Battle Gear posted this image on their Facebook page. I am guessing it is an April Fool’s joke. The holes in the angled iron looks a lot like Keymod slots. I am curious if the handguard is actually functional and if it would survive firing the AR.


  • 68Whiskey


    • thedonn007

      The ancestor to keymod.

    • iksnilol

      Nah, it’s keymod. You can see the holes look like little keys and not like little shelves.


    *insert Taurus QA joke here*

  • Jay

    That’s how I see all keymod handguards. Can’t help it.

    • drambus ambiguous

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why MLOK is outpacing keymod in sales now… that and MLOK has higher peel and shear strength than keymod.

      • ajhengineer

        Peel strength?

        • drambus ambiguous

          Yeah. Applying the pulling force away from the attachment point as though something were trying to rip the attachment off the rail.

          Shear strength would be how strong the attachment points are if pushed in line with the rail in this example. So imagine a flashlight attached to an MLOK rail. imagine something hits the light from the front, driving it backwards. The shear strength is the force required to cause the mounting point to fail with that kind of applied force.

          • Squirreltakular

            I believe you, but can you post any links that support this? I haven’t seen any pictures of keymod mounts being torn off.

          • Ira

            I too would like to see some sources

  • Swarf

    Looks better than the actual stuff.

  • Todd

    They took time to weld the bipod. It must be realz!

  • 48conkli

    cant say its not functional

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Exact same pattern as the shelves in my warehouse.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    My cork board handguard features faster QD features and is even cheaper, lighter, easier to install, and floats your weapon so you never lose it in water when you’re operating again! Sold in packs of 20, universal fit (just trim off extra material). Can be etched and painted for that almost metal look or as insane as your imagination dares!

    • Giolli Joker

      You forgot to list the superior insulating properties!

  • Major Tom

    I guess the trade secret’s out.

  • Southpaw89

    I guarantee that that thing would survive firing, so long as its mounted well, those welds aren’t the prettiest I’ve seen but they should easily handle AR recoil. And I guess there’s a joke about using off the shelf parts in here somewhere too.

    • Ira


  • David

    Sort of off topic, but am I the only one annoyed by how much keymod has taken over? Who wants a bunch of dicks all over their gun anyway..

    • Squirreltakular

      If it’s stupid, but it works…

      • David

        There are plenty of equally and or less stupid things that work just fine, and those don’t look like dicks and shelves.


    Who else wants to see a full auto test with a thermal camera? This may outperform many of the handguards on the market as far as heat dissipation, if it’s made out of aluminum. IDK just a thought.

  • TDog

    Budget Keymod? More like Keymod is overpriced shelving.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Of course it’s functional. It’s not going to be pleasant, though… and it’s definitely going to survive firing the weapon. In fact it may survive longer than the weapon. It’s structural steel, after all.

  • mazkact

    It’s modified UNISTRUT

  • John

    It’s made of steel, not polymer. I’d imagine that it if was welded correctly, it would hold up to abuse long after a Magpul handguard failed.

  • Wynter

    Now that’s a handguard I can hang my hat on…..or even a shelf.

  • Ira

    Why wouldn’t it survive? It’s well clear of the flash hider where all the expanding gas is coming out. Maybe if the barrel ruptures from a squib load or something, but the handgaurd is the least of your worries in that situation.