New Bushnell Gear

Bushnell spotting scope

For 2016, Bushnell Outdoor Products introduced a range of new optical products. While rifle scopes are a large part of the company’s business, Bushnell also manufactures¬†other gear like spotting scopes and flashlights. Here is a quick look at a small portion of the new products that are not rifle scopes.

Legend Tactical 15-45x Spotting Scope

This new spotting scope is part of the company’s Legend Tactical line. It offers a variable magnification up to 45x with a field of view of 60′. Weighing in at 37 ounces, this spotting scope is just under a foot long and is both water- and fog-proof. Bushnell finished the spotter in a desert tan color and included several short Picatinny type rails on it. It has a mil-hash reticle.

4x 50 Equinox Z Night Vision Binocular

Equinox Z

Running on four AA batteries, the 4x 50 Equinox Z binocular offers both night vision with an infrared illuminator and full color day operation. The unit has a built in recorder for capturing still images and video. Bushnell uses a microSD slot for storage and also built in a USB port and analog video out port (640×480 @ 30 fps.)

Trophy Extreme Rangefinder

Trophy Extreme

The Trophy Extreme is a laser rangefinder. Bushnell states the unit uses a Full Spectrum Targeting system that allows the shooter to range a target that is dark and non-reflective. The unit has a 4x optical zoom and is accurate to 850 yards +/1 1 yard. It runs on a single 9v battery and is rainproof.

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