Mosin Nagant PSR?

Someone should have submitted this to the SOCOM Precision Sniper Rifle Competition, just to see the looks on the faces of the officials present. Out of the Ukraine, we have a sort of chassis system for the Mosin Nagant rifle, designated the VM MP-UOS (ВМ МП-УОС in Cyrillic). A Ukrainian company by the name of UKROBORONSERVICE SC, abbreviated UOS on their website. They seem to have really brought the Mosin Nagant into the 21st century with the addition of a telescoping AR buttstock, full length top picatinny rail, suppressor, removable magazine, bipods, and a skeletonized stock to finish it up! Underneath all this dressing, is a Mosin rifle, whether or not it has been altered for accuracy, I cannot tell, and it doesn’t seem to say. It does mention that the range for a point target is either 350 meters for a head shot, and 450 meters for a torso shot, while 640 meters for a moving target. By referencing targets in human terms, I assume they would only be solicitation a military sale, as a civilian sale this wouldn’t fly, and most LE forces the world over don’t see precision long gun action past maybe 100-200 meters. However it does mention that the rifle is available for export, so if it were to ever come to the United States in a decent price, I would imagine it give Archangel a run for their money.

VM MP-UOS Sniper Rifle was designed by UKROBORONSERVICE SC specialists. It is a deep modernization of Mosin Model 1891/1930 rifle, 7.62 mm caliber.
Ukrainian gunsmiths upgraded this weapon in accordance with NATO standards. New sniper rifle was designed to use 7.62×54 mm cartridge, and has 730 mm barrel. Rate of fire is up to 20 shots per minute. Cartridges are fed from five- or ten-shot boxtype magazine. VM MP-UOS Sniper Rifle is equipped with optical sight and Harris SBR folding telescopic bipod. The modernization allowed to increase range of fire and to decrease recoil during fire. The sound of shot is diminished considerably due to the use of silencer therefore the rifle can be used stealthily.
In the framework of Mosin rifle re-equipment, other alterations in the design were made. Buttstock and wooden rifle stock were replaced by new rifle stock produced of polymer materials and aluminum alloy and adjustable buttstock and pistol grip. Fixed magazine was replaced by detachable boxtype single-row magazine. The thread is made on the chase for the mounting of silencer or muzzle brake. All the components and details used for the rifle modernization are manufactured in Ukraine. This weapon is also manufactured for export. The rifle design is distinguished by its reliability. Comfortable buttstock, accessories, and well-balanced barrel improve shooting accuracy that is huge advantage among similar models of weapons.

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  • Major Tom

    Rifle is……fine?

    • Twilight sparkle

      Ukrainian comrade didn’t get the memo

  • Petto

    Well the stock looks functional than that Dragunov one before

    also if it had a folding stock , it would been better

  • Anonymoose

    No bayonet?

  • borekfk

    Oh God, here come the slavaboos

  • DW

    K-31 PSR would make way way way more sense.

    • Swiss dude

      There is one Google wyssen Defense. Its expensive as …..

      • ozzallos .

        Owwww. That’s no archangel stock price.

  • I predict some cheek weld problems… might have been better off with a folding stock with more adjustments.

    • LCON

      Think they went with the M4 style so that they could replace it with a Off the shelf model latter on. If you look at the third image they replaced the stock on that one with a Command arms model ( at least I think it’s Command arms ) Which is logical as like pic rails your pretty sure to find compatible parts.

  • ih8ut

    All the components and details used for the rifle modernization are manufactured in Ukraine.
    including the AR stock (mil-spec or commercial) and grip?
    so this is like a M1, upgraded to M14/M1A, up armored to M39?

  • iksnilol

    I think they are being a bit conservative in regards to range.

    Or maybe they are realistically considering that people will use delinked MG ammo?

  • JGT

    W-where is the cosmoline?

  • Ed

    Don’t tell Alex C he hates Mosins and have a tantrum over this post. LoL

  • Devil_Doc

    They made a Mosin heavier?

  • John Yossarian

    It looks like they’re using the Archangel’s magazines.

  • Arie Heath

    I don’t understand why people don’t like the mosin. It is a reasonably reliable action in a powerful cartridge, and was my first deer rifle.

    • RickOAA .

      Because bubba and mall ninja.

  • Mark

    I’m holding out for a Lee Navy PSR ?

  • Cal S.

    Man, that’s a handsome-looking Garbage Rod!

  • Anomanom

    Are they making new bolts with turned bolt handle? Cause i would buy one.

  • Cmex


    Hey, Russians, Soviets, and Finns have been making shooting history and winning marksmanship competitions with the Mosin rifle for over a century now. The action is plenty strong, these rifles are the 2’nd most ubiquitous on the planet (91/30 alone is 3’rd most common after the AK-47 and the SKS) and the round carries a lot of energy with plenty of room in the action and case for wide varieties in bullet shapes and weights. There’s no real reason to not augment the Mosin in a service role to bring it up to modern specifications.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    That’s a very interesting concept based on the M1891/30 action. To obtain the desired accuracy, though, you’d have to make sure that you use an action and barrel that hasn’t seen a lot of prior service or perhaps install a new barrel during the build. if a true M1891/30 sniper action and barrel could be obtained for the conversion, so much the better ; unfortunately, that would mean taking apart a truly collectible classic although I am sure the drop-in fit of the new chassis would still allow restoration of the rifle to its original form sans any alterations. Here’s a thought — how about using a Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant action and barrel? These are now available in some numbers and many are in excellent condition with little to no wear depending on the issue.

  • Infedel48

    Why would anyone do all that to a Mosin Action ?

  • Rocketman

    Beautiful! The main problem with Archangel is that it doesn’t provide a proper place for a telescopic sight which is a deal breaker as far as I’m concerned. With a Shepard Scope on it this could be a rifle that an army could take minimum trained soldiers and turn them into snipers with a short training course.

  • bruce Cambell

    Talk about really expensive lipstick on a pig.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      That stock might be expensive lipstick, but the Mosin-Nagant M91/30 is far from being a “pig” — and it has a very well-established historical battle record to prove the point, regardless of what anyone’s mere opinions or perceptions might be, no matter how well rationalized.