Full Auto CZ-75

Larry Vickers gets his hands on a full auto CZ-75 machine pistol. I am extremely jealous. It looks like he is in Vegas at the Pro Gun Club range.

The select fire CZ-75 has a railed frame and a spare mag base plate is slotted to slide onto the frame and act as a vertical grip. The barrel is extended and ported. I am curious how this would handle with a proper muzzle brake like the ones on gamer guns such as the STI DVC or STI Steelmaster. It looks like a fun gun to try and run.

Nicholas C

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  • derfelcadarn

    Just because you can does not mean you should.

    • Look up Beretta 93 R. It was used by anti-terror units to great effect. The transferable ones in the US are 50k or more.

      • There shouldn’t be any transferable factory Beretta 93R. There might have been some aftermarket conversions completed before FOPA86, and certainly Pre- and Post-Samples exist. However, a factory-made Beretta 93R would fall afoul of the GCA68 restrictions on imported machineguns. (Before someone mentions their Accokeek, MD factory, note that domestic US production of the military M9 wasn’t even fully underway until 1989-1990.)

        • There were no conversions. It was a machine gun from the start. A few were brought in by law enforcement/military prior to the 1986 date and were registered in the machine gun registry. Law enforcement/military from 1968 are allowed to bring in machine guns and prior to 1986 put them under the registry.

  • MrEllis


  • Cal.Bar

    Yep – the slow motion footage confirmed it. First round was reasonably aimed. The rest = anti-aircraft fire.

    • Quite the difference in recoil with the FA CZ75 vs the FA Grand Power shown on TFB awhile back. I guess the rotating barrel really does help with recoil.

      • Bob

        That’s why you start at the hip and let the recoil stitch the baddie up.

    • hikerguy

      Agreed. I would probably opt for a B&T MP9 if I needed something about that size full auto.

  • Blackhawk

    I’m curious if the magazine on the front would be considered a vertical grip by the ATF. If not, that’s a great way to get around the legal issues with vertical grips on AR pistols.

    • Given that it is legally a Title 2 Machinegun, the issue of a foregrip is moot.

      • Blackhawk

        I realize that, but I’m wondering for semi auto pistols. Legally I can’t throw a vertical grip on an AR pistol, but I’m wondering if a “spare mag carrier” that I could also hold onto would count.

  • De Facto

    I NEED IT.

  • SP mclaughlin

    I’d still love to see CZ remake this in one of their newer packages (P-01 era). Perhaps with a carbine kit to boot.

  • Bulletmods

    This one is way more disco! TUMA MTE 224.

    • Giolli Joker


  • StraightshooterJeff

    That thing is nigh on useless.

    • Ned Weatherby

      Are you kidding? This thing can run through scads of excess ammo while trying to strike a target. If one has a gazillion extra 9MM rounds and wants to raise hell without striking the target, it is NOT useless. Jeeze, Jeff, I’d think you would have seen that…:)

  • santi

    I’d love to collect this if CZ made semi auto and I would just get an AOW stamp on it and put it on the shelf.


    I was waiting to see the target! Notice he never showed it. I suspect it had one hole per burst.

    Why not put a real muzzle brake on it? There are so many options out there these days, I’m sure something is available that would tame it. In it’s current configuration it is completely useless. Unless of course you happen to be being attacked from above in addition to the frontal assault. Cool toy though.

  • Goody