Rifle Dynamics X Sharps Bros. Collaborative AK Receiver

Jim Grant is at Rifle Dynamics and got to check out their AK DMR. The receiver is milled steel and has an integrated M4 buffer tube adapter in the rear of the receiver. In the photo of Jim Fuller above he is holding a Sharps Bros MB47 carbine built by Rifle Dynamics. It’s rocking a Magpul UBR, SLR Weapons handguard, and ultra rare Russia Aluminum waffle pattern magazine. Serial: 001

Here is Jim’s interview with Jim Fuller.


Edit: Here is a photo posted after I submitted this article of the DMR AK. Three shot group at 100 yards.


Nicholas C

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  • Vhyrus

    7.62×39 AK DMR? What is this I don’t even…

    • iksnilol

      Old idea, google “Tabuk rifle”

      • Twilight sparkle

        Or if you wanna step up to a rifle calibre you could just get a psl

  • Dave

    Thats an aluminium waffle mag, only aluminium made in murica is called that stupid name.

  • Bear The Grizzly

    I hate to be “that guy”, but I think at this point nyet rifle is fine comes into play.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      B-b-b-but rifle dynamics! Jim fuller!

      I’ll never understand the absolute obsession with putting AR socks on everything. Most of them are secured by a single pin. I get the adjustability is a big sell, but most are so flimsy. I’d rather a poly AK folder or hell, the Zenitco if I needed something fancy. The Beryl stock is another nice option that even looks similar to the AR stock.

      • Alexandru Ianu

        AR stocks are just a shortcut to easy adjustability and replacement. They’re very available and the AR-15 happened to be the first rifle to mass produce the concept. Personally I’d rather have a Zhukov-like stock with a metal hinge on any rifle.

  • John

    Should also be rocking some sort of magazine well extension to insert, eject and protect the magazine better.

    I don’t hear “rifle is fine” comments from international AK users. They want sights, grips and other stuff.

    • iksnilol

      I dunno, side rail works fine for real scopes (red dots can be mounted on the gas tube). Foregrips aren’t hard to put on. even handguards with integrated foregrips.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      The problem is the aftermarket for AKs is over run with cheap garbage because AKs were always considered cheap junk. I’m a purist, but I don’t have an issue with legitimate upgrades that serve a purpose. Manticore arms makes excellent hand guards in the US. RS Regulate makes amazing adjustable side mounts. You just have to wade through the crap to find the gems. For some reason you get fanboys of stuff like the TWS covers that don’t accept that they are really very good.

  • Suppressed

    I’ve never been a fan of how AR stocks look on AK’s, but I like that UBR on there.

    • Adam D.

      Yeah, that little detail immediately grabbed my attention too.
      Bummer they only show it for a second in the video.
      Surprizingly the UBR seems to be more at home on an AK than on an AR,
      although it’s just an aesthetics thing.

      The DMR version is also a fine gun. The adjustable gas block is pretty wicked!

  • Squirreltakular

    Absolutely gorgeous. Now make it in .308 or x54r.

    • I have a VEPR 54R with a PRS on it, using the RD adapter. Heavy SOB, but shoots nice. SGM needs to release that 20rd mag, stat.

      • Squirreltakular

        I bet that is fun.

  • kalashnikev

    LOL… since nobody can seem to produce a lightening cut to the correct dimensions, he just went and invented his own fugly lightening cut? GENIUS!

    • Squirreltakular


      • Twilight sparkle

        The Lightning cut is the rectangular area on milled receivers that’s cut out to reduce overall weight.

        You can see it above the mag well on reciever

        • Squirreltakular

          Yeah, I’m tracking. I’m wondering where he’s getting his assumption that “nobody can… produce [one] to the correct dimensions” and what his problem is with the new ones.

          • Twilight sparkle

            I haven’t looked into it lately because I’m not into building milled aks but I’m pretty sure most places attempt to make a type 3 lightning cut instead of a type 2 and a lot of people want the type 2 cut. (I could have something mixed up though) the one I sent a picture of is a type 3

          • Alexandru Ianu

            I think they were trying to lighten it up as much as possible because of the added weight of the tube adapter in the back.

          • Twilight sparkle

            That’s really not going to add much weight, wood stocks are pretty heavy in comparison, the ubr stock is probably the heaviest part of that area and even then the total weight probably isn’t much more than a regular Ak stock.

  • Robert Brian Steely

    It’s SLR Rifleworks, not SLR Weapons. I have one of their handguards and their adjustable gas blocks on my AR they work great.

  • 7n6

    US parts kit build for the price of a SCAR

  • Ike

    Couldn’t tell from the video…is this a purpose-built gun?

  • SLi-Fox

    Cool. Maybe he’ll work on integrating the lower hand guard as well.

  • yeagerh8r

    7.62×39 + DMR = does not compute. error….error!!!! destroy all humans.

  • fmike15

    That guy looks too happy, he must have been shooting at commies!

  • fmike15

    Oh yeah, why can’t we get more 18″-20″ barreled AK’s without having to buy a RPK?

  • buzzman1

    Nice shot group. What kind of barrel is on it?