Green American Rimfire Rifles

green ruger

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. has a long history of working with distributors to produce limited runs of firearms that serve various shooting niches. Frequently, these guns will offer color options not normally available from the factory. This is one of those cases.

Ruger teamed up with distributor Sports South to produce a pair of American Rimfire rifles that may appeal to a segment of the shooters in the market for a new gun.

American Rimfire – .22 LR

Ruger is making a version of the American Rimfire chambered in .22 LR that is fitted with an OD green stock. The adjustable buttstock section remains black giving the rifle a pleasing two-tone (black and OD green) look. The steel receiver and 18″ barrel have a dark blued finish.

As with the original American Rimfire rifles, these bolt action guns use the company’s 10/22 magazines, including the BX-25. The gun ships with a 10 round rotary magazine standard.

American Rimfire – .22 WMR

This .22 WMR gun also has an OD green stock and looks very similar to the .22 LR version. This gun also has an 18″ barrel. For obvious reasons, it does not accept the .22 LR magazines from the 10/22. It comes with a nine round JMX-1 magazine instead.Β Both guns have the company’s Ruger Marksman adjustable trigger.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • HenryV

    Stainless steel polymer full stock please. πŸ™‚

  • CR

    I can’t understand why manufacturers are making and promoting 22 rimfire guns when 22 rimfire ammo is still expensive and hard to find. If the industry wants to promote shooting sports to the next generation, then the main players in the industry have to do something about this. This is especially important as shooting comes under increasing attacks from lawmakers, and we need to maintain a strong and growing base of participants. At more than $50 a brick kids and families are finding other pastimes other than shooting for fun. It’s a shame that the gun industry isn’t addressing this as a major crisis to the future of their business and sport as a whole.

    • RocketScientist

      So even though most of the US can buy .22LR for under 5c/rd, because you have a hard time finding it at the same prices as when you were a kid, all firearms manufacturers need to stop their business, scrap their produciton lines, completely change their business model, buy new equipment, and convert to ammo manufacturers? All at a cost of millions of dollars they will never re-coup, as the ammo market normalizes and wont support the continued high prices? Tell me again why you’re not CEO of a major manufacturing company?

      • CR

        The price of rimfire ammo has substantially increased in the last 3 years at the retail level. Manufacturers have claimed that despite running at full capacity their margins on rimfire ammo are not large enough to warrant investment in new production. While this might make good business sense in the short term, it doesn’t make good sense in the long term. If manufacturers want to ensure they can sell products to the next generation of shooters then they have to get young people excited about the sport, I know as a family we have spent less time shooting in the last few years because of the prices and scarcity. Lucky my son and daughter have other interests.

        • RocketScientist

          You do realize this is an article about a new GUN. GUN manufacturers manufacture GUNS. They do not (or rarely) manufacture AMMO. Even when there is an ammo company with the same name (Which is not the case with Ruger, the gun manufacturer in question) it is almost always a separate company. So are protesting GUN manufacturers not manufacturing enough AMMO? Do you also complain that Ford is not refining enough oil into gasoline? If you are just b****ing about the price/availability of ammo in general, you realize that has nothing to do with Ruger introducing a new gun?

          This statement:

          “I can’t understand why manufacturers are making and promoting 22 rimfire guns when 22 rimfire ammo is still expensive and hard to find.”

          Makes no sense.

          • CR

            It makes complete sense! I’m not complaining about Ruger’s quality, as they make great guns. 22 rimfire guns are the staple of the shooting community, as a nation we consume about 4 billion rounds of rimfire a year. The current demand and hoarding mentality for rimfire isn’t going to abate. I’m just saying that the industry as a whole, both gun manufacturers and ammo manufacturers, need to get together to solve this problem. If we don’t have enough young people coming into the sport the demand for guns and ammo long term will fall. As I said with lawmakers hammering our rights we need to grow our base, not shrink it, if we want to prevent further infringements on our rights.

          • RocketScientist

            Oh jesus you’re dense. I’ll try one last time to hammer this point through your thick skull. You started your comment by complaining that Ruger was making another .22 rimfire rifle when there is a shortage of .22 ammo, and implied that they should instead be devoting resources to increasing the availability of .22 ammo. You re-iterated this point in subsequent somments. RUGER HAS NO CONTROL OVER THE AVAILABILITY OF .22 AMMO. THEY DO NOT MAKE AMMO. THEY ARE NOT AN AMMO MANUFACTURER. NOTHING THEY CAN DO WILL AFFECT THE AVAILABILITY OF .22 AMMO. You might as well complain the Boeing or Apple or your local farmer’s co-op is not doing enough to increase the availability of .22 ammo. I’m done.

          • CR

            To adopt your attitude quite clearly the opposite is true!

          • Kyle

            Dude, not everyone has a .22 shortage. I could motor on down to one of the local walmarts after work and probably buy a case of the stuff if I wanted. Nevermind all the stocks the local gun stores have. Sure occasionally certain kinds of .22 tun out. Like the Stinger HV stuff but some variety of .22 is pretty much always available in quantity.

      • Biglou13

        I haven’t seen .22lr at $.05 since Jan 2013. Pray tell where “everyone” is finding it for this price.

    • FLdeepdiver

      Gun and ammo manufactures are first and foremost a BUSINESS. The goal of said business is to make profit. Your complaint about rimfire ammo being to expensive is clearly shared by many, however current rimfire wholesale prices will NEVER drop to the prices we enjoyed before. Retailers may reduce inflated markup strategies at some point, but not wholesale manufacturing. Ruger is not an ammo manufacturer.

      Firearm manufactures do not release new firearms without thorough projected sales analysis, and sometimes even then it is a gamble. So the fact that Ruger is releasing another rimfire rifle edition, denotes that they believe the market bears it.

      • CR

        Absolutely the goal of business is to make a profit. The rimfire anmo makers however remained in business, and were obviously making profits prior to the ammo scare, when wholesale and retail prices were significantly lower, and during times when commodity prices were substantially higher than they are today. The point I’ve been laboring to make is that rimfire is one of the best ways of getting young people into the sport. Cut off this new base and we have less people coming into the sport, eventually leading to shrinking revenues and profits for the industry as a whole, and less of voice when it comes to countering legislative threats. I’m seeing fewer and fewer young people at the various clubs I visit, I think the industry needs to look long and hard at this.

        • FLdeepdiver

          I agree. But sadly they will not, because: free market enterprise. Basically the market bears it (people purchased, and continue to purchase at higher prices), so there is no going back.

          • CR

            Agreed. Airsoft it is then πŸ™‚

  • FightFireJay

    Mmmm… OD green. Yes, please.

  • AndyHasky

    still waiting for an RAR chambered in .17 WSM. Bucks the wind better then HMR, which is much appreciated on the high plains.

  • MissileMech

    I have this model (#8334) on the way in hopes that it becomes my #1 weapon of choice against hordes of nut-clutching, tree rats. One feature I liked about this rifle is that the Weaver rail is machined into the receiver. It looks like a handy little rifle and being OD Green is a plus.

    On 22lr availability/price…it is what it is and shooting 200 rds of 22lr at the range is still cheaper than most other calibers. I shoot 200 rds of 5.56/.223 in a range session without blinking. Getting my kids out there with a brick of 22lr is worth it regardless if it’s 5 cents/rd or 10 cents/rd. Also, tree-rats and bunnies don’t care what you spent on ammo once you’ve spent it on them πŸ˜‰

  • RickfromPaso

    Need that gun in 17HMR!