This was posted in a gun group on Social Media. They were shot at 7.5 yards. While not terribly challenging it does require some amount of skill. Especially in recovering them after being shot. The .45acp brass was pushed into the holes of a cardboard target and shot at again. Below is a photo of a clean hole through  one of the casing.


Another person posted this photo and said this was shot at 1300m. He did not mention with what gun and what caliber it was shot with. Can any service man or woman ID the 40mm round in the photo? Is it just a training dummy round?



  • Darkpr0

    Appears to be an M385A1 practice 40mm projectile. It’s written on the side of the projectile. The damage is also a giveaway.. You can see it’s solid metal, probably aluminium and obviously doesn’t contain any live explosives.

    • Ken

      Yeah, they’re solid aluminum. The brass driving band looks to have broken off at some point though.

    • Phil Hsueh

      There’s all that and the fact that it’s blue too, training ordnance in the military are almost always colored blue.

  • Bill

    I prefer defacing currency: shooting coins.

  • Potter27

    Commonly used in the MK19 Automatic grenade launcher for target practice where dud rounds would cause a dangerous down range area.

  • Nigel Tegg

    Shooting 5.56 cases at 25m is fun, suits as a scaled down target considering your using the 300m post with the ACOG, which is also your 25m aiming point.

    • Jwedel1231

      That’s really cool. Reduced target size and the same aiming point as a distant target. Very smart.

  • Kivaari

    I don’t see much of a challenge. It does make me think about an article showing how well loaded magazines, carried in a chest rig for the M16/4, AKM, and AK74, at 100 and 200 meters react when struck by the opposing forces rifles. I’ve seen a few cases over the years where our guys were saved when the magazines in their vests were struck by enemy fire. I wont load my magazines and shoot them with my ammo – I’ll leave that to TFB and its sponsors. It would be good to see actual saves and losses to our forces when hit in the various helmets in use. A family member was hit in his M1 helmet in Vietnam, and it whizzed around cutting his scalp, but he lived without serious end results. As he was returning to Vietnam a few years back I helped him sort and sell his gear. He still had the helmet cover and compresses, along side a stack of medals. He’s was quiet on such things.

  • Bdpenn

    Yep, years ago when I wasn’t shooting flies off the front wall at 200 yards with Jed and Jethro Clampett with our old muzzle loaders over in the hills, Beverly Hills that is, we would shoot empty shotgun shells with our 30-30’s at 50 to maybe I don’t really remember how far at our local range.

    Probably the neatest thing out there that I’ve seen is caricatures or cartoon figures drawn using a 22 cal shot onto 1×2 or 2×3 foot copper sheets . These were actually guys hired by I believe either Remington or Winchester or both promoting the companies. Although I have been privledged to see a private collection of these