[Big 3 East] RS Regulate

For those of you not familiar with RS Regulate, they make some of the best AK side rails and mounts out there. This time at the Big 3 East event, Scott showed us his latest MLOK handguard for IWI’s Galil ACE. This one was a metal 3D printed protoype. It is a 6 inch handguard for the pistol. Scott will make a 12 inch version for the rifle Galil ACE. The handguard will have integrated QD holes and have 5 sides of MLOK holes.

DSC_0298 DSC_0299 DSC_0300 DSC_0321


Aside from the Galil ACE, Scott is working on a Magpul Zhukov stock adapter for Czech made AKs like the VZ58. He is also working on a new side rail that weighs just 2 oz.. No pricing yet for the stock adapter but he estimates 3 months after testing is completed.

DSC_0337 DSC_0338

Nicholas C

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  • Rhys

    “Aside from the Galil ACE, Scott is working on a Magpul Zhukov stock adapter for Czech made AKs like the VZ58.”

    The Vz.58 is not an AK variant or derivative.

    • Mmmtacos

      Aside from the fact that is doesn’t share any common parts, is short stroke, striker fired, has a bolt release and can be fed with stripper clips it’s totally an AK. I mean, it fires x39 and even looks a lot like an AK and was designed by Communists. What more do you want???

      • Rhys

        Yeah, I know. I’m just being picky. 😉

        Being Canadian, I can’t own an AK or any of its derivatives, like a Galil. I can (and do) own a Vz.58.

        • Twilight sparkle

          I thought Canada ended the vz58 because everyone thought it was an Ak?

          • Rhys

            Some variants were reclassified as prohibited because their receivers were originally machined as full-auto variants, according to the RCMP.

          • Twilight sparkle

            Ahh okay, I don’t keep up much on Canadian law, I just remember someone on YouTube complaining about it.

          • Rhys

            No worries, I don’t mind answering questions.

            It’s somewhat become more difficult to find Vz parts locally here since the RCMP reclassification fracas, I guess because of the legal ambiguity. That doesn’t prevent us from importing them from places like Israel, however.

      • DW

        donno, like Aluminum magazines, beaver-barf furnitures, better-placed safety, etc. Totally still an AK.

      • Anonymoose

        So that makes the SKS and the POF Puritan AKs, too?

        • CoyoteVigilant

          Media says it is so it must be true.

        • Rhys

          Don’t forget the Type 81.

      • Paladin

        Bolt catch, no release,

  • Trey

    Is that Galil Ace one of the 40 that IWI is looking for in the other article posted today?

    • That one does not appear to have the third pin.

  • your mom

    what arm brace is that … on the Galil?

    • Nicholas C

      SB Tactical made it exclusively for them.

  • Anonymoose

    The next thing needed for the Galil ACE is a folding AR stock adapter.

  • That Vz58 setup needs to come to Canada. Right. Now.

  • CanadianShill

    Anything that gives more options for stocks on the 58 is fine with me

  • JSmath

    Man I feel like that stock adapter would be a huge improvement for my VZ2008, but I’m still really kinda enjoying the fact that after shooting $100 of ammo through it, I’ve only spent $420 on it.

    • Machinegunnertim

      I’m in the same boat with 2 VZ2008’s. It’s hard to spend more on accessories than i paid for the gun. Though I can sometimes make an exception for optics.

  • Jim


  • Adam D.

    That VZ stock adapter is sick!

    But what’s up with the SVD adapter?
    Is it finished/available yet?
    RS Regulate has some great products, but their website and media presence leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Peeholestinger

    FYI, if you are talking about the President of RS, his name is spelled Scot. Only one “T”.

  • Squirreltakular

    Does anyone know if IWI is planning on making the Ace in 5.45?

  • N E W T

    Did any of the ACE owners get their guns back yet>??

  • Jesus Marquez

    well he only had to follow two steps:

    1)ask question
    2)check at a later time for answer

    • randomswede

      That’s true, but best case scenario “your mom”, however unlikely, has come to the conclusion that; “Yea, I should try and act like a mature individual rather than like a baby bird expecting others to feed me what I need.”.
      This is assuming that “your mom” just chose not to find the information themselves, it could be that I actually did some educating.

      Either way it’s safe to say that the main benefit is likely to be that I got to vent some “assholeness” on someone who, arguably, deserved it.