Bump Firing A SCAR16S

FourGuysGuns take a Suppressed SBR SCAR16S and bump fire it with a Magpul D60 drum mag feeding it. It is rather impressive the rate of fire they are getting out of this SCAR16S. I wonder what trigger they are running? Possibly a Geissele? I do not think you can get this rate of fire out of the factory trigger.

Nicholas C

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  • PK

    “I do not think you can get this rate of fire out of the factory trigger.”

    You may be shocked what relatively poor, gritty factory triggers are capable of. I agree that’s likely an aftermarket, but an ordinary milspec FCG on an AR-15 is perfectly capable of bump-firing at 500+RPM with an experienced shooter. With a Geissele, maxing out the cyclic is normal when bump-firing.

    With a Geissele, Rise, Timney, or other crisp trigger and a light (Al or Ti) BCG in an AR, going past 1,000RPM is possible, and also hilarious.

  • Bill

    Without a look at the target, who cares?

  • Jim

    I find myself bump firing my 16s a lot more, I did just yesterday! I have a dbal, Acog and a sure fire light and let me tell you, ithe weight helps. Super fun way to blast $$ out of your wallet!

  • Bradley

    I’m curios about the difference in timing, if any, compared to an ar15. I know I have actually out ran the action bump firing with a rise armament trigger. At least I am assuming the sear released before battery because a cartridge was chambered, but the primer wasn’t marked. It seems like a positive reset makes more difference than an overall “good” trigger when bump firing. I’ve seen videos in 3 gun where they shot too fast, but I’m not sure if they out ran the action or the magazine.

  • Audie Bakerson

    You’d get it out of a factory trigger if you contacted your canidates for federal office and held their feat to the fire about NFA repeal.