GunTV Now live and on air

Gun TV, the channel that we blogged about last year, has been live and on air for about a whole week right now (you can watch it live online). The channel comes with the slogan, “Live Shopping, Fully Loaded”. If you didn’t catch the earlier post, the channel is a 24/7 live firearms shopping channel, with occasional breaks in selling, to show episodes of interacting with firearms, such as range tips, cleaning, safety etc… For example the hosts will present a certain firearm, show how it works, and then they’ll go out a range, shoot it a few times, then go back into the studio where they will continue to talk about it. In total there are 9 hosts that usually pair up with each other to talk about a certain firearm on screen.

GunTV is a revolutionary new television network that drives an important social responsibility message using a national platform to reach the masses.

The first  platform of its kind, GunTV offers education, information and safety regarding firearms in America while responsibly offering extraordinary access to purchasing the most diverse representation of firearms in the world.

GunTV is proud to offer its consumer audience an exciting mix of unique content, a wide range of firearms and related products and services, educational information, resources and entertainment, all delivered via live broadcasting on satellite and cable systems and streaming on the Internet.

One could easily see a channel like this going downhill quickly like some of these other purely firearms related channels, such as Sons of Guns, if they don’t get in the spotlight for something wrong. Thus the heavy emphasis on safety in the channel, whenever at the range, or in the viewing room. Although I appreciate this emphasis alot, I will say they are almost going about it in an odd way. For example, when they were show casing the Desert Eagle, the host explained the manual safety, relating it to the importance of always being safe. My issue with this is that safety isn’t a tangible lever/knob/switch, but instead is a mindset of awareness, to do with the direction of a muzzle, the angle of a trigger finger, the condition of a firearm, etc… But other than this one point, I didn’t see much wrong with the programming itself, just hosts trying to sell guns (the majority of the hosts are also posing with Desert Eagles in their bio pictures, not quite sure what is going on here). The process for purchasing a firearm is quite simple as well:

  1. You pay a 20% deposit. Your firearm is delivered to the licensed dealer you select based upon your zip code.
  2. Your dealer contacts you as soon as your order arrives, inviting  you to visit your dealer to complete the required paperwork.
  3. You pay the remaining balance when you pick up your order and you have passed your background check.

Now, I’m curious as to if you are purchasing the exact firearm pictured on the screen, or are you purchasing that firearm in general. I’m assuming the latter, as I can’t imagine them making much money off of selling a single firearm at a time.


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  • borekfk

    They have a website catalog to order off of, so those guns are indeed representative of what you’ll get.

  • Don Ward

    Kill it now. Kill it now before it can breed.

  • USMC03Vet

    I turned it on once and I swear one of the hosts was the famous knife show guy that broke the katana and stabbed himself. If juicers and tae bo with billy blanks can be a thing why can’t something as truly awesome as firearms?

    They advertised free FFL transfer and no shipping. That is pretty legit awesome.

  • Edeco

    Gun with mythic-rainbow-topaz and ametrine bejewelled grip in 5… 4… 3…

    • Ryfyle

      That sound like Boss Monster loot.

      • Edeco

        A great aunt of mine seems to think so as well 🙂

    • Frank


  • john huscio

    Could be good stuff

  • Devil_Doc

    Annette Wachter? I’ve met her several times. Cool chick, very pro-2nd.

    • Spartacus Khan

      she seems like reason enough to watch

  • gunsandrockets

    Well… I’ll just say I see opportunity and danger at this prospect.

  • Nick

    The buying method is identical to Davidson’s Gallery of Guns, except you’re doing it on TV instead of the Internet.

    For the record, anyone who has never used GoG, I highly recommend it. The selection is pretty good, and if you have plenty of local participating dealers, you’ll get a lot of competing quotes. Even here in rural WV, I get 5 quotes within 25 miles. Some are close to MSRP, others are a lot lower.

    • Limonata

      I gave up on GoG because all my local dealers where no more than $5 to $10 difference from each other and often charged a transfer fee.

    • Rural WVer here too. There’s one guy with a basement FFL that does $25 above dealer cost and gets all my business.

    • Billy Jack

      The thing that had me interested in GoG is that warranty (replace any defective product with a new one) but I’ve never read any reviews of trying to use it. That’s the only reason I wouldn’t either pay more to support a local dealer or cheap out with a big internet bargain store.

  • Limonata

    So, QVC for guns but without the bargains?

  • Gorilla Biscuits

    This will be interesting to see where it goes. If they do a lot of volume, there actually may be some incentive for them to make some really good deals in the future. Unfortunately it looks like they have a very limited product range at the moment.

  • Joe Schmo

    Man, this is stupid.

    • DIR911911 .

      was beginning to feel all alone

  • I’m all for them to succeed but I think most gun buyers who arent buying directly from their local ffls prefer online