[Big 3 East] Pantheon Arms Dolos

Nathan S. just posted an article about the new Dolos. Well Pantheon Arms is the maker of the Dolos. Huntertown Arms is a sister company. Same owner. He brought out his Dolos and shocked everyone with the Ammo Can of Whoop Ass. Inside was a complete AR15 SBR. What is more interesting is this new 7 sided Keymod handguard prototype that was made for them and they are evaluating it. No word yet on how much but it will be available soon.

DSC_0294 DSC_0343 DSC_0342

Here is a classic Bushmaster with the Dolos Quick Change system.



I did ask about the Huntertown Arms DIY 10/22 Takedown kit. It is called Demos. The has not been any production since I saw it last year at Big 3 East back in March 2015. The project is delayed due to the stock manufacturer, Choate Machine & Tool, disassociated themselves from the project. Can’t have a takedown kit if you don’t have a stock to go with it. So they are exploring other options.

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  • Anonymoose

    They should market that can as a package. lol

  • SGT Fish

    they claim it has no POI shift, which if true is good, but I don’t see the desire of all these people that want quick change barrels unless they really need the extra compactness. I see a lot of ads for other companies with similar systems that show off the caliber change ability, but its pretty pointless to be able to change it out so fast and then have your sights totally wrong for that new caliber. Which is why I think an extra complete 80 dollar upper is the way to go. you upper stays as one assembled unit and you don’t lose your zero. That being said, the only reason I would buy this would be for a super compact SBR package, but even then, your only gaining a little bit of disassembled compactness

    • Harrison Jones

      I personally don’t see people wanting this for caliber conversions. If they do it’ll probably be for inside 50 yards where POA/POI won’t be that significant.

      It would be cool for my briefcase or a truck gun.

  • Full Name

    An honest-to-God can of whoopass! I love it!