Thanks to Jeremy of Minnesota for sharing this picture with us.

This was my first AKM build from a parts kit. I was drawn to the
AMD-65 because of the muzzle break and that it was distinctly
different than other models. I started the project knowing enough to
be dangerous and learned a lot in the process. Due to the firearms
laws in the US, a 16″ barrel was necessary to avoid NFA paperwork/tax.
The new barrel I bought had a standard length gas port already
drilled.  This posed a problem because the gas tube and piston are
shorter on the AMD-65s. I replaced the piston with a standard AK
piston and found a gas tube from a Saiga that was the right length. I
then wire wheeled all the paint (tough stuff!) off all the parts and
blued them. I know this is not how the AMD-65s were made originally,
but since I had departed from the original design so much I figured I
go with my preference of blued steel vs paint. I used a NoDak Spud
receiver and a semi-auto fire control group. After headspacing the
barrel, drilling, pinning and riveting everything together it was time
for the test fire. It has functioned great since then. It also has
proven quite accurate. It will remain my favorite AKM and always turns
heads at the range.

Here is a photo of the AMD-65 completed.



  • Zoltán Szőrös

    Congrats for your taste! More than 50 years old design!

    • Anonymoose

      U W0T M8?

      • iksnilol

        What unwieldy toys are those?

        • Anonymoose


          • iksnilol

            I knew that, I just wanted to be rude 😛

            I think the muzzle devices on them are cool, though too long. A decent suppressor would be shorter.

            Yeah, that’s the thing we don’t want to admit. A 5.56 or 7.62×39 is just as good today as it was 50-70 years ago, barring specialty ammo of course. AKs are handy, I like them, chop down the barrel to 25 cm, fold the stock and it is awesome.

  • Vhyrus

    So is that barrel 16″ without that monstrosity of a brake? Cause you could have saved yourself 2-3 inches by blind pinning that bad boy on at the end.

    • Twilight sparkle

      It would look more like an amd if he did that too.

  • Kjk

    Noob question here. I see parts kits available for various rifles. Are all the parts you need in the kit or is it everything besides the receiver?

    • Twilight sparkle

      Everything besides the reciever and sometimes the barrel.

    • Scott P

      You also need to buy 6 U.S. parts (5 if a milled AK) to make it legal since it is illegal under the 1989 Import AWB to make a semi-auto rifle out of all foreign parts.

      Parts that count towards compliance are:

      (1) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings or stampings

      (2) Barrels

      (3) Barrel extensions

      (4) Mounting blocks (trunions)

      (5) Muzzle attachments

      (6) Bolts

      (7) Bolt carriers

      (8) Operating rods

      (9) Gas pistons

      (10) Trigger housings

      (11) Triggers

      (12) Hammers

      (13) Sears

      (14) Disconnectors

      (15) Butt stocks

      (16) Pistol grips

      (17) Forearms, hand guards

      (18) Magazine bodies

      (19) Followers

      (20) Floor plates

      On an AK most people get their compliance from the receiver, trigger group, muzzle brake, furniture, muzzle device, piston, and/or barrel.

      • Kjk

        Thanks guys. Seems like an unenforceable law about the 6 US made parts. Couldn’t you just say your floor plate was US made. How does anyone know

  • Twilight sparkle

    Be honest, you were drawn to the amd because of the cheap parts kits weren’t you? 😉

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Muzzle “brake”…unless, of course, the muzzle is broken.

    • Ironwulf

      When comforting a grammar nazi, always say, “There, Their, They’re…”

  • BrandonAKsALot

    You’ve almost built an AKM-63. If it had a fixed stock, then you’d have it essentially. Hungarian AKs are top notch.

  • randomswede

    That is an awesome looking build.

    On a side note; does anyone have pictures of the manual of arms for the AMD-65 foregrip, to me it seems it’s right where you want your palm.

  • Jason Roberts

    Nice. I’ve got a TGI marked AMD. I went ahead and Form 1’ed it. Sandblasted the whole thing and recoated in flat black GunKote. I love that bake on stuff. Anyway, enjoy!

    • SteveK


  • BigR

    What the heck is POTD? Just call me stupid!

    • Joshua

      Picture of the Day