Ruger Under Attack from Public Advocate

Sturm, Ruger & Company has been facing scrutiny as of late for not warning its investors of the alleged risks it faces.

Letitia James, who is New York City’s Public Advocate, is tasked with advancing, investigating, and ensuring the interests of the public. This can come about through her responding to complaints filed by the public or her own research into concerns of the people she serves.

Letitia James has had a history of attacking gun manufacturers in the past including Smith & Wesson. Her most recent swing has been aimed at Ruger as she sent a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) on Tuesday, March 22nd stating that Ruger has not fully disclosed the risks of their business to its stockholders. This is all primarily in response to 2 New York city police officers being shot by someone armed with a Ruger .357 Magnum revolver which she referenced in her letter.

New York City's Public Advocate Letitia James

New York City’s Public Advocate Letitia James

Letitia James remarked in a public statement regarding her letter to the SEC that “gun manufacturers must come clean about the dangers posed by their business and the risks it represents for even their shareholders.”

The bloodshed for Ruger and other firearm manufacturers doesn’t stop there though. Multiple investment groups are coordinating with their clients to dump gun manufacturers from their portfolios because of the perceived risks associated with carrying them.

Smith & Wesson felt this direct pressure last December when Letitia James pushed for the SEC to investigate them for possible wrongdoings. The straw she so desperately grasped at was that Smith & Wesson was not pro-actively doing anything to stop criminals from getting their brand of firearms. (As a public advocate, I wonder what she does to ensure candy bars don’t fall into the wrong hands with our current obesity epidemic).

This societal fear even reaches into the doors of such retailers as Cabela’s, Wal-Mart, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Whether its been to stock firearms that hold 8 rounds or less, for their stockholders to re-assess their ownership of shares, or to remove certain types and brands of firearms entirely from their shelves, these retailers are feeling the burn from irrational firearm fear.

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • USMC03Vet

    Nothing to see here. Just lawyers being scum.

    • iksnilol

      I tell my lawyer brother:

      I might have a crappy job , a crappy car and no house in comparison to you who has a good job, sports cars and a house, but at least I am not a lawyer.

      • Marcus D.

        For every plaintiff’s lawyer (typically the ones being described as “scum”) there is a defense attorney on the other side fighting frivolous claims. And there are tens of thousands of lawyers who do wills and estates, family law, juvenile law, elder law, or are corporate lawyers who never set foot inside a courtroom their entire careers. Heck, Alan Gura, who successfully argued Heller, is a lawyer.

        • iksnilol

          I know, I know, I just really don’t like my brother.

        • Norm Glitz

          Neither should be necessary if the laws were written clearly and simply and judges had the smarts to throw out worthless lawsuits.

          • Len Jones

            Judges are just as bad. Guns don’t kill stupid people kill.

          • Norm Glitz

            Lawyers like to point at judges and say the decision was theirs, but the vast majority of judges are lawyers, too.

          • desert

            Judges were first spawned as lawyers…then they grew into warts on the ass of humanity!!

          • Any lawyer filing a frivolous lawsuit should be disbarred. For life.

          • Norm Glitz

            As well as any judge that accepts a frivolous lawsuit. But . . . who does the disbarring? A board of lawyers.

            The inmates really do get to run the asylum!

          • Wyatt Earp

            What is a ‘frivolous” lawsuit?

            Insurance companies don’t litigate what are called “nuisance value” lawsuits. It costs around $2,000 just to open a case with a good PI defense firm. The billing rate will be around $250 to $500/hour after that.

            Insurance companies are not going to spend any more money than they have to on ANY case. Nuisance value claims are settled by insurance adjusters. Give ’em a couple thou and they go away.

            You need to learn a little about the system, before you make statements like this.

          • Fled

            This is politically motivated…they never go away.

          • Big Daddy

            Judges used to be lawyers, think about that….LOL.

            The whole system was designed by them….

        • desert

          spoken by a paid off lawyer??

          • Wyatt Earp

            I am not a lawyer, but so what? (Nor am I paid off–I could use the money.) We have devised a method of resolving disputes in this country. It’s an adversarial system and it is too complex for the average person without training to deal with. That’s a fact of life. If you aren’t happy with it, come up with something different and get it through the legislature.

            Meanwhile, when your child is injured by a defective product, show how strong your principles are by sacrificing your child’s future because you don’t like lawyers.

            I am interested, who do you think would be paying me off to say this?

        • Eddie_Baby

          Lawyers know how to keep themselves busy even when the law is as plainly written as the second amendment.

        • Wyatt Earp

          To the responders who don’t like lawyers—when you and family are broadsided at 50MPH by a drunk driver, you BETTER get friendly with a P.I. attorney really quickly.

          I have worked cases representing the “adverse driver” and I can guarantee you, we have the lawyers and we have the time, the money and, in most cases, the law on our side. In other words, you’re going to get screwed as well as is legally possible—unless you get a lawyer to work for you.

          I seen cases where the injured party declined to retain an attorney and settled for .01 percent of the case’s true value.

          Trust me, everybody hates lawyers until you need one.

          • Sailorcurt

            Yup…if you don’t get a lawyer you get screwed by the insurance company.

            But then if you do get a lawyer you get screwed by the lawyer.

            Either way you’re screwed.

          • BigR

            I never “thunk” about that!

      • desert

        When the revolution starts and anarchy, LAWYERS are on the MUST ELIMINATE first list….imho!

        • iksnilol

          Dayumn, you take things seriously.

          I’mma just check if my claw hammer hidden in sleeve rig still works.

          • jcitizen

            My Mom was a machinegun toting judge, and a lifetime NRA member of the Golden Eagles – I imagine she didn’t hold against firearms owners. She never accepted a government issued firearm, she owned them herself! However, although she had extensive college education, and a lot of law classes on her transcripts, she was not a licensed lawyer. She was smarter than about 90% of them though!

          • iksnilol

            She was a judge but not a lawyer? That’s unusual 😛

            I don’t mind issued firearms, a free gat is a free strap, right? Never been in any career that issued firearms. I am way too antisocial for work like that.

          • jcitizen

            Some states or local communities in the US offer issued weapons for officials in any CLEO capacity – judges are appointed by county or district consortium, and then voted on by the public. So they are basically politicians. No need of a lawyer, although she was probably more knowledgeable than most lawyers; hence her deep understanding of US NFA laws. Most US citizens I know have a basic disrespect of all things lawyer related anyway – they tend to get put into the same category as used car salesman, or “ambulance chaser”.

          • iksnilol

            Lawyers do a good service. But I personally consider them no different than mercenaries. I mean, convict a guy no matter what if you’re paid for that, defend a guy no matter what if that’s what you’re paid for as well.

            Ain’t no morals there in my eyes. No spine. My brother’s one of them.

          • jcitizen

            I don’t mind the dichotomy of their job; i just don’t like it when the go into “cahoots” with each other to stab the client in the back, or to steal from not profits, or resist filing actions because it will violate the “good ol’ boy” network. In other words they should earn their money actually representing the client honestly, no matter if it is an individual or civil agency. That is where the local public has formed a distaste for them. I have two lawyer cousins, that I always give a vindictive ration to occasionally, but they know I’m mostly joking.

    • Josh

      My brother is a lawyer, and he carries.

      • DIR911911 .

        he probably better . . .I’m sure he feels the love 🙂

  • Norm Glitz

    Is this an actual government position? Or just some idiot trying to make a name for herself? Maybe both.

    • No that is the actual name of the position. It is meant to be an advocate of the public to the Government of NYC.

      She has no legislative power, except to break ties in the city council.

      • Len Jones

        So she is just another stupid gov. employee trying to justify her job working her way up.

  • Spencerhut

    Pay attention to these deceivers. They are doing a fine job brainwashing society. I see it in our store everyday now. People terrified of coming in our store, thinking the guns will jump off of the wall and murder them. Being dragged in by a spouse, brother, father etc. in complete terror to just look at guns. Pathetic. Makes me feel like I am living in 1984 some days.

    • Big Daddy

      You are………..

    • Nicks87

      2+2 no longer equals 4. It equals what politicians/media/govt/corporations/hollywood say it equals.

    • Vanns40

      Yes, but we all know that you shackle your guns to the wall and refuse to feed them on a regular basis, that’s why they appear to be so well behaved. Go someplace that treats guns humanely and you’ll see their true aggressive nature, snarling and waiting to ambush the innocent.

    • Division Charlemange

      I think the best term for the deceivers of these people, that anyone has come up with, has been ‘chart-forgers’. Imagine yourself a crewman on a ship sailing out of the sight of your own home coast a couple centuries ago. Yes- the captain or the navigator too might endanger you if temporarily mad, but the greatest threat comes from the systematic distortion of reality- then, a chart that tells you to cut good and close by Cape Horn- now, that you should stop on Martin Luther King Boulevard to ask for directions, and make certain not to be carrying a gun because that will only cause violence to appear from nowhere.

  • john huscio


    • gunsandrockets

      You read my mind.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Seems a lot like politics…

    • Nicks87

      Yeah baby! Let the chaos ensue!

    • nadnerbus

      Yeah, this one crosses the line, I think.

  • Swarf

    If she really wanted to save lives, she’d look in to the ease with which doctors are enabling their patients to become opioid addicts.

    But she doesn’t.

    • Big Daddy

      You do not know what you are talking about here. Right now that is the only way to treat chronic pain especially for severely injured veterans and the elderly.

      They must find better long term care for these people. If you take pain killers for a short period of time because of oral surgery and get hooked that’s on you not a doctor.

      Opiates are the cheapest and best way to help with extreme pain. If people cannot handle them it’s on them.

      • Nicks87

        Many people are turning to cannabis to treat chronic pain, including veterans, because they don’t want to risk getting hooked on the garbage that the pharmaceutical companies are peddling.

        • Big Daddy

          I agree but it’s illegal in most states still. So……

          I will not break the law and I hope others do not.

          • gk.price

            Big Daddy, how often do you drive over the posted speed limit ?

          • Big Daddy

            Most of the time within or around the limit. Or as told to me by LEO within acceptable limits. I never go faster than that and usually around what the sign says.

        • Len Jones

          So its alright to get hooked on weed then coke etc.

          • desert

            Pepsi is better 😉

          • gk.price

            IDIOT ! you get “hooked” on the relief it gives, not the drug like cocaine ….

        • desert

          Yep, brilliant! For years they have been telling people not to smoke, now they tell you “smoking” pot is good for you ….LOL waddabunch lying of buffoons!

          • gk.price

            ??? apparently you need to get out more …. nobody needs to smoke it anymore !

        • gk.price

          we just recently lost a close friend to liver and organ failure after a long “battle” with “chronic pain” and what THAT brings with it – there were at least 3 dr.’s at the life celebration that helped her along on her “journey” …… 51 y/o – to say it “was on her” is just plain ignorant

      • Swarf

        You… have so missed the point that I don’t even know where to begin.

        • Big Daddy

          If you want to believe it…. so be it I’m talking from experience.

          • gk.price

            one person’s “experience” or “perceived experience” doesn’t make ANYTHING “truth”

          • Big Daddy

            No many people’s experience. And my own.

      • tazman66gt

        I was on hydrocodone for over 5 years due to a blown disk in my lower back. Never abused them, often took less than what the Doctor had prescribed. It is the person not the medicine that causes the person to become an addict. There are those who Dr. shop and bounce from one to another to get what they want, but every Dr. I went to they knew what i was taking. So, if the Dr. is over prescribing and aiding the person to become addicted then that is on them, not on the medicine.

        • Jwedel1231

          Wait, are you saying that inanimate objects are NOT responsible for people’s misdoings? Are you working for the gun, I mean, pharmaceutical lobby?

        • Big Daddy

          exactly tazman66gt……..people think they know things because they read them. Talk to people that have experience for the correct perspective.

          It’s like asking a supply Sgt. about combat or a Fudd about military firearms.

          I grew up in the 1960s with heroin addicts and drug abusers and swore i would never do any of that. I have a lot of personal experience with pain, I have chronic spinal and other medical issues. But they all know better…..I also know a lot of people that abuse pharmaceuticals. I keep away from anybody that breaks the law, I might know them but keep far enough away.

          • iksnilol

            Have I not the correct perspective?

            I am in the industry, working with it almost every day. Giving out those meds.

          • Big Daddy

            If you are not in chronic pain you can have empathy but no you do not know what it is on a 24/7 basis.

            I once asked a PA at pain management, do you know and she said no. Are you taught, she said no.

        • Nicks87

          Or maybe some people have less pain tolerance than you do. Or maybe some people are more susceptible to opioid dependence. There are a lot of different factors involved in pain management. I used to work at a VA hospital and I had a lot of experience dealing with “drug seekers”. Those substances effect everyone differently and most people end up dealing with the negative effects. By the statements some people are making it’s obvious that they know very little about the side effects of long term use of prescription pain meds.

        • n0truscotsman

          What!? Individual responsibility?

          Thats crazy talk!


        • jcitizen

          Diclofenac of potassium cured my disk and the pain in about 90 days, but you are supposed to take it for 6 months due to soft tissue healing time. I’ve had little problems every since, despite jobs doing heavy lifting. They used to sell it under the name Cata-Flam. A very simple compound that is totally nonaddictive.

      • iksnilol

        Kinda missing the point, buddy.

        They prescribe opioids like candy due to a letter from 1979 (or 1989) where a doctor noted how extremely few people became addicted to opioids (in one hospital during one period, AKA not a scientific study). Sadly Oxycontin manufacturers and others took this and ran with it.

        I know this since I work in the industry.

        • jcitizen

          What cracks me up is how people seem concerned about someone getting hooked on drugs, when they got about 6 months to live. I always looked quizzically at doctors and healthcare professionals when the make statements along that line!

          I had an uncle who was severally burned in a generator fire, that had no trouble getting off morphine, once he healed up. That is how they did it in the old days; now they curiously tell patients to just say no? Then they end up with chronic life time pain!

          • iksnilol

            I’ve never heard about anybody being worried about terminally ill people getting hooked on stuff. I’ve seen perfectly fine people almost mercy-killed with morphine and whatnot though.

            Not everybody is the same, quitting cold turkey will kill more folks than not. It’s something about chemistry and anatomy. Trust me, “in the good old days” it was way worse.

          • jcitizen

            Yes the old days were bad; but they don’t even offer health services for folks who need to be medically taken off addictive pharmaceuticals. You see the US is pretty “backards” compared to EU countries.

      • Random Disabled Person


        People living in chronic pain are treated and tracked like criminals. Actual worse than criminals….. Take your medication with food as directed in restaurant and watch the dirty looks, some places are better than others but how long before people are calling the police like when the see anyone with a gun…..
        If you take an opioid medication, you don’t have HIPPAA privacy and the DEA tracks you and the doctor’s prescriptions pad( opioids aka controlled substance medications can only be written on certain anti-tamper type) that has tracking numbers and the the doctor’s personalized DEA number which goes to the Pharmacy which has to have a DEA number & license and is checked for errors and inventory (just like gun shops and serial numbers for firearms present) and then each Pharmacists has DEA license. Image if every gun store employee had to be individually an FFL…. Anti-gunners and anti-opioid medications fear mongers are about the same.

        Which each patient is a DEA case number and tracked in the system. If someone doesn’t pick up a prescription that can cause a red flag for the prescribing doctor. At the pharmacy you have to show your state photo ID even if they know you by face and your prescriptions. Which you are allowed to only pick them up right when they are running out (so much for FEMA advice to have medication to make it through an emergency, stock piling(hoarding and viewed as intention to distribute, don’t dump the last weeks worth of meds in the next month’s bottle or the police may take you to jail and confiscate your meds which you won’t get replaced until long after you needed them.) can get you denied any medication) and but if you don’t hit the window you can’t get them without another prescription, which require. Which each set of controlled substances can mean a different specialist because doctors want the risk spread out and not all on just them, which is better for the patient’s safety. But that is the short version.

        Patients have to constantly prove they aren’t abusing by bring their medication to every monthly appointment(Guess who pays for all those extra visits and testing the injured person unable to work fully because society doesn’t hired the disabled into decent jobs) into the pain management doctors appointment. Where they check dates and number of pills by count and reports from the pharmacy. they better match , if you hurt worse it is better to destroy your body with alcohol than it is to take an extra pill a day for bad weather, despite the doctors knowing bad weather causes pain flares ups……

        Which you can be summoned at any time to come to your pain management doctor’s clinic to prove you have not misused the medication and have the right amount of medication left until refill. You will catch hell if you are in the hospital and they of course use theirs and then you show up and have more than you should. Guess who is up the creek without a paddle for doing nothing wrong. If you go to the dentist and have dental surgery you have to bring proof to the doctor and it is better if they know you are going ahead of time. Because that injection into your jaw of temporary pain medication for surgery will show up and without the MASTER OVER SEER’S Permission, you going get whipped boy!

        So much for being treated like an independent adult, and then they blame patients when they start developing psyche issues (trust, esteem, depression, ect) from how they are treated by care givers that are supposed to be helping them and supportive. the constant your life is on trial and on judgement. Do anything they don’t like for a lifestyle and it is worse. Any that has been through a court case and/or divorce knows something about this.

        The trusting doctor is not the opioid patients experience. Guilty until you prove your innocence every single time, even if seeing the same person for over a decade…. You have to constantly prove your innocence with urine and blood tests that have the right levels in there and nothing else. A false positive or messed up test will get you flag in the system and booted from many of the pain managements and once booted, good luck getting another program to let you in. Tests get mixed up results are not 100% accurate but you have to plead and beg and pay even more to get a second test and then your guilty suspect for years. Even when the test shows a substance that you had severe allergic reaction that put you in the hospital. Meaning cold chance in hell you would ever touch it again. You wear medical alert dog tags warning of the allergies. But that test and some of the people can’t hit vein your arm look like a heroin addicts. From a simple blood drawl. Which society assumes the worse, diabetics have it even worse fo0r having insulin syringes.

        The rate of testing for “compliance”(notice the word spin, feel the same thing about gun compliance?, which does nothing to stop criminals just harasses and penalizes the honest folks) is about 15-20 verification tests to 1 test for your liver’s health. Even worse for your thyroid, which the medications effect all. You are constantly tested because of media produced hippie addict drug boogeyman.
        When broken down to causes of harm, it is not the “””evil”” opioids that do the most harm but the man made chemicals like acetaminophen. That destroy your liver. You know an organ you need. Pharmacy companies always have the latest and greatest new “patented” money maker. That always is worse for the body, less effective that society demands opioid patients be forced on to until the medical results and deaths prove that whoops they spun the truth again. But what 100’s of deaths and suicides to few millions in profits…..If it catches one addict it is all worth it… There’s cry/appeal to emotion if it saves just one child…See how much opioid medication and firearms have in common yet?

        Doctors are so afraid of the DEA’s which hunt, they won’t prescribe the medication. This is the exact same playbook that the BATFE used to get rid of a lot of FFL dealers by witch hunting and prosecuting. This has been getting worse every year. Just like fewer doctors will go into certain fields leaving patients screwed for help and costs. Obama isn’t to blame the guy before started this crap….

        Those FFL people only had a license they paid a small fee for not years of medical school and massive investments to become doctor and patients that depend on them to to stay alive at risk…

        But be it the DEA or BATFE they don’t care its all about looking good in the press, since the press created the factious moral panic the masses bough hook , line and sinker.

        . It is sickening to see how gun owners here believe the media stories about massive medications be routed to the streets from the patients and doctors. It is the same boiler plate the media uses with guns. Switch out ether subject and the same mass hysteria panic story fits.

        Opioid medications are safer and cheaper than the harmful chemical crap that drug companies have in patent . Suicide is not side effect of opioids but opioid substitute medications it is.

        Under treated pain that is under prescribe is cause of suicides. When people are left in physical pain with no relief death becomes a logical choice. IS that not pretty much causing them to seek death to escape the suffering? Talk about murdering someone…. Until you have lived in severe pain you can not grasp how bad it is. You will quit eating, quit drinking fluids and we know starvation and dehydration are some of the worse ways to die. But that is current medical model and how your body will react. Opioid are life savers and many flat out will tell you without that control and suppression of pain that never goes away because you are prescribe the minimum amount of opioids that will work but other crap you can hands full of that blow out your liver, kidneys, brain…. The DEA encourages the use of Anti-depressents and anti-psychotics for pain management which does nothing but shut up the people and make them unable to break them being sedated to the point they can’t communicate they are in pain and need help.

        So the people against opioids,

        Tell me what is worse, that someone in a system that is constantly trying to bust you as drug seeking

        *Continues below after paragraph*

        (where knowing your medications and medical conditions aka being an informed patient about your health and learning the risk factors and options, especially if you have tried them, gets counted against you on the drug seeking checklist signs knows names of medications, describes which one works for them and how others don’t, IE saying that hydrocodone doesn’t work but codeine is better ,although a weaker opioid on paper but each patient is different for which medications work best with least hellish side effects),

        that someone might sneak through and get high once or twice but each visit creates a record (think your grandparent can’t dies but so many times for your job) or that that because of the system people in severe chronic pain can not get adequate prescriptions to allow them to control the pain enough to live with a decent quality of life?

        Doctors are not just doing the wait to prescribe aka torture you and bleed you for numerous visits to cover their ass so they can prescribe because of insurance approval crap but are refusing to prescribe the medication types they know is needed. Because they fear for their license and practice. better someone else suffers than you is very core human trait.

        Pain management doctors have so much B.S rules and hoops to jump through that you are subjected to, that compared to buying an NFA firearm, the BATFE is less evasive and the laws are less restrictive and far less likely to make you commit a crime by accident.

        This is nothing for length on the subject, I’m glad to see more handicap and disabled, people on medication speaking up on here but also sadden to know they are suffering to. the ignorant will one day learn the system is not what they think it is when they wind up in it. Those massive pills by the handfuls give away like candy won’t be found when you have an injury and need that medication…….. Just like when people go into the welfare services expect that it is a just shop up and get given money and food for free without proof and need.

        Until you go through it you have very little clue what the reality of something really is.

        • Keith Brockmiller

          Thank you for writing this. Now I don’t have to. Pain management is way more restrictive than dealing in firearms.

          • Random Disabled Person

            Someone needed to reply had to the B.S. iksnilol is spouting off. “Works in the industry….” Prolly a Teir 1 Trauma Center Specialist EMT MD I’m sure….. Maybe they need to be sent that spoons theory page 😉 If you talk in spoons we can’t be friends but maybe if we use a magazine and bullets they might get it.

            Saddest part is those not living it won’t believe that isn’t even covering a 1/3rd of the requirements patients have to meet. I wrote out 5 pages of most of the requirements before just dumping it down to that.

            Just like how no one knows how bad things are with the V.A. until you or someone close is going through it. Then even as a friend /loved one you only get larger portion than the unfamiliar. You expect because of the system being there you will be treated properly and it is the opposite.

            Anyone can google pain management doctor’s forms to see the pain management patient’s contracts and then it gets worse than the friendly paperwork shown to the public. You can’t call for refills, you have to have an appointment and you’ll have issues getting early refills(plan your life around medication because getting things a week early to go to the beach won’t happen) and/or changes to levels which look like early fills because that alters the timing blocks in the computer tracking programs.

            Micromanaged but the body ,weather, activity and general random variables don’t work in that system. I have had to quit shooting my favorite rifle because the recoil pain and damage lasts for days and I can’t move.

            Yet despite all the testing from every doctor who had all of 5 minutes to get to know you and the case history, they just know they’re going to bust you as a “drug seeker”(which that is why most people see a doctor is to get medications but it defies logic). You have to go to the same jerks , bite your tongue, swallow your dignity and play their game. Since they are the only gate keeper. In any other retail business you would walk out and go somewhere else but Pain Management is very limited specialty and even the large cities only have a few real pain management doctors/clinics and they all are friends so good luck going to a someone different and not a colleague…. Then there are the over sellers(fraudsters) who bill themselves as “pain management centers”, who deal with the people who aren’t smart enough to separate emotional pain from physical pain and anything serious is beyond their ability to treat. They use ice and massage at best.

            Background checks, NFA taxes and waits are nothing compared to what you go through to be on opioid based medication. Imagine having to get your forms renewed every 30-45 days and show every item to the BATFE agent for inspection…. There would be riots and massive lawsuits, good thing for the current system they pick on the sick who consider making through the day and achieving anything progress. That don’t have the energy or the cash to sue for justice and better care.

            People don’t understand it is not like when you have a sinus infection and go get get a prescription and few weeks you’re better. Then no more meds you’re all better. Long term treatment is a risk verses improvement assessment. Usually because doctors screwed up treating your injury right in the first place by not getting the pain under control so things could heal properly or waiting to see before treating. Where and how you are injured effects the care highly. To quote the USA E.R. saying “stabilize and vaporize” which is not the best in terms of helping people with injuries.

            Plenty of people had no issues with drugs that caused heart attacks (IE:see the whole Cox-2 NSAID class that got pulled from the market) because they weren’t an opioid, and that was only until they were killing Grandma and Pa Paw, only then did it matter.

            Often it is hard choice many fight going down the road(who wants to take the risk. Most everyone has the stereotype/prejudices and are punished for taking the lesser of two undesirable options. I still get remarks from people that know how limited I am, how much I hate being on the crap and the B.S. i have to deal with(miss a dosage and you can get serious in health trouble) and what I take . Yet when they hear of someone getting pain medications their first remarks are the snide that the person will be getting high…

            It is all some warped tv’s news media ratings boiler plate and add a dash of drama( why do people want to watch addicts in rehab in scripted/fake reality tv?) shows influenced logical fallacy. Kinda like how anti- gun people think people who get a gun are going to go shoot people and/or it will just end up in the hands of a criminal. You can’t get through to them with facts.

            Somewhere there is a macro to be made of bullets in a pill bottle being a mass hysteria threat.

            This is part of the problem with our judgmental puritan society,( I can’t post the links without getting screened for spam ) with the history of using pain numbing medication, where it was and still is frowned upon. “You weren’t a man of decent character” if you chose to have the option when getting teeth removed and/or other surgeries. “You’re weak if you don’t man up and live with it”, wish we could trade bodies with those folks.

            Interesting historical note,

            Actual prescriptions came from doctors having to write down what the person needed because they couldn’t remember what it was exactly at the pharmacy. Look how far regulation has come……

          • Big Daddy

            Yup been through the whole VA hospital experience, some of them are horror houses. It seems the ones here near Ft. Hood are pretty good, well it’s near an Army base.

        • Bob

          many years ago, I went to the VA to a “pain clinic”.
          I had some lady “so called doctor” there who had us sit in chairs and tell us chit like: “close your eyes, relax, now say, hands hands….relax…..” then okay, relax, now say, arms arms relax”
          I only stayed for ONE treatment.
          I go through about 400 aspirin a month from combat injuries.
          been doing that since 1969 now!!!
          I guess I’m blessed with a GREAT GUT…. I have no other answers.
          needless to say…. I stay away from the V A !

          • gk.price

            I’m glad that you are surviving w/o opiates BUT if you are in fact using that much aspirin there will be a price to pay !! Rotate analgesics with anti-imflammatories at the very least –

          • Big Daddy

            Yeah that’s what i did until the pain was so bad I had no chose but to report to painkillers. That was 20 years ago before all the problems with people that abuse things and make it hard for law abiding citizens to live.

        • Vanns40

          I have no idea what State you live in or doctor you go to but much of what you state (and there was far too much) does not apply to the majority of us. I’ve been on chronic pain relief drugs for more than six years and I don’t have to account for number of pills I take. I don’t have to do any of what you do including provide a picture ID when filling the Rx. All this might be because I take my meds EXACTLY as prescribed and never abuse any of them.

          Have the new rules on drugs like Hydrocodone been a massive pain (pun intended), you bet they are but nothing like you portray.

          • Big Daddy

            You should have to at least show an ID. They are not following protocol.

          • gk.price

            I agree

          • gk.price

            ??? ?!

          • jcitizen

            Where I live, they track all prescriptions by computer, and if it says you can’t have the pills you don’t even get to order them, even if the refill list hasn’t expired. They keep you on a clock and block any semblance of impropriety. So doctor visits end up being for every damn request for pain medications. I fortunately found I no longer need pain meds, because I found properly formulated bone supplements can stop osteoarthritis in its tracks. I rarely need anything at all for pain now – thank God! I still advocate for folks who suffer though!

        • Big Daddy

          Yup been through it. the doctor explained most of that to me, he’s a good guy.

          All because a few actor/musician/media personality losers could not control their addictions and decided using prescription pain meds was easier to get than heroin.

          I think they call it hillbilly heroin. The cost just to see the doctor, the co-pay and to people on fixed incomes. They do not care about us. They want us to die so they don’t have to pay us. Yet we are the ones that built this country, paid taxes for over 50 years and served in many wars.

          • gk.price

            THAT is so very true ! it goes much deeper than just the ovoid abuse issues too ! but the second smart people recognize that something is amiss they are called conspiracy theorists by none other than “D”‘s and vualla ! another MSNBC headline for them to make fun of

        • jcitizen

          As a Christian, I like to err on the pain management side, as I want compassion for people first, and judgement later by twelve.

        • Tassiebush

          It really angers me to see the way suffering gets ignored and control is the paramount priority. Damn the recreational users and damn the prohibitionists. Anyone with chronic pain is living under a form of authoritarian tyranny thanks to those groups.

      • desert

        Well, you are a loving, caring, obnoxious little p.o.s. aren’t you?

        • gk.price

          desert, WHAT is that B.S. gonna accomplish ?? you sort of talk like a liberal ……

      • gk.price

        Big Daddy – YOU are the one who knows not of what you speak – Doctors write scripts for opiates at an alarming rate country wide simply because they don’t want to be bothered – Yes, there is a ton of abuse but a large portion of that abuse began because doctors are being lazy and GREEDY – I keep hearing how obamacare is destroying what “medical system” we had and in many, MANY ways that is true but I’ll say this as well, doctors are making an incredible amount of money today, most are doing better than ever – Also, the bureaucratic nightmare that the ACA has created has proliferated the fraud and abuse which is being “used” by the medical profession to come up with medicare codes that make millions on scams like “compounding” – My point is that there are a lot of “conservatives” involved in this opiate problem too, it falls back to my “pet peave” GREED

        • Big Daddy

          It depends on what state you live in and when. I have seen the changes in laws and regulations over the last 20 years.

          I just know what I have experienced and was told by doctors, Pharmacies and healthcare providers.

    • ChierDuChien

      For every American murdered by a firearm, 25 Americans are murdered by incompetent. lazy and careless doctors and nurses.

      That idiot is barking up the wrong tree.

      • obamathemarxist

        One study I read said 400,000 dead a year from medical errors and prescription drug side effects.

      • tyrannyofevilmen

        Actually, every year the number of Americans who are “murdered by a firearm” is exactly 0.

        • BigR

          Tell that to “obammy”!

    • Audie Bakerson

      It’d be even more effective to look into the ones encouraging their patients to become estrogen addicts given any competent medical expert agrees it doesn’t help jack and actually raises suicide rate.

  • This seriously reads like an Onion article. I also checked the date to see if it was the 1st yet.
    I was about to launch into a political rant but I took a deep breath and stopped myself.

    • Darkpr0

      Rationalism is not allowed during political discourse. Plz check your privilege. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a 6000-word essay to write, half of which will be expletives.

    • Porty1119

      Yeah…seems like somebody needs to read up on the PLCAA. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

  • Big Daddy

    These anti-gunners are out of their mind and out of control. They do not see that everything they do against guns can be used for an argument against all the other freedoms and rights of Americans. Now y’all know why I moved from NYC to Texas!!!!

    Their logic is flawed, their facts are skewed and their agenda is un-American.

    • Len Jones

      And they are good salesmen. I’m sure gun sales will start going up.

  • Nicks87

    Why does so much nonsense seem to always come out of New York and California? I’m starting to feel like, if ISIS nuked New York or LA, I would probably be ok with it.

    • Big Burd

      throw in Chicago and the US would be in a better state, pretty much the three cities (aside from D.C.) that are hampering 2nd amendment rights that attempt to spread their laws to other states…

      Chicago -> Obama
      New York -> Bloomberg and his clones
      Los Angles -> Main Gun Control test-bed
      San Francisco -> Dianne Feinstein

      • Len Jones

        I agree isis has my ok

    • Suppressed

      Baltimore too.

    • Kyle

      Because they are areas with extremely large and concentrated urban populations that see a lot of gun violence.

      • obamathemarxist

        Eliminate gun deaths from those democrat controlled cities and our national murder rate drops way down.

      • Big Daddy

        They do and yet they have the strictest gun laws. Does anybody there see anything wrong about that?. No they do not yet they continue.

  • Tim

    Is she going after Boeing too? The planes that the 911 terrorists used to bring down the World Trade Center, killing and injure thousands, including police officers, were made by them.

    If not, she failed the litmus test regarding political motivation.

    • Anomanom

      That’s a whole other barrel of poo to open. The ability to remotely operate an aircraft is well established. Regulations, however, preclude installing systems which would allow ground control to, for instance, deny control of a wayward aircraft to hijackers.

      • Tim

        The point was, be it aircraft, firearm, ice cream cone, fuzzy pink bunny slippers ect, if the end user chooses to do scrupulous acts with them, it’s not the object’s manufacture fault.

        The Boeing reference was intended to be obserd and sarcastic.

        In that, this lady is not going after manufactures of other misused products. Clearly she is biased and has an agenda.

        BTW for what it’s worth. Fly by wire aircraft are not able to be overridden as “experts” on the Internet say. Otherwise I would be very concerned every second I’m at work.

      • Jim_Macklin

        Prior to 1960, airline pilots were required by Post Office regulations to carry a gun to protect the mail. There were no airline hijackings before the Postmaster made airlines gun free zones. The old leather mail carriers bags had a holster inside for a Colt New Service 45. Nobody went “postal” until the gun ban at work.
        Even railroad mail cars were armed back in the day.

        • jcitizen

          Right on Jim!

    • Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      Bush did 9/11 [/sarc]

      • gk.price

        not the least bit “funny” ……

        • You would be amazed how many papers I get turned in for US/American history that say things that end in “Bush did 9/11”

  • santi

    Gun companies are often the mark for those who want to elevate their careers in litigation.

  • Paladin

    So Ruger did a bad thing by not disclosing supposed liabilities that they are specifically protected from by federal law? In what sort of universe does that make sense?

    • Jim_Macklin

      The Warning that Ruger rollmarks on all their guns was prompted by lawsuits because stupid people were shooting themselves in the knee learning fast draw with loaded guns.

  • Joe

    Guns not politics (again)

    • Norm Glitz

      Gun related politics? If she got her way, we’d be talking about other people’s’ guns.

  • ImfromTexasbitch

    Every law created is a freedom lost.

  • More fascists posing as public advocates

    • Division Charlemange

      Fascism doesn’t support public disorder.

  • gunsandrockets

    Sounds like a good time to buy a Ruger firearm and/or Ruger stock!

  • Division Charlemange

    Umm… isn’t this, you know, politics?

    We are talking about a woman who is threatening Ruger over the killings of two police officers- a killing, that like many, has been fuelled by the anti-cop, anti-citizen self-defence movement that she supports.

    • Big Daddy

      Good point, it’s it ironic?

      • Len Jones

        The guy doing the shooting gets off because its the guns fault.

  • obamathemarxist

    I need to get her e-mail and report how deadly my Stanley Hammer could be in the hands of a moron. Also Knife and Machete manufacturers should also be reported.

    • Jim_Macklin

      NYC is already “on the job” doing knives, hammers and gold clubs.

  • me ohmy

    karma being what it is.. I’d love to see her hoisted by her own petard by using a product in a way not recommended by their manufacturer. do NOT stick this vibrating whosit’s in your whatsit’s, or personal injury can result. because nobody likes libertards of her level and bearing, ain’t no man hitting that.

  • CJS3

    I am SO glad I don’t live in the northeastern United States. I have nothing whatsoever in common with the people that live there. Their choice of elected representatives, and the people they appoint to run the bureaucracy, are in no way shape or form consistent with the lives my neighbors and I lead. I can’t believe northeasterners are even from the same country I live in.

    • You do realize that Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire are quite gun friendly, right?

    • Bronson

      I live in PA and it’s very gun friendly.

  • Sulaco

    It has nothing to do with “irrational firearms fear” its coordinated assault on gun makers to help NY facists take down the 2nd. along with their push to over turn the Federal protection act that keeps nuts like this from suing them out of existence.

  • Robert Griffith

    This just motivated me to show my support for Ruger by buying another Ruger, maybe two.

    • Big Daddy

      I just got a Gunsite .308, really nice rifle.

      • Robert Griffith

        I’m eyeballing the Redhawk and Super Blackhawk right now but I’ve had my eye on the Gunsite since it was introduced. I’m not ruling anything out at this point.

        • Big Daddy

          IMO much better then the Mossberg MVP. It uses a Mauser action and is pretty smooth. Also uses Accuracy International mags but the new and expensive PMag for the Rem 700 system they have fits better than the Ruger mags. The MVP felt cheap and the whole bolt action felt light and cheap, not so for the Ruger. So far at 100 yards I can when I am not shaky get 1 MOA. At my age it’s just not consistent. With a 9X Leupold. I don’t know why they didn’t go with the AR10/SR25 magazine.

          I’m going to get a muzzle brake of some kind, not exactly sure which one yet. I don’t want it to sound like a cannon at the range but I want some brake or comp effect.

          I just got a CMMG Mutant and ordered a BCM Gunfighter comp for it. I might go that way with the Gunsite if it works as well as it does on my AR15s. It actually does everything well enough, brake, comp and flash hider. The main range I go to is semi indoors and certain guns with brakes are really exceptionally loud….LOL. I don’t mind it but some people do and I have to consider that.

          I do suggest getting the Gunsite if you like that kind of system. You can mount the scope in the normal position but lose the irons. I have found that you do not lose that much velocity with the 16″ barrel. I expected to lose a lot more and have gigantic fireballs from the muzzle, not at all. Next gun and I really have to wait is a M1A SOCOM……I dig those short barrels, easier for me to use with my back issues.

          I’m in Texas and this is like a perfect Hog gun, too bad I can’t hunt. Just not in good enough physical condition.

          • Robert Griffith

            Thank you for the recommendations. I have been eyeing the MVP as well specifically because of concerns about magazine cost and availability for the Gunsite.

          • Big Daddy

            For the few bucks more for mags I’d still take the Gunsite over the MVP.

          • Robert Griffith

            I understand your thinking on this and in general I agree with it. I have no qualms about paying more for higher quality. I also agree that Ruger puts out a high quality product but I don’t automatically turn my nose up at Mossberg. Ultimately the decision I make will rest upon my impressions after shooting them both and taking their measure.

          • Big Daddy

            I have a Mossberg 500 and would bet my life on it. Great gun. I don’t look at the make I look at the individual gun.

          • Robert Griffith

            Same here.

  • Mike G

    This is why offices like Public Advocate should be eliminated. I don’t even need to look up any other matter she has gotten involved in to know that she is using public dollars to advocate for liberal issues. Any other person in the office will do exactly the same so eliminate the office.

  • Jim_Macklin

    Now is the time to BUY Ruger stock when the “big” sell-off happens and the stock market price falls.
    It should be remembered that after the first sale of stock, the company gets no cash. Stock held by teh company might lose some value for a week.
    Maybe this woman is a graduate of NYC public school system. Perhaps teachers should be warned about?

    • Norm Glitz

      I haven’t looked up Ruger to see who the majority stockholders are. If they are like most corporations, the founders and current officers are the biggest stock owners.

  • Bronson

    I don’t understand how anybody can honestly believe that a firearms manufacturer is in any way responsible for how people choose to use their product. Even Bernie Sander doesn’t get behind that idea and we all know how illogical he is.

    • iksnilol

      I dunno, he seems more sensible than Hillary or Trump.

      But that’s American politics, so I digress.

  • Aktarus52

    RUGER, S & W, as all manufacturers of American weapons, are not to blame if the governments of the US laws do not apply to the control and monitoring of arms. They would have a registration database and guaranteed concessions, only for those with the legal and psycho-physical requirements for acquiring and possessing weapons. Only this much increase the safety of citizens.

    • Norm Glitz

      Dream on with your unconstitutional crap.

  • mazkact

    Where does this end? Where to begin? Automobiles,motorcycles,power boats,ball bats,croquet mallets, pogo sticks………POGO STICKS!!!!!!!!!! MYGAWD, think of the children.

  • It’s probably close but in this particular case it’s worthy of publishing since it’s primarily about laws.

  • James Doe

    Back door gun control being used again.

  • politicsbyothermeans

    “The Office of the Public Advocate assists with complaints and inquiries involving government-related services and regulations. From resolving housing complaints to combating abuse by agencies…”

    Combating abuse by agencies? I’m sure I am pissing up a rope here but I just registered a complaint with the Office of the Public Advocate about the Public Advocate wasting the taxpayer’s money and city employee’s time with Miss James’ frivolous witch hunts.

    • Norm Glitz

      I LIKE the idea!

  • Next at 11, Leticia James reporting to the SEC that Black and Decker did not report the dangers of handtools to its investors.

  • Division Charlemange

    Perhaps not.

    But- when we have such a great candidate for ‘Unintended Consequences’ as this- is that such a bad thing?

  • Geoff

    Look at the smug look on this bureaucrat cow’s face. Look at me! I’m raping the Constitution and being paid well for it! Hurray!

  • Tothe

    I’ll start taking her seriously when she starts dealing with rampant political corruption and police brutality. THAT is the real threat to the public.

    • Coralyn Herenschrict

      At least fighting government corruption and police brutality would be within her bailiwick as a city official. But not politically advantageous for her to bite the hand of anyone on the home team. So she turns to more profitable prey among the helpless productive.

      Her mandate, “advancing, investigating, and ensuring the interests of the public,” is so Orwellianly vague and nonsensical that for her, anything goes. She enjoys carte blanche to employ taxpayer resources and government power to savage any private entity anywhere to bolster her political career.

  • Sid

    New York… enough said..

    • Norm Glitz

      New York CITY.

  • Jakob

    Liberal trash

  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    “As a public advocate, I wonder what she does to ensure candy bars don’t
    fall into the wrong hands with our current obesity epidemic”. Uhhh….because apparently looking at her fat a$$ she has a vested interest in keeping them very available. What a scum.

  • billybob

    Gee I wonder why companies are fleeing The People’s Republic of New York? Leaving behind perpetual victims, thugs and politicians, but I repeat myself!

    • Big Daddy

      I left NYC for that reason. High prices and I refuse to be a victim.

  • will_ford

    Another ambulance chasing POS. Bad lawyers are whats wrong with the USA. AMONG a lot of other stuff.

  • John Butler

    What public does she represent. It can’t be the educated public who probably foots the bill for her salary.

  • OldLawyer

    Please gentlemen, dont call all lawyers scum…..other than the NRA, we are the only thing standing between the death of the second amendment and the people…..I spent 23 years military and worked in 4 law enforement agencies, plus now over 35 years as a a lawyer..and yes I am old….

    • Norm Glitz

      True. But 95% of lawyers give the good ones a bad name.

  • uisconfruzed

    “This is all primarily in response to 2 New York city police officers being shot by someone armed with a Ruger .357 Magnum”
    Doesn’t this commie NY attorney know BLM?
    She should focus on her liberal brethren slaughtering each other daily in Chicago, Baltimore, etc, etc.
    Why doesn’t she go after the rap culture glorifying murder, rape and baby daddies?

  • Norm Glitz

    I’ve owned Ruger and S&W stock for a number of years. Both have appreciated significantly and show no signs of slacking off. Ruger even pays a nice dividend.

    Most other firearms and ammo manufacturers that I’ve looked at are either a small part of some corporate conglomerate or are privately owned. I would love to find other companies I can buy stock in to make my own political statement. Anybody know of others?

    Put your money where your mouth is. Even if you’re a small piece of the pie, it’s better than nothing.

  • Old Dominion

    More push by the Leftist towards the goal of disarming Americans, as they’ve done to other populations in the last 100 years. Once Americans are disarmed, it won’t be long before the real tyranny begins.

    • Len Jones

      Will never happen there are to many guns out there and many nuts to go along with them I don’t want to be living when that happens.

  • Len Jones

    Hope she keeps her crap in the NY area. Maryland already ran off their gun manufacture to Tennessee. Thank you for the high paying jobs dummy’s.

  • Tom Fritz

    Join the NRA and WE can all fight against this kind of corruption against law abiding gun owners and manufacturers. They tried this same B.S. against motorcycle helmet manufacturers too !

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    What a load of crap. These a-holes can’t supersede the 2nd amendment legally, so try these nonsensical tactics to scare gun makers and retailers. The dirtbag who shot cops with a Ruger firearm was likely a career criminal who was coddled by our failed legal system and released from prison early.

  • TheCajunRaven

    Once again, Black Lies Matter.

  • Charles Newman

    She has a severe case of Hoplophobia.

  • Donald Darr

    Public Advocate, is tasked with advancing, investigating, and ensuring the interests of the public. I’m the public and I din’t ask for her help. I pretty sure I can figure out the dangers myself.

  • tnt

    You would think this Obama loving witch would spend more time figuring out how to keep her Chicago brethren from killing each other instead of wasting time with this.

  • Warhawk1982x

    Not really a lawyer argument, it’s a liberal argument. Just another liberal scumbag who hates the police that protect her sorry a**, yet thinks they should be the only ones to have guns. They are walking contradictions if I’ve ever seen them.

  • Richard

    Letitia James was just added to my list of idiots….I have rolls of toilet paper…

  • gk.price

    “Letitia” ….. perfect

  • gk.price

    As in ANY venue, there are good and bad – the single driving force that defines “good vs. bad” appears to be typically the same regarding attorneys …. GREED
    ALL please remember that years ago “the Democratic Machine” decided that there was a single “best” way to take America over and that tactic was for as many Democrats as humanly possible to become lawyers (FACT) and THAT is how it has come to be that virtually every single “D” politician in the United States is or has the credentials to be an attorney, as do most “D” aides (ALSO FACT) Being a Republican or “Conservative” is a way of life and/or set of values – Being a Democrat is simply a means to an end and/or a TACTIC

  • 2ThinkN_Do2

    Are these people serious?? If people are so stupid to not know the risks of investing in a manufacturer of firearms, or what a firearm is, and what they are capable of, well then, they have some serious personal issues that need to be resolved. What sort of baby diaper society of adults have we’ve created here?

  • scaatylobo

    Too bad,too bad this “blogger” does not bother to RESEARCH the actual causes of the REAL majority of deaths in this country.
    IF this wannabe millionaire did that,she would HAVE TO NOTICE that driving,being admitted to a hospital,riding a bike,drinking alcoholic beverages,ALL are much higher numbers as to the cause of deaths.
    AND that is when they are used correctly !.
    OH and she can research the deaths from knives,bats,cars [ accidental & intentional ],and even skateboards and other means of playful deaths.

  • oldwestman

    So the manufacturers of knives used in crimes should also come under scrutiny yes? What about hammer manufacturers as they kill more people illegally than firearms? Screwdrivers anyone? What a maroon!

  • The Concerned Conservative

    Letitia James is just another ghetto ho’ going after the white man and his businesses. She would not go after S&W or Ruger if they were minority-owned businesses.

  • Cottersay

    Do New York tax payers pay this clueless, liberal idiot’s paycheck as a “Public Advocate”??

  • maodeedee

    The rest of the union should secede from new York.

  • joedakota

    If see wants to warn about dangerous products perhaps she should look at the auto industry, what is more dangerous than making cars that go more than 100 miles an hour, no body except NASCAR needs a car than go so fast.
    Difference between a dead snake in the road and a dead lawyer, there are skid marks in front of the snake.
    Isn’t there a law about criminals getting guns, as well as a laws against drug laws, too many times murders are committed by criminals that would still be in prison if it wasn’t for bleeding heart liberals. Wish I had bought Ruger stock 5 years ago,

  • Art Hock

    What the f####k is a public advocate?? Sounds just like a neighborhood organizer or some other jerkoff phony job. Maybe she should start harassing auto manufactures about the local thugs able to steal their junky products and run over pedestrians.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Liars, Lawyers, Hitlery, Obama and politician Democrats. All are scum. Democrat voters are just idiots. many are shedding their idiocy and voting Trump.
    If it is an Esquire, it serves Britain and the ziofacist parasite Elite.

  • Fled

    Hmmm. Seeing as Ruger firearms has been a loyal supplier of firearms to law enforcement and a supplier in particular to NYPD and it’s Hercules Squad and ESU for over a quarter century, I think these people are idiots. Maybe Ruger owners should counter sue for defamation in a class action. Miss Letitia is your general liability insurance payed up to date?

  • John Galt

    Today, in order to produce you must obtain permission from those who produce nothing.

  • NofDen

    Fire this person, and NO food stamps.

  • rick0857

    Well, here we go again…leftists, communists, Marxists, socialists, democrats…oh my, once AGAIN I’m REPEATING MYSELF!

  • BigR

    I guess when a policeman gets hit by a car, maybe she should send a letter to the car manufacturers. Let’s keep things fair now, letitia!

  • They Don’t Ship ’em Loaded!

    Take a teaspoon of “Magical Death Powder” and:

    1. Add 1.5 oz of distilled water.
    2. Shake vigorously for 63 seconds–no more, no less.
    3. Yell, “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!”

    Pour into victim’s glass and run.

    Question for this ^ box of hair: is the “powder” dangerous?

  • CanineCo

    Can I assume that this person is being paid to conduct these types of frivolous, coercive investigations by the taxpayers of New York?
    Q: What do a lawyer and a sperm have in common?
    A: They both have a one-in-ten-billionth chance of developing into a human being….

  • CanineCo

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of contemporary Americans see any slight, insignificant injury, or minor injustice as a license to sue. At one time in our history – not that long ago – honest people could settle these types of differences fairly amongst ourselves.

  • Mikial

    Another Liberal trying to blame everyone else but the criminals . . . most of whom are her home boys.