Tactical Mall Ninja Training

This video has been edited so I do not know what group made the original video. Setting aside the comments and the music accompaniment, the drills these people are performing are somewhat comical. There are a lot of possibilities of danger such as shooting while someone is down range. I get it, some elite groups train this way to build up confidence. However these people do not look to be part of any kind of elite law enforcement group. At one point in the video, two guys are performing synchronized shooting and spinning in a circle with each other. Not sure when that would be required or why but just looks like something someone came up with after watching too many movies.

Nicholas C

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  • Pete M

    It’s like deadly synchronized swimming in BDUs. Cringeworthy.

  • John

    What video? There’s no link.

    • Bill C

      Turn off Ghostery, reload, and you’ll see the video. If you only want to enable one of the trackers, it’s a Facebook video so enable Facebook Connect.

  • John

    Hmmm…is their special insurance available for people who purposely shoot themselves by accident. You know….like “idiot insurance”?

  • David W

    Can someone source this? I had some people show me this a couple of years ago and have been trying to find it ever since. IIRC it’s some school somewhere.

    • The original video was from Los Angeles based American Defensive Enterprises. ADE was owned and run by a Stolen Valor guy named Bill Beasley.

  • Bob

    I can see some validity in some of what they are doing. Practicing to turn and fire at an attacker coming from behind isn’t bad per se. However, I would not be comfortable with everyone running around and doing everything shoulder to shoulder and in front of each other. A lot of people can’t dance without bumping into each other, sans guns…

  • plumber576

    ENDO is leaking into TFB, I see.

  • Big Daddy

    I can’t watch this it’s too painful. I am by no means an expert, not even close but this is a 100% complete fail. Is it even in the US?

    Why are they all wearing black uniforms with drop leg holsters? Anyone with basic knowledge knows this is wrong on every level.

    This is like a synchronized deathwish event in tactical LEO gear.

    I am curious as to where it is and when it happened. And if the people trying to train those others have any credentials? Is this a school of some kind or a private wannabee underground group of some kind?

    I guess I’m going to try and watch the rest of this video, it’s kind of like watching a car wreck and you cannot turn away.

    Edit: I tried to watch more and cannot. They have a patch of some kind on their right shoulder, can anybody identify it?

    It’s just gets worse and worse.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Throw in a set of monkey bars and you got yourself an Al Qaeda training camp.

  • tony

    Yes, they dress funny.
    Yes, it has that ninja vibe

    But exactly which parts are dangerous?

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      The part where a bunch of ya-hoos start shooting wildly right next to each other.

    • Jwedel1231

      A lot of it is flashy nonsense, but not particularly dangerous. There are a couple places, especially towards the end, where students are walking into each other’s lines of fire and shooting towards the cameraman.

      • Big Daddy

        So you don’t mind having trainees shooting that close to you? interesting.

        • DAN V.

          Theyre ready for the frontlines, coach!

          • Big Daddy

            I don’t know who is worse, them or the people that don’t see a problem?

        • marine6680

          When I was going through training in the military, they had us running down range as the two people on either side were shooting.

          So, while we were not as close as these people, I have had training where a simple slip could have ended with a gunshot wound.

          The stuff in the video was over the top though. Like they took potentially useful and practical ideas, and decided to through in dancing and action movie elements… just to spice it up.

  • Uniform223

    it reminds me of something you would see from those propaganda Spetsnaz clips…

  • Jwedel1231

    Glad you shared this. These guys are ridiculous, but I didn’t know how long nor to what degree.

  • Bill

    Some’s really stupid, but I’ve seen worse. There are better, more effective, efficient and safe ways of doing whet they are trying, but it is higher level stuff done with shooters who have proven that they can move to a pretty high level. It’s team-level stuff that doesn’t translate to civilian self defense, and given the lack of uniforms, armor, LBE, I think its safe to say that these aren’t pros.

    They do it so quickly I don’t know what they actually perceive, but breaking tunnel vision and looking around is a Good Thing, as long as you actually “see,” and are ideally moving off the line of force simultaneously.

    Wearing black on a sunny summer range is arguably stupid also.

  • Sampson

    It’s American Defense Enterprises, and the head assclown of said outfit is a guy named Bill Beasley, who has been accused of stolen valor before.

  • Ted Unlis

    Students of Bill Beasley at American Defense Enterprises courses learn to employ tactical firearm combat techniques perfected by PT Barnum.

  • Don Ward

    There needs to be more focus on the lives of the random minions and extras in movies.

    • Paul White

      maybe with tearful scenes when their employers bring their families their “deep and sincere regrets”

  • Torrorojo

    Benny Hill theme music

  • Porty1119

    We had three people simultaneously screaming through the screen at these…individuals. It’s like synchronized swimming in 90s LEO gear, with all safety rules broken.

  • Mike

    That is Burro Canyon in Azusa. That IS NOT TFTT (now Direct Action Group) conducting the training. Max Joseph runs a top notch squared away business. Those goofballs (only polite word I have) are going to get someone killed.

  • Joe

    These guys an gals are for real. Out of someplace in CA. Market themselves as HSLD types to cities that got all thier background on HSLD from Charlie Sheen ando Arnold 80’s flicks. The truly sad part is if there was some semi serious music accompanying this with some slo-mo shots and a forward role with a skinny jeans wearing, loin cloth holster hawking Israeli “SF Brohiem” there would be folks commenting about how B.A. these guys are since they’re Practically Krav- Maga IDF ninjas.

  • Jeff Edwards

    Holy crap, what colossal idiots! people getting swept left and right with loaded guns and poor trigger discipline. Somebody’s not far from having a very bad day. Lay off the koolaid, kids, and get smarter. Just because someone tells you to do something does not make you feel better after someone shoots you. Walk away!

  • This looks to me like some backwoods prison SORT/SRO group.

  • Joe Schmo

    I wonder if these people know that they’re being laughed at by the entire internet.

  • Simcha M.

    A few (I said, a FEW) of those exercises are similar to what was taught us in Israel Gov’t service as private security. Not the dangerous stuff, mind you, just the logical stuff.

    As for the video, the chick is cute and she handles herself well for a lefty.

    • CommonSense23

      Really curious what parts are taught to you.

      • Simcha M.

        Pivoting 180 degrees while drawing and swiveling the head to check the situation after firing are two that come to mind.

        Safety was paramount in the IDF and afterwards in private contracting and oy va-avoy lecha (woe unto you) if you were caught with your finger on the trigger when not shooting and your weak thumb not blocking the hammer while on the move.

  • David Fps PuertoRico Alayon

    Wow, didnt know shooting was in the special olympics

    • Nicholas C

      That is an insult to the athletes of the Special Okympics,

  • Mc Cain

    But they are all wearing black and using black weapons. They must know what they are doing.

  • neosteeled001 .

    I couldn’t bear to finish watching the video.

  • Squirreltakular

    Oh my gods. Guys, we’ve found Gecko 45’s crew. He was telling the truth!!!

  • Tinklebell

    Today, I learned that my feet are able to cringe for two and a half minutes without interruption.

  • SoloistZ

    I’m surprised that the cameraman wasn’t shot! (Multiple times.)