New Schmidt & Bender Polar T96 Scopes

Polar T96

Schmidt & Bender announced several new optics products at the recent SHOT Show such as the PMII 3-27×56 High Power Digital BT scope reviewed by Aaron. The company also introduced a pair of new rifle scopes in the Polar T96 line.

3-12×54 Polar T96

Schmidt & Bender bills the Polar T96 as “the brightest scope of all time” with more than 96% total light transmission through the scope. This specific variable magnification scope is offered with a choice of first or second plane reticles. Reticles offered include the company’s standard L7/D7 and L4/D4 or with a BDC. Click adjustments are made in 1 cm or 1/4 MOA increments depending on the model. Scopes can also be had with a standard 34mm tube or with a light metal convex rail or light metal with Z-rail. Depending on the version, the weight of these will run from 23.77 oz – 25.68 oz.

4-16×56 Polar T96

The 4-16x version of the Polar T96 has many of the same features as the 3-12 model. This version can also be had as a first or second plane scope with a variety of reticles available. The weight of these scopes runs from 28.57 ounces to 30.58 ounces depending on your selection.

Schmidt & Bender offers a range of other configurations on request. If there is something specific you are looking for, and it is not offered as a standard scope, the company may still be able to get you what you need if you contact them.

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  • Longhaired Redneck

    You forgot to mention the pricing. I want to buy a Schmidt & Bender, but I have to wait until after my next Social Security check comes on the first of the month and the bills get paid. I just need to know how much money to set aside.

    • Peeholestinger

      If I were to guess I would suggest you set aside at least an arm and a leg for the above optic. Seriously though, it will probably retail close to $4,000, if not more.

      • Longhaired Redneck

        Yeah, I was thinking about the $5000 neighborhood, a neighborhood that remains off limits to me!

        • G

          They cost $2,443.63-$3,021.06 at EuroOptic.