[Big 3 East] USA Chemical Supply Exploding Targets


Photo by John Milton Peterson

The past two Big 3 East media events have had a grand finale of blowing up a car. This past event in March they blew up two cars. USA Chemical Supply is the company that supplied and sponsored the event with their exploding binary targets. Why should you care? Because they sell a lot of binary targets for really really cheap. They sell binary targets in bulk 50lb increments. A 50lbs target only cost $79.99. I checked shipping and to my house it is only $21.05. That comes out to just a little over $2 a lb of exploding binary target. Your typical exploding targets, like Tannerite, are usually around $9-10 per pound.

Here is a video from last October’s car explosion.


And here is a video from last month.




Now it goes without saying, read the instructions online. Be safe and smart about using this stuff. It is fun but fun in excess can be dangerous. Don’t lose a leg because you are dumb and shooting a lawn mower way to close. Don’t be that guy.

Nicholas C

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  • Bill

    If only “50 Pounds of Freedom” came with 50 pounds of common sense.

    • Ryfyle

      More like 300m of common sense but thats beside the point.

      • Bill

        I realize that it’s a low-yield explosive, but when I saw those steel targets near the car I had visions of someone being decapitated.

        I’ve been doing a lot of training up on IEDs and the more I learn the more I want a robot to set off my July 4th sparklers.

        • KestrelBike

          *Just* one time at a range, I had the extremely awesome (for me) opportunity to shoot a tiny little stick of mild explosive (it wasn’t C4, but I don’t think it was tannerite, either- it was the stuff that is economical for the rad-guys to train with) that was in a beater car with intact windows. Anyways, the glass in the car blew out like a wave at the beach, it was my coolest shooting experience, and also the most humbling when the guy that arranged it told me that just that tiny bit exploding in the car was well enough to kill anyone in it from the shockwave.

          • Bill

            When I was setting up training for various EOD guys the only range I could use was in a fairly narrow hollow between two hills, with the typical berm. They had to reduce their charges cause the blast would be focused back at the trainees. On cloudy days they had to reduce them even more, due to the sound reflecting off low clouds, and I’d still get calls and complaints from the nearest town a couple miles aways.

            I wish I’d pursued EOD work earlier in my career, but I’ve definitely learned that anything explosive/reactive/flammable is nothing to fool around with. It’s all fun and games ’til somebody looses limbs, or eyeballs, or their lungs explode, or their eardrums rupture.

        • Dan

          Amazing the damage a bunch of sparklers and packing tape can do.
          These type of targets have been band from all public lands in my state. Too many idiots hauling appliances and leaving them blown up across the Prarie. Or blowing up trees with them. They are fun for sure, but at a distance.

        • Core

          lol too true, but don’t be too paranoid. I got hit by a small chunk of something in Iraq, didn’t even feel it. I didn’t have time to bleed..never even went to sickbay to get a Motrin.

  • Tahoe

    I’ll bet Tex Grebner sent that guy a thank-you note for out-Grebnerizing him.

    On a more serious note, I have to look into these guys; I’ve never bought tannerite myself, but for “fun” range days it could be good to have.

    • I’ve helped tend a 500 acre farm.

      Great for taking down hollowed out trees or tree stumps. Have plugged groundhog holes with it, but then… well, you gotta refill the hole or your cows WILL break a leg for sure.

      • Phil Hsueh

        It would be pretty awesome if gophers or groundhogs would eat the stuff and then when you shoot them you set off the tanerite, or whatever, inside of them. Of course it doesn’t work that way, I guess the next best thing would be to set some bait on a bit of tannerite and when the gophers/groundhogs come to feed you shoot the tannerite instead of the critter. It would be an expensive way of taking out such small critters but it would be worth it if you could attract multiple critters to the same baited spot and then set it off.

        • Bob

          That last has been done. There is a YouTube video floating around where some redneck baits in a bunch of wild hogs and then blows them all over the countryside. I imagine that is just the tip of the iceberg, but since tannerite doesn’t really interest me, I’ve not gone looking for such videos.

          • Phil Hsueh

            I’ve seen that video, on TFB I think, and that’s what gave me that idea. If you can take out a bunch of hogs with some tannerite then you should be able to do the same with a bunch of varmints. The only thing is, I’m not sure that varmints are known to congregate like wild hogs do.

      • Edeco

        I hope you remembered to wear a camo bucket hat and refer to the groundhog as “the Varmint-Cong”…

  • Dave Y

    so who had the KRISS submachine gun? I thought those weren’t transferrable. was this a LE Demo?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I would shamelessly hit on the blonde and not buy anything.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Now, now, N-IUD, you should hit on both girls, that’s the gentlemanly thing to do.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I like your can-do attitude but I prefer one in the hand over two in the, ahem, bush.

      • Bill

        The almost-a-redhead has that henna tint thing going on that I dig.

        • John Yossarian

          I’m imagining those sisters – which they obviously are – playing “Ro-Sham-Bo” to see who gets to be the bottle blonde, with the loser settling on trolling for redhead aficionados. Alas, I prefer brunettes.

          • KestrelBike

            yeah I’m all about that redhead. I like to play within my league (err hopefully she’s an appropriate age…)

          • John Yossarian

            Totally agree – Teen girls should have to wear like, I dunno, a Star of David, a burqa, Scarlet “U” or something like that to indicate they’re underage. *As a father, I approve of this message.*

          • KestrelBike

            Heck, and I’m just talking about girls in their low 20’s [disclaimer: biologically, men are HARDWIRED to find teens sexually attractive, because that was the prime physiological age to ensure the best chance at offspring surviving… that and humans barely made it to 18yo in the stone age back then, anyways. Society today yanks back on that leash, at least for me, anyways. Plus, I find intelligence sexy, and people at such a young age can be so dumb these days]

            For fun: I felt kinda pervy thinking this one girl was super-super cute but figured she was like 21 and still in college or something. Turns out, she was 42!!!! Couldn’t believe it.

            [/dear diary}

    • me

      I was just thinking the same thing. I give that blond a exploding target.

    • Bill

      Randy Newman: You Can Leave Your Hat On.

    • borekfk

      Hell I’d be happy with either one of them. Hair color is all the same in the dark.

  • Bill

    Exploding anything tends to be Bad.

  • Rob

    My son was Army EOD. When I came home from an Academy Sports with 8 lbs of Tannerite he couldn’t believe it. He said with just a few simple tweaks that can be done with commonly available ingredients, that stuff can be made more powerful than C4. A couple of pounds here and there and you have some fun shooting. A couple of hundred pounds and you are talking about a serious bomb.

    At some point, someone is going to kill a lot of people using Tannerite and then the fun train is going to be over.

    • Mr. C

      You can make picric acid from asprin and RDX from hexamine fuel tablets. Making explosives has always been easy.

  • Dan

    There is no legitimate reason for a lot of things, but lets not use that as an argument against something.