New DOLOS System from Huntertown Arms

The AR-15, while a highly effective weapons system, known for its modularity, has not been known for using a quick-change barrel. That changed in the last two years with two systems introduced to the market, the DOLOS from Huntertown Arms and the Q/D system from DRD Tactical.

Both systems had their issues; the Dolos was able to be removed during firing and the DRD Tactical system still required a tool. The Dolos is the first up with its revision, removing the ability to remove the barrel without depressing a detent, making it field-ready for those who had trepidation at the previous twist-only configuration.The new system keeps the same ratchet system to provide torque to the receiver.

For those wanting to create a true multi-caliber platform, the Dolos is offered as both the base and handguard kit and a handguard only for those wanting to deploy additional barrels and/or calibers on their system. Additionally, the new system is directly compatible with YHM’s rounded handguards that used the threaded-on lock-nut.

The new Dolos is offered through Copper Custom, or the company started by Tim from Military Arms Channel in partnership with Blythe’s Gun Shop. The complete kit is in-stock and available for purchase for $200. The handguard-only portion is priced at $125


Nathan S

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  • Nicholas C

    Actually the Dolos is under Pantheon Arms. The owner owns that and Huntertown Arms. Huntertown will sell them but they are focusing on their suppressors.

    • mechamaster

      Maybe they can make Dolos-SD with integrated suppresor concept a reality next time.

  • ChierDuChien

    So a shooter can simply change the barrel to deal with a stubborn FTE ?

    • Ben

      The “De-gloving drill”


  • BattleshipGrey

    Interesting set up. I’m surprised it doesn’t cost more considering the AR community has waited so long for a quick change system, but for only two pieces I that’s probably enough. Good for them for finding a simple solution.

  • Ben

    I think Dolos are missing an opportunity by not selling the attachment piece on its own (without a handguard). Plus I’m not sure why anyone would want a handguard with borderline proprietary attachment points when you could just use a YHM handguard with MLOK or keymod.

    Surely it would make better business sense to scrap making the handguards internally and create a partnership deal with YHM, where customers are given a discount voucher for a YHM handguard for each Dolos kit sold.

    Or for YHM to buy-out Dolos and cut-out the middle-man.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    “I wish I could change my barrel and handguard to one that suited “the mission” right now without tools and not bother re-zeroing….”

    Said no one serious ever.

  • We have a new DOLOS coming for review—–

  • Jon Hammett

    Oh, so you don’t have the revised version. This article is about Version 2, not 1 or 1.5. Did you stop to think that they may have fixed these problems in the new DOLOS before telling the rest of us to not buy it? The rest of us will wait for a review of the new DOLOS before rendering judgment.

  • mechamaster

    Hmm.. Dolos-SD, with integrated suppressor in the barrel is a nice concept. ( maybe in their next product ). Keep the lenght short.