XS Sights new tools for AR maintenence

XS sights is a well known company when it comes to sights for many of our guns. XS also has accessories and tools. Just released is the AR15 upper reciever armorers block and AR15 bore guide.

The armorer’s block is universal and works for any AR no matter the caliber or size. Each block has an upper and lower fitting milled into it. This allows the user to just flip the block over to work on a .308 upper. The block also comes with two pins which locks the upper into the block. Of course the block fits into your vise to hold the upper securely. The MSRP is $75.00.


Storage for the included pins

Storage for the included pins

From XS:
The XS AR Upper Receiver Block is designed to allow the user to hold an AR-15/M4, AR-10, SR-25 or DPMS GII upper receiver in a bench mounted vise for assembly, modification and maintenance. This upper receiver armorer’s block will allow the gunsmith or enthusiast to assemble, modify, or maintain almost every AR pattern modern sporting rifle. While most blocks will only fit one specific style, the XS block provides the versatility need to work on any AR pattern upper receiver: AR-15, AR-10, SR25, or DMPS GII. This versatility, plus the reliability of an XS Sights Made in the USA 6061 T6 aluminum product, is a one size fits all solution. Will not work for ARs in .300 Win Mag or 12 ga.

The second new product, the bore guide,is also universal fitting both 5.56 and .308 uppers. The bore guide keeps your cleaning jags centered within the bore preventing damage to your barrel. XS also had a port drilled which is accessible through the ejection port to apply lube or solvents directly onto your brush or patch. There are also two rubber rings which protects the inside of the upper from scratching when the bore guide is inserted. MSRP: $40.00


From XS:
The XS® Bore Guide keeps your cleaning rod centered while cleaning the bore to help preserve the accuracy of the rifle. While designed specifically for the DPMS GII, this bore guide will also work well for AR-15s in all calibers with diameters between 5.56 and 300 Blackout. CNC machined and hard anodized in Texas from 6061 T6 aluminum.

XS Bore Guide

XS Armorers Block

Phil White

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  • SGT Fish

    serious question. what benefit is a $75 upper vise block over a 40 dollar lower receiver? I don’t see how this would be any better or how it would keep the upper from warping any more than a lower, without using a chamber bar to engage the barrel extension. I have a few 80% and complete polymer lowers laying around that I swapped out for aluminum ones, and some aluminum ones I don’t care if I mess up in a vice. So what would I gain from spending an extra 35 dollars?

  • Stephen Hubert

    Wheeler already did the bore guide better, in my opinion. The one they make uses a locking system @ the ejection port and has two sets of o-rings to accommodate differences in fit. They also have the solvent port, but it is located to the rear.

    That being said – XS makes great products. Never had a single complaint about them!

  • Geoffry K

    Spell check. Spell Check. SPELL CHECK!
    “Just released is the AR15 upper reciever armorers block and AR15 bore guide


  • I have the Geissele Reaction Rod. XS does caution using the block for torquing a barrel using the block alone.

    • Redfoot

      I have used the Magpul BEV block, and I have found it to be solid solution, both engaging the barrel lugs and supporting the upper receiver by way of the bolt carrier, and doubling as a lower receiver vice block.

  • jerry young

    both products seem like they would be beneficial but the price is on the steep side for remakes of products that are already out there maybe with slight differences but similar