G-Code introduces range Bang Box

G-Code Holsters out of Jacksonville, NC has come out with a “Bang Box”. Essentially it is a more economical way to carry ammunition to the range, instead of having to bring cardboard boxes that could otherwise be smashed or create range clutter. The boxes come in a variety of colors, from tan, black, OD Green, Multicam, Desert MARPAT, and Woodland MARPAT. They have a kevlar bottom, with a cloth zippered top (color of your choice) and velcro to attach caliber designations. On the inside they have a little flap pocket where you can stick the loading information that came with the ammunition boxes you originally bought or had. There are also polymer D rings where you could attach a sort of shoulder strap to, that comes with the box. In total, they can hold from 200-300 rounds depending on the caliber chosen. The caliber velcro tags go for $5 separately from the actual box, while the box goes for $25 a piece.



Granted, these are certainly a novelty range luxury item, but I wouldn’t be so fast as to put their practical application down. I mean yes, of course for a simple out and back range trip, the cardboard ammunition boxes are more than sufficient. But say for example, maybe a hunter or guide is going on an extended trip in the country, and is camping for a whole month. This kind of box could prove valuable to him. In addition I’m sure ammunition inside here wouldn’t heat up as much as the cardboard boxes would if left out in the sun (which you shouldn’t be doing anyways, but maybe you don’t have a choice). Either way, just another option for the tool box.

A small multipurpose transportable storage devise.

Perfect for the range when hauling a full blown ammo box is beyond your need. Likewise, dealing with ammo packaging in the field and the layers of trash that it generates is a pain in the neck.

For most range sessions 2-300 rounds is just about right. Prior to going out strip the rounds from their cardboard and paper packaging and loose pack them in the Bang Box. This eliminates any trash out on the range. The wide mouth of the Bang Box makes it easy to get your big meat hooks in on your ammo supply for an easy day reloading your mags. To keep track of your lots there is a pocket sewn on the inside of the lid and the Velcro strip on the top outside of the lid is perfect for placement of one of our PVC caliber patches.

Additionally there are no sharp corners on the sturdy Kydex base, an adjustable shoulder strap is included and there are several color combinations to choose from.

Keep in mind that the Bang Box can also be used for cleaning gear, spare parts or anything else that you can think of. Bang Box is solid, efficient and genuinely practical kit with an infinite number of uses. So handy no one can own just one!




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  • Jim B

    Get a DILLON ‘BORDER SHIFT’ AMMO BAG for $25 and call it a day. Keeps ammo separated from fired brass as well.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Thanks for the tip! Ordered!

  • Michael Bishop

    So, $25 for a Bang Box plus $5 for a velcro patch… or $4 for a box of 32 Ziplock gallon bags and $1 for a Sharpie.

    Hmm, tough choice.

    Sounds like a solution in search of a problem.

    • Bryan Brah

      Better yet, for $25 just buy a bottle of Crown Royal and use the nifty cloth bag to carry your loose loaded ammo to the range and your dirty spent cases home. The biggest advantages (besides the “free” bottle of whiskey, of course), are that the cloth bag is machine-washable and the purple and gold is so much more visually appealing than camouflage.

    • DB

      They’re for the uppity folks who show up at the range in their Range Rover and have more money than they can count! Goes with the high dollar clothes and such! Now they have a fancy bag to tote their ammo. I reckon they can have their fun and look good doing it now. Gotta keep that look going while they shoot the ‘ol Kel Tec!

  • TVOrZ6dw

    What, my Wallymart plastic grocery bag isn’t good enough for the range anymore? What kind of world do I live in nowadays?

    • Ryfyle

      I use those Christmas themed Galdware containers.

      • Swarf

        Galledwear. The new line of clothing for Trump supporters AND Sanders supporters.

        ‘I said “You got a lotta damn Glad to ask me if I’ve rehabilitated myself… I mean…’

        Sorry. Got off on a bit of a tangent.

        • Anomanom

          I’m sittin here on the Group W Bench….

        • gk.price

          don’t worry about ammo carriers, you won’t need ’em (for HILLARY supporters)

      • TVOrZ6dw

        Trigger Alert- Do you mean “Holiday” themed Gladware?

        • Ryfyle

          When it’s red and green, it’s pretty obvious what holiday it is.

          • Jwedel1231


      • Edeco

        Gladware ftw. I just leave the labels from the different types of lunchmeat that came in it on for sorting, like smoked turkey for 9mm, brown sugar ham for 40. Kidding about the last part.

  • Felipe

    This isn’t necessarily a solution looking for a problem because I do see a lot of clutter and garbage at the range in the form of cardboard ammo boxes and plastic spacers. That being said, I solved that problem a long time ago with some plastic ammo cans I got on sale at Cabela’s. $10 each. Just stuck a label on each for the calibers I use and I’m good to hit the range with plenty of ammo and no garbage. G-code has an interesting product but I’m not sure many will be able to overlook the rather salty price tag.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Or, carry a garbage bag. Put the boxes in your range bag. Don’t be a slob and throw your trash around.

      • Suppressed

        My range had multiple trash barrels/drums, other ranges don’t have somewhere to throw away trash?

        • Phillip Cooper

          Put the bag of trash in your car. Dispose of with the rest of the trash. Not that difficult.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Coming next on the Firearm Blog, tactical coozies for your beverage container you happen to be carrying while shooting.

    Solution looking for a problem.

    • Brett

      Double mag pouch woks pretty good for that.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Don’t encourage them….

        • Brett

          Hell, I’ve done it.

          • Nashvone

            That’s why I got the rifle bag with five mag pouches instead of three.

          • Phillip Cooper

            Clearly I need to up my game. 🙂

    • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I can’t wait…
      Never mind.

    • Bill

      Are you referring to my Camelback full of margarita?

    • JSmath

      Phillip, you must have missed the article on the tactical pouches for tall Energy Drink cans, because that’s already been covered by TFB.

    • Anomanom

      Well, a drink holder with MOLLE clips on it would be a welcome addition to my range bag.

      Wait… I went and looked and, never mind somebody already makes that.

  • I can get 10 Dillon 100 round boxes for less than $15 for most calibers.

    • USMC03Vet

      Tangos gonna see your non tactical tupperware and get the drop on you. OPSEC, Bro. With multicam you can avoid detection and save your life while looking operator AF.

      • Well I have a few cans of Aervoe FDE, I could always rattle can them.

      • Bill

        …and loose your ammo box in the woods…

        • Norm Glitz

          Much better to keep it tight while you’re in the woods.

  • ozzallos .

    Wow. Toiletry bags are sure getting pricey.

    • GaryOlson

      They are called cosmetic cases; and obviously you haven’t priced any lately. Please peruse the Nordstrom website to get a proper appreciation of pricey. All y’all Trailer Trash Bag Carry-alls are not nearly in the same equipment category.

      The less ardent shooter who is looking at these bags says she finds these useful; especially the caliber labels. But, the over abundance of tan is less than appealing. She prefers purple or red or blue.

      • ozzallos .

        Shopping at Nordstrom is half your problem, then 😀

      • Bill

        That’s not tan, it’s “taupe” or “nude.”

        Trailer trash women roller on the Maybelline or Bonnie Belle without taking the unfiltered Camel out of their mouth.

  • USMC03Vet

    Translation: Tactical picnic basket for your lose range ammo in multicam
    that’s inside your larger tactical range picnic basket that is also in

    All the tier 1 bros are gonna do it. SHTF DRT dynamic prepper tactical approved!

  • Michael Acuna

    no love for the old mayo jar and sharpie?

  • Nick

    If they could make it water proof, I could see a benefit. As is though, it’s pretty useless. A proper GI style ammo can cost half this, and can hold far more. In additionм the GI can is waterproof and crush proof (mostly).

    Perhaps if they put a belt loop or MOLLE clips on it, they could have a better market, although I think carrying 200rds of 45 on my belt would be pretty damn uncomfortable. On a MOLLE setup however it could work, if the back is made rigid enough.

    • Bill

      I wish I could remember who was making a badass carry-strap-sling for ammo cans. Fully-loaded ones are also great for dropping on your toes and scratching up your truck.

  • Greg Anderson

    Give it some MOLLE straps so I can mount it on my bag without having to worry about another loose bag and give it some way of holding each round in a manner similar to the way my ammo comes to my already, and I’m sold.

  • Gorilla Biscuits

    Wheres the M-LOK attachment point?

  • Vhyrus

    make it 20 bucks with the tags included and molle straps and we’ll talk.

  • Nashvone

    Someone figured out how to con people out of all the money they save by buying loose bulk ammo.

  • DrewN

    Huh, I still use the plastic Folgers containers. In my Goodwill roller suitcase that I use for a range bag. The nice square sides make a decent rest as well, long side or short.

  • Bill

    I use plastic Halloween Trick or Treat Pumpkin Buckets, thought the handles always break. I also tried a plastic urinal that was sent home after one of my hospital stays, you just pour the ammo out. I like it, because people leave me alone at the range.

    • Andrew Dubya

      Not at all ashamed to say this but it`s BangBros.

  • Nigel Tegg

    These would be handy for a bug out bag, although I’m keeping mine in a small waterproof pelican case at the moment…

  • Jerrydgeek

    There’s a lot of comment here about the cost … $25 a pop. And yes, it’s not cheap.
    Are you?

    Okay, most of us are looking for the most economical “bang for the buck”, but you must admit, the bang box is cute and cozy and entirely NOT INTIMIDATING!

    If you want to introduce your Main Squeeze to shooting, this is a low-cal, low profile way to tell her “Hey, it’s not all about the size of my Jacuzzie!”

    Besides, who knows what’s in your “Bang Box”? Condoms? Bullets? What’s the difference> It’s all macho man from the get-go and if you’re stylin’ for your sweetie, what’s a couple of bucks for the … um …. acceptance of your favorite sports.

    So am I going to be shelling out a quarter for a Bang Box?

    Not in a million years.

    But that’s just me.

    (Now, if it comes in a hard-shell version ….. )

    • town22

      All true Jerrydgeek, I would spread the wealth if it came out with water or rain proof
      material, and guarantee.

  • Tyler McCommon

    I use a back pack with plastic bags to separate ammo…….

  • AD

    I’ve mainly just carried rifle ammo in the small carboard boxes it came in, so forgive me if this is a stupid question: is there any realistic chance, with pointed rifle rounds rattling around in a large container like this, for one round to hit the primer on another hard enough to ignite it?

    I don’t know, I just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of dumping a load of rifle ammo into a large container like these rather than transporting them in something that holds them more securely.

  • jerry young

    when you have more money to blow on unneeded items, I guess this is one I’ll pass on, I just use either ammo cases that are cheap and designed to hold ammo or plastic wide mouth jars saved from other things for when I carry bulk ammo to the range, I use computer labels or just write on the jar lid, this costs less and saves more money for ammo

  • Bill

    G-Code, G-Spot, who figured?

  • politicsbyothermeans

    Doesn’t come in A-TACS? All of my meh. 0/10 can’t even operate with.

  • Will

    I just put my ammo into a 30 or 50 caliber ammo can. Use the built in carry handle to move it around then put my brass as well as the boxes back into the ammo can and leave no trash at he range.
    Spend the $25 on more ammo.

  • Erich Von Topp

    Now I get why the tactical dudes stare at my range box.

    • Norm Glitz

      They must not be familiar with the tacti-cool aspects of phaser fire.

  • AlDeLarge

    “Essentially it is a more economical way to carry ammunition to the range,”

    I can see some might find some convenience here, but it’s certainly not more economical than the cardboard box the ammo was shipped to me in, stuffed into a backpack I was given many years ago.

  • $25??? …but it’s just a pouch, or am I missing something???

  • mookieman

    What’s the matter with used plastic sour cream container I use to catch loaded rounds as they come of the press? Put the empties in it at the range. Tumble,reload repeat.