Covert Guitar Case

Covert Cabinets is offering a Covert Guitar Case. It is a hard shell case with a 4 digit combination lock and pick-n-pluck foam inside the case. The case is available on their website for $139.99.

I am interested to see how secure the lock and clasps are on the guitar case. Couldn’t one just pry the case open near the guitar neck section and slide the firearm out?

Using musical instrument cases is nothing new. But this one seems purposely built for firearms. Like with any discrete carrying bag or case, having gun stickers and tactical clothing may defeat the purpose of this case.



Nicholas C

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  • BattleshipGrey

    I’ve considered transporting firearms in musical cases before; for about 10 seconds until I realized that it’s really not that covert. Sure, the average person may think you’re just transporting your violin or guitar, but thieves only see dollar signs, and they’ll be pleasantly surprised when they crack open the case at home later.

    I really like another ARFcommer’s suggestion of keeping things really low key.

    • RocketScientist

      Ha, thats genius. I loved my SU-16C, as it can fold up, with full mag inserted, and still fit in a simple tennis racket bag… but this is pretty spectacular.

    • M.M.D.C.

      If I have to move my guns in public this is how I do it.

    • Evan

      I often use a similar bag to that. It originally contained a large folding chair, which has since broken, and I can fit three or four rifles in it discretely.

    • USMC03Vet

      Bat bags FTW!
      So cheap and perfect for desecrate transport.

  • Anonymoose

    This doesn’t look all that secure, and it also looks a bit disproportional (same thing I’ve noticed about Auto-Ordinance’s Thompson “violin case.” I like the ThugCases better, and they’re a lot less bulky.

  • Vhyrus


  • Bill

    I have used a soft guitar case for my AR for years. I agree thieves may still see something to steal but I mainly used it when I lived in an apartment to keep the fact that I had guns on the down low. I figured my neighbors wouldn’t think twice about seeing me carry a “guitar” out to my car.

  • Rock or Something

    I think I mentioned this story before, but years ago, when I lived in an apartment complex, I came back home from the range with my M1a in a regular hard gun case. My neighbor, an older lady with two huge (but friendly to me) German Shephards came out to do their daily walks and she spotted my case. She said “Oh, I didn’t know you could play a musical instrument!” I looked at it briefly before saying to the effect: “Uh yeah, it’s an instrument”.

    • flyingburgers

      “Where were you fishing?” happened to me.

    • Suppressed

      If she had 2 German Shepherds, she probably wouldn’t have batted an eye had you told her what was actually in the case.

      I’m a Shepherd owner myself so I always pay attention when I see another one, and although this is purely anecdotal, it seems as *most* other GSD owners are pro-gun. Kinda makes sense given they’re working/protection dogs. If you want a good dog to protect your family, you’re also gonna want some good tools to protect them as well.

      • Rock or Something

        We got along pretty well, although we weren’t real close so I couldn’t tell you her philosophy on firearm ownership. For all I know, she could have owned a firearm herself. This is Arizona after all. But if we were both outside at the same time, one of her Shepherds would always run up to me and expect a pat. The other one was friendly but always kept its distance. But yeah, between the two, there wouldn’t be anything of me left.

  • David

    Its not about deterring theft, its to deceive people regarding its content. You can walk down Main Street without anyone knowing that you have a rifle

    • Nicholas C

      But how often do you walk down Main Street with a rifle? If you had a Dolos Kit, you can break down a rifle into a simple Jansport backpack.

  • john huscio

    Just the thing for my Gibson MG..err, SG…..

  • Suppressed

    Allow me to play you the song of my people.