KRG Tactical Bolt Knob Lift For The Remington 700

You just bought a Remington 700 rifle that you want to make tactical, after a good quality scope and stable bipod what’s next for your 1000 yard sniper rifle? A tactical bolt knob of course! Why would you want to upgrade your bolt knob? Not only do they look cool but they give the shooter a better grip which helps you manipulate the bolt more efficiently. If you’ve already blown your long distance rifle money on good glass, rings, or a chassis then here’s a budget friendly tactical bolt knob for you. Kinetic Research Group’s Bolt Lift is an easy to install tactical bolt knob for your Remington 700 rifle that won’t break the bank.

Kinetic Research Group are the folks behind the FOX-42 Precision Rifle chassis and the Whiskey line of rifle chassis. It doesn’t actually replace your factory bolt knob at all, instead it attaches to the factory knob via one screw. No need to have a gunsmith cut and re-thread your bolt to fit a larger tactical knob.

They’re made in the USA and they retail for just $28, they’re available in black, tan and OD green and are available in a textured or grooved style. They should fit most Remington 700 rifles, they don’t fit the Remington 783 however. Check them out at

They’re also available on Amazon as well.



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  • Vhyrus

    Every time ‘tactical’ is used in the name of a gun accessory, god kills a kitten.

    • Jonathan Ferguson

      We might run out of kittens. What about “Warfighter”, “Battlespace” or my new favourite neologism “Battle Carbine”?

      • Anonymoose

        Yeah, but “battle carbine” actually makes sense, just like assault carbine and service carbine, and the “subcarbine” variants of those (think OSW and MC51/HK51). I also love when people say they “run” “weapon systems” when all they’re really doing is just sitting at a bench or a tacti-squatting in the background of an Instructor Zero video.

        • Anonymoose

          Sorry, I meant to post this Para FAL, with the 16″ barrel, since it’s more carbine-y than the 18″.

          • Jonathan Ferguson

            Without getting into the thorny details of it all, my biggest issue with ‘Battle Carbine’ was that I was reading it in a review of a civilian semi-auto firearm. I have enough issues with ‘battle rifle’, but at least that (and I suppose ‘battle carbine’ if we agree that a carbine is just a short-barrelled rifle) made some sort of sense as an antonym of sorts for (intermediate calibre) ‘assault rifle’. How is a 16″ barrelled semi-auto rifle (or carbine if you insist!) meaningfully a ‘battle carbine’ just because it’s in 7.62x51mm?

            Is an FN SCAR-H fitted with a 5.56 barrel, bolt, and magazine, still a ‘battle carbine’? What if a 20″ barrel is fitted? You see the problem; terms like this coined by firearm company marketing departments and the popular firearm press just make terminology more complex, without making it any more precise or meaningful.

            As you’ve seen if you’ve read postings here by Max Popenker and Nathaniel F, we have enough trouble agreeing on long-established terms like ‘carbine’ and ‘assault rifle’ without popularising more.

            The ultimate head-scratcher has to be the AK/AKM, with its 16″ barrel and select-fire capability (or not!) which is near-universally described as an ‘assault rifle’. If it were an AR, you’d call it an ‘assault carbine’ (or just plain ‘carbine’).

            Point being, these definitions are subjective, arbitrary, and of limited usefulness, particularly as modular ‘platforms’ (another brutally misused word) become more prevalent.

    • TDog

      My tactical AR needs a tactical mag release because the mag’s tactical floor plate makes tactical reloads that much more tactical.

      That oughtta hold Him over for a few.

      • Guygasm

        Love the capitalization.

    • Justin Galt KRG

      Just for general public knowledge, even though we’re SOF guys we don’t use “tactical” to describe our products. Our stuff is in fact used by some SOF and conventional guys but still we refrain. We make products for precision / long range shooters, we just leave it at that.

    • Dan

      Good I hate cats

  • Justin Galt KRG

    Thanks for the write-up Ray! Quite a lot of shooters use these now and they seem to really like them. We introduced them in 2010 for guys like .mil shooters who couldn’t do any cutting to their M-24’s.

  • kyphe

    I can confirm that KRG simply call it the Bolt lift not a tactical bolt (removed due to word censor)

  • VF 1777

    Sold. No brainer for my SPS

  • gunsandrockets
    • iksnilol

      Great idea with the mag release on the magazine itself. 😛

      • gunsandrockets

        I wonder if that magazine latch was broadly copied from the Swiss K-31 rifle.

  • Ambassador Vader

    Every time I see one of these I think mini keg.

  • Allan Segal

    I have one on my Sendero and an SPS . it adds to the ergonomics , but I have not placed it on a traditional BDC wooden stock hunting rifle.
    They DO make bolt lift easier, especially when gloved

  • Aaron E

    Our SWAT snipers have all added these to their Remington 700’s, and it has definitely made a big difference in bolt manipulation speeds. It is so much easier to open and close the bolt now, making follow-up shots much quicker. Great product!

  • Gorilla Biscuit

    Dey gon sell a billions of em..

  • Badwolf

    Hey bro, I heard you like tactical…

  • demophilus

    And to think Sgt. York, Vasily Zaytsev, Simo Hayha, and Gunny Hathcock did all their shooting without a tactical bolt knob lifter.

    • Al

      They just weren’t tactical. I bet none of them had any Velcro either.

  • John Dorr

    I like my kanob the way it is. 🙂 But this is tactacool….

  • Mike Lashewitz

    You mean I can get rid of the electrical tape?
    Hmmm $28 . . . . . 18 rolls of electrical tape . . . .
    Just kiddin, I will put that on my list. Now I need a big one for the Mosin…. So I can get rid of the vice grips. . . . .

  • Anonymoose

    What, no astrostrategical sniping?