The VHS-2 Has a Stock Designed for Giants

In the comment section of a couple of my recent articles on the challenges facing the bullpup concept, and the Lithgow Arms F90-LE, respectively, many of my commenters suggested that the Croatian VHS-2 bullpup assault rifle was one of the most important next generation designs, that its designers had solved the challenges facing the bullpup. The reason many of them felt this way was because “it has an adjustable stock”.

That’s true, the VHS-2 does have an adjustable stock, one that is adjustable through about 2″ of length of pull (LOP). What’s really important though is what different LOPs are available through the stock’s adjustment, with a weight towards the stock needing to be shorter, rather than longer. As the US Marine Corps recently conceded in their adoption of the M4 Carbine, even the M16A2/A4, with its LOP shorter than many bullpups, is just too unwieldy for the sort of close-in fighting being conducted in recent wars.

So I thought it would be worthwhile to compare the VHS-2 to the M16A2/A4 which the Marine Corps recently began phasing out to see what their respective LOPs look like. I scaled the image below based on the rifles’ respective overall lengths, and it appears to be pretty accurate to me:


Note that this is with the VHS-2’s stock collapsed. That means our Croatian wonder-bullpup has a LOP of about 16″, adjustable out to a whopping 18″. Sure, it has an adjustable stock, but I’d rather they just chop all that off so that I could reach the pistol grip!

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • SGT Fish

    I saw that in the comments on the other article. very true. IDK how a smaller soldier would even be able to fire the rifle. In basic we had to resort to putting CAR stocks on M16s for some smaller recruits. and we ran out of those and had to issue M4s for others.
    Another thing to not is the extremely thin profile of the barrel, especially with a GL clipped onto it. That looks disastrous to the POI. Or maybe the image isn’t sized right and the bullpup should be even bigger and longer

    • ostiariusalpha

      Nope, the VHS-2 has a pencil barrel. It’s actually pretty common on bullpups so as to save weight.

    • SGT Fish

      plus they made sure to add in enough crevices and complexity in the exterior to make sure any dirt it touches will get lodged somewhere if it doesn’t get snagged on your gear first. the thing looks like a kid used photoshop to design the gun, I don’t see a single smooth flow of parts on the thing

    • I sized them based on their length, and checked them based on their flash hider diameter – both should have NATO-standard 22mm flash hiders.

      • SGT Fish

        yup. just a super small barrel. with a GL hanging from it…

  • Tom – UK

    I can’t say I know a great deal about LOP, however I would imagine that as a bullpup has the majority of it’s weight at the rear that if it were to have a longer LOP that it would be less of an issue.

    I’ve enjoyed shooting the SA80 A2 and found it far easier to remain on target in all shooting positions than other rifles I have shot including the: AK-47, M16, M4, VZ.58 and numerous bolt actions.

    I’m fairly sure the designers will have this in hand. But until we see them on the commercial market I suggest we hold fire.

    • ostiariusalpha

      The fully collapsed VHS-2 has a very similar LOP to the L85A1/A2, I don’t know why you would want to go longer than that.

      • Tom-UK

        I’m 6ft3 and have found shooting the SA80 does require some scrunching up to get a cheek weld. I’ve found the SA80 to be very short and flexible. I personally think the VHS-2 has a lot to offer. I don’t really see any problems with it at all in fact.

      • BattleshipGrey

        This brings up the other issue that Nathaniel brought up last week: “The Flaw of Averages”.

        • Tom – UK

          Which is why the VHS-2 offers a good mix in that its got an adjustable stock length.

          • No, it doesn’t. It offers a mix of “very long” to “pole vaulting stick”.

          • Tom – UK

            Hi Nathaniel, BG mentioned the LOP as being similar to the SA80 which in this case is the only bullpup I have experience with.

            Can I ask whether you have any experience with said rifle and what it was? Or a bullpup of comparable size. I ask to gain context on whether any experience you have is comparable to that which the rifle is likely to be used in ie. Mass issue to armed forces with/without armour, mechanised forces, urban forces and extra-urban forces made up of individuals of all shapes and sizes.

          • Which bullpup?

            I have experience with the AUG, Tavor, and FS2000, and a teeny little bit of experience with the L86 (I held one once! hahah).

            As for my experience being applicable to military use, absolutely not. I am a lifelong civilian and I don’t pretend to tell military users what they should be doing. Having said that, I have a pretty good body of experience shooting and teaching others to shoot in different ways, so I feel pretty comfortable saying that the VHS-2’s “adjustable” stock was probably slapped on to meet some bureaucrat’s requirement. It doesn’t seem to serve an actual functional purpose.

          • CommonSense23

            From everything I have learned about SCAR program, the good idea fairy can add a lot of features that seem like a great idea at the time. And make sense with limited testing, but have major problems in the real world.

          • Yes, my understanding is that the whole SCAR program was basically a Good Idea Fairy false flag operation.

          • As I understand it, one of the unofficial goals of the SCAR program was to acquire a firearm design that SOCOM could modify without outside interference. They were tired of having to seek approval from TACOM-Rock Island with regard to M4A1 carbine improvements.

            Another unofficial goal was to prevent getting stuck with the XM8 if PEO-Soldier succeeded in forcing its adoption by the Army.

          • CO

            stay away from stuff you know nothing about

          • Tom – UK

            I was referring to the SA80.

            I think the adjustable stock really brings a lot to the rifle, I read the article you linked to with great interest in particular the short stocking. This technique is something I have never come across within the UK Armed Forces, the closest thing I can compare it to is technique of setting the stock in the centre of your chest so the rifle points wherever you look. Short stocking to me appears to offer horrible recoil control.

            While I certainly appreciate the desire for shorter and shorter rifles for the urban environment I can’t see multiple barrel lengths/uppers ever being issued as the rifleman must be able to operate at 0-600m in the space of ten minutes.

            I believe that bullpups offer a compromise that meets the overall needs of the infantryman with a shorter OAL, long barrel length, and high level of accuracy. I fully appreciate that an M4 is likely to be the better rifle for room clearing, but then for example how does it perform at defeating body armour/cover at 200m?

            For competition shooting, home defence again I feel the non-bullpup design offers the advantages that the bullpup will not beat because it is an individual effort not one of a platoon.

            I suggest you give the VHS-2 a go, spend 6 months with it and get trained on the system by someone with significant experience in it before you make your mind up 🙂

          • CommonSense23

            A 7.62NATO can’t defeat body armor or the vast majority of cover at 200 meters. And the vast majority of soldiers are not going to be effective past 200 meters, much less to 600 with a rifle.

          • It sounds kind of like you think I’m anti-bullpup, or anti-VHS, and I’m not. I just think the VHS-2’s adjustable stock is not the panacea to the bullpup’s woes that some people in my comments section appear to think it is.

            As for the advantages of the bullpup, well… A 5-10% increase in muzzle velocity is for the most part not that significant. If you design a whole system (including ammunition) around a set of requirements and are using the bullpup layout to create a more elegant and effective design (like the LSAT Carbine), that’s one thing, but simply adding 5-10% muzzle velocity to what the M4 puts out doesn’t make much sense.

            Let’s put it this way, if the Army and Marines both switched from the M16A2/A4 to the M4/A1 because they wanted a stock adjustable from “very short” to “medium” lengths and a handier and more ergonomic package, and if they felt that sacrificing that 8% muzzle velocity was worth it to do that, what reason would I have to think that 5.56mm bullpups, with their long LOPs and multitude of ergonomic limitations and challenges, would be an even better solution?

            And what does that extra velocity actually get you? In the Army’s estimation, just about diddly squat (it certainly isn’t helping you penetrate modern body armor). So then why make that tradeoff? It doesn’t make sense to do so.

          • Tom – UK

            Perhaps it’d be worth looking at the shorter barreled VHS-2 options.

            I have to say my experience of velocity and the 5.56 is perhaps biased from continual reports of it needing the high velocity to tumble/yaw etc. It is hard to argue with the US Army and USMC’s thinking. Especially with the new 5.56 ammo that has been developed.

            I’ll be watching the developments with interest. Thanks for your thoughts I will consider them for sure.

          • No sir, thank YOU for the stimulating discussion!

          • Hyok Kim


  • cwp

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say the VHS-2 is a solution to the bullpup’s challenges — there were some other design elements that made me raise my eyebrows — but I thought it was interesting and noteworthy as a bullpup that *has* an adjustable stock. Having a usefully adjustable stock may still be out of reach (pun intended), but at least it’s a step in that direction.

  • Lance

    The USMC is not phasing out the M-16A4 they are reissuing them to support troops and shifting M-4s from support troops to infantry.

    • Sianmink

      Their A4s are probably too worn out for infantry use by now anyway.

  • Anonymoose

    It’s still April Fool’s Day, right? Are the Croatians rolling this out for their planned invasion of Saturn?

    • Sianmink

      They can just fully extend the stock and climb the rifle to Saturn.

    • PK

      The VHS-D1 and -K have been issue items for a while, here and there.
      Multiple exporters offer them. I have yet to see the -2 for sale

  • Grump

    Bullpups can comfortably get away with a somewhat longer LOP than conventional platforms.

    Too short of a LOP on a bullpup is actually tiresome if you have to hold it at the ready for any length of time.

    • ostiariusalpha

      What short-LOP bullpup do you base this observation on?

      • Grump

        QBZ-95 platform is only 14.5″ IIRC.

        • ostiariusalpha

          You found the QBZ-95 tiresome to hold?

          • Grump

            Yes, I found keeping it shouldered for a long period uncomfortable because the LOP was too short even despite my short arms.

            My wrist and forearm were just not at a natural angle and had to kept tense.

            I’ve had no such issues with other bullpups like the AUG or Tavor.

  • junyo

    When I got my first AR I had a serious issue with the adjustable stock and was actively looking for extra long buffer tubes, because even at max stock extension the gun felt uncomfortably cramped. And i don’t have huge gorilla arms.

    Mentioned it to an ex-Army buddy of mine and he said, “You’re blading.” Was always a hunting/boltie shooter, never learned the square stance that AR shooters do. Squared up and the gun fit.

    I say that to say, my RFB is fairly comfortable and fits, like a hunting rifle, with a bit of torso angle. I’m going to bet that if you bring the VHS-2 across the body a bit, it would fit just fine.

    • CommonSense23

      Which negates the point of not blading, presenting your plates.

      • Also it’s really awkward to do that when you’re maneuvering in a house.

      • junyo

        Undoubtedtly it’s a learned way of doing things, for a reason. But my specific point was that the article is about how the VHS-2 won’t fit anyone but giants because of the longer LOP, and that’s probably just not true. My RFB has a 3″ longer LOP than my AR (working from home, so i took a tape measure to them during lunch) and fits fine. And we’re not talking about full on duelers stance, we’re talking dropping your shoulder back 10-15 degrees from square. Is it the greatest solution in the world? No idea, but assuming that the Croats aren’t morons and have actually thought this through.

        • CommonSense23

          Are you wearing plates with the RFB?

          • Hyok Kim

            Plus thick jacket for the winter

  • Chris22lr

    Being a small guy and having handled (not fired unfortunately) the VHS-2 I can say that author’s opinion is false. LOP (or how shooter perceive it) is just not a problem with this rifle.

    • I encourage you to read the article I linked where Marines talk about the difficulties the M16A2/A4’s LOP creates when maneuvering in houses and other close environments.

      This is the exact same thing I’ve heard many times from L85 users as well, and the VHS-2 has a LOP similar to that rifle (but adjustable to be even longer).

      • Dracon1201

        LOP isn’t as important as overall length. I think they are confused as to which one they reference. Regardless, your post actually supports that the VHS works, since they say that the M4 shorter OAL is what makes it better, just like the VHS bullpup’s length mitigates the issue in the same way. (even if you don’t like the LOP). Remember, they do make stocks for this (The angles on the bottom are for short stocking). I’ve seen people do it with an M4, too. It’s just a good tactic close in where you want the shortest possible amount of rifle in front of you and don’t care about much else, not empirical evidence that LOP is as big of a problem as you’d think. Can we also talk about the fact that everything changes when you put body armor on? I’m sure that forces a lot of problems we wouldn’t see otherwise. I really think a bigger deal is made out of LOP. It’s more of a training issue than anything.

        • I strongly disagree. Stock LOP is very important, and you see M4’s used in the fully collapsed position a lot these days for a reason.

          You can fight with longer LOP guns, but you have to implement workarounds (like short-stocking), which goes back to the “death of a thousand cuts” thing.

          • Uniform223

            short stocking as seen in The Bourne Identity when the embassy Marines starts to search and clear.

            btw looking forward to the new movie…

          • Would you believe that I’ve never seen a single Bourne film?

            I want to know where you can get those special locks that break when you hit them with a fire extinguisher.

  • iksnilol

    -Get Korobov TKB-022.
    -Chop 10 cm of barrel and whatnot.
    -Move pistol grip 10 cm towards rear.
    -Add adjustable butt plate.

    Boom, problyem solvyed.

    • roguetechie

      One of a dozen solutions iksinol.

      • iksnilol

        If it doesn’t involve a hacksaw in one way or another then I don’t want to hear about it.

        • Giolli Joker

          What? no mention of hammer and duct tape???

        • Cal S.

          What about tactical rails. I want to hear that part.

          • iksnilol

            Dude, I’ve already got several cheese graters.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      It’s the only design that I’ve ever seen where I thought, finally, the amount of Bakelite on this satisfies me.

      inb4 someone acts like I don’t know that it’s AG-S4 and not really bakelite.

      • iksnilol

        I’d like a suit of medieval armor made out of bakelite.

        • BrandonAKsALot

          Your armor would be destroyed from the first blow, but damn it, you’d look glorious while dying.

          • iksnilol

            They see me rollin…

        • Mike Lashewitz

          I would prefer one made out of Muslim owned passports…

  • randomswede

    I found a measuring stick from the olden days that still had them inches on it and 17″ LOP would be lovely for me, not sure what they build soldiers from in Croatia but it could be that 16″-18″ LOP is “goldilocks” for them.

    • BattleshipGrey

      But did you add weight to the yard stick, fore and/or aft?

  • Llewellyn Franks

    Keep in mind that the average height of a Croatian male is somewhere near the figure of 6’1. Its a rifle made for giants by a country of giants.

    • ostiariusalpha

      I’ve met a couple dozen Croatians in my life, every last one of them was shorter than myself. Which rifle were they supposed to use?

      • Tassiebush

        I always get confused about imperial measurements. So at 6.1″ average they’re shorter than you… How did you even know they were shorter?

  • Wosiu

    Somebody should say this as first:

    VHS-2 (and Tavor also) has overengineered external surface, full of lumpy details. Not good in bush or dense forest, not good in mud etc.etc.

    • nadnerbus

      First thing I think every time I see a picture of it. Way too many facets, cuts, and doohickies all over the rifle. That may have absolutely no effect on the rifle as a good platform, I dunno, but it’s not aesthetically pleasing to me, and I’m not sure there is a good design reason for all of those angles to be there other than just going for that look.


    This is insane!

  • Hr

    I think none of you didn´t hold this rifle in hand, and the writer concluded on the basis of picture that the LOP is to longer. I guess that he coludnt hold it but there are more than several pictures on internet where for example Croatian army or Iraqy Kurds special forces hold rifle at the fight and it is natural and LOP doesnt seems and it isnt long. It is totally different conception and the balans of these two rifle so every comparison based on image at this case doesnt make sense.

  • Mario AK

    The only thing sticking out, personally, is the ambi ejection port. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of shielding/blast deflection, just a flap on either side. Maybe there’s more to it.

  • StraightshooterJeff

    The Thompson SMG had a LOP of 17 inches and no one complained.

    • ostiariusalpha

      The Thompson is heavy and has a long LOP, if you think no one ever complained about that, you’re nuts.

  • Drambus Ambiguous

    Well, Croats are supposed to be some of the world’s tallest people, right up there with the Dutch, something like 6’1″ is “average” for them.
    Considering that, the LOP makes sense.

    • nadnerbus

      They do produce a surprising number of NBA players.

  • Patrick M.

    They’re adjusting in the wrong direction!

  • Tormund Giantsbane

    Wouldn’t be such a problem if the government would get off its ass and invent Space Marines already.

  • The VHS-2 with the stock extended looks pretty comical:

    • Another, better picture, note that the guy is just naturally short-stocking it:

      That tells me that this gun’s LOP is way too long.

      • ostiariusalpha

        From pictures I’ve seen of Croat soldiers in body armor with the original VHS, there’s a lot of short-stocking going on.

        • Yes, which is why HS Produkt stepped up to the plate to offer a rifle with an even more ridiculously long length of pull…

    • RealitiCzech

      Your arms must be this long to operate.

  • CommonSense23

    So this thing ejects where exactly?

  • Kyle

    Guess I am the goldilocks size for A2/A4s. I always found their fixed stocks really comfortable.

    • With ESAPI body armor on, while opening doors and ducking under lintels and stuff?

      • n0truscotsman

        Yep. We (big army) already learned that lesson when IBA first came out. The full size A2 and A4 M16 stocks were, IMO, uncomfortable, being from an age where LCE was the only thing worn on the upper body (besides rucksack straps).
        Times change. Equipment needs to change.

        With the newer generations of marine body armor, I imagine the problem became worse.

  • Henrik Bergdahl

    Well, it looks like a spacegun so I like it.

  • croatknight

    you Americans are funny people

    adjustable buttstock on VHS-02 is not built for large or small soldiers,their long or short arm…not,not at all.

    adjustable buttstock on VHS-02 is built in order to adapt the distance between the shooter eye and the gun sight.

    especially if it is some sort off riflescope.

    • Sounds like there’s something wrong with your riflescope design, the eye relief is too long.

      • croatknight

        With that rifle everything is okay,VHS-02 are fine weapon.Probably best bullpap currently on the market.

        Now,I have question for you.
        Did you or did you not ever hold this weapon in own hands?
        Did you see this weapon in live?

        I guess your answer will be negative.

        You just looking at the pictures and play with them…that is bad.I suggest you to go to Baghdad and do some research,like a real journalist…and then write articles.

        I što bi rekli u mome kraju: RAZGULI !!

  • Goody

    I see how it is, finally a company steps up to design a stock for me (6’5″) and they have the nerve to put it on a full auto gun from another country! One day, maybe one day I’ll own a rifle without a gawdy wooden spacer…

  • wetcorps

    I don’t care the VhS just looks too cool.

  • ostiariusalpha

    She’s not, but she looks plenty awkward.

  • James

    LOP seems not so bad next to a G3 (PTR91)

  • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

    So how’s that bullpups are compact and save several inches thing going? Lordy me, I think I’ve seen Tavor rifles shorter than that!

  • DW

    I’m starting to wonder if people deployed with this would remove the adjustable piece to shorten the LOP, even of just a little.

    • The non-adjustable VHS-D1 was 37mm shorter than the fully-collapsed VHS-D2.

      • mrimproper

        eyection port for ammo, now you can left-right shoot on bullpup, without replacement by the ejection cartridges,

        I think 37mm is a sell-out price for it

        and the entire gun is re-balanced – and reduced the distance between the ammunition and the trigger,

        and a rifle with a grenade launcher, you can keep in one hand, and shoot with one hand — while the other hand pushes the branches, climb over the wall, climb up the ladder, pulling the wounded …

        and you can take VHS-K2

        • MRIMPROPER

          and you can take VHS-K1 or VHS-D1

  • mechamaster

    Cant wait the VHS-3 come out. LOL.

  • Tritro29

    That’s not a Russian. It’s just an Idiot. And probably a dead idiot too. Check his Idiot patch. On his forehead. Other idiots, with different patches, that look Russian, do the same though. Being idiots in familiar places.

  • Tritro29

    It wasn’t meant as a “Russian/Not Russian” nationalist dichotomy. It was meant as you missing the Ukrainian flag with “volunteer battalion sign” patch on the cap. There are other people that are “Russian enough”, that partake as idiots themselves, in that Ukrainian mess. Nevertheless, you posted an Idiot, non-Russian sporting the cradle posture with his AKMS…

    • randomswede

      And I thought I made it clear that the nationality of the person in the picture was of zero relevance to the point I was making, I never said that the person in the picture was russian or even human, I made no reference in text to the picture.
      I didn’t miss anything, had I cared about anything but illustrating in picture what I was refering to I might have looked at the picture beyond the fact that the person in the foreground illustrated my point, I didn’t so I didn’t.

      I understand you have a dislike of the Russian/Ukraine “situation” In whatever direction, fine, but don’t express yourself like I’m factually wrong in saying that it’s a stance used by russians who aren’t “idiots” like it’s part of the “lazy idiots and enemies of mother russia manual of arms”.

      • Tritro29

        Oh god. I have a dislike for dense people.
        You said Russians use that cradle situation. Which is true (although in order to be effective AND comfy) it has to be “high speed”.
        However to illustrate it you posted an idiot. Not only because he was an Ukrainian “Volunteer” (see cap patch) but also because he was sporting and AKMS with the stock FOLDED. Which defeats the purpose of the cradle possition. Why? Because the arm, without the stock, is forced to do two movements which might lead to an AD.

        1. Grip and squeeze the pistol grip and then supine the forearm and hand, instead of using the arm to raise the gun. Rob Ski explains this in one his videos.

        Then there’s another problem with the Stock Folded.
        2. That AKMS with the stock folded makes it tricky to access the selector with the left hand. It’s idiocy 101.

        My remarks weren’t adressed to some elusive “Rodina outrage”, it was related to you researching and illustrating poorly your first post. And yes you are factually wrong with that illustration.

        • randomswede

          I couldn’t remember that it’s called a cradle position, if I did I could have googled for a better picture. I only recalled that I’d seen Russians holding their rifles to their chest while standing guard.
          To illustrate this I googled for images and grabbed the first person holding an AK to their chest.

          If your remarks where to my lack of research you could have said something along the lines of: “I think you are referring to “the cradle position” the in the picture isn’t doing it right at all! Here are some resources if you want to know more. As a side note he’s not Russian either .”

          Then I could have said something like: “Thanks! I’d totally forgotten that it had a name, I’ll look into that. Is this commonly used or is it a specialty thing?” and then gone on with my day a little more educated.

          I’m not very fond of dense people either, I don’t think I am one, but I am stubborn and I want to learn. Next time I post an image and a nationality in the same post I may take more care to look for insignias and flags, as this time I spent all of 0 seconds on it.

          For what it’s worth, I’m sorry using “Russian” in the same post as an image of someone who I now understand isn’t Russian made you upset, but that was not my intent and I certainly wish I could have found an illustration from a manual as I was hoping to do when I searched for a picture.

  • rjackparis

    The helghast are pretty big.

  • Kivaari

    Yup. The extra length on the A2, although liked by the test subjects over 30 years ago added the 7/8th of an inch, I like the shorter A1. Magpul offers an A1 length fixed stock, that is superior for many shooters. Tall people can use a short stock more effectively than short people with a longer stock. The original Soviet AK LOP is superior to the Yugo “NATO” length.

  • It looks horrible. Those surfaces look jagged and overengineered. The whole receiver looks like dog eggs. I’m sure it functions really well, but regularly bumping or grating into the sharp edges of your rifle whilst out on patrol is going to suck eventually.

  • CO

    Have you ever held the rifle or just looked at it on the internet? Your article is made for retards

  • CO

    Have you ever held this rifle or just eyed it out on the internet?

  • randomswede

    I hear you, I’ve been intentionally not given that conflict (and many others) much attention, hence my ignorance.
    I find there’s a limit to the amount of bad decisions I can handle seeing in a day before my brain is set on fire.

  • cwolf

    Or just go with a SCAR MK16 with a folding stock. OA 21″ folded.

  • Alexandru Ianu

    It’s that way to make it ambi (though you can switch the ejection side quickly). It puts the ejection port out in front of your face.

  • Andrew Foss

    The big problem with the A2/A4 was that it used a fixed stock with a 13.625″ LOP. It would have been trivial organization-level maintenance to replace the stock and buffer weight/spring with a M4 buffer tube, stock and H2 buffer. What, no love for the Canadians and their C7A2?

    And the VHS-2, or as it’s known outside of the US, the VHS-D? That’s not a solution. A loaded M4 weighs the same as an *unloaded* VHS-D and is an inch shorter at minimum, with a vastly more useful (in body armor) LOP of 10-13″ compared to the VHS’s 16-18″ LOP. This lets the same rifle be issuable to and effectively usable by *both* 4’0″ 98 pound soaking-wet-in-full-battle-rattle-and-carrying-two-cans-of-linked-7.62mm-in-her-assault-pack PVT (E-0) Snuffy, Suzy D. (one each) *and* 12’0″, (Gotta love them waivers) 350 pound wearing-a-sock-and-a-heavy-coat-of-CLP SSG Diesel, “PT stud” C.M.F.

  • Jackson Andrew Lewis

    even the M16A2/A4, with its LOP shorter than many bullpups, is just too unwieldy for the sort of close-in fighting being conducted in recent wars…
    more like less material= less cost and, soldiers complaining about weight once plates were standard…..

    its a new rifle and needs some refinement….. including in lop but it still offeres a shorter package with full legth barrel ballistics….

  • Alex Nicolin

    It makes sense. Croats are among the tallest people in the world 🙂

  • Paul

    maybe you fire this from the fwd pistol grip with your off hand and your normal firing hand goes on the rear pistol grip (magazine) to aid in ammo changes? ;- p