal Shooter

      Existing law makes it a crime for any person in this state to manufacture, import into the state, keep for sale, offer or expose for sale, give, or lend an unsafe handgun.

      They key there is “unsafe” meaning any handgun you manufacture today would need to meet the safe handgun requirements. This includes the BS microstamping.

      AR & AK pistols used to be made pre-2015 using the single shot exemption then converting them to semi auto.

      • BLK RFL DIV

        This is correct to a degree, but the laws that surround commercial manufacturers and individuals are different, but it’s mainly related to part of the SSE law that is still in effect. AR and AK pistols can still be built from the ground up by a citizen and by a manufacturer as a single shot with a single round sled. And that is the key, for it to be manufactured with the intent of it being a single shot. After that it can then be modified to accept standard mags and run in semi. The SSE laws still exist in part and this pistol as well as the hundreds built every day in CA will be compliant under the existing asinine laws. There is no workaround or “loophole”, it is compliant under the laws created by statist bastards.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I have something like this planned as well. Have the etching template for the Izhmash arsenal mark and was going to hand stamp some of it.


      Do it! And post it, the hand stamped look would be amazing and a worthy accomplishment.

  • Anonymoose

    Selector goes from Safe to Capitalists to Chechens.

    • Justin Roney

      You sir win the interwebs for the day.

    • Markius Fox

      Or; Communists, to Capitalists, to Counter-revolutionaries.

      • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

        Or: Patriots, to Socialists, to Clintonistas

  • Fred Lin

    All Markings complete by Laser engrave, It will spend lot of energy and processing time on every single piece, I don’t think Izhmash will do this way.

    Also the “Keyhole” forge code told this is an american forged lower : P

  • Andrew Dubya

    Cyrillic reader here. They`re the selector markings found on Russian-made AK rifles.

  • demophilus

    Um, hate to be Mr. Buzzkill here, but some of those marks, particularly logos, could be trademarks. If they’re registered in the US, and you do a production run of these lowers, you’re risking statutory damages, and that’s a 6 figure problem.

  • MPWS

    Do you find it ethical to steal foreign trade mark? Is it because of trade embargo and you feel legally safe. Izhmash would never take on project like that; everyone with common sense must know it.

    • Alex Agius

      so long as its not being sold or marketed as being real I really don’t see the issue

      • demophilus

        WADR, “real” isn’t the issue. The use of a someone else’s trademarks outside of nominative use or comparative advertising is infringement, unless it’s fair use, like fine art or educational use. Selling or even advertising them for sale could result in a serious financial problem.

        • Mike

          True demophilus. As someone who makes a living in the field, I completely agree.

  • Caffeinated

    I’ve got an Iraqi marked lower with Iranian remarks myself. Too much paint, but it’s a varmint gun right now.

  • kirk_freeman

    OD=Odin, one shot (semi)
    AB=AV, automatic (full auto)

  • fmike15

    Looks like a photoshop job to me.

  • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

    I would rather see left-leaning legislators register as Communists, than see any guns registered with government.

  • Markius Fox

    Geez, I wish I still had my Mac running. Anyway. ав (Av) is short for автоматический (avtomaticheskiy) meaning Automatic, OR it’s short for автомат (avtomat) meaning Automat. Од (Od) is short for Один (Odin) meaning One.

    сайга everyone should know by now, it means Saiga, as in Saiga Tatarica, aka Saiga Antelope.

    The stylized mark that looks like a P with in a large C with a T between the two ends of the C is the GOST Russian mark of conformity. It’s a standards mark analogous to a UL certification mark.


    Yes. But they are looking to change that.

  • Looks a lot like mine—-


      Let’s see it!