Short Barrel Armagon G12


Safety Harbor Firearms is known for making a variety of short barrel shotguns, 50 BMG uppers plus other guns and accessories that some might consider out of the mainstream. The company recently posted images and a video of a short barrel Armagon G12 shotgun they’ve been working on.

If you are not familiar with the G12, it is a detachable magazine fed shotgun built in the style of the AR platform. Although the upper and lower separate in a manner similar to an AR, the G12 parts are not compatible with those rifles. According to the company, the only AR compatible parts are the pistol grip and the butt stock. These guns will cycle and fire both 2 3/4″ and 3″ 12 gauge shells.

Semi-automatic shotguns can sometimes be troublesome to make reliable with light loads. In the above video, it fires several rounds of Remington birdshot. While three rounds does not guarantee reliability, it does suggest that a short barrel version of this gun could be reliable. If Safety Harbor Firearms decides to make these guns part of their catalog, I would be interested to see them do further testing with a broad range of loads.

Richard Johnson

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  • Tom

    “Semi-automatic shotguns can sometimes be troublesome to make reliable with light loads. In the above video,”

    My understanding is that making them work with light loads is easy as it making them work with full power loads the tricky part is getting them to work well with both.

  • Kyle

    I’m a sucker for a good shotgun. Since it is AR based is it still direct gas impingement or do they have a recoil or piston system in it?

    • Raven

      Piston-operated, you can see the gas tube under the barrel if you look closely.

  • ike

    Why do I get the suspicious feeling this is an MKA 1919 dressed up with tacticool and sold at a premium?

    • Sianmink

      It can resemble a MKA1919 without being a MKA1919. The Armagon has some noticeable differences.

  • Sianmink

    Me likey.

  • Squirreltakular

    10/10 would use to investigate bumps in the night.

  • Volk

    Am I the only person who has no interest in the latest tactical shotgun craze due to fact that 12g magazines are huge? I shot a friend’s Catamount (way bigger problems with that than the mag but that’s a different story) and even just the 8 rounder was so ungainly that I just couldn’t get into it. Only the 5 felt decent and then you’re giving up capacity from a tube.

    I just don’t see the issue something like a Benelli M2-4 or a Mossberg 930. They can be tacticooled to hell and are fairly proven firearms.

    • Evan

      The Benelli M4 is a great gun, but it’s relatively hard to reload compared to something with a detachable magazine. If you’re in a situation where a quick reload is required, it’s a lot easier to switch out a box mag than it is to stuff shells into the tube. I agree that the solutions are inelegant to say the least though.

    • TDog

      5-round mags aren’t so bad. Anything beyond that, though, and I agree that they tend to be too large for practical use.

    • Greg Kelemen

      I think the solution to the massive mag issue is is to make them straight, no curve, at least then pouch storage is less of an issue and the CG is more centered below the chamber..

  • TDog

    Make a decent drum mag for it and it would be perfect! 😀