[Big 3 East] New Glock 36

At the last BigBox o 3 East back in October 2015, Glock was invited and they came to answer our questions as well as to show us their recent pistols like the MOS line. Now they have returned and showed us their newlu updated Glock 36. They have added an accessory rail to the Glock 36. I would have liked to see the entire frame updated to a Gen4 style update or something along the lines of the Glock 43. Update the side texture, reduce the grip like the Gen4 Glock 21 and Glock 41, then add the large ambidextrous mag release. That would be even better. However it is interesting that Glock is updating this pistol to allow either a laser or light. I wonder how this setup would look with the SureFire XC1? Unfortunately it is not CA Compliant. I believe that is due to the DOJ approved list that California has.

During Glock’s presentation they mentioned that the “bread and butter” for Glock right now is the Glock 19, Glock 43 and Glock 42. To their surprise and contrary to many people’s hypotheses, the Glock 42 did not see a drop in sales after the Glock 43 was released. In fact they have seen an increase in orders for the Glock 42.

They produce about 150k guns a month and only 20k of those are USA made.


Underside of the new Glock 36 frame.





Box o’ Glock


Glock brought out a vast assortment of pistols for us to play with.



Nicholas C

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  • TheMaskedMan

    Why did they stick with the Gen3? If any Glocks need the Gen4 grip reduction, it’s the .45 models.

    • manBear

      Totally agree – What’s the point of ‘updating’ if you’re not using the newest frame/grip option?

      • Tom

        Thinking out load here but maybe Glock feel that .45 users are willing to put up with a fatter gun whilst the 9mm guys want slim, after all lots of competition for concealed 9mm now so would make sense to spend resources on the 9s rather than the .45s.

    • Holdfast_II

      This is a single stack (Glock’s first) unlike all the other .45s, so it was already slimmer.

      • Fred Johnson

        The 36 is slimmer, but the front to back dimension should be reduced.

        My 36 is a great carry piece, but feels unlike any other handgun I’ve ever fired by the long front to back grip size. It’s like holding a small plank instead of a gun.

        Even with that complaint, get your hand around it tightly and it sure shoots pretty damn well.

        • maodeedee

          They should not only make the grip slimmer but they should get rid of that damn “Hump” at the bottom of the grip and make the back of the grip more like a 1911 with a flat mainspring housing.

          That’s the only thing I don’t like about Glocks. I have a G23 qand a G20 andf I’vre learned to shoot well enough even with the hump but I could probably shoot better without it.

          And while I’m on the subject of complaints, I wish that they’d made the 43 smaller over all and without the hump of course.

  • john huscio

    Shot a 36 back to back with the 30s and the 30s was superior in every way (for me) the only edge th 36 had was slightly better concealment (VERY slight) and a couple ounces lighter loaded.

    • Nicks87

      Kind of like the difference between the G43 and the G26?

  • Nicks87

    I wonder if the slide is still the same width or did they try to shrink it like they did the G41?

    • Anonymoose

      The G36 always had the thin slide. That’s why they made the G30S and why they made the thinner slide on the G41.

  • Pete M

    Rail on the G26 please.

    • John

      Let us non-rail people have a few. There are plenty of handgun options with rails.

  • OldNorthState

    Never fails to amuse me hearing all the hooplah over the 36 and even the 30S, often all in the same sentence. Seems like everyone wants whatever it is they don’t happen to have. Both of those are good pistols within their design parameters (I’d choose the 30S if I couldn’t have a 30, but they’re NOT the same weapon). However, when you really want to be impressed with a sweet shooting combination carry piece/range gun, try the amazingly soft shooting (almost eerie) standard G30 in gen 3 or 4. THAT is a pistol, with accuracy capable of bettering the famous 21 in competent hands. (Though not “inaccurate”, the 30S won’t typically run with a 30 in accuracy.) A manly piece of hardware, for many the G30g4 merits instant bonding. Seems folks are awfully caught up these days in trying to carry something so small and light “they barely know they have it on ’em”…but carry pieces don’t have to necessarily feel like toys. Though I have others to choose from, I’ll carry the most serious compact combat piece I can, whenever possible… not necessarily the most “convenient”… and that often is a G30g4.

    • john huscio

      The 30gen4 would’ve been my choice, but the shop didn’t have it and the 30s was there staring me in the face. Got the latter, no complaints.

      • OldNorthState

        No bad choice, whatsoever… you’ll enjoy your 30S, I’ll wager. All the best to you and with your new piece.

    • Holdfast_II

      I like my 30S just fine. Conceals well, and holds the max number of rounds that I am allowed to carry. And can use my G21 mags in a pinch.

  • De Facto

    “In fact they have seen an increase in orders for the Glock 42.”
    It’s almost like people who are recoil averse like a round that’s tamer than 9mm but still fairly potent in a pistol that’s large enough to control. Who’d a thunk.

  • Frank Martin

    I own a 30s.. Love the weapon.. but I tend to carry my Kahr CW45 more than I do the Glock.. depends.. on the situation..

  • Lee C

    I just reconfigured (‘plastic surgery’) my 30s from a 2 finger grip to a 3 finger grip. This new grip length is modeled after the G26/27 where the G30s mag, with G21 mag base plate fits inset and flush with the bottom of the grip. Height is exactly the same as the G30s, but now looks G19/23ish in .45ACP. Capacity remains the same because it is a stock G30 mag with G21 base. Would love to share a photo, but can’t figure out how.

  • Rocketman

    One of the things that I would like to see is a really extended slide release for us older guys who don’t have the grip strength that we used to have when we were younger. I have an older 2nd generation model 19 and it’s all that I can do to release the slide without moving my hand which slows down my shooting. In a serious social situation that could end up getting me killed.

    • maodeedee

      I’m not as strong as I used to be either now that I’m approaching my 70’s but I really don’t have any problem wit just the standard Glock extended slide stop lever with the little triangular bump on it. Any bigger and it could hang up on your clothing during presentation.

      Additionally I don’t see the importance of a rapid mag changes with a Glock 19 that has a 16 round capacity. I think it’s more important to become proficient with your defensive handgun so you don’t waste shots.

  • maodeedee

    What is the point of having a compact gun if you defeat it’s purpose by attaching a bunch of gadgets on to it?