DRT .308win Terminal Shock Ammo

Andrew of GY6 takes a look at DRT’s frangible ammunition in .308 Winchester. The bullet has some interesting results. He shoots some paper to check for groups then he shoots a pork shoulder with a piece of ballistics gelatin behind it. If you are squeamish about blown up pork meat then you may want to scrub past that section.  Then Andrew tests how well this ammo performs after going through hard cover like a concrete brick before going into ballistics gelatin. If you watch the slow motion you can see a piece of jacket manages to over penetrate the gelatin. I circled the piece of jacket in the screen cap below. Now he is reusing the same gelatin block from his first test fire so it may have been somewhat compromised. You can see the fragments of the first shot at the other end of the gelatin block right below the blue circle.


DRT .308 going through a brick and into gelatin.

Nicholas C

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  • Joe

    Any 308 + bone = no more bone.

    Not hating on this round, but I’m just not seeing the hunting advantage vs other 308 rounds on the market. The deer I hunt don’t usually hide behind concrete bunkers; not yet at least.

    • H.S. Thompson

      Deer hiding in concrete bunker. I see it every day.

      • Drew Coleman

        This is real life, not Fallout 🙂

        • Nick

          Pretty clear on that. He said deer, not radstag.

    • Dracon1201

      It’s a good thing a lot of us buying this ammo don’t hunt deer, then.

  • Gorilla Biscuits

    308 is great. Barrier blind 308 is even better.

  • 2hotel9

    Wow. THAT is what our troops need to be using for suppressing snipers in buildings in ME. F**k a bunch of haji masonry construction!

  • Adam Bigge

    I use their 300BLK offering. Last year a buck ran 20yds and dropped. Disintegrated lung and damaged heart. Good enough for me.

  • Mr Silly

    So many innuendos. Also endorsed by men on grassy knolls.

  • John Adams

    Pink mist….

  • John Adams

    Typically when I’m shooting game, I like to be able to eat it afterwards.