BREAKING: US Army Selects .40 S&W, Advances HK VP40, SIG P320, Canik TP40AF in MHS Trials

The US Army announced today that it is advancing the Modular Handgun System program ahead of its schedule. Due to pressure from Chief of Staff Milley, and a lack of entrants in the competition, the Army is dropping all solicitations for the existing 9x19mm NATO cartridge and focusing on the .40 S&W round. Further, program manager Colonel Scott Armstrong said to the press that only three packages submitted to the PEO Soldier office were complete enough to advance to the next phase of testing and evaluation:

“We are focusing on the 10x22mm .40 S&W round and have dropped consideration for the legacy 9x19mm NATO round, because our analysis indicates that the .40 caliber has the highest probability for improving lethality for the soldier. We have eliminated all but three handgun proposals as well, those being the Heckler & Koch VP40, SIG P320, and Canik TP40AF,” Armstrong said.

Up until now, the entrants to MHS have been unknown. The selection of Canik’s entry to advance is certainly surprising, as I was not even aware the Turkish arms company had made a proposal.

Armstrong said about the companies:

“All three companies we advanced submitted excellent proposals. All three manufacturers have a record of producing high quality firearms, and their proposals promise a great value for the Army, especially Canik’s.”

When asked about the Army’s decision, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said:

“The Army is very impressed with Canik’s proposal. Value is especially important for this program if it is going to meet Gen. Milley’s mandate of a $17 million fleet cost. It’s also very important that we strengthen ties with our allies in the Middle East and in NATO, and a procurement deal with Turkey would be a great way to do that.”

The model Canik submitted to the MHS competition is called the “TP40AF”, “AF” standing for “Army Forces”, not “April Fools”. It is reportedly based on the decocker-model TP9 v2 shown below:



Nathaniel F

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  • Pete M

    Wow. Pigs flying, ice melting in hell, dogs and cats living together.

    Crazy times my friends.

    Just when you thought .40s&w was dead (ok dying).

    • Suppressed

      Ice has always melted in hell…

      • Pete M

        Ugh. That’s what I get for trying to make jokes before coffee.

    • rick0857

      Or Al Gore’s glo-bull warming predictions coming true!

  • lol

    what happened to S&W?? how disappointing. did the army just make .40 relevant again? I can’t believe they didn’t stick with 9mm!

    • El Duderino


  • Gambler X

    April fools?

    • thedonn007

      My first thought was WTF? Then I glanced at the calendar.

      • Gambler X

        I almost bought it but midway through someone sent me a link to “Corn Hub” and I realized what today was.

  • 2hotel9

    Cool, 9mm ammo prices will plunge. I likee very muchee.

  • Dracon1201

    Happy April 1st, friends.

  • Tritro29

    It could have been believable If you had skipped the Canik and only insisted on H&K + Sig.

    • Joshua

      Actually the whole strengthening the bond between the mid East is incredibly believable under current leadership.

  • Ilgar Değirmenci

    Erdogan involved by any chance? hahahaha

  • TVOrZ6dw

    If the Army wants to save money, they should just unpack all those Colt Peacemakers from storage- The Colt AF (Colt Anachronistic Firearm, not April Fools).

  • Joshua

    Army is doubling down on the stupid between this and the CSASS decision.

    • Joshua


    • Mikial


  • ExurbanKevin

    On the other hand, this is the same organization that gave us the Sgt. York-David and the Comanche, so I could ALMOST believe they’d choose the Canik…

  • KS

    wow…right up there with aliens invading West Windsor Township, New Jersey

  • KestrelBike

    arrrghhhh I hate today LOL!!

  • Renegade

    April Fools!

    They are really chambered in .357 Sig

  • Lew Siffer

    You realize, of course, that “The Firearm Blog” and you (I guess we will find out what the “F” stands for in court) can now be sued for extensive monetary damages by anyone who is online right now buying or selling stock in these companies based on this article.

    • Lew Siffer

      Not really. April fool.

  • wildman0708

    Hahahaha!! I love this holiday!

  • Rock or Something

  • Sianmink

    Had me going for a sec. Damn you.

  • De Facto

    I saw this article and I was about to flip my $h!7 over here. Then I saw the comments.
    Well played TFB, well played. Happy April Fool’s!

  • Bullphrog855

    you had me 110%, up until I got to the comment section. Woo wee.

    • ARCNA442

      Me too, I think it says something about military procurement that this was so believable.

  • Big Daddy

    Canik…LOL…did you ever shoot one? LOL. April fool’s day.

  • USMC03Vet

    Needs more Hi Point, Keltec, Jennings, and .22LR.

  • Matrix3692

    It’s a mistake just to read news today.

  • ChierDuChien

    Turkey IS NOT our friend or ally.
    Might as well get some Chinese and Russian companies to bid.

    • Geoff

      Not only not our friend/ally, but a hostile enemy. Hussein pretends otherwise, but he’s just looking out for his Muslim brethren and helping sabotage the United States. It’s how Islamists roll.

  • TheMaskedMan

    Lol, I love the “istanbul not constantinople” tag.

  • TheUnspoken

    I figured this was April fools simply because I doubted the army could definitively pick anything or advance the trials… Vp40 (or vp9) would be a good choice though. Too bad they aren’t participating.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Clever but not as convincing as the HK-97 from last year. The .40 S&W gave it away. Not a chance in France the Army goes .40, especially as the FBI is about to ditch it for 9mm.

  • Asdf

    I have to admit, you got me.

  • LazyReader

    .40 S&W…… better off just throwing rice at them

    • Sulaco

      Last person I saw shot with one would not agree, if he was still alive.

  • nova3930

    Obvious April Fools is Obvious

  • Brian M

    Ugh, I forgot that today is the day to watch out for all kinds of trolls. I spotted it the moment I realized the US Army had made a rational small arms decision.

    • Mikial

      Excellent point!

      The military . . bypass the years and years and millions of dollars of the procurement process? Not bloody likely.

      • 2hotel9

        Bypass it? DoD routinely ignores all that when the money in their back pocket is “right”.

  • Joe Schmo

    Hahaha. April Fools!

  • El Duderino

    Nice “article” but would have been funnier if the DoD had selected a Hi-Point .40. I mean, ‘Murrican made, super cheap, hard to break…what’s not to like? 🙂

  • Fruitbat44

    Nice one.

  • I wondered how was it that TFB didn’t published anything “funny” on April’s fools day.

  • aceyd

    you got me

  • LOL———

  • nrtv20

    Sorry but if this is fake I quit reading your blog. Yes I am just acting butt hurt but come on guys… we are not in 3rd grade.

    Hopefully real.

    • I see by your shiny badge you are an officers of the US Fun Marshals Service.

  • Squirreltakular

    In other news, all of those same handguns will soon be available in California, as the state’s safe handgun roster was recently determined to be unconstitutional.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    It would have been something if you instead had photoshopped a modular fire control Glock.

    Would have been believable. Subtlety, try it some time.

    • And get sued by S&W? No thanks.

    • Don Ward

      JumpIfSnotZero arguing for subtlety in a comment?

      Wait a second…

      This is April Fools Day, isn’t it?


    Ver noice!

  • FrenchKiss

    All you .40 haters were probably crapping your pants.

    • Justin William Officer

      Actually it was that remark about lethality that made me realize this was a joke.

      • BilltheCO

        .40 S&W is quite lethal if you aren’t a novice shooter, and have actually shot someone with it, unlike yourself.

  • John

    LISTEN! I heard the front runner was the North American Arms .22 LR because of its ability for “orifice carry”.

    Talk about your Assault weapon!

  • zippiest

    This has to be an April fools gag. Eff the Turks!

  • LazyReader

    Almost fell for it

  • MLGPatrick

    forgot the date and was immediately disappointed.

  • Mikial

    I really hate April 1st.

  • Rocky Chen


    • 2hotel9

      You insensitive bastich, I love you!!!!!!

    • That is a perfect example of how to get yourself banned with zero warning. Do not use that word.

      • Cookie Vranish

        Why is that?

  • Paul Faiella

    I smell another sellout of our troops for politics.

  • Paul Faiella

    Putting out April Fool story’s that are not clearly tongue in cheek is not only juvenile but exposes supposed gun reviewer professionals or reporters as just morons. That would include Nathaniel.

    • Thanks for the kind words!

      • Paul Faiella

        If you want to be considered a serious writer and reviewer you have to leave the juvenile stuff to juveniles. If you were fooled by the report you need to exercise better investigation of stories going forward.

        • 2hotel9

          Having been one of the people giving Nathaniel a hard time over a few things in the past, you need to lighten the f**k up. Sprout a sense of humor, Francis.

          • Paul Faiella

            You and Nathaniel need to grow the f**k up. I have a sense of humor it doesn’t extend to weapons. I didn’t realize this was a comic strip, sorry.

          • Kevin Harron

            Need some Preparation H to soothe the butthurt there? Jeez.

          • Paul Faiella

            Butt out……. that was humor.

          • CanadianShill

            Settle down there Trudy

          • Paul Faiella

            Sure Super Stud don’t get your hair messed.

          • 2hotel9

            And you continue to prove you are a stupid c*nt. Yeas, we get it.

          • 2hotel9

            Yeas, we get it. You are a stupid c*nt.

    • Sgt. Stedenko

      Not being able to detect the sarcasm in this story and the fact it was posted on April 1 is more an indictment on you, but whatever makes you sleep at night…

      • Paul Faiella

        Sargent huh, sure. Well there was no sarcasm in the article sarge and April 1st stopped being a day for jokes once I got out of grade school. But hey sarge if being a juvenile floats your boat it’s a free country. You have your opinion and as my gunny used to say “opinions are like a**holes everybody has at least one.” Your’s has the right odor.
        Now sarge there’s sarcasm in the post, figure it out.

        • 2hotel9

          Yep. Stupid c*nt. Please! Provide yet more proof you are.

        • 2hotel9

          Oh, and pretending to have ever been a Marine, just more proof you are a stupid c*nt.

  • Blake
  • Andrew Dubya


  • Martin törefeldt

    The biggest joke in this is probaply that the military would be getting serious about this, and make some actuall progress.

  • Evil13RT

    So I arrive one day late, see this, and begin frothing at the mouth for fifteen minutes before realizing…

  • Aaron

    Maybe add a Shield or Hydra emblem on the grip of the Canik. Then announce a deal for U.S. production with Ruger and call it the neo-Merican. lol

    Yes, april 1st sucks.