Hi-Point Warranty: Trial By Fire


If you want to start an endless conversation, ask some friends: “What’s the most reliable gun on the market?” Your Glock buddy will chime in, your 1911 fanatic won’t stop talking, and your odd-ball, range buddy will yell about his Hi-Point. So how about them Hi-Point pistols?… People always have a lot to say about Hi-Points.

“They’re ugly as hell, but damn do they shoot!”

“They’re complete crap!… But I’ve never owned one to know.”

“If you need a hammer, you can always use a Hi-Point!”

Whether you love or hate them, there is no denying that they flat out work, and their warranty is 2nd to none.

I recently helped a customer buy her first pistol which was a Hi-Point. When I saw her a couple months later I asked how she liked her Hi-Point. She began to tell me a story I may have never believed if I did not sell her the pistol myself.

She told me how her car one morning was acting up with smoke coming from the engine so she pulled over on the highway. Once she popped the hood of her car flames were rising from the engine! She quickly grabbed her purse and ran a safe distance away while calling for help. She had forgotten that she had her Hi-Point in the car and it eventually went up in smoke with the vehicle.

Once the fire was put out it donned on her that her Hi-Point was still in the car. Once she found it, it looked like a big melted Crayola crayon. With her heart broke about the burned vehicle and her Hi-Point she remembered that I told her how outstanding Hi-Point’s warranty was. So she called Hi-Point, recounted her story to them, and they said to simply send it in and they’ll see what they can do.

A couple weeks later to her surprise she got a letter in the mail stating that they’d be sending her a brand new Hi-Point for FREE and that they were tremendously sorry to hear about her misfortune. They wanted to simply know what dealer she would like to have it sent to which was why she visited me that day. I was in complete shock! Now THAT is what you call a warranty!

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • BattleshipGrey

    Sounds like Hi Points are reliable in more ways than one.

  • EzGoingKev

    Make sure you forward this to General Milley.

  • Tim U

    Pretty sure most of the big companies wouldn’t do this, even with a lifetime warranty.

    Hi Points aren’t for me, but job well done guys.

  • DW

    Now that’s a way to undercut and stipple a pistol…probably cost about as much as SAI did.

    I kid.

    • Watch it DW, the posting police will get you, satire or not!

  • stephen

    When I teach firearms classes I give students the opportunity to try different types of pistols – .380, 9mm, .40, 357 and .45. What I have found is that all but one person (17 in all) who had a hi point, sold it and purchased a firearm that they could control, conceal, etc.

    Yes HP works but when you compare it to other firearms, most will change.

    Just saying.

    • Jim Dean

      Funny, I’ve never had an issue firing or controlling either one of the High Points I own. Granted they’re not that concealable but that’s not exactly a defect, it’s just the way they are. The vast majority of full-size 1911 are also not that easy to conceal for most people.
      As for the warranty, it’s outstanding. I bought one at gun show that had definitely seen better days. It had a stripped out grip screw; otherwise it fired. Sent it to High Point… in two weeks I received a brand new weapon with my serial number on it and a note that said “made as new” . You can’t beat their warranty.

    • iksnilol

      If you can’t control a pistol that weighs 50% more than other pistols in the same caliber then you’re sorta the problem.

      Granted, they’re not good for concealing, I’ll concede to that.

      • Hinermad

        My Hi-Point .40 recoils softer than most of my 9mm pistols, but trying to hold it on target is like trying to balance a brick on top of your fist. It’s very top-heavy. I really enjoy my 9mm HP carbine though. Nimble, and with a cheap red dot sight it’s easy to shoot.

        Another example of Hi-Point’s warranty policy: I bought the carbine used and it only had the iron sights. I read somewhere they came from the factory with both irons and a top rail. I called to see if I could order a replacement rail and they sent it to me for nothing.

        • David Trest

          A lot of the firearms companies are good on sending out replacement accessories. Back when I had my FNP-45, I called FNH and told them I had lost the accessory pack (slide mount for optics, backstraps, etc.) — made no effort to hide the fact that it was my fault they were gone. They sent a brand new kit to me, no charge.

  • Jwedel1231

    Supposedly, Hi-Point has never charged a single dollar for a warranty claim. After seeing this, and other things I’ve seen on YouTube, I believe it.

  • CoCo

    Does it still shoot?

  • De Facto

    That’s outstanding. Good for you HiPoint. I may have to buy one of their carbines now.

    • kbroughton77

      I own one of their 9 mm carbines, fun little gun. Never had any issues with it, just don’t get why they made the magazines only a 10 round single stack

      • iksnilol

        Weren’t they originally made during the AWB? I think they stuck with the 10 rounders so that it would be available in ban states as well.

        • Yep, designs for them started in 1993-4, and were amended before release to adhere to 1994 AWB.

      • Brian

        a new company, about a year old. REDBALL SPORTS makes 20 round mags for the 9mm carbine. If they sell well they will eventually move up to the other cal sizes for carbines. I have bought some and they are great.

        • kbroughton77

          Thanks, I’ll definitely look into that. Bought a couple of the pro mag 15 rounders but they are garbage,

          • Brian

            I got a pro mag 15rd free when I bought my carbine. the Gun store owner threw it in to sweeten the deal because it was closing time and He wanted to get that last minute sale. A buddy I was with looked at a different gun and decided not to buy it while I was looking at a carbine. So he said if I decided to buy the carbine he would throw in the pro mag free so I bought it. Glad I did. I did quit using the pro mag because it voids the HP warranty. But it never failed when I did use it. the Redball mags are endorsed and sold on the MKS web site.

          • kbroughton77

            Hmm. Both the pro mags I bought fail to feed if you put more than 12 rounds in them. Going to give the Redball ones a try.

          • Daniel F. Melton

            Pro Mag 15 round magazines can bend the feed ramp.

          • I have a couple of ProMags that you can have for cost of postage…

        • Hugo Dewitt

          I emailed REDBALL. They said .45 and .40 S&W will follow soon.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      Bought one used 995 for cheap. Real cheap. Turned out the stock had been crushed by a truck. HiPoint sent me a new one, no questions and no quibbles.

    • Numb3rTech

      I bought one of the Hi Point 45ACP carbines. Very nice rifle, despite the awkward looks it draws when I take it to the range.

  • Edeco

    We connosoiers may joke, you know, a vodka enthusiast prolly isn’t going to get excited about stuff in bottles with handles. But seriousely Hi Point seem like a classy outfit.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    “Once the fire was put out it donned on her”
    Or dawned, even.

    • Budogunner

      The Internet killed the English language.

      • gunsandrockets

        The internet killed the English language? Or autocorrect/spellchecker killed English spelling?

        • Pastor Dan

          I blame the public schools. And that’s who I work for. /satire

          • carlcasino

            I can tolerate bad spelling, improper grammar but I will never understand how Reading Comprehension got lost on supposed intelligent people, say SCOTUS justices. ” Shall Not be Infringed”. How is it that a 1st year Law Student is taught the difference between MAY and Shall but by the time they learn the entire Lawyer vocabulary they forget the first thing they were taught ?

        • Budogunner

          My problem is the lack of proofreading. That is a basic part of being a professional author and/or editor.

          • Harold

            I drink a shot of vodka every time I read loose typed for lose. I get drunk everyday.

          • Budogunner

            You, Sir, live life dangerously.

      • iksnilol

        The English language killed itself.

        • Curious_G

          I am not sure how that would make sense.

          • iksnilol

            The English language itself doesn’t make sense. It is a sad, unorganized mess.

          • You mean “disorganized” rather than “unorganized”…
            (People lighten up! this is a commentary section, not a literary blog)

      • supergun

        liberals did

    • David Nichols

      Many thanks to the ubiquitous language Nazi who found an error and couldn’t repress the desire to advertise his superiority by pointing it out…Well done Irish…! Keep on protecting us from misspelling while completely ignoring the subject matter…

      • Mike Lashewitz

        You might have earned this?

    • Raymond Miller

      it’s always nice to have an expert to correct ones writings. Particularly one who has never hit the wrong key or made a mistake.

    • Dave

      It always amuses me how people react when someone points out spelling and grammer problems. As opposed to being hurt, upset, or angry why not simply thank the person who pointed out the errors. Why take it as an insult to the person who had the problem (as someone said, it could have been the spell checker)? Also as one person said, the English language is a mess and instead of striking back at the person who offered the correction, why not gracefully accept the correction and use this new awareness to proofread your writings to make sure the nefarious ‘spell checker” isn’t changing what you are writing. Perhaps there may be someone who experiences joy from correcting other people’s mistakes but more likely the person offering the correction is genuinely trying to help.

      Everyone who attacks the person who wrote the correction is inadvertently contributing to the ‘victim mentality’ by coming to the defense of the person who was victimized by the person who wrote the correction.

      One thing that Twitter, Facebook and Ebonics have wrought on modern English usage is a laziness in using proper grammer and spelling.

      Ur english techr wud b shokd!

      • carlcasino

        it is too often the grammer Police kan fnd errs whn thy lok.

    • Mike Lashewitz

      You might need this?

    • Harold

      Raoul your punctuation and capitalization usage are a bit off.

    • Great_Baldung

      At least they sound kinda similar…

  • exsanguine

    They are ugly and big. But for the price, service and warranty they cannot be beat. They just work all the time. I carry their 40 as CC. I also own the 45, 9mm and the 40 carbine. fun fun fun

    • BearSlayer338

      I could see owning one for fun but IMO a HI-Point is not a good CCW for an ocean of reasons.

      • Meatloaf

        Weight is a good enough one for me. My 1911’s weren’t as heavy and unwieldy as a HiPoint

  • ozzallos .

    Say what you want about hipoint, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a better warranty. I can attest to having the same experience with them. No questions asked, no dicking around with proof of purchase, original ownership or any of the other conditionals many others place on their products. Turnaround time was about a week and a half.

  • Hurri Cane

    Hi Points will take +P, Hi Points have been modded to take 10mm, and their carbines have been used defensively in several foiled urban home invasions.

    • Hinermad

      Now there’s a use for a pistol caliber carbine I’d never considered. Most shooters I know think a 9mm is too unwieldy to be a carry weapon and not powerful enough to be a rifle. But I could see a place for it in home defense.

      Does anyone know if Hi-Point makes bayonet mounts?

      • Mazryonh

        Maybe if Hi-Point got into making shotguns they could make a model with a bayonet mount. I haven’t see many PCCs in either 10mm or with bayonet mounts.

        • iksnilol

          I don’t understand the lack of bayonet mounts in modern times. They’re useful for dangerous game such as boar or bear. Better than stabbing with the barrel at least.

          • Mazryonh

            They certainly don’t cost much and don’t take up much space or weight when not in use.

      • Laserbait

        You can make one easily enough with some JB Weld.

        • Hurri Cane

          JB Weld, hell no, we don’t want to look CHEAP. The Hi Point carbines appear to have Picatinny rails and ERgo Grip makes a bayonet mount that goes on that. “Hello, Bud K? Yeah, i need something like an M9. $19.95? With a survival kit in the handle? Do you take Discover?”

    • iksnilol

      Converting a .40 Hi-Point to 10mm Auto seems like a good idea. How would the blowback action handle the increased thrust though? Most factory 10mm is basically .40 S&W. According to Orion’s Hammer you’d need a bolt that weighs 1.3 kg versus 1 kg for .40 S&W.

      • Hurri Cane

        the guys who did that to a Hi Point pistol did it fairly easily, but i do recall them having trouble with the carbines. I think most of the videos on Youtube i’ve seen doing this were made by Iraqveteran8888. “Git the hell outta my likker store!” BOOM BOOM BOOM

  • Bought a 995 that was literally a box of parts for $60. Slightly bent barrel, too. Original stock gone, only the cool ATI one. Went on ebay, bought an original 995 stock and sent it in for ‘repair’

    Two weeks later, got a brand new gun at my door! (Typed vyhis all out at ENDO BLOG a few months ago.) The only things they difn’t replace were the sights and charging handle bolt. Amazing service.

    • Found the repair sheet!

      • Al

        Sites? Knit line? Clip? Clip catch? Are these some kind of new technical terms?

        • Haha, I know right?!

        • M.Mitchell Marmel

          Knit line probably refers to the stock halves meeting properly. 🙂

  • John Yossarian

    I’d have quoted her to replace the parts that were destroyed and quoted for labor and shipping. But giving away free pistols? Booo! “If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject” – Ayn Rand

    • iksnilol

      Isn’t Ayn Rand debunked? I’ve always seen her as the Sigmund Freud of economics.

      • John Yossarian

        You must be confusing her with John Maynard Keynes.

      • georgesteele

        How do you debunk a world view? It’s like saying that someone who looks through green glass isn’t seeing the same picture, but within a different color scheme. Sigmund Freud of economics? More like the Aristotle of Libertarianism.

        • iksnilol

          Not debunking a world view, but debunking that it is a good way to look at the world.

          • georgesteele

            I don’t claim to be an expert on Ayn Rand, but I read Anthem, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged, and found nothing in them to be debunked. Individual striving is what built this country. Enlightened self-interest doesn’t mean that you are a selfish pig – just that you don’t act based on guilt trips; you do so based on your own value system. Whom do you claim did this “debunking?”

      • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        She had two things. Her philosophy for living for one’s self, which is a crock. And her recounting the failures of socialism/communism that she lived as it pertains to the USA, which is spot on.

        • iksnilol

          Good old fashioned democratic socialism works very well from my experience. I just find her in general to be… meh.

      • Edeco

        Oh Mr. Lol, you vulture 😛

    • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      It wasn’t free. When marketing a product, warranty costs are calculated and added.

    • Edeco

      Yeah, but I don’t think this is what Her Objectivity had in mind as altruism. Hi Point aren’t sacrificing themselves. Rather they’re showing off and doing a good job for people they have business with. I think she’d dig it.

      • John Yossarian

        Guys – I’d been assuming that Hi-Point did this even though it fell out of the scope of warranty. But if their warranty really is “no questions asked” like stated, then perhaps I was wrong. It’s not altruism at all, but a sales strategy. Ayn Rand would approve.

        • DaveK

          Presumably, even if the warranty happens to be of the “no questions asked” variety it’s against gun defects//breakdowns and not owner negligence and/or just flat out stupidity. If someone decides to test how well their Hi-Point holds up to being run over by an earth mover should Hi-Point be on the hook for the damage done? I think not. Still, kudos to Hi-Point for being kind.

          • iksnilol

            I think using a Promag does void the warranty. I remember hearing about that.

    • Pastor Dan

      She was wrong there, too. (I’m a supply-sider!)

    • georgesteele

      It’s not “giving away free pistols” if the good will so engendered increases your value perception in the marketplace and increases overall sales. Otherwise, Hyundai’s ten year warranty would be considered foolhardy, when in fact it dramatically changed their image and resulted in enormous sales increases.

  • Cal.Bar

    Fortunately, you don’t have to go all the way down to owning a Hi Point in order to get good service.

    • DaveK

      No but going up from a Hi-Point doesn’t assure good customer service either.

  • Brotonium

    Are we sure the Highpoint wasn’t the cause of the fire?

  • Patrick K Martin

    I have left instructions that if I am ever killed by a Hi-Point they are to tell people I was screwed to death at the gay brothel

    I am not surprised by the article however, when you sell the pistol for double your cost (or more) you can afford to do things like this. The advertising from this article is going to sell them more pistols and at no cost to the company since she paid enough to cover the cost of the pistol she is getting. The wonders of low marginal cost, high profit and high sales volume. I don’t like their product but their sales strategy is first rate.

    • livingonenergydrinks

      I still can’t stop laughing!

    • gunsandrockets

      And what is the MSRP vs cost of production of a Glock?

      • Cost of making a glock is something like $165, no?

        • Mike

          Actually it cost $80 to manufacture a glock, including labor.

          • Giolli Joker

            Didn’t Gaston plainly brag about it?

          • ColBatguano

            Probably $80 to manufacture, $200 for “Glock Perfection” advertising, $150 for liability insurance, and $100 for bribes to politicians and chiefs of police to buy Glock.

  • Anonymoose

    Anyone who thinks 1911s are reliable is just plain wrong, and I am a 1911 fanboy.

    • Meatloaf

      Ummmmm……. A fanboy or someone who only owns a llama? If they’re not worn out or you’re not using ammo with a bad bullet shape for the ramp, there’s almost no reason to have any issue with reliability.

      • I’ve shot 1911’s from Kimber, S&W, Colt Gold Cup, STI – all loaded with FMJ – and had malfunctions with each.

        It’s a shame as I love the 1911 a trigger, and shoot them better than anything, but the overall reliability is just not there. Some 1911’s clearly do run perfectly, but that comes down to the individual pistol, rather than the brand.

        • Meatloaf

          Maybe an issue with the way you’re gripping the dovetail safety?

          • digitaladhd

            Sounds like Apple’s antenna-gate, your holding it wrong.

          • Meatloaf

            I haven’t paid attention to apple in over a decade so I’d say it’s closer to glock wrist.

          • digitaladhd

            The point is there is always something with 1911s, “Did you try a different mag?”, “Does the extractor need tuning?”, “Are you holding it wrong?”

          • No, they all had failures to feed/ double feeds. This was using a strong, two hand thumbs forward grip in the leaned forward isososcles stance.

            The 1911 in its current, modern configuration is just not as reliable across the board as any of the handguns designed in the last 30 years. I truly wish I was wrong, as I love the pistol, but it’s just the case. This is supported by most of the trainers out there who see 1911’s jamming at a much higher rate than other pistols in their classes, as well as numerous forum reports from individual users.

            Other guns can and do malfunction, but for some reason the 1911 seems to at a overall much higher rate.

            Some people luck out and get flawless 1911’s, they definitely do exist. There’s just no way to know if the one you bought is reliable until you’ve put thousands of rounds down range with it.

          • AD

            Could it be a magazine issue? Have you experimented with different magazines?

          • I would say multiple 1911’s failing in the exact same way would point to it being a 1911 issue, and not a magazine issue. Each gun was using completely different magazines.

            As Ken Hackathorn (who is a dyed in the wool 1911 guy) often mentions, the 1911 is the “King of the Feedway Stoppage.” This has unfortunately been my experience as well.

          • I found what Mark is saying to be true, the WW2 1911 was reliable, but that was because it was so loose (inaccurate). I find the CZ75 to be absolutely reliable. some 7K rounds and not one problem. My other CZ’s (82/83) are also extremely reliable.

        • I’ve had malfunctions with my Kimber, but due to bad ammo and limp wristing it. But otherwise it eats anything.

    • Laserbait

      My 1911’s run better than my Glock at -20F. So from my experience, they have been pretty damn reliable. Now, if they all could run as good as my Ruger SR45, I’d be really pleased.

  • livingonenergydrinks

    I just don’t get why High Point doesn’t create a more attractive pistol. Their design is stuck in the late 80s. Sure they work, but there is something to say for good industrial design.

    • DaveK

      I’m not sure it would make a difference. Hi-Point redesigned their rifles and people still complain about their look.

    • Laserbait

      Why would they? Hi-points sell just fine the way that they are, and a redesign would jack up the costs. The only thing I think that they should do is a doublestack or staggered mag for higher capacity.

      • DaveK

        A redesign of a product doesn’t have to increase its selling price.

        • Laserbait

          Didn’t say that it would increase the selling price, I said that would increase costs. However, if they didn’t increase the selling price, their overall profit per gun would go down. I presume in the market they sell in, they probably couldn’t afford a lower gross profit.

          • DaveK

            The profit per unit would only go down in the short-term. Once the costs incurred by redesigning their line of pistols are paid for the usual profit margin would return. (Other things being equal and/or constant.) Still, redesign or no redesign, they could withstand raising the selling price just fine. It’s not like this hasn’t happen before. The selling price of a Hi-Point at wholesale or retail was less in the past and Hi-Point is still with us.

  • Mazryonh

    Did the female customer you talked to mention anything about needing to provide proof of the car fire and proof of purchase for the Hi-Point and ownership of the burnt-out car before getting a new Hi-Point pistol?

    This story reminds me of how Taser International claims that if you have to abandon a Taser after using it to zap someone, set it down while the 30 second charge timer counts down, and run away, you can get a free replacement model if submit the police report to Taser International.

  • Brian

    They work fine.

  • Devil_Doc

    I was under the impression that “burn it with fire” was an upgrade for hi-points. I think it looked better after…

  • mvpel

    If you’re carrying a pistol in your car in case of emergency, you should also carry a fire extinguisher, since your car or someone else’s bursting into flame on the road is far more likely than having to threaten or shoot a violent attacker.

  • Roger V. Tranfaglia

    Best customer service story I’ve heard yet for this day and age!
    Its up there with the one where Nieman Marquis refunded a “customer” for the set of car tires they returned. (another lifetime, last centaury)

  • ? Pork eatin’ infidel

    Well lets face it…that probably cost High Point about $19 to do (postage included).

  • M.Mitchell Marmel

    This is why we Hi-Pointers say “Sending it back to Mother” when we send an ailing HP back to the factory. I’ve never had any problems with service in the 20-odd years I’ve been a Hi-Point owner; indeed, when I call looking to buy, say, a replacement mag bottom or a replacement scope mount, they’ll send ’em along free of charge! Try getting that kind of service from your fancy firearms makers… <3

  • Len Jones

    It was also my first gun back when I knew nothing about them and was going to take my test. It has never been shot since is the night stand gun. 50 shots right out of the box never failed. My new Glock 42 has been inconsistent since day one out of the box. I also have a Taurus 107 slim 9mm my second gun has been to the range many times and never failed.

  • Terry Cour

    Only problem i have ever had with mine is it does not like hollow points

  • Raymond Miller

    I own two HP pistols and a carbine and love them. I have them as house guns and shoot them regularly and have had no problems ever. The same mags fit both one of the pistols and the carbine great idea, makes life so much easier. Like the fact that the 45 is heavy because the recoil is less felt by the little woman. In my opinion, a great investment.

  • Ken Alexander

    SCCY warranty is as good if not better and the quality, reliability, ergonomics, and design/engineering is miles beyond HiPoint. SCCY is a much better choice IMHOP.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Yep hats is the term I would use. Biut them what can you expect from something that has more plastic than a Saturday night special. I bought one for $83 once. But then Rock River Arms was delivering weapons with visibly bent sights.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Could we get back to complaints between Clip and Magazine? Or have we put a “Brake” on that? Breaks my heart soo….

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Now where did I put that picture of the Thug wannabe selfie holding a revolver and a belt of bullets???

  • Rocketman

    Many, many years ago I purchased an .22lr RG-14 for a home defense gun. Yea, I know, .22lr is not enough caliber and an RG is about the biggest piece of junk that there is. At the time that’s all that I could afford. Funny thing, it may have looked like a piece of junk but that piece of junk fired EVERY SINGLE TIME THAT I PULLED THE TRIGGER. I had the gun for nearly 15 years and put probably 700 rounds through it during that time and not once did it fail me. I’m sure that if you have been around the block once or twice you have heard stories about Colts or S&W or some other high price gun not working right out of the box but this $60 gun was reliable and reasonably accurate. The moral is don’t judge a book by it’s cover or you might just be surprised.

  • maodeedee

    My brother acquired a GI 1911A1 that was found in a tidewater pool on an Island in the Pacific and was encrusted with a thick layer of rust and salt water organisms. He managed to break the slide and frame apart and sanded and filed both pieces down and fit them back together again. Then he filled all the surface pits with bondo and painted the frame and slide black.

    After that, he got a parts kit from Sarco and now the gun is functional again, and as a bonus it has that custom “Molded” look with all sharp edges removed.

  • Mikial

    I’ve owned several Hi Points; the first was a .380 I bought at a garage sale. They aren’t blowing smoke about the warranty. I once launched a spring into an old fashioned shag carpet and lost it. I called Hi Point, and they didn’t even hesitate . . they just sent me a replacement spring free of charge. Another time I had a problem with a Hi Point carbine, and I called the factory. A 10 minute conversation with a tech, and they sent me the replacement parts and it was fixed. No hassle, no BS.

    I know a guy who accidentally ran over his HP carbine with his Kenworth . . HP sent him a new one. These things work. And if there is a problem, they take care of you.

    What more could anyone ask?

    I own lots of mid and high end firearms, but I also currently own two Hi Points and I do not regret it for a moment. have given HP pistols to family members so they would have a gun to defend their home with, and I know i gave them something that will work. Period.

  • I have owned Hi Point pistols, ones I could afford to lose if my car or truck was broken into, or for a stash gun in the garage. They shoot reasonably well, 380/9mm pistol has a tendency to be finicky, but that is a magazine problem that Hi Point won’t address (I and a couple of other people have proved it) it’s the follower in the mag that allows the cartridges to tip down. Their carbines & 40/45 pistols are deadly reliable. My CCW carry pistols are of a better quality (CZ’s). You ever compare the new Walther PPX’s some H&K’s to a Hi Point? Just as clunky looking!

    • Doug73

      Exactly. I have the same problem with my 9mm Hi-Point. It has regular feeding problems, and it’s clear that the magazine isn’t seating the cartridge correctly.

      I have to laugh at the posters here who write things like, “Hi-Points just work. Period.” (Because we all know when you end a sentence with “Period.”, you have decisively slayed any arguments to the contrary.)

      At least with their 9mm pistols, I’ve seen too many problem Hi-Points to ever recommend one.

  • Latonyas Burkart

    Valuable article ! I am thankful for the insight ! Does anyone know where my company can locate a template NM TRD PIT-ADJ example to fill in ?

  • Doug73

    “There is no denying that they [Hi-Point pistols] flat-out work”, says the author.

    Uh, yeah…there is. I bought a Hi-Point 9mm about seven years ago, mostly just for the novelty of having a $150 pistol. And I can tell you as the owner that it is NOT “I would trust my life to this gun” reliable. Not even close, really. It’s very picky with ammo, and even with ammo it ostensibly likes it’s not uncommon to have a feeding failure once every couple of mags.

    Moreover, I would swear TFB itself tested a Hi-Point pistol years ago, and found that its reputation for less-than-stellar reliability was well deserved.

    I’m not a Hi-Point “hater”, either. Their carbines are incredibly reliable in my experience. I owned one for many years and enjoyed it. But the pistols? Yeah…one can most certainly deny that they flat-out work. I’m denying it right now, in fact, based on my own ownership experience.

    I’m glad they have a good warranty. But that isn’t enough to ever have me wanting another one of their pistols.

  • Priscila Fulks

    My assistant completed a sample form here http://goo.gl/rE7kC3

  • CavScout

    No warranty SHOULD EVER cover BS like this. Same thing goes to Bushnell’s new gimmick. Nothing is free, and I don’t want to have to pay for someone else’s pure negligence when I buy my gun. If stupid negligence wasn’t covered and return policies so easy to abuse; things would be a LOT cheaper. Economics 101. Didn’t realize there were so many socialists and communists on here….

  • Jeff Herndon

    they do have a grate warranty SCCY has one too just send it back and is fixed or replaced

  • When a manufacturer offers to give you a mere $149.99 pistol for free..it is hardly newsworthy. It’s just a 150 bucks. It’s not like the company was Wilson Combat and she got a $3,500 replacement.